Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Loose Soap

We just need Ruby here! 

I usually start this blog Friday night but this week I waited awhile because I just really wasn't that into rehashing the week. Then the news broke about Ron being fired and I got all side-tracked. This may be a short one! 

I think I'll have snickerdoodles with my coffee. Somehow, that feels right for this week! 

20150721 1547(32)

We got one step closer to Luke leaving. I thought he'd be sitting on the Haunted Star all week while people filed in one by one to say good-bye. We had Lulu, Tracy.. then Michael. The Michael thing threw me for a loop. Seemed like a long scene to have these two talk like they were old pals. Yea, Luke is his Uncle but you never would have known it the entire time Michael's been alive.  Michael went to ask if he could have the house knocked-down and Luke said yes. 

20150722 1510(35)

On Friday, Luke went there with the intent to kill himself. You'd think it would have been a powerful scene but I thought it was just 'meh'.  His father was there as was his mother (Carly) and sister Pat. They told  him to forgive, forget and move on. Bobbie came in later and they had their goodbye. The best part of that was an early flash-back of the siblings. 

20150720 1705(8)

Little Jake got himself to the Hospital so everyone could gasp in horror at this 'miracle'. Patrick, Sam... Carly, all open-mouthed at "little Jason".  Just so we would be 900% sure we "got it" Little Jake only wanted to play with the motorcycle he had clutched to his chest the entire time. And, no...he had no kidney scar. Ergo, Carly could freak out about that. Lucas couldn't help her out either.  No idea where her kidney came from. I'm hoping Brad's family is the key to all the organ-donation mystery in town.

20150722 1503(22)

BUT! Nope...Brad's secret is that he's already married. A weird fact that he never shared before with anyone and one that seems to have been made up in a moment. Anyway, we are left to 'assume' it's a man he's married to since that's what Lucas is thinking. Most of us have figured out it's probably some arranged thing done by his parents for cultural reasons. She'll be a woman, probably show up in town when he wants a divorce. 

20150721 1414

These two romped in the shower, then in bed. They went to The Metro where Mama Mills schooled Maxie in how to act on a red carpet. She also discussed Nina with Nate. Maxie  went to see Lulu and heard all about The "Valerie Kiss". Which by the way, was the topic of the week for just about everyone. Nate and Dante talked (Dante spilled the beans), Valerie and Dante jabbered about it too, as did Bobbie and Valerie and even Lulu talked to Valerie about the whole thing.
OY with the Poodles Already.

20150721 1430(20)

Julian went to see Sonny and they peed on the floor a bit and danced around "territory and shipments". Oh, and TJ walked into the room once with a backpack, I guess to show us he's going to PCU. 

20150722 1507(26)

I love that Laura is back and is going to live at Wyndemere!!  She and Tracy can be the two stable 'ends' in Port Charles. She overheard Liz and Nik talking about Jake. She then ripped Nik a new one. He pulled out the "Well, you never told anyone about me" card. Grrr. Who cares, Nikolas? And by the way, how did that make you feel? 
Laura then goes on to talk with Scott at the Metro. Nice scene but a little weird. Just hey..let's sit and dish on the olden days! (making me feel olden too!)

Ric tried to drive Nina a bit more crazy by putting the crib in the room and turning on the music a bit more.  He's being so mean! Geesh.  I don't have a photo but there was a creepy baby doll with XX for eyes involved. 

20150723 1437(3)

A lot of little things happened. Ava still wants that tape from Scotty. Franco confronted her about the Julian/Alexis thing. Kiki told Morgan she was going on vacation (YES!!) and we got another flashback of the MoAva Sex. Jordan told Dante to bring in Sonny. Dante told her it was useless because he'd never admit to anything anyway. Alexis and Sam had lunch--Sam wore a weird shirt. They talked about Julian.  Tracy and Sabrina ate lunch together. The Amish duo of Sabrina and Michael went swimming and then made the love in the boathouse. 

20150721 1547(34)

SCENE/FACE OF THE WEEK COMBO:  Great goodbye with Jane and Tony. Very genuine. He even cried some real tears. 

20150722 1500(4)

Special KUDOS to Ms. Wright who played seeing Little Jake for the first time with absolute perfection. WOW. You could feel everything. 

20150722 1506(5)

I also loved her talking with Sam afterwards and barely being able to breathe. Nice job. 

20150723 1458

She did double-duty with a great scene as Lena again as well. Good week for Laura! 

20150722 1420(10)

PROP of the WEEK: Felix dropped the soap. I mean, cheezy or what? Looks like Neutrogena soap lol. I don't actually know anyone that uses soap anymore, btw. It's all body wash! I would have had the baby doll as well but no photo. 

