Monday, July 27, 2015

The Demons Keep Swirling Around In my Head....

Says Luke to Sonny.
They say goodbye-- Luke gives Sonny the gun he used to shoot Frank Smith with 
This show pissed me OFF all day-- why didn't it start with a fab clip of Luke? Like when he got mayorship and yelled "GOOD MORNING PORT CHARLES" out the window? Why wasn't the whole show about Luke or at the very least Luke centric"?????? 

Instead we get Dillon and Morgan. Morgan was about 3 when Dillon left so...weird. 

Dante tries to give Lulu guilt jewelry. She don't want it. TAKE IT! JUST TAKE IT lol 

Stupid Val in her red skirt goes to the Metro where Maxie sees her. 

Today's show was a stupid let-down for Tony's last day. That's all I got 

My fave Tony Moment Ever:

Since we didn't know when the reunion would hit I literally stayed in my dorm room at 3pm all week waiting! LOL 

Another fave: 

1:20 mark . Luke, Sonny and Lucky all go camping!! LOL. 

Here's my goodbye, I wrote it:

Laura: Luke?
Luke: Hey there angel

Laura: You are really leaving then..
Luke: I didn't want to find you because saying goodbye...well..can't be done can it?
Laura: No, not between us
Luke: (touches her face) thanks for my life
Laura: OUR lives
Luke: We were so damn young
