Friday, July 31, 2015


Biggest thing to happen today? Liz told Laura Nikolas had Hayden shot in the head because she knew who Jason really was!!
WHAT!???? holy hello!! LOL
Laura was way. THEN, you could see it. It hit her like a ton of bricks. It could be true because he's a total Cassadine!! 

Nikolas eventually comes in. I bet Laura caves because..
HAYDEN IS WAKING UP! that's right! 

Franco told Nina it was Silas that took Avery and he saved Ava -- she's gonna need some Xanax!

Morgan went after Silas even tho Ava told him not to...

Nikolas and Michael were all bitchy at the Metro.

Sam and Jake talked. He thinks Nikolas knows the truth and he wants to know who he is now. 

Ok, so the end, it looks like Morgan or Ava could have killed Silas as both are sweaty and drinking. Then Franco goes to Silas' place and finds Nina over him with a bloody knife.

I bet it's none of them. I say Ric or Donna Mills did it. 

Becky Budig Contract at GH

Another powerhouse female actress to GH! Our Greenlee aka Hayden is set to awaken from her coma and descend on Port Charles!  I'm not sure her first airdate but when I find out, I'll let you know
Now I must get a photo of her with Alberta :)!! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

VERY Watchable Day!

WELP... Michael Easton is leaving and had his best day in like 2 years! YOU GO!! Wow, he and Maura were gold together!

"You are a selfish, shallow, horny little brat and you deserve to be screwed over the way you're screwing over my daughter!"

TOO WONDERFUL! He's going to tell Morgan that Denise is Ava. But then he says he has to tell Kiki first. Morgan is so stupid. Ava talks to Silas herself. He tells her he was going to turn himself in.
Look at Maura's face close

Ric is SO They are at the clinic, he wants to commit her! Then he has papers for her to sign--to commit herself.
Scotty's trying to get information from Nikolas. GOOD SCENE

LIZ be Like.....

Laura and Liz, Jake and Patrick..Great scene. Liz agrees to let Danny and Jake JR. play together. Laura totally tries to get her squirming!! heh.
Todd talks to Donna Mills. He's trying to save Nina. He's SO TODD in this. :) GO Franco!!

END: Franco goes to save Nina Laura tells Liz she knows who Jake really is
Silas calls Kiki to tell her to stop by when she gets home.

Best show in MONTHS. All actors on point. Nice movement. Kudos.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Geesh Just Geesh

Holy Cam or Aiden meet little Jake scene but we did get Jake filling his coffee cup with Sugar. 
Monica comes in to see Jake. Liz doesn't like that sheeze. Later, Laura comes in. 

Morgan and Ava...screw again. Silas bursts in. I so hope he transforms into Caleb and bites the hell out of Moronigan. 

Franco and Silas -- Silas finds out Franco knows Ava is Ava and that Morgan and she are sleeping together. 

Ric makes Nina think shes' hearing the baby again. Franco goes in and knocks down the door. She's gone. 

Sam and about little Jake. In bed. zzzzz

Sonny/Carly/Laura; FLASHBACK to the envelope. ahaha. A Flashback to the ENVELOPE. Laura's trying not to say she knows Jake is Jason. 

OMG. LOVED This from Franco to Silas: "What is this all for? So AVA can go behind Kiki's back and screw Morgan some more"? YES. heh. perfect

YES! Lexi Ainsworth is Back To GH!

SOD is breaking the news that Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina) will reprise her role in late August.
About time. 

Midweek Surgery: Into The Light

You know I can't keep my mouth shut until here goes. (getting gloves on for this)

20150727 1450(33)

Goodness WHY. So many WHYs. So little time. GH apparently had a month to "say goodbye to an icon"-- and then in the end, not enough time to put him on for more than the 4.75 min that day. What? Where was the goodbye to Lucy, Felicia and Alexis? Monica? Probably couldn't 'schedule' everyone together for some reason. Great. Thanks. 

I would have started out with a nice flashback of Luke--there are many to choose from. Maybe start out with his arrival to Port Charles. Have Lucas Lorenzo Spencer reflecting his life when he's on the docks. The flashbacks could have progressed during the show until they reached present time. Or, he visits sets like Kelly's and has a flashback of the location. I don't know. I'm sure we all have our own ideas. Anything but what we got.  Hell, they could put in a damn reminder of ValDan sex on his last day, but not of HIM? 

