Thursday, July 9, 2015

"What's Your Name"?

WELP! there he all his Jake GLORY!! Kinda like the Omen kid, no?  Hells explained nothing..I hope it comes up! 

LOVED the show today. Dom Z was great. Ok, I did hate Valerie telling Jordan (WTF is that?!!) and my JOSSLYN wasn't at her own check- up???? BOO HISS

Helena looked glorious. Loved her lines, especially about the tattoo. 

That's all I'm saying right now.


  1. The Valerie/Jordan sharing session was ridiculous. Valerie just got that office job and they now write as if she is the Police Commissioner's new friend! These two women have nothing in common. And one is the BIG BOSS. Get real writers.

    And Valerie trying to justify what she did by saying that Lulu cheated on Dante. What did she think Dante was doing with her? I hope this doesn't turn into a Fatal Attraction story line. ( unless Valerie is the fatality. lol)

    I loved that they had the old Jake there but I was wondering what was up with that evil look too. lol Are they saying that they're going to have him be an evil child now? I hope not.

    They had us come in on the end of a conversation where Helena was saying that she wanted something that would have a lifetime impact on Luke's life but they never did have her explain how she pulled it off. I guess that's for the next month's flashbacks.

    I was glad they had Helena there for Luke's farewell too. Those two have had such a major impact on each other over the years. And their chemistry is always great.

    The Tracy scenes were great again. Dom Z was also great, and so was Dillon. I'm really liking that actor more and more. He is good with everyone.

  2. Jordan's office: Uh Val, Jordan is your boss NOT your bestie!!! Why the hell are you telling her about Dante's personal life?!!?!?! And why are you telling her you slept with Dante?!!? What the hell?!!?! Val you need a friend!!! Jordan asks her if Dante took advantage of her! Why is Jordan treating her like Val is an 18 year old virgin?!!?! WOAH! Val thinks Dante is going to divorce Lulu, and get with her!!!! WOW! How naive can you get Val? How old are you 20? I actually like her being this way! Soapy delicious! :)

    Lante home: Oh Dante was gonna tell Lulu he slept with Val! But then Dillon showed up. Very nice Dillon. Good for you talking to Dante! Everything is fine now in the Lante universe, until Val gets the preggers and then Lulu will find out what Dante and Val did!!! Then Rocco will have a brother or sister! :) It is so foreshadowing!!! I mean he isn't telling Lulu what he did! It's a secret.. In the previews for tomorrow, he tells Val not to tell Lulu! How is the secret going to come out? Baby on board!!! :)

    Q home: Alice cracks me up!!! She doesn't like Paul right away! She is so animated and is upset with Luke and shrugs! ROFL! Alice was great today! Another great Paul and Tracy scene! I remember the actor who played on Desperate housewives. :) Jenny dumped Paul? That sucks! :( I liked them together. Oh shoot Tracy and Paul missed Dillon again!!!! Very soapy! :)

    Kelly's: Dillon meets TJ! :) I like that Sonny confronted Dillon and stands up for his son! :) Sonny and TJ chatting.

    Sonny: Oh TJ. Even though I have my baby daughter back, and Carly and I are together, and she is loyal, but we do argue loudly, you can still live with me! Now eat your fries.

    Liz and Carly: Very nice scenes! Talking about little Jakey, and about Joss. The other day Liz said that Lucky talks skype once a week! :) Awesome. While Liz and Carly were chatting in that room, you could see McSilas though the window! He didn't come in right away! It's like Michael Easton was waiting for his cue! :) Oh Joss is okay!!!! After 5 years Joss is healthy! Wow it's been 5 years since Jakey "died" So he must be 6 or 7 yrs old now right? I forgot how old he was when he died.

    Cassadine Island: Awww Luke! Helena was all flirty with you, and you didn't flirt back! What's the matter with you? Come on flirt back! Don't you remember that you used to own a young Helena's naked portrait? I think you still own it.. Helena is all we are never going to see each other again. This is the last time we see each other. Is the actress saying goodbye to Tony? :( Helena wins the line of the day!

    Helena: Nicholas has finally picked up the gauntlet. My grandson has exiled me to a remote life of solitude. And he has stripped me of all of my power. I am so proud. I mean how much more Cassadine could he be?

    ROFL! I love you Helena. :) OH LITTLE JAKEY!!!!! :) Oh oh! The look on his face!!! He looks like he could be from the children of the corn! Oh Joss? I have someone perfect for you!

  3. How old is Jake now? Can we ship him with Joss? That Omen things got to be something she likes.

  4. I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed seeing Alice again

    And now we know where Joss has been, Sonya. She's been tutoring Jake. hahahaha

    And a quick question...Now that little Jake is alive, doesn't that change the outcome of the ELQ takeover? He's Jason's son, so he'd also own shares of ELQ, wouldn't he?

    SaveOurSuds: Jake should be 9 since he was 4 when he "died." The actress who plays Joss is 11 and very tall. Even if I believed in shipping little kids, which I don't, I wouldn't ship them.

  5. I really don't know about the ELQ stocks, people are asking all over twitter. I would imagine it would change things..but who knows?

    And I'm shipping Joss/Jake...when they are SORA'd in about 5 years to be 17 lol (both the same age at that point)

  6. I was so hoping that Dante would confess all to LuLu, because I think she would have eventually forgiven him out of her own guilt in the situation. Now he is going to count on Val to keep their secret- That won't last long, she loves to dish her news and others' news as well to anyone who will listen. I too, thought about Fatal Attraction in this story line.

  7. When they're SORA'd would be fine by me too, kd.

  8. "Di said..And now we know where Joss has been, Sonya. She's been tutoring Jake. hahahaha"

    ROFL! They are perfect for each other! I'll call them Josake! :)

    "Jake should be 9 since he was 4 when he "died."

    Oh thank you! :)

  9. Actually, this is the same actor playing Jake that we last saw onscreen!! So, I actually hope the kid is a fine little actor and grows up onscreen not unlike Kimberly McCullogh. So, I'm not hoping for SORAS.

  10. Can someone tell me what SORAS actually stands for? Soap Opera Relative Age Switch?

  11. SORAS stands for Soap opera rapid aging syndrome. That's when they accelerate the age of a television character (usually a child or teenager) so they fit in better with the story lines.

    You were close. lol

  12. Michael and Di, I hate to break this to you but you are BOTH WRONG. I'm so so sorry.

    SORAS stand for

    So Over Rosalie And Sabrina.

  13. Wrong too dalcodave:

    SORAS = Save Our Rapidly Atrophying Soap

  14. glad I wasn't the only one that notice little Jake's eyes....reminded me of that old movie "The Bad See" if anyone else remembers it

  15. or So Over Resurrecting Another Soap.

  16. I knew what "SORAS" meant, but what does "shipping" mean?

  17. shiiping means putting characters together as a pair. It usually refers to romantic relationships, but it can refer platonic ones as well. (Just think of "shipping" as short for "relationSHIP".)

  18. Sallie said...

    I too, thought about Fatal Attraction in this story line.

    Oh yeah. She's definitely bunny boiler.


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