Thursday, July 16, 2015

Out-Patient Surgery: Botched

I'm writing this today because I can see the show may be another skip-it for me. Much like yesterday, I am interested in zippo of the stories. Did you note that yesterday no one mentioned Jake being back in town? Now I realize so many  aren't connected to the story--but that's the point THEY AREN'T CONNECTED TO THE STORY!

20150714 1736(26)
Here we are again...

What would I do? Yes,  unlike the GOP, I do have an alternative.  See, Jake's back in town and he's been on an island for what?  I say 4 years,  they say 5 years. Whichever, it's been awhile. Liz, being a nurse thinks it's a good idea to get him a check up at GH. 
This is perfectly acceptable. Hey, my baby gets back from god knows where, I'm getting him looked at. 
So, she goes to GH and has Patrick see him. He did, after all, "Operate" on the child. Call Silas in because he's been doing Josslyn's cancer treatments and the whole time thinking it's Jake. Plausible, right? SO...while they are there, they can tell: Lucas who joyfully tells Brad ..Epiphany walks by and gasps and is all happy. On and On.  Why didn't they schedule a follow-up or something for Josslyn when Jake was around? Carly is in the hall with Joss, she stops, shakes her head, looks up at Liz and they both burst into tears. 

You get the point. I'd make the hospital the center of the "Jake is back" . They had their time at home, but now it's the towns time to be involved.  Hell, you got Monica back for a hot second to have a talk with Jason, give her a few more hours of work to be at the hospital to see his kid. 

But NOPE. What do we get? Total interruption with:

Jordan and Scotty talking about "Bringing down Corinthos"  ---SERIOUSLY? All we needed was Taggart to walk in from the 90's and growl.  Come on.  I think everyone of us, Sonny fan or not are sick of the 'catch Sonny"  treadmill. We all know he's NOT getting caught. Even if he does get caught shooting a guy in point blank, he's free in a month. So stop. Just stop. 

Denise. I'm not even going to comment on this mess. If that one tape could have been erased months ago and this never had to happen then WHY DIDN'T YOU DO IT?????! 

Ric.  Ok, the Gaslighting of Nina is an interesting idea but the problem? We only see them like 2x a week. If that. I suppose this will ramp up but geesh. We got enough goin' on.

Kiki, Morgan-- are we really going to sit around and wait for these two knuckleheads to realize Morgan was kissing Denise on the couch and yada yada? It's so apparent they have nothing else to do. 

Julian. GH tweeted "Julian works out" yesterday as a teaser. He and Alexis will have sex in the "afternoon!" soon. Now, I'm a Julexis fan but dang. Is that all they are there for? 

CarSon: Engagement number 5.  FIVE.  Enough said.

So, here we are, after basking in a few great days of the show, back to the parts that are so isolated and boring, we can watch the POTUS for 1/2 an episode and NOT CARE. 

That's all... I needed to get this out now, midweek so that I'm not thinking about it until I write Sunday Surgery (but you know I'll revisit this issue then lol!!) 

I was totally loving last Thurs-Tuesday's shows.  Now I'm back to FF after watching the DVR. Please fix this. 

Thank you! 


  1. It really does feel like two entirely different shows. That's not got!! I cried during the Lucky/Luke scenes on Monday... Then we get Denise... Ugh.

    Also, was it just me, or was Liz's reaction to Jake being alive feel a little underwhelming? I expected more emotion from her. She was grat, don't get me wrong. But I remember how emotional she was when she found out Ric was alive earlier this year, and I guess I just expected a little more from her. Either way, all of this felt so rushed.

  2. YES! she was totally weird. I mean, I'd be on the phone to Gran, my sister--throwing up, yelling to wake up the Boys.. yada yada. I get "Savor he's back" but geesh.

  3. Karen, I agree with you completely, and so do the viewers as per the ratings decline. Liz reacted the way she was directed to react. What a letdown yesterday was (all 15 minutes). Back in the day, the return of someone "dead" would have rippled through everywhere and everyone, but not now. I think we need a new regime fast.