I told my mom to watch and about 4-5 friends that don't ever watch the show anymore to tune in. So many people were like "when's Luke's last day"?? 
How do I feel now??? Embarrassed.  

20150727 1442(8)

It's over. Done. Tony's gone and had his moment of walking into the foggy mist. I realize his goodbye was this entire year but..geesh. When you promote something like his "last goodbye" you should sell it. The best part of the show was Maxie and Donna Mills. What does that say for planning? 

Of course, this is also crammed in with the fact that Ron was fired as HW last Friday. Obviously people knew before this. Jean was hired awhile ago-- and RC has been strangely silent on Twitter as of late. It's also interesting they use "Fired" instead of "parting amicably or something. Harsh for a guy that won a lot of Emmys for the show. He also turned around ratings for the first couple of years and put out a pretty giant 50th anniversary extravaganza. Something in addition to the writing shifted at GH. This isn't to say the writing hasn't been dismal in the past  year, that's for sure. After reading Tony's scathing interview with TV Guide it's apparent things were pretty messed up around there. Tony was very frustrated and to basically crap on the writers before leaving was a strange, strange move. If you listen to his last Emmy speech, he was praising the work. Hmmmmm..what the hell happened? Hey, that would make a great Lifetime Movie I bet. LOL 

20150726 1016(21)
On this issue I'm calling out ABC and producers and whoever greenlighted this total NON-event.  Some interesting things came out on Twitter about Nathan Varni FB post regarding the fact that Tony didn't want flashbacks, so watch them online if you want to.
HUH? Um.....NO.  Who the hell lets a guy that's leaving the show write the stuff that goes ON the show? I bet boots RC didn't want that dull nothing send off -- so who did? DC has some ideas and their podcast is full of them.  I guess when you make Mashable and Twitter is basically skewing your ass, you find scapegoats.

And where's Frank Valenti in all of this? Oh, he's tweeting inane things (which has to be some poor intern) about watching GH for the person directing that day. (true story) 

 I'm watching to see if/when Laura reads her angel letter and then I'm done for awhile.  Needing another break from this mess. There's nothing that interests me except Maxie and Madeline and Brad/Lucas' wedding. You know, the one that is stopped now because Brad's married but couldn't finish the explanation in a timely manner? Yeah, I bet we see Maxie and Donna Mills together again in 4 months time if we are lucky. 

So, that's that. I hear the new lady writers are all into hearts rainbows and slowly building relationships. I'm sure everyone will be happy for the change. I wish a Jean/Ron collaboration could have happened because it would have been a good balance. Maybe that's what happened. They wanted the co-headwriter thing and he said it's either me or nothing and welp? 
Now I have no idea. ] I don't follow the inner works of the show like some do. Maybe I should--sounds juicy. 

BTW, Mashable even did a little article about the disappointment of fans. I heard NBC had a nice prime time send off for "Luke" and Tony too. THAT'S RIGHT, I said NBC. Not ABC, no they had their's at 12:30am for like 2 minutes. I need to be Daytime PR girlie lol

Lastly, I'm speaking not as a blogger but as a fan. Someone that used to rush home from school to watch GH. Someone that saw "Luke" introduced and watched the magic unfold. We know who we are. All I really wanted was a bookend. Close the chapter. One more moment to feel the feels. We are sappy like that. You should have ended with Bobbie/Luke. At least that was way more genuine than the Sonny/Luke stuff we got on Monday. 

So, with's done. Fin.  Here's hoping we survive the next wave of changes coming. I have a feeling that if other factors don't change as well we may be just as frustrated. 

and scene. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Could Today BE more Boring?

20150727 1449(43)

Did they have Laura read her letter from Luke today? AHAHAHHA. She wasn't even ON.

Lulu stood around the HS--where no one was at last night. What's she doing? Cleaning the nothing?

Today's 2x2 talkers:

Morgan/Franco: Franco said stay away from DeAva and pulled a knife
Donna/Ric: talking about driving Nina nuts
Ava/Nina: Ava tells Nina to go back to Franco

Kiki/Silas: She says bye to him
Jordan/Nate: She hates Sonny, he tells her about the baby blanket
Dante/Val: Blah Blah we had sex blah
Lulu/Dillon: Blah Blah he kissed my cousin..blah

NOTHING about the "Angel" letter to Laura.

Which is why I watched today. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Demons Keep Swirling Around In my Head....

