Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Like a Deflated Balloon

"No one knew who the dead kid was..." says Luke. Just some poor 4 year old hanging out I guess. 
He finds Tracy and Paul in bed. He explains the situation. She's still mad that he told Dillon and not her. She tells him to go. 

Lulu hears Dante call Val. She's pissed.  They finally go to bed. She asks if he changed the sheets before she got home. He says yes. She says "thanks babe" . Dumb Lulu. 

Sonny and Carly talka about Lulu not cheating. Then they talk about St.Jaysus for awhile. 

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Laura, Lucky and Nik. Nik's still not happy. OMG!! OH WOW!! Nik tells Lucky about Jason! I did not see that coming! Squee! Of couse, it's pretty stupid the reasons he gives for keeping it a secret. "Everyone is over it" lol..and he says he told Lucky he "could leave knowing Liz is fine and with someone that knows her and the boys"
Lucky is all "what if he wakes up"?? "What if his whole life is a lie"??
He leaves Wyndemere and goes to Liz' house. He sees them all playing throught the window and HE walks away without telling !! He isn't going to tell Jake he's Jason. Nope. 

And my excitement just went Pfffffffffffffffft.
Really? That whole thing was so that Lucky felt 'safe' enough to leave town? Liz would be with "Jason" and her kids?

UGH. I do not like that. I was so hoping that this was going to be the catalyst today!



  1. And if that didn't deflate you enough, check out the previews for tomorrow. hsssssssssssss

    Does Monica know that Jake Jr. is her grandson? I'm looking forward to great happiness from her if she does.

    Lulu is dumb as a doorknob. lol

    I know they had to have Tracy and Luke separate if she's staying, and I want her to stay, so I like that she made the decision she did.

    I liked Dillon's interaction with his father too. That boy can really act.I hope they keep him around for a long time.

    Jake Jr. is loosening up nicely too. We just need to give him a little time, I think. A little reticence is better than major overacting.

  2. TOMORROW looks like everything I wanted to forget about GH

  3. Karen, EXACTLY! I will likely skip tomorrow's show altogether. On a brighter note, I read that JJ only taped for 2 days, so I was thrilled he was on as much as he was. AND that he had scenes with Tony, Genie, Rebecca and Tyler. Man, I really am going to miss him.

  4. It's so sad when the coming attractions which are supposed to interest you, make you want to not watch. With JJ gone I don't know how I am going to force myself to watch the last week and a half of the goodbye to Luke.

  5. I'll be skipping tomorrow's show too.

  6. Lante home:

    Lulu: I'm just going to have an angry face a lot for the summer! If you don't like it, TOUGH! Uh Dante did you change the sheets?

    Dante: Yes. There was blood on them. Because you see, Val was a virgin when I had sex with her.


    Nik: Sam the Quartermaines, even Carly have recovered from Jason's death.

    Say what!?!?!?! They didn't recover!!! Sam hasn't recovered. Carly hasn't recovered. Monica hasn't recovered! Jason was her son!!!! Monica will NEVER recover!!! If Spencer had died, would you recover Nik?!!?! I don't think so! I think you even told Spencer that if he ever died, you wouldn't recover! So shut up!

    Liz's home: Oh Big Jake meets little Jake! :) Oh so Jake Doe has a memory flash about the toy motorcycle, but not about Monica and the Q home? Strange. Oh yes little Jakey is tired, but let's play football back and forth first. Oh there is Lucky outside!!! No don't leave Lucky!!! Please! Stay in Port Chuckles!!! :(

    Q home: Oh so Dillon figured out his mother is home, but doesn't go looking for her, or even texts her? I mean he really wanted to talk to her badly!

    Dillon and Paul: Woah doublemint twins! :) Oh Paul ewwww! Don't talk to your son about your sex life! Oh stop! Stop! STOP!!!

    Tracy's bedroom: So let me get this straight Luke. You lied to Tracy, you broke her heart, but yet she is in bed with another man and THAT upsets you? Really?!!?! Shut up Luke! Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: Really? Oh my goodness. Did you two kids tie the knot already?! Mazel tov!


    Sonny's home:

    Sonny: You know me better than anybody. You've seen me at my worst times. You're the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. And I've never been more sure about anything in my life.

    Oh is he proposing?!!?! Oh. Nah he isn't He just wants to have sex with her. Hey where is Ethan? Did he get out of the hospital? Is he okay?! Where is he?!!? Did he meet up with his dad Robert?

  7. Karen, you KNOW the Jason reveal couldn't be that easy, no, they have to drag this out to torture us forever. OF COURSE it was just a way for Lucky to leave, making it look like he went there to tell Liz, then saw the happy "family" and cut out.

    Liz, OMG, as someone said here, Jakey would need medical clearance, therapy. etc. Wouldn't they want to scan for a Helena implant in his brain? AND WOULDN'T LIZ CALL HER FAMILY--she has Gram, sister, parents!!

    Sonya, every time Jakeson walks into the Q home, he holds his head and gets that "look"; he definitely remembers something there! That didn't seem to happen with Monica, though.

    In the promos for today it looks like Sonny is giving Carly a ring? I really don't want to sit through another one of their weddings--unless Brenda comes back and interrupts it (yes, hope springs eternal--I am still an S and B fan).

  8. "AntJoan said...Liz, OMG, as someone said here, Jakey would need medical clearance, therapy. etc. Wouldn't they want to scan for a Helena implant in his brain? AND WOULDN'T LIZ CALL HER FAMILY--she has Gram, sister, parents!!"

    Well she did say to little Jake, that tomorrow people are going to want to see him. And yes I hope Liz takes him to the hospital in the morning!!!

    "Sonya, every time Jakeson walks into the Q home, he holds his head and gets that "look"; he definitely remembers something there!

    YES YES YES!!! :)

    "That didn't seem to happen with Monica, though."

    And yeah strange that it didn't happen with Monica!

  9. I was just so happy to see Lucky, Laura and Nik yesterday that I could ignore all the other stuff. This past week has been such a treat for longtime viewers no matter how ridiculous the circumstances were. I have to say Dillon and dad really look like they could be father and son - great casting. Same goes for Jakeson and Jake. Now back to the mundane.

  10. "LSV422 said...Now back to the mundane."

    Now back to our regularly scheduled mundaneness! ROFL!

  11. I choose to believe Luke called Robert and Robert, through his WSB connections expedited all the paperwork and stuff to get Jake back in Port Charles. Or maybe that is just me thinking Robert needs to be part of Luke's departure storyline, even if it happens off screen. Then again, Alexis, Felicia, Scotty, Carly, Lucas, and BOBBIE should also be part of the farewell.

  12. "LSV422 said...Now back to the mundane."

    The mundane, the mobbish and the mastication.


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