Thursday, July 30, 2015

VERY Watchable Day!

WELP... Michael Easton is leaving and had his best day in like 2 years! YOU GO!! Wow, he and Maura were gold together!

"You are a selfish, shallow, horny little brat and you deserve to be screwed over the way you're screwing over my daughter!"

TOO WONDERFUL! He's going to tell Morgan that Denise is Ava. But then he says he has to tell Kiki first. Morgan is so stupid. Ava talks to Silas herself. He tells her he was going to turn himself in.
Look at Maura's face close

Ric is SO They are at the clinic, he wants to commit her! Then he has papers for her to sign--to commit herself.
Scotty's trying to get information from Nikolas. GOOD SCENE

LIZ be Like.....

Laura and Liz, Jake and Patrick..Great scene. Liz agrees to let Danny and Jake JR. play together. Laura totally tries to get her squirming!! heh.
Todd talks to Donna Mills. He's trying to save Nina. He's SO TODD in this. :) GO Franco!!

END: Franco goes to save Nina Laura tells Liz she knows who Jake really is
Silas calls Kiki to tell her to stop by when she gets home.

Best show in MONTHS. All actors on point. Nice movement. Kudos.


  1. Yeah, there was soapiness in our soap today. Conflict, heroes, villains, folks to root for, hoping things would not happen and then they happen, hoping things will happen, and then they don't!
    Franco had better be there for real, or I am gonna be a little ticked. And Morgan is in for BIG trouble. Laura is gonna give it to Liz good. Silas is going bye byes. Nic is in for big trouble, too.
    Yeah, there's some things to look forward to. AT last!!

  2. Yay! Loving GH again! I think having Geary gone helps. No offense to his fans but he's been dragging the show down for awhile and it wasn't just the writing. It was just a need for GH to move on I think.

  3. Great pic of Liz....hahahahahaha

    I also really enjoyed today's show. I almost FF'd through some of the Rick/Nina stuff but nothing else. I was hoping Nina had caught on to Rick's act and signed the wrong

    I hope poor Silas wrote his confession and left it with his will because Ava looked murderous.

    I'm absolutely loving Laura. I hope she's signed for a very long time.

  4. Liz should hold her own and just go off on Laura. Basically it should be you're going to give me crap for lying. How about you and hiding Nicholas all those years. Or she could go with the fact that Laura's son has pretty much abandoned Liz and the kids. While I'm at it what's the rush with the play date? Liz should be like well I just did get my back from the dead son but sure let's schedule that play date. I mean he can get to know me and his family some other time.

  5. mybelle18 - Laura brought up that she made a mistake by hiding Nik all those years. And Lucky's a grown man - she can't control him. I actually like Liz, but I am looking forward to Laura schooling her. Agree that Silas was great today!!! I don't care for Nina or Michelle S., so I am not invested in that story at all.

  6. OMG, I am working late tonight :(, have to wait sooo long to see this ! Karen, where did you get the pic of my cat, Chairman Meow?

  7. It was almost intoxicating!! Lol!! It was just nice to finally enjoy watching again. And I cannot wait to watch Laura have this conversation with St.Elizabeth! And your right Dave she did talk about what she did and the damage she feels was done because of her decision. I was also hoping Nina signed the wrong name or something inflammatory instead of her true signature and I'm also hoping Franco is truly there and not being blocked by some order Ric put in place so she can't have visit. I'm really hoping this episode is a sign of better things coming.

  8. The show was great today. The interaction and drama between Ava and Silas was long overdue. HE SAVED HER LIFE and she dares to threaten him over sleeping with Morgan? She will kill her daughter's father to avoid hurting Kiki's feelings about her boyfriend cheating with her?

    I will truly miss Michael Easton on GH. I have loved him forever on OLTL and GH. A fine actor, who just needs some meaty material to show what he can do! Shame on Ron C. and Frank V. for letting him and Wally Kurth get away!

  9. Julian's home:

    Morgan's Johnson: Oh Silas! What are you doing here? Go away! I want to do her again.

    Morgan: LOOK! LOOK! I care about Kiki.

    Morgan's Johnson: Yeah so do I. I can't wait until she comes home. She is HOT!

    Morgan: When Denise and I are together, Dr Clay, there is this thing that happens.

    Morgan's Johnson: Yeah I wake up!

    Morgan: Shut up!

    Morgan Johnson: Sorry.

    Moochie: Morgan can I speak to Silas alone please?

    Morgan: Okay.

    Morgan's Johnson: I'm not going anywhere!!

    Morgan: Yes you are! Let's go!

    Morgan Johnson: Oh fine!

    The Ava and McSilas scene today was fantastic!!! He is determined to tell his daughter the truth!!!! Ava is going to kill him isn't she?:( McSilas won the line of the day!

    McSilas: You are a selfish, shallow, horny little brat and you deserve to be screwed over the way you're screwing over my daughter


    Ric and Nina's home: Love the Magda and BobTodd scene!!! This was great. He will fight to find Nina and tell her the truth! :)

    Shadybrook: Wow! Nina is gullible, nieve, and easily manipulated! Anything anybody says she listens to! McSilas or BobTodd has got to save her!!!!!! She has to tell BobTodd she loves him! Oh there is BobTodd YAY! I don't care how he found out she is in there, I'm just glad he found her!

    Liz's home: Boy! Laura just likes watching Liz squirm doesn't she?! I bet she feels like everyone is ganging up on her about Danny and little Jakey meeting.

    Laura: I have the strangest feeling we have met before.

    Hmmm. Was it at a restaurant? At the Metrocourt? At a movie theater? Was it at a grocery store? Did you see him walking down the street?