Says Luke to Sonny.
They say goodbye-- Luke gives Sonny the gun he used to shoot Frank Smith with 
This show pissed me OFF all day-- why didn't it start with a fab clip of Luke? Like when he got mayorship and yelled "GOOD MORNING PORT CHARLES" out the window? Why wasn't the whole show about Luke or at the very least Luke centric"?????? 

Instead we get Dillon and Morgan. Morgan was about 3 when Dillon left so...weird. 

Dante tries to give Lulu guilt jewelry. She don't want it. TAKE IT! JUST TAKE IT lol 

Stupid Val in her red skirt goes to the Metro where Maxie sees her. 

Today's show was a stupid let-down for Tony's last day. That's all I got 

My fave Tony Moment Ever:

Since we didn't know when the reunion would hit I literally stayed in my dorm room at 3pm all week waiting! LOL 

Another fave: 

1:20 mark . Luke, Sonny and Lucky all go camping!! LOL. 

Here's my goodbye, I wrote it:

Laura: Luke?
Luke: Hey there angel

Laura: You are really leaving then..
Luke: I didn't want to find you because saying goodbye...well..can't be done can it?
Laura: No, not between us
Luke: (touches her face) thanks for my life
Laura: OUR lives
Luke: We were so damn young
Laura: It was good though..
Luke: The best
They kiss..roll flashbacks.

Would have taken ONE MINUTE to say and 4-5 min of flashbacks. 

today's show SUCKED. thanks for nothing!!!!!! Holy crap. This is the send off of a legend? WOW. Awful.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Loose Soap

We just need Ruby here! 

I usually start this blog Friday night but this week I waited awhile because I just really wasn't that into rehashing the week. Then the news broke about Ron being fired and I got all side-tracked. This may be a short one! 

I think I'll have snickerdoodles with my coffee. Somehow, that feels right for this week! 

Friday, July 24, 2015


SID just announced that Ron Carlivati is out as head writer for #GH.  Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante have been named co-head writers. Switch will happen August 10th.

Read it all here: SID

Happy National Tequila Day!

Scotty and Laura gabbing at the Metro Bar...Frank Smith memories. Bringing Little Jake home. She's doing the whole exposition of everything.

Donna Mills meets Maxie. They could be related...they have that blonde pixie look. Donna's mean to Maxie. She tells Nate about Nina being crazy.

Nina sees a crib and crying baby in it. Ric is so mean. He takes it out and pretends it was never there.

Stupid Morgan and Kiki at the gym. Kiki's going on Vacation!! Everyone Drink up!

Luke and Bobbie at the house that didn't blow up. They say good bye.

I bailed at 2:33. I'll watch the rest later.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Let's TALK About DanVal Sex!

TWO BY TWO! GH Has become the King of having tiny convos between 1-2 characters almost every day. Boring. 

In groups of twos????? Dante told Nate the truth. Lulu told Maxie Val and Dante kissed. Val told Bobbie it was 'only a kiss'.  

Another group of two people? Brad and Lucas. Brad is already married! People did guess that! This probably would have been better if Lucas and Brad were on more than 1-2 times a month. I mean whatever. 

Another group of two people? Amish Swimming with Sabby and Mikey! 

Luke talking to the dead spirits in his life. Believe it or not, don't care.  Did enjoy seeming Laura Wright as Mama again. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Close Encounters

Brad and Felix finally talk about the 'secret' --but wait. NO, he tells him but off camera.
Felix tells him to just tell Lucas already. 

Carly goes to see Lucas about the kidney.  We didn't see Joss though. Carly wants to have a double wedding.
Please. No. 

Luke sits in the Haunted Star and people come see him. I get it. Now it's Michael to ask for the house for the clinic.

Sam finds out Jake is alive (the little one) ..she sees him at the hospital with Liz. Can't believe it. Carly walks by. Can't believe it. 

Laura calls out Nik for the "secret" .  Nik reminds her of the secret she kept from everyone. Mainly that he existed. 

Luke goes to the old house. Going to commit suicide. It's going to be "It's a Wonderful Life" He won't do it. Spirits will visit him. 

I am making a prediction: I think Brad's family traffics illegal organs..and that's where Joss got her kidney. They started a small illegal organ story around that time and then dropped it. So, could be? 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tony Geary: Exit Stage Right

"The Exit Interview"

It could be it's own movie title!!  What an insight to so many things when it comes to our favorite genre. Especially given the Sean Kanan interview which preceded it (and made many of the same points). 