I will be writing my own thoughts on the firing of Ron at some point. You all know I really loved his work on OLTL and on the early years at GH. Loved they brought back the Nurses' Ball and some of the vets. This past year has been awful though-- and I am ready for a change. I'm not sure if these two ladies are my kind of writers or not. You know I  like the weird and goofy as opposed to the drawn-out romance. We shall see.  Have a great Sunday! 


  1. While I applaud this show for using their younger cast members they actually need to research what children are doing at certain ages. Writing a romance storyline for Spencer - Emma - Cameron was perverse and not appropriate for their age. now they have 10 year old Jake playing with a dinkie toy a four or five year old would play with? NO 10 year old carries around a dinkie toy. A four or five year old maybe. A 10 year old boy like Jake would be playing carrying around their smartphone or something. If they want to make the motorbike connection have him be laying a racing game or looking at instragram pictures of motorbikes.

    I stopped watching weeks ago as I could no longer tolerate the cheesy, corny, cartoon the show had become. I had been watching since 1979. With Ron gone I will tune back in.

    Did Alexis, Felicia, or Nicholas have farewell scenes with Luke? Carly? Lucas? Alice? Morgan? Valerie? Scott? Lucy? Dante? Monica?

    I hope the new writers embrace romance. I hope they write Anna, Tracy, Monica, and Alexis as leading ladies with strength and intelligence. I hope characters like Maxie, Patrick and Lucas get meaningful storylines. I hope the writers remember Felicia, Lucy, and Mac exist. I hope Kiki, Franco, Silas, Nina, Madeline, and Valerie disappear. I hope Ava either returns to being Ava Jerome or disappears. I hope they stop writing Morgan as a moron; he was raised by Jax not Sonny - he should be the corporate raider type. I hope the Nurses Ball will continue but actually be about HIV/AIDS and not some Dr. O side show. I hope Robin and Kristina MIA is explained. I hope no one else comes back from the dead. I hope they build some new sets so not everyone lives in a hotel. I hope the 50% of the characters that are unemployed find work. Perhaps one of them could become a real estate agent and help find houses for the rest.

  2. Well said, Friscough, I PM (pretty much) A, except for you not liking the Dr. O scenees :( I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH that I don't care if she is at the NB, GH or anywhere else, she is MEGAtalented and the funniest character ever!! I am just soooo sorry that Britta left.

  3. AntJoan,
    First, it is nice to be back here chatting with all you I have known through this blog for years.
    Second, don't get me wrong I have grown to enjoy Dr. O. while I have not been watching the last few weeks prior to that her character seemed to have evolved a little to show more depth than just cartoon. Her scenes when Brit were leaving and her scenes with Nathan are great. My point was that I'd like to see the solemnest brought back to the Nurses Ball.
    Dr.O is one of the few Ron/Frank era additions to the cast I would keep. Jordan is the other. I would also bring Brit back. I have not seen enough of recast Dillon or Paul to yet have an opinion but I tend to support anything that will rebuild the Quartermaines. The rest of the Ron/Frank era additions can all go bye bye.

  4. HE didn't have goodbyes with Alexis, Felicia or Lucy. Unless it's done Monday

  5. I was thinking the same thing about that little motorcycle, friscogh; something a 3 or 4 year old would do. I also agree with the rest of your critique.

    I agree that Kathleen Gati is a talented actor but Dr. O should never have been put in charge of the hospital and she shouldn't just be used for comic relief. I'm also tired of the cheesy, corny, cartoon the show had become.

    The same can be said for Roger and his apparent need for oral stimulation in most of his scenes. He'll never be Franco. Have him be gone. I'm sure he'd be happier in a comedy somewhere.

  6. I agree with most of what people said above. Welcome back friscogh, I was wondering what had happened to you. As someone mentioned here a few weeks ago , I wish they would use some of Geary's salary to buy the rights to Todd from PP. I like RH and enjoy him as comic relief but can't stand Franco. I am hopeful that with TG gone things may improve. It seems as though he was allowed to interfere too much and it was less than beneficial to the show.

    I think it is necessary to bring in new characters occasionally to keep the show fresh but they brought in way too many and some were only hired for their looks (hello Nathan). Everyone else got off all their charges. Make Ava's disappear , lose the bad wig and bring back Ava. Maura West is a fabulous actress , I would hate to see her go.

    I wish that the last two years had never happened and the new writers have a daunting task ahead to fix the mess. Good luck to them.

  7. Michael to Sabrina: "I'm falling for you. Hard." Gee, just what a girl should hear AFTER the lovemaking. These two need to be done here...

    Remember when Franco was actually interesting? Yes, he was in every scene and chewed the scenery but he wasn't such a character who mumbled silly stuff to himself and tried comedy at every turn. Ug, they need to do a rewrite here, change the actor or just cut this character loose. Nina had potential in the hands of MS as she is a great actress but she is being wasted here in a horrible storyline. My FF button gets a lot of use these days.

