Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Star-Spangled Spencers

 CUTE or what!? 

Spencer was so Jiminy Cricket.  Being the voice of The Townie and Nik's conscience.  LOL. I say "Star Spangled-Spencers because it's the weekend of the 4th and there's so much history flying around at home and on GH, it seemed fitting. 

You know I had a rough week with watching.  I hope I make sense in the blog and don't just trash and whine. 
Speaking of WINE...let us partake in some good old American NY State Fingerlakes wine. Bully Hill  Love My Goat. (which is scrumptious!!) Hope you had a great Independence Day.
I live with a Brit so... it's always a treat! 

And the Nutshell Version ... The biggest things were:

20150630 1409(40)

Mikey and Sabrina ditch their Amish inhibitions and make the wub. Not sure if they had their bloomers on under the covers, but I'm assuming not. 

20150629 1415(24)

Sonny got Avery back. Meaning, absolutely nothing. Sonny has had the least character growth out of anyone--ever. Now it looks like he and Carly will be together and/or marry for the 66th time. Yawn.
Oh, we didn't see Josslyn... which would have been a nice addition to the 'family', especially on the 4th. Guess she's out with the others shuckin' corn.  Is Bobbie now living alone at Carly's? Carly sure isn't there. 

PS. Sabrina better watch out for Sonny's dimples--she looks a lot like Lily there. You know how hard it is for him to control hisself

20150704 0702(36)

Ava told Franco the truth. Why in the hell they didn't have Franco know from second ONE that the wig was really Ava, I have no clue. People acting like she's really Denise is stupid.  Roger and Maura are worth the trip--even with the wig. 

20150704 0620(6)

Kiki and Morgan. Ugh. Whatever. Gross. 

20150704 0622(14)

TJ and Molly..adorable but boring. 

20150704 0702(17)

Ditto with Maxie and Nate. 

20150701 1421(30) don't understand! Shawn is in jail and his BLTs were awesome!!

Sam and Nikolas had the same convo they had last week at the Metro but this time outside of Kelly's.  I wish they were also with Alcxis...'member her? 

20150704 0704(41)

Dante and Valerie. Welp. You all know how I feel about VAL-- what a waste of a new character. She does nothing but skulk around Dante.  Dante is an idiot who flies to British Columbia and never even bothers to question his wife about what's going on. I mean, Dillon has been in town a HOT minute. It's not like any of this built up over time or anything. Oh whatever. I suppose that The Lante saga needs some stirring up. I just wish it wasn't being done in such a dull, predictable way. Kudos though to Dom Z, he's bringing the pain. 

20150630 1412(17)

Hey, anyone remember where we were in that scene know..that house thing...

We were at the ranch? that ranch in..erm..what state?

Hollywood? with a T
Oh, Texas...
Yeah..I think I had a beard 
Well, I don't remember that whole decade so...
Wait, why are we here again?
Wasn't this the Lifetime Movie we are doing?
No, I think it's Hallmark....
Well, whatever the hell it is, I need my next line!! 

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@GHFan1982 via twitter 

The Luke Saga.  WOW. Just wow. What in the hell IS this?  Yes, I seriously could have written it better. Yep. I could have. The "Lumber-Yard" dialog? "There are two guards there"..."This must be the place"... "Look at the fence"-- "Our boys must be in there"! 

20150701 1454(10)

Wait, here..take my gun.
Well, this little lady here is having a baby...
You sure?
Hell man! Look at her stomach! 

20150704 0631(30)

I really wonder if they are writing and producing this on a 1970 level to just give that 'nostalgic 'feel??
The biggest part of having an impact about a story from the past is to at least cast people FROM the past.  Hell, Luke had to tell us who Frank Smith was because he sure as hell wasn't anyone we saw on the screens! I get they couldn't have the guy play him who's like 98 now but seriously, why would you bring a guy back that people barely remember anyway--and then have him played by someone different?
Dialog STRAIGHT out of Batman. And then, after making Luke "choose" (which he never really did) Frank the Tank shoots Ethan..and then...LETS EVERYONE GO. Except Luke and Laura.
Which was ..ermm. The point. Right? Why kidnap everyone-- and then let them go? And how STUPID were his guards? Were they supposed to be that dumb?  Was that so Luke could "save" Ethan from the 'bomb"? 
Well, at least Tony woke up for about 20 minutes when he was on screen with Nathan Parsons. Yes, I am actually enjoying seeing people from the long ago, so there's that. I still think it's a bit weird that Dillon is in the middle of all this.  Lucky will be on soon though.  