First of all, props to Michael Logan for asking just about every question I would have asked. I can imagine him hearing the answers and saying 'holy shit' in his mind over and over again. Then saying it again a million times as he was typing it up. You don't find that kind of candor anymore. (if at all!) 

"I Forgot About You"...

Tracy dumps Luke one last time. She hasn't had fun in over a year. Speaking for all of us. 

Alexis and Sam talk about Julian and the 'hit' ugh why aren't they in Wyndemere? You know, with Jake Jr, Liz, Laura and Nik. Would make sense. 2 more people would know. But...hah. Have them in the Metro just blabbing about stupid JULIAN AND THE MOB..
Bringing us to damn Julian and Sonny.

You're IN..I'M OUT...yada yada. Hate the mob crap.

Jordan did tell Dante that Val told her she slept with him. 

Sorry, I couldn't watch much today. Sleeper of a show with nothing going on. UGH --so frustrating!! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Tony Geary's Exit Interview: WOWZA!

I was trying to be all 'literary" with a catchy title but this is all I can say: WOWZA and Holy Moly!
Michael Logan of TV Guide got an exit-interview to beal ALL exit interviews with Tony Geary.

He asks him almost all the questions I would have as well: READ IT HERE !

I have quite a bit to say regarding the whole thing but I need to take another look and think for a bit. I wanted to get it up for all of you as soon as I saw it.


And Jake?
The audience saw that little boy dead on the operating table, and his organs were harvested. I do not understand the value of disassembling two of the best stories we’ve told. I guess the point of bringing the child back from the dead was so Luke could be redeemed, but I never felt he needed that. I hate redemption. I’m sure there are audience members who didn’t want him to be a child killer and so they’re pleased, which is fine. But I was not thrilled.


Silver Anniversary!

25 years ago, wub hub and I married in Maine on Frenchman's Bay-- in a little church called St. Christopher's by the Sea! What a fun day. HUGE thunderstorm hit right when I was going to the church and we couldn't even hear the organ the pounding was so loud. The lights actually flickered! My Uncle (officiant) said it all meant luck and love... guess he was right! 

We had lobster suckers as our favors and lobster for dinner. Even then, I was a lobster lover! 

All this to say I'm out today, celebrating with my guy-- not sure yet where, maybe Skaneateles Lake.  Have a great show watching experience. At least we are back to the "A Game" today. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Soapus Interruptus

20150713 1406(33)
I guess we were Lucky for Lucky... 
After last Friday, I was looking forward to this week being the aftermath of little Jake coming home and a continuation of the Luke good-bye.
Oh how I weep for what 'could have been'!!
Monday/Tuesday were watchable and then the show veered off into the zone of "whole 'nother Planet"!!!
I didn't want to even write this blog because it will sound negative.  I'm so angry at the pacing and the fact that momentum was just lost. Wonder why ratings are low? This week was a prime example. 

Ok, No breakfast for me not in the mood! I'll have some strong black coffee to fortify me! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

And My GOD, those Dimples

Says Carly. Sonny and Carly discuss why they are getting married. Zzzzzz. 

THREE DAYS of no movement or other characters knowing about little JAKE!! This is exactly why people TUNE OUT. His coming back from the dead needed to be FRONT AND CENTER. You can have your side stories but WHY NOT have a majority of people find out about Jake. Makes me so angry. Even with good stories going, they manage to mess it up!

Stupid Kiki.

Stupid Morgan and Denise.  Kiki never goes in. Franco keeps knocking on the door forever and Ava answers. He blabs. She says she's not alone. That Julian and Alexis are there in the bedroom. 

Nina and Ric and Donna Mills. Nina wants answers. Ric just pushes the baby crying app. 

Sabrina is laying in the sun at the Qs like she owns the place. Why couldn't Tracy have come down and told everyone (including Alice, Monica) that Jake's alive? 
Sabrina got the clinic thing moving. Remember that? 

and..and 2:31, someone is shot. I think Sonny's body guard? Mob war ramping up again? 
Probably Brad's family. Whatever

I cared about NOTHING on the show today. NOT. one. THING. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Out-Patient Surgery: Botched

I'm writing this today because I can see the show may be another skip-it for me. Much like yesterday, I am interested in zippo of the stories. Did you note that yesterday no one mentioned Jake being back in town? Now I realize so many  aren't connected to the story--but that's the point THEY AREN'T CONNECTED TO THE STORY!