  4. I agree Liz did not react like a "normal" mom, otherwise she would have called her family, woke up the boys, and called Monica, BUT that would mean more than 2 or 3 people to the scene. So tired if the stories, DON'T CARE ANYMORE. I hope ABC can downsize the cast and write some better stories. Don't think that will EVER happen though. So done with Carly & Sonny! My main reason for watching is the Luke story.

  5. July 16th episode.

    Michael and Kiwi:

    Kiwi: Oh Michael! Can you pwease pretty pwease with sugar on top let my aunt Denise see Avery? Oh please?!!?

    When are they going to get back together? It's time.

    Carly and Sonny: OH Sonny DID propose to Carly! She and her cupcakes are in wuv with Sonny! :) I love the little baby laying on the bed, and pushing her legs up hahaha. So Carly and Sonny are getting married!!! Do you know what that means?!!?! Arguments!!! Sonny throwing barware and saying SON OF A BITCH! :) I can't wait until they are married! :)

    McSilas and Morgan: Oh! McSilas confronts Morgan about Moochie and him!

    Morgan: Duhh what?!!?!!? Duh I don't know what you are talking about! I would never hurt Kiki! Duhh what did Rosalie tell you?!! She is lying!!!!

    *The McSilas stare*

    Morgan: Okay okay! I almost slept with Denise! ALMOST! I would never do that again!!!

    McSilas: Stay away from Denise!

    Morgan: You're right I will!

    Ric and Nina: Ohhhhh! Ric is gaslighting Nina!!! This is gonna be fun! :) *grabs some popcorn*

    Julian's home: BobTodd is eating again! ROFL! BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: *Nom nom nom* You're glistening. Is that sweat? It's not oil is it? You didn't oil yourself up. Are you putting yourself on the cover of your own magazine? *nom nom nom*


  6. I wish there was a universe where everyone can create their own version of GH. As far as I can tell fans are never happy and are stuck in the past. I love the show and don't care if's a large or small cast. The stories are not always the greatest but Im not going to bitch about it everyday. I'm still a fan. I'm committed to the bitter end. I love Ava, Nina, Franco and Jake. As far as I see the writers are trying to integrate the cast. The speedy storyline don't bother me. And is their another reason why they don't show Monica as much. Hey, maybe she doesn't want to be on. You have right to complain, don't watch the show but please stop being so negative.

  7. Today's GH

    Sonny's home: Boy Michael is just so excited that his parents are getting married! Can you tell?!!?!?!! :) Awwwwwwwwwwwww poor Moochie! Sonny won't let her see little AJ! Too bad. Now she is gonna be told, and then she is gonna be so upset, she will make out with Morgan!

    Nina and Ric's home: More gaslighting Nina!!! :) And more sex romps with Ric and Magda! Ric wants Magda so badly! :)He don't want Nina at all!

    McSilas's office: Oh oh Kiwi is on a Moochie and Morgan cloud!!!

    Kiwi: Oh Daddy! Denise and I bonded! It feels like we have known each other my whole life! Denise wouldn't do anything to hurt me!!! Morgan is a great guy! He is so thoughtful!

    Ra ro! Someone kick her off the happy cloud she is in!!!! Oh look! Nina shows up and talks to McSilas! I like their scenes together. I like that she is able to trust him about how she feels. :) Glad they are friends.

    Julian's home: Julian exercising yum! Moochie so desperate for BobTodd to get the evidence that Scotty has!!! Oh look Morgan shows up! Hey Idiot! You are not supposed to see her! Why didn't you just call her and tell her off?!!?! Oh oh they are swapping spit again! They are on their way to consummating their "relationship" while Kiwi is still on her cloud.

    Kiwi: Oh hey Morgan, I just wanted to let you know, that Michael is going to talk to your dad about letting Denise see Avery!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I am at her apartment right now!!!!!

    Scotty's office: I actually thought that BobTodd was going to drug Scotty's drink so that he could find the evidence! Rats. Ah well. So now that you couldn't get into the drawer, what is your plan now BobTodd?!