    McSilas's home: McSilas leaving his daughter a message!!! No McSilas don't do that! Cus I have a bad feeling that pretty soon you are gonna die, and you won't be able to tell your daughter everything! :(

    Scotty's office: I like Scotty's assistant! I hope she stays and that we can all get to know her. :) Boy Nik really wants to leave Scotty's office really badly! ROFL! Keep digging Scotty! :)

  10. "ishouldreadmore said...Franco had better be there for real, or I am gonna be a little ticked."

    Yeah that was my first thought too, that she was seeing things. But then they showed the previews, and I didn't think that he was fake anymore. Hmmm I hope he is real!!!! :(

  11. I liked Scotty's assistant too, sonya. I hope we see her there all the time as his assistant.

  12. "Di said...I liked Scotty's assistant too, sonya. I hope we see her there all the time as his assistant."

    YEAH!! I hope so too! They also need to give her a family, a dog, and a storyline! :)

  13. I think Lucky should come back to town just long enough to give his infamous "rutting like farm animals" speech to Ava and Morgan.

    Obviously there's going to be a "Who killed Silas Clay" mystery. Not long ago it seemed like the show was testing a Silas/Ava connection when she was sick, and even with Nina a couple of weeks ago there was a nice connection with Silas, and now he's being written out. Plus all of a sudden Ava can't keep her hands off Morgan and she's turning against the man who saved her life. It just seems very abrupt to me.

  14. I think you're definitely hoping for too much there. They haven't even given Alice a family, a dog and a story line yet.

  15. Good to see one of my favorite's, Kin Shriner, get some scenes...comic relief or Bad guy or flawed anti-hero goodish guy like he played on PC, he has been fun to watch over the years.

    If the new writers are smart they will keep Laura and write some storylines for her, Anna, and Tracy. Get all these powerhouse 50+ year old women some good stuff and have them at the center of things with the younger characters while also interacting with each other. All three have won Daytime Emmys and can elevate even the worst material in great ways. DO IT!


  16. "Di I think you're definitely hoping for too much there. They haven't even given Alice a family, a dog and a story line yet."

    ROFL! Well they did give her a heart attack storyline. Maybe Alice and Scotty's assistant, (can't remember her name) can be BFF's! :)

  17. Scotty's Assistant and Alice are partners. Together 22 years in Sept. THey have a little lake cottage together and a MaltaPoo and German Shepard. Both love to cook and they've been redoing the back deck for 2 years now.

    They vacation in Jackson Hole.

    :) There. Backstory.

  18. Hahahahaha! Perfect backstory Karen! ROFL! Thank you! Hmmmm. I never heard of Jackson Hole before, so I just looked it up! :)

  19. Panda, It was Helena who said the "rutting like farm animals" line. I never will forget it, and I wish that I could . . .

  20. HOW can Ava kill Silas, the man who risked all to save her life? If she is that much of a sociopath (and I guess she is), how can they keep redeeming her on the show?

  21. Maybe Ava talks El Stupido into doing it for her.

  22. Anon - YES to giving good material to Anna, Laura and Tracy!!!

    I keep thinking that Donna/Madeline and/or Ric will Kill Silas, after they find out he wants to confess to kidnapping Avery. ? I'm sure this who-done-it will drag out wayyyyy too long.

  23. Yes, it looks like Ava wanted to talk Moronigan into doing it, which is even worse than if she does it. And, yes, when someone wants to leave who has committed crimes, there always have to be myriad characters with motive so we can have a who-done-it, a SL almost as overused as WTD.

  24. I love the cat picture Karen! That's basically what Liz's face was!! Hahaha!

  25. Good show yesterday except for having to watch Nina. ME finally had some decent scenes. As I said before, he is a lot easier on the eyes than Roger H. Having Laura in the mix now does wonders. I hope they keep her on regularly. Ric is a nasty SOB, but I sure love watching Rick H.

  26. One other thing, IRL if a child had been kidnapped and held for 5 years wouldn't the FBI be investigating and going to arrest Helena? Liz is so happy to get Jake back that she doesn't want to see justice? And will he ever talk about his life for the last 5 yrs. Very strange.

  27. "LSV422 said...I sure love watching Rick H."

    Oh me too!!!!! :)

  28. Paul773--I agree that I think it will be Madeline who kills Silas to keep the secret. Then she and Ava can have an unholy alliance of evil. Maybe Ric will start to feel guilty and want to help Nina and redeem himself a little. (I, too, love Rick H, but not Ric Lansing. So torn!)

    I LOVE LOVE the way they are writing Laura and Genie is bringing it! She is becoming a strong, honest, matriarch ala Victoria Lord on OLTL or Erica Kane on AMC. That's what we've all been wanting for Tracy or Monica or Alexis or Anna. But Laura is killing it with her secret-blowing and her honest admissions of her past mistakes. Please do anything to keep her around! (Oh, and also, bring on her sweet hubby Jonathan Frakes as some corporate type to clean up the ELQ mess--he's a tremendous actor and fine looking man!)

  29. I loved the show yesterday but it really makes me mad that all they had to do was write for ME and he wouldn't going

  30. I love the idea of having Jonathan Frakes.
    Yes, the show was a wow factor yesterday.

  31. Or Moron, I mean Morgan does kill Silas and goes to prison taking his stupidity with him! A girl can hope right?

  32. It's sad that they're killing off Silas now that he's likable and calling Ava/Morgan out. It means we're going to get another couple of months for them sneaking behind KiKi's back. Ugh...

  33. Written by:
    Scott Sickles
    Elizabeth Korte

    Breadown Writers:
    Katherine Schock
    Anna Theresa Cascio
    Chris Van Etten
    Daniel James O'Connor

    Director: William Ludel


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