20150714 1736(26)
Here we are again...

What would I do? Yes,  unlike the GOP, I do have an alternative.  See, Jake's back in town and he's been on an island for what?  I say 4 years,  they say 5 years. Whichever, it's been awhile. Liz, being a nurse thinks it's a good idea to get him a check up at GH. 
This is perfectly acceptable. Hey, my baby gets back from god knows where, I'm getting him looked at. 
So, she goes to GH and has Patrick see him. He did, after all, "Operate" on the child. Call Silas in because he's been doing Josslyn's cancer treatments and the whole time thinking it's Jake. Plausible, right? SO...while they are there, they can tell: Lucas who joyfully tells Brad ..Epiphany walks by and gasps and is all happy. On and On.  Why didn't they schedule a follow-up or something for Josslyn when Jake was around? Carly is in the hall with Joss, she stops, shakes her head, looks up at Liz and they both burst into tears. 

You get the point. I'd make the hospital the center of the "Jake is back" . They had their time at home, but now it's the towns time to be involved.  Hell, you got Monica back for a hot second to have a talk with Jason, give her a few more hours of work to be at the hospital to see his kid. 

But NOPE. What do we get? Total interruption with:

Jordan and Scotty talking about "Bringing down Corinthos"  ---SERIOUSLY? All we needed was Taggart to walk in from the 90's and growl.  Come on.  I think everyone of us, Sonny fan or not are sick of the 'catch Sonny"  treadmill. We all know he's NOT getting caught. Even if he does get caught shooting a guy in point blank, he's free in a month. So stop. Just stop. 

Denise. I'm not even going to comment on this mess. If that one tape could have been erased months ago and this never had to happen then WHY DIDN'T YOU DO IT?????! 

Ric.  Ok, the Gaslighting of Nina is an interesting idea but the problem? We only see them like 2x a week. If that. I suppose this will ramp up but geesh. We got enough goin' on.

Kiki, Morgan-- are we really going to sit around and wait for these two knuckleheads to realize Morgan was kissing Denise on the couch and yada yada? It's so apparent they have nothing else to do. 

Julian. GH tweeted "Julian works out" yesterday as a teaser. He and Alexis will have sex in the "afternoon!" soon. Now, I'm a Julexis fan but dang. Is that all they are there for? 

CarSon: Engagement number 5.  FIVE.  Enough said.

So, here we are, after basking in a few great days of the show, back to the parts that are so isolated and boring, we can watch the POTUS for 1/2 an episode and NOT CARE. 

That's all... I needed to get this out now, midweek so that I'm not thinking about it until I write Sunday Surgery (but you know I'll revisit this issue then lol!!) 

I was totally loving last Thurs-Tuesday's shows.  Now I'm back to FF after watching the DVR. Please fix this. 

Thank you! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Split Personality

Sorry Campers...I think I'll skip GH today and work out at that time instead. Maybe I'll watch at the gym. Maybe--but looking at the promos it's so apparent that GH is two or three different shows.  We've had some great magic and although unbelievable, the writing has been top notch for the story presented. Now this:  Ava, KIKI-- Silas, ... Franco eating. And for as much as I'm into a great TODD chewing joke, it seems hollow right now. I swear I forgot about the other aspects of the show these past few days! You could cut out all this foolishness and I wouldn't miss it. Even with the great actors, nope.  GH so needs to get it's sheeze together and pick a direction. Interruptions like this are just annoying. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Like a Deflated Balloon

"No one knew who the dead kid was..." says Luke. Just some poor 4 year old hanging out I guess. 
He finds Tracy and Paul in bed. He explains the situation. She's still mad that he told Dillon and not her. She tells him to go. 

Lulu hears Dante call Val. She's pissed.  They finally go to bed. She asks if he changed the sheets before she got home. He says yes. She says "thanks babe" . Dumb Lulu. 

Sonny and Carly talka about Lulu not cheating. Then they talk about St.Jaysus for awhile. 

Image result for deflated balloon

Laura, Lucky and Nik. Nik's still not happy. OMG!! OH WOW!! Nik tells Lucky about Jason! I did not see that coming! Squee! Of couse, it's pretty stupid the reasons he gives for keeping it a secret. "Everyone is over it" lol..and he says he told Lucky he "could leave knowing Liz is fine and with someone that knows her and the boys"
Lucky is all "what if he wakes up"?? "What if his whole life is a lie"??
He leaves Wyndemere and goes to Liz' house. He sees them all playing throught the window and HE walks away without telling !! He isn't going to tell Jake he's Jason. Nope. 