    Julian and Alexis: Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: You ate carbs?!

    ROFL! I love their scenes! Then later, they are trying to find out what movie is playing, and WOW!!! Their whole dialog was from Seinfeld!!!!!! SQUEEEEEE!

    Alexis: Did you get the time for Agent Zero?

    Julian: No it keeps sending me back to Brown eyed girl.

    Alexis: What about check mate?

    Julian: No that's awful. Oh wait Rochelle Rochelle is playing at the paradise twin.

    Alexis: A girls exotic journey to Milan to Minsk?

    Julian: Well it's either that, or Prognosis negative.

    BAHAHAHAHHAHA! The writers love Seinfeld! :) That right there wins scene of the day! Or better yet, scene of the week!!!!!! :)

    Sidnote: I forgot to mention, that yesterday's episode, Moochie, right before she answered the door to Morgan, it looked like she was adjusting her wig!!!!! :)Did you all notice that?!

  8. The Liz reaction was odd, but she is already feeling guilty for not telling Jason about his ID and Sam and Danny. Now there is another son!

    I get more excited when I see my 35 year old son after a month of missing him!

  9. The Taggart comment was on point, lmao!

  10. Sonya you missed the "Line of the Day" from yesterday's show. That honor goes to Sonny when he was telling Carly about being back in the bidness. He said, "You're not gonna go all Alexis on me, are you?" I actually LOL'd. That is something a real person would say about an ex.

    Todd, er, Franco also said something about Ava, er, Denise being "handsy" which was TOTALLY ad libbed and you could tell because Maura West was trying SO HARD not to laugh.

    Maybe GH should be a Daytime Comedy instead of a Daytime Drama??

  11. sonya said... Their whole dialog was from Seinfeld!!!!!! SQUEEEEEE!

    ROFL You didn't expect it to be original did you?

    Sonya, do you suppose BobTodd suffers from Sitophilia? He's definitely doing a lot of masticating. PMSL

    I did notice Denise adjusting that wig. She must be going to lose it soon or she would have just dyed her hair.

    And I think the writers would prefer to be writing for a daytime comedy, CareyN.

  12. "CareyN said...Sonya you missed the "Line of the Day" from yesterday's show. That honor goes to Sonny when he was telling Carly about being back in the bidness. He said, "You're not gonna go all Alexis on me, are you?"

    Haha yeah that was good, but BobTodd won the line of the day that day, when he talked about Julian's glistening body! ROFL!

    "Maybe GH should be a Daytime Comedy instead of a Daytime Drama??"

    YES!!!!! :)

    "Di said... ROFL You didn't expect it to be original did you?"

    Hahahaha. It was a surprise! :)

    "Sonya, do you suppose BobTodd suffers from Sitophilia? He's definitely doing a lot of masticating. PMSL"

    ROFLMAOPMP! He could!!! It would be interesting and hysterical, if someone on the show, asked him if he has Sitophlia!!!! Hahahahaha! Oh please let it be Julian!!!

    "I did notice Denise adjusting that wig. She must be going to lose it soon or she would have just dyed her hair."

    Oh great! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed!

  13. During the prison Storyline Mo forgot a line and Roger just kept talking. In the soap magazines everyone says it's hard not to start laughing when doing scenes with Roger. It is hard to come with all negativity on this page about the show.

  14. Karen, I agree about these past two shows--SNOOZEFEST compared to the end of last week/beginning of this week. So Li'l Jake's back, meets Jakeson and...NOTHING! Was Tuesday the last we will see of Lucky? He sees Liz and the two Jakes and POOF, he's gone, back to some foreign country to fight his "demons".

    Loved the Seinfeld dialog between Julian and Alexis. That was the highlight of the past two shows.

  15. Yes, I did like the Rochelle Rochelle stuff lol
    and Mitchell, sorry, this is what I do. If you read my blog last week and Monday you'd see my praise for the writing/show.
    I don't sugar coat. GH's ratings are in the crapper. Seriously DANGEROUSLY low. Ergo, something has to be done or there won't be a show.


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