Thursday, July 23, 2015

Let's TALK About DanVal Sex!

TWO BY TWO! GH Has become the King of having tiny convos between 1-2 characters almost every day. Boring. 

In groups of twos????? Dante told Nate the truth. Lulu told Maxie Val and Dante kissed. Val told Bobbie it was 'only a kiss'.  

Another group of two people? Brad and Lucas. Brad is already married! People did guess that! This probably would have been better if Lucas and Brad were on more than 1-2 times a month. I mean whatever. 

Another group of two people? Amish Swimming with Sabby and Mikey! 

Luke talking to the dead spirits in his life. Believe it or not, don't care.  Did enjoy seeming Laura Wright as Mama again. 


  1. I was also underwhelmed by Luke and his visitors today. I DO look forward to Luke and Bobbie tomorrow. JZ (Bobbie) looked great today, IMO. Always thrilled to see Genie - if only in the previews - but wasn't happy she's with Scotty. (And really not sure why she's telling him what she found out!)

    *** hoping the rumors that Ron is OUT as head writer is true! ***

  2. YES, Jackie looked great-- I hope the issues she had with that stupid fake Dr. are going away finally. Well if Laura is going to stay at GH, she'll need someone to chat with every other week lol

  3. The Luke farewell has been a big disappointment for me - except for JJ. There's a rumor that Carlivati has been fired? I didn't know that. If true, he can partially thank Geary.

  4. LOL. I'm okay with Laura being friends with Scotty, but please - no romance between them. I'd be okay with her and Paul Hornsby.

  5. I also thought Jackie Z. looked good today, and Genie Francis did yesterday as well, she looks so good in red. I enjoyed Laura reading Nikolas the riot act yesterday. I'm neither here nor there regarding Luke/Tony Geary but I am looking forward to his final scenes with Bobbie. I'm sure there will be a lot of emotion. I remember when they first both came on the show, scheming to break up Laura and Scotty.

    I was disappointed to see on the previews we will be subjected to the "B" team of Morgan, Kiki, Nina, Madeline, Nathan, etc. while we are in the middle of Luke's final days on the show. Couldn't they put a moratorium on those stories until TG left? It really interrupts the flow when they stick the second string in there.

    With the ratings declining and articles appearing about "what's being GH's decline" the network has to take notice and something has to give. More attention is being paid to what is going on with GH and I would think the network would want to make some sort of changes. Let's hope it's something positive. They can't keep falling in the ratings and key demos forever without some sort of accountability.

  6. Lucas and Brad:

    Lucas: Then why Brad? Why can't you marry me?

    Brad: Because I'm already married.


    Now Brad just has to say he is married to a woman! :) People on another site, have a theory! That Brad and Rosalie are married and that is what their secret is, and that they have a baby, who's baby gave Joss the kidney! SOAPY DELICIOUS!!!! :) Man we can all be writers! :)

    Nightmare on elm street: Love the scenes!!! Love seeing Laura Wright as Luke's mama!! Their scenes made me tear up!! They need to sign that girl who plays Pat ASAP!!!!!

    Bobbie and Val: Now see Val?! You should have told Bobbie that you slept with Dante, and NOT Jordan!!!! Bobbie wins the line of the day.

    Bobbie: I have a feeling that this might be an issue. Because men are notoriously bad planners. And what do we got? Two grooms and no bride. So, no wonder nothing is getting done.


    Unborn baby's thoughts: Mommy who is that redheaded lady? She is nice.

    Bobbie giving Val a picture of teenage Pat! Awww! And now Val is crying. Awwww teenage Pat hugs her daughter!!! :(

    Maxie and Lulu:

    Maxie: Dante is all in the wrong and Lulu you are 100% in the right!!

    Well, that's basically what she said!

    Dante and Nathan: When Dante told Nathan he slept with Val, I said out loud OH NO! Because yikes! Nathan might tell Maxie and all hell will break loose with Maxie! Oh Nathan said he won't tell. Oh boy that means when Maxie learns the truth and finds out Nathan knew all along, she very well might break up with him because she will feel betrayed. But Maxie Lante's problems are not your problems, and none of your business!

    Mabrina: Awww they are just so sweet!!!!! :) Love their scenes!

    Michael: I'm falling for you hard.

    Sabrina: Well what do you know, I'm falling for you too.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!! :)

    "Karen says Another group of two people? Amish Swimming with Sabby and Mikey!"

    ROFL! They maybe Amish, but they sure don't dress Amish! Especially today! :)

    Nathan and Maxie:

    Maxie: Lulu did nothing wrong!!

    Oh give me a break!!!!!

    Lante: Nothing and no one will come between us ever again. I won't let it.

    Oh this is SO forshadowing of the baby coming!!! It's smacking us in the face!

  7. I thought "Bobbie" looked terrific today. There's been a big change in her appearance. I'd love to see more of her on the show now too.

    I thought Michael and Sabrina were cute today too.

    And the girl who played young Pat was really good.

  8. I also thought Jackie Z looked great today and Genie is looking great, too. Kirsten looked stunning. Nice performance by LW as Mama.

  9. "Paul773 said...*** hoping the rumors that Ron is OUT as head writer is true! ***"

    I heard of that rumor too! That scares me, because if it's true, we don't know what writer we are gonna get!!! :(

  10. I forgot to mention.... Ever since I read your post, kd, I can't seem to get the ant marching song out of my head. Thanks a lot. lol

  11. The best part of today's show for me was Laura Wright and Tony Geary's scenes. I too thought Jackie Zeman is looking so much better. Although, her hair and makeup changed from when she was with Val to when she walked into the Elm St house. I wish they would dress her better though.

  12. We have had out of town company, so I missed yesterday's show. Watched it this morning at 5:09; was finished at 5:26. Don't care about Luke's "It's a Wonderful Life" episode, don't care about Valarie, sorry about Lucas and Brad, thought the wine LuLu and Maxi were drinking was not like any color wine I have ever seen, and kind of wished I had a glass of something myself.
    Wow, it would be something if Ron was not the head writer any more. Have Karen and Dave been offered the job yet????

  13. ishouldreadmore--I thought the same thing about the wine. That was red koolaid! LOL.

    I think LW is SO good as Mama Spencer. I don't even look at her and think, "That's Carly." And her scene in the hospital with little Jake and then with Sam, when they ran around the wall and she was all crying--made me cry so hard! I forget she's a really good actress. I hope they start giving her better story lines. And Lucas is really turning in some good work this week too.

    I know we gripe, but the acting on this show is stellar, the dialogue is on point, and the stories aren't's just the pacing...which is unfortunate.

  14. If they get a new head writer I hope it's someone who's watched GH for many years and knows the history of the characters. We don't need another person who just wants to gather up the orphans of soaps past and change our rich history.

    And, you're right. We have some great actors on this show. Give them a challenge, not just a paycheck. The best ones prefer that anyway.

  15. I ff'd all of TG's scenes yesterday so if anything was good, I missed it. I hope the rumors about Ron are false.


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