And my excitement just went Pfffffffffffffffft.
Really? That whole thing was so that Lucky felt 'safe' enough to leave town? Liz would be with "Jason" and her kids?

UGH. I do not like that. I was so hoping that this was going to be the catalyst today!


Monday, July 13, 2015

"How Can This Be True"!?

SO, Lucky doesn't think Jake gave up a kidney-- lol so some other poor kid did!? Took Lucky long enough--and Liz dragged out Aiden. She didn't tell Lucky he'd been in the attic for 3 years.
FINALLY he comes in. Looks less than thrilled. Liz cries, they hug. The kid doesn't emote at. all. Wonder if that's him or the direction?

Lucky takes Liz outside later and says "it's not a dream" and they hug/cry.
HOW IS he going to leave now?!
Liz and Luke talk about second chances.
This whole thing is eerie and weird.

OH, So..Lucky says he has a 'dark side' and a 'sickness' just like Luke, that's why he runs. Luke tells him to be honest with himself and fight it. Yada yada..good scene but it's just setting it up for Lucky to be able to flee.

Laura went to tell Nikolas. She says "too bad Jason isn't alive to see his son come back". Nikolas looks like @@ ! doh!! LOL

Monica and Jake--she should have a vibe when she looks in his eyes!! NO? And SHE GOT THE SNACKS!! LOL, remember that from the funeral?
She tells Jake about Alan/Susan and Jason/AJ. About the OLD Jason-- then she says he got in a car accident. Nice scenes but no recognition at all from either one of them. Not even a little shudder.

Val was on.

Pat and Sam were on dishing about Hayden. Didn't listen much.

OMG Luke got to the Qs in 3.4 minutes in a suit/tie. Literally 3 seconds after his last scene. SO WEIERDD!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Scars

 Embedded image permalink

I usually think about the blog when I drive but this time I was doing the dishes. One word came to mind: Vexed. Oh GH, how you vex me. Take a show like Friday and turn me into mush. Mon-Wed I could barely get through but Thursday and then the glory of Friday just made me smile like a teenager again. 

Ok, buckle up. We've got a lot to talk about!! I'm going for blueberry muffins (in honor of blueberry hill on Cassadine Isle). 

Friday, July 10, 2015

"But I don't have a mother"

They are really acting like Jake is Lucky's bio kid, aren't they? If you hadn't watched in like 3 years, you'd think it was his. Which I know he 'raised him'  and he's his. Ok, So Luke said Helena just took Jake. Who'd they bury?
LOVED Tony and JJ....LOVED.
I cried guys. Seriously. CRIED!!! They were talking about themselves and how Tony was his mentor..yada yada. GEESH.
Also great touch to have Jake show Laura around the island. 

Did you see they were in PC in 3 seconds? Liz still had the same shirt on! 
The explanation that Hells just "took Jake" is so flimsy. But whatever. I'm just going to say: Whatever with that. Helena's a damn witch for reals and did a spell. There. 

MONICA! I just about fell the hell over!!  Then at the end Jake goes there? All in one day? They saved everything for ONE Day! 

I HATE Valerie and she was stupid to Dante. The only thing that ruined today's show a bit? STUPID flashback to DonVal Sex ..again. We've had  3 flashbacks in  3 days of that mess!!

Loved Liz and Jake too. I feel badly for her. I know she lied and is lying but, sniff. Jake's alive and --what a mess. 

I WONDER if Nikolas knew about JAKE!! WOW...and what if Rosie was watching Jake all these years until she came to town with Nina. 

I need a scotch after the show today.
In a GOOD way for once lol

Thursday, July 9, 2015

"What's Your Name"?

WELP! there he all his Jake GLORY!! Kinda like the Omen kid, no?  Hells explained nothing..I hope it comes up! 

LOVED the show today. Dom Z was great. Ok, I did hate Valerie telling Jordan (WTF is that?!!) and my JOSSLYN wasn't at her own check- up???? BOO HISS

Helena looked glorious. Loved her lines, especially about the tattoo. 

That's all I'm saying right now.

More Ways to Save GH

Here goes:

Valerie is murdered. A really nasty great killer story. Suspects all over. It's a shocker who did it.  It will end up being Sloane. Not sure why but 2 birds, one stone.