    The Luke good-bye has been hit or miss. Personally, I would've liked to have had it go differently, no Frank/Jennifer Smith ridiculousness and more classic Luke/Laura/Holly/pleasecomebackRobert action. I have enjoyed, however, the scenes with Luke and Lucky and his with his ghost-mom.

    I agree whole heartedly with your observations, Wubs, and can't wait to read your opinions on the RC canning!

  8. "OY with the Poodles Already."

    What poodles?! :)

    "PROP of the WEEK: Felix dropped the soap. I mean, cheezy or what? Looks like Neutrogena soap lol. I don't actually know anyone that uses soap anymore,"

    I still use soap! So you know one person! :)

  9. I want Valerie to stay. I want to see Dante and Valerie get a chance as a couple. I just find Dante and Lulu dull and boring. I hope Nina and Silas and Madeline and KiKi can all go before Valerie.

  10. "cooks7570 said...I want Valerie to stay. I want to see Dante and Valerie get a chance as a couple. I just find Dante and Lulu dull and boring. "

    YES!!! Me too! I agree with you 100% :)

    "I hope Nina and Silas and Madeline and KiKi can all go before Valerie."

    Kiwi can go, and the rest can stay.

  11. I know Finola has been gone but there should have been a scene with her and Luke. They were very close and remained friends. I agree with Karen's comments & nice to see Friscogh back with very pertinent comments, too. I hope the story lines improve and the very unpopular characters eventually leave, regardless of how good the actors are.

  12. I'm surprised based on the previews that Luke's last scene may be with Sonny. They used to be close but hardly shared scenes for years. I would have thought Bobbie or Laura.

    I FF Kiki and Morgan so I didn't know she was going on vacation, maybe she'll become enamored of wherever she is going and will decide to get a job and move there permanently.

  13. i tried to watch friday's episode online. wouldnt let me. and you tube wanted to charge me 1.99. is disney this hard up for money that they no longer show their programs for free? bogus.

    i am also missing monday due to lunch with a friend before my move.

    does anyone know where i can view episodes for free.?

  14. David,
    In Buffalo if you have digital cable you can get ABC's daytime programming free on demand the following day. I don't know anything else other than You tube - I have never been charged for Youtube. I wonder when that started.

  15. Sonya, OY with the poodles already is a famous Gilmore Girls quote.. :)

    LV ..Anna and Luke did say goodbye when Finola left for her vacation. He went to her hotel room. It was a brief but good scene.

    David, you can't see them on demand anymore? Did you do a search of google?? WEIRD... I know you tube is charging. boo

  16. Oh yeah, I forgot about Anna and Luke when she left town.:)

  17. great posts by everyone, as always.

    i'm travelling. i am moving cross country so i dont have access to on demand or a tv or anything like that. i used to watch them on youtube, but now they are 1.99. hoping to find something free. oh well.

    i do hope that the stories become streamlined and the cast is cut. we'll see. i am sure once ron leaves, the new writers will do an interview and tell us what is in store.

  18. David, when I want to catch up I go to the local affiliate that carries the show, (City tv here) and they usually have the latest videos up. There's no charge. Try finding a local affiliate where you are and go to their catch up tv link or their program link for GH.

    Hope this helps.

  19. David, you can also try Hulu. It's not free, so shows are loaded one-week later. But if it's a temporary thing you can sign up for a free trial and then the show is usually up late in the day or the next day. Otherwise it's 7.99 per month.

  20. The only way that I can make Jake clinging to a 4 or 5 year old's toy is to pretend that it's because that would have been the age when his normal emotional growth would have stopped. That's when interaction with kids his own age would have stopped. Isolated on the island he would have no peer pressure to age up his likes/dislikes/toys/hobbies. If he truly was hit and in an accident, he may be clinging to the last known familiar thing.

    I'm sure the writer's don't think things through as much as we do, but it's the only way I can deal with this storyline.

  21. I was able to go to youtube and find Friday's episode for free, the person posting is Randy Rowe. The quality isn't so great though. There used to be another person posting with very high quality but it sounds like if you want good quality you have to pay for it (!). Bummer for my sister who only watches GH on youtube. I sometimes go there to watch parts of the episode that were interrupted. The local Philly affiliate loves to interrupt the first few minutes of the show to tell us it's raining, or it's really hot outside, or snowing.

  22. The show in high quality can be found on this blog (it's the same person who posts it on Youtube, and if it gets deleted by YT, you can find it here):

  23. miss vining you are my hero.

    any relation to amy?

    does anyone else think that a young jackie zzeman kinda looks a little like a young susan surrandon?

  24. Yes, she does, David. She should never have gotten those darn cheek implants and the Botox. She was a beautiful woman.


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