20150704 0658(14)

I get the whole "Parade of the Past" when it comes to Luke (it was done on Seinfeld..although the original actors were all used) --and it could be interesting.  I just can't pretend the story/dialog is anything but what it is. 

20150629 1423(12)

Tim Hortons or Dunkin Donuts?

Laura, I'm British. I need Tea. Now. 

The biggest fun was Twitter, watching the whole unfolding of "Script-Gate" where Ron said that The Holly Laura dialog got switched. Emma Samms chimed in and said, yes, She and Tony forgot about Bill so they 'CHANGED the line".  Not for nothing but Poor Joey got killed off as Dr. Drake Ramore when he changed his lines.  
NO one addressed the glaring omission of Holly saying she didn't know about Laura or the baby--when she clearly did.  For like TWO years she did and even had a major story line end when they were all at the ranch and Luke found out he was going to be a father. But Hey: GH. History means say whatever you want and if the fans complain, they are hysterical girlies. If you are sending off a legacy character and are using history to do so, you'd better get it right.  Where are your interns to comb over the You Tube videos? GH Wikipedia?  It's not that hard. 

20150701 1429(5)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Yep, the only thing  that made me smile. Dr. O, Franco and Cheetos. Purell too. The thing is-- I don't even care what they were talking about. Compared to the rest of the show, they were fun and on point. Which tells you how connected everything is. (not) 

20150630 1506(27)

PROP of the WEEK: Holy hand signals Batman! 

20150629 1411(41)


So, next week (a few spoilers so stop if you don't want to know) Josslyn (Yeah!) is getting a cancer check up and Liz stops by.
Hmmmmmmmmmm WHY could THIS be? LOL  Lucky visits Liz and I think the Jake thing will indeed, be true.
Brad and Lucas lumber towards the wedding. By this rate,  the ceremony will be in 2018.  
And the Dante Val thing? So classic. One spouse thinks another cheated (When they didn't) and they go ahead and cheat only to learn the truth and Guilt and secret-keeping ensues. 

Why are the ratings low? I'm still going with the rotating story-telling and characters being on then gone for weeks on end. I mean, it's obvious Julian/Alexis are on vaykay, right? Then what happens is that the stories stagnate. Aka: we  see Nathan and Maxie not doing much more than snuggling in bed or narrating what's been happening on the show. I was also thinking about Morgan and Kiki. What a nothing couple. They were together--she went with Michael...then they started flirting again during the whole Brownstone mess-- now they are back together. Well, sort of. He's almost back with her mother--again! And still doing NOTHING! lol  TJ and Molly? You can't have a couple on once a month and expect me to care at all. Not even about those glamour earrings he bought her. 

I'm naming what I like about GH-- 
Evilish Nick 
Sam remembers she is a Cassadine
Nathan Parsons pop-up
Brad/Lucas Wedding  (absent this week)
DR. O and Franco 

:) Ok! Hope you had fun fireworks. Our next door neighbors bought about a million fireworks and HOO-HA it was a late, loud night!!! 


  1. I agree that the Luke exit storyline is a mess. Who cares about or even remembers Frank Smith? It was such a let down when I was so hoping for Jerry or Helena or someone delightfully unexpected.

  2. Jerry would have been awesome. Helena too predictable...but Stavros? Stephan or even what if...BILL ECKERT? Played by Tony Geary? Some kind of a twist!

  3. The way GH is going it may not be around for another 4th. This year has been BRUTAL- down there w the worst of Guza.

  4. I was hoping for Stephan! That would have been nice. When I flipped it on and saw it was Frank Smith, I turned it back off. LOL I have taken to twitter and reading here to see if it is worth watching. I was really hoping for more with the Luke send off but as everyone else, I am finding it kind of meh.

  5. Damn..the ratings are out--ANOTHER NEW LOW in 18-49 demos!!! SOMEONE has to start to notice this on some level. And I'm starting to think production just doesn't GAS. I know the writing can be awesome--it's the bloated cast and the fact nothing can get done with the rotation of stories that's 80% of the problem!!

  6. Why are the ratings so low? The rotating stories and characters is one thing, but I think the filming in groups of two is what bothers me the most. The 4th is a major holiday in the U.S. and they had three couples in the park taking turns on the same piece of grass. That was just sad and pathetic.