THEN...Nina finds out she's a Quartermaine. The Secret is that Donna Mills and Eddie Q got together and ..well, Nina. They had to keep it secret because the money was tied up in trust and if she ever told, it was revoked. 
Ok, so..with Nina  a Q, she moves herself into the Q mansion and Franco comes with her. Tracy is appalled but they map out a plan of how they are going to help steal ELQ back from Nikolas. Donna Mills also ends up there. So does Paul Hornsby. Q mansion is central for a bit. 

Next up? Get rid of Kiki. Don't care how. BUT...get Kristina Davis back. She's still a bad girl. Dillon is really intrigued by her. She seduces him. A CORINTHOS QUARTERMAINE WEDDING!
OOOOOOOOO!! Think of it! Sonny and Tracy would be Inlaws! Alexis too!! What's not to love? 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NuPaul Debuts Today

And..he CHARMED ME!!! Richard Burgi was fantastic! I love him.  And Jane? Just played off him beautifully. I remember him from Desperate Housewives (Susan's ex). He was also on AW, OLTL and GL in smaller roles. 

What did you think? Geesh, cranky crabby me....who thinks the cast is way too big thinks he may be a winner. He's a character that has been on canvas-- and could be awesome in the Q orbit. Plus, maybe this will spare us anymore Sloane? 

Birthday To Mama

You  may know her name now!! :) I won't be here for the show, so have at it. I think Lucky comes to see Liz today??? Other than that..not really interested. The previews for tomorrow show that Val isn't caught by Lulu so there's that. I will tune in later to see Dante screaming tho. 
Sonny-Daddy-Grampa Daycare continues. I think it's hilarious how he's not the place for all the kiddies to congregate! 

Have a good one. Tomorrow is my GUS Doggie's Bday. We will have to celebrate--I'm getting my hair done at the GH hour though. I'm a BUSY GIRL! Friday I visit my Aunt.

You are going to be busy Sonya and everyone else!! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Now I can't Be Sorry"

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Says VALERIE..both she and Dante are skanks. I said it.  UGH.. And Lulu's on her way home! DERP!  Dante kisses Valerie and says he "Cares about her". He wasn't drunk either. So. WELP. She's probably going to be pregnant in 9 months. 
Dante tells her she can take a shower at HIS PLACE. UGH

Tracy's going to LA to find out if she can get BrookLyn to say how Nikolas got the shares. (ie the baby is still alive) 

Brad and Lucas are on!! YEAH!! :) Very nice scene with them and Patrick. Then Felix came on and Brad talked to him about his birth parents. 

Liz ferries her way over to Wyndemere to talk about Jason. Blab blab...yada yada

Jason and Sam want to break into Wyndemere to get stuff on Nik.

Maxie has gone to Portland

Monday, July 6, 2015

A New Week

Guess it's Officially "unofficial"...Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller kanoodling in Malibu! It was all over twitter today--even SOD had an item up. So, there's that!! I hope GH can milk whatever it wants out of it-- PR wise. She need

AIDEN WAS ON THE SHOW!!!!!!! Holy Crap and how hysterically funny. Kid has not been on in 3 years and he's on the day JJ is on. Bahahaa. That's GH for you. Note that Cam is gone, I think he's setting off the fireworks. heh. Couldn't afford both.

Oh, Danny runs to Jake in the park. Liz is all pissy. Liz and Patrick leave to go pick up Emma and Cam. So... there it is. Liz mentions Lucky.

Val and Dante give in to their PASSION or "Beer Horny-ness" YEP. Deed is done!!

JJ is on! He shoots Frank Smith and everyone shoots everyone. Dillon "Saves Lulu" . Bleck. 
I wish Nikolas would have gone instead of NuDillon. Frank Smith is shot. He woke up. He said to Luke "Lucky, he was in on it" Dies.
I think Lucky had to stage this to get Jake back? 

YEP. Jake is alive. Lucky says so. There it is people! 

Silas and Nina talk about Denise. And Franco and Ava talk about Ava. I still hate the fact he doesn't/didn't know. AND acted all "That can't be YOU"!!?? Like he wouldn't know. Like he didn't fake that whole death thing himself.  He's going to help Ava. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Star-Spangled Spencers

 CUTE or what!? 

Spencer was so Jiminy Cricket.  Being the voice of The Townie and Nik's conscience.  LOL. I say "Star Spangled-Spencers because it's the weekend of the 4th and there's so much history flying around at home and on GH, it seemed fitting. 

You know I had a rough week with watching.  I hope I make sense in the blog and don't just trash and whine. 
Speaking of WINE...let us partake in some good old American NY State Fingerlakes wine. Bully Hill  Love My Goat. (which is scrumptious!!) Hope you had a great Independence Day.
I live with a Brit so... it's always a treat! 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Behold, the Fun of a Past GH 4th of July

Back when characters could actually be TOGETHER on screen and share a common story. Oh, and Luke's running for mayor!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Faux Frank

OMG SO, it's Frank Smith.
BUT! Not either of the original Frank the point is moot. REALLY moot and lame. 

Luke didn't check for a pulse and he crawled away and ended up paralyzed. 
OMG the dialog and direction today? AWFUL. the "tension" NONE. This was bad-- the ending was so lame. He lets everyone go, Holly and Ethan go to the hospital (he was shot in the arm). Luke and Laura face Faux Frank. Lulu and Dillon sneak BACK into the warehouse and.. hear shots.
So lame.
So sad. 

BTW, The real Frank Smiths: one is dead and the other is 98. So, even trying to revisit this story was a miss. 

The rest of the show?

TJ and Molly. Zzzzzzzz

So Dante went to BC and didn't ask Lulu and now he's going to stchuupt Val? UGH She's trying to cry about her dead mom.

Top Ten Ways Nik Cassadine Could Raise Cash...

Oh, "Cash Poor" Nikolas can't think of any other way to raise some cash other than taking over ELQ.
May I suggest:

10.  Turn Wyndemere into a Bed and Breakfast. People would flock to the Island of Helena's antics and get a chance to sleep in the same bedroom as the Great Faison. 

9. Host Murder Mysteries. What a perfect setting for some great dinner followed by a who-done-it! 

8. Sell your Lake Como place. George Clooney never visited anyway. 

7. Rent Wyndemere out for Weddings. Perfect destination. Ball room, Parapet, windy cliffs for photo ops...

6. Sell off Faberge Egg collection. 

5. Start a Go Fund Me Page to "Save the Cassadine Empire" you know you'd raise some serious dough with the evil-doers out there

4. Public Appearances. Sure, you'd have to mingle amongst the riff-raff but you could make some serious dough doing "Selfies with a Prince" and lectures on Medieval Poetry

3.  Downsize. I know you are attached to Spoon Island but you could move into a nice McMansion in Port Charles. Think of the heating bills alone..and the ferry overhead. 

2. Turn the Catacombs into a 'Haunted Walk" People flock to those things now. The tunnels are a perfect place to have a nice scare. Heather Webber would probably work for free or a few BLTs now and again. 

1. Marry rich. I hear Paris Hilton is still available. Surely a good looking Prince like you would do well on the jet-set marketplace. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kiki in a Bikini

I wanted to say Kiki in a Bikini because it's fun.

Just watched yesterday's show. And it was SO NICE TO FF!! Maybe that's what I need! LOL DON"T watch it live and get all mad, just FF. It lasted like 20 min. 

Kiki in a Bikini.

20150630 1403(9)

"Cassadines ELQ" Hardy har har..

Liked Laura and Holly saying THEY were all gonna kill the person that took The Boys. I hope it was Fluke so Luke gets shot. lol 

Dr. O and Franco... My faves as you know. Kinda like David Vickers-- just my bright spot.  CheetoS! 

"I've got something"..aahahhaa like those stupid sign language signals? Geesh, Luke, great work.  They sure found that fast.
"Looks like the place where they are holding our sons"

Swear to god this is written for 10 year olds.  Terrible Terrible dialog WOW.. and NO suspense. I mean.... The simplicity is overwhelming. 

Ava and Sonny... I so wish he'd just call her Ava and not "Denise" so sarcastically

Sam and Nik... yet another convo about ELQ. LOL. Thank GOD for Kelly and Tyler because they are gold.  Too bad Alexis isn't around. 

OMG, St. Jaysus sermon to Jake from Michael. 

They can just expound all day. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We Were On a Break


Yep..I need one, people. Sorry. Not sure when I'll be back to blog on a regular basis. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week. I'll try to do Sunday Surgery though if I can make myself sit through the shows. (at least I can FF them). 

Now, I don't have to be  a beeatch so much. :)  

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...