    I was hoping it was Jerry too, Pat. That would have made more sense.

    I really hope the story of Jake is true.

    I also liked evilish Nik, and it was great to see NP again.

    We did have fireworks because they were cancelled on the 1st due to weather. lol We went to a wedding and got home in time to sit on the balcony and watch them right over the water in front of us. A great end to a fabulous day.

  7. I agree - it seems as though they just don't care what they are putting on the air. It's as if they know it's going to be cancelled and they aren't even trying anymore. I am just hoping that maybe JJ can bring some joy and life to this farewell.

    If they are bringing back little dead Jake whose kidneys does he have? I am really tired of these endless resurrections. We never see Aiden and rarely see Cameron. Why bring back Liz' third child?

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had to wait for Luke to say Frank Smith to figure out who that guy was. I mean I remember the story but if they can't do it justice why bother

  9. I like the idea of Frank Smith, a GIANT nod to history, both he and Jennifer (although, again, I would have preferred Roseann in the part). Karen, ITA that the scene of the week was Franco and Dr. O--they are hilarious, no matter what they do! Dr. O, especially, is a comic genius, I can't get enough of her! However, I DON'T agree about evil Nik, I DON'T LIKE IT, it makes no sense, people don't "turn evil" at age 40 or whatever, it just doesn't work that way. I enjoy seeing good, moral characters, and there are so few of them to begin with. I also don't like watching evil characters, evil is just ugly to me. When they introduce evil characters and the fans love them, then they have to add "good" parts to them--Sonny is, of course the prime example of this, but also Lucy, Carly, Dr. O, and the list goes on. But WHY must they add evil to good characters? We already have morally ambiguous characters like Luke and Tracy, why ruin the good ones?

  10. I loved the scene between Doctor O and Franco. Kathleen Gati and Roger Howarth play these oddball characters to perfection, and I think they get away with some subtle ad libbing too.

    And I admit I love seeing RH eat like Todd Manning again. Todd was such a pig, talking with his mouthful, spraying food. Let's just say both Franco and Todd have their "earthy" qualities.

    The rest of the week? Meh. The exit of Tony Geary seems like a hastily assembled hodgepodge of excuses to introduce past characters with poorly written dialogue that ignores vital show history.

  11. "Oh, we didn't see Josslyn... which would have been a nice addition to the 'family', especially on the 4th. Guess she's out with the others shuckin' corn."

    ROFL! No no no. She was with Rocco!! That's what Carly said. :)

    "Mikey and Sabrina ditch their Amish inhibitions and make the wub. Not sure if they had their bloomers on under the covers, but I'm assuming not."

    ROFL! Good one Karen! :)

    " don't understand! Shawn is in jail and his BLTs were awesome!!"

    Hahahahha! Yes they were! Just ask Heather! :) And oh yeah, that Luke, Holly, Laura drawing, is fantastic and hysterical! :)

    "The "Lumber-Yard" dialog? "There are two guards there"..."This must be the place"... "Look at the fence"-- "Our boys must be in there"!"

    Boys?!!?! Aren't they like in their 30's? :)

  12. GH is dumber than dirt right now. The whole Cartini first year miracle seems like a long ago lost dream right now. How did these guys go SO wrong SO fast? Absolutely sickening and at this point I don't care if they cancel GH or not - I am freakin indifferent and that makes me sad.


  13. OH OLD, never heard you talk like this..even in the Guza years.

  14. Maybe if they got rid of the most likely highly paid RoHo and MS they could afford to do a location shoot. They really had the characters go to Canada for dreary hotel rooms and a warehouse? So glad the ratings are going down - it shows we are not the only one who think GH is terrible right now. If they are looking to appeal to younger fans for the summer they failed miserably. Morgan and Kiki are total losers and Molly and TJ are rarely on. What could have been a compelling storyline with TJ lasted one week, if that.

  15. Karen- the writing is 100% the worst part. Rotainf characters is a minor element.

    Too many characters, no one gives a damn- Genie F is sleepwalking thru her scenes.

    I LOATHED Guza but at least his dull repetitive stories made some internal sense in the GH universe. Now, ReRon is just farting whatever into the script and it stinks.

    Cartini does NOT care of the show, its history, and it's a disgrace to the show's former glory. It makes a mockery of the great tales of the 80s.

  16. Here's an interview from TVLine that you may want to post separately, kd. It's with Jonathan Jackson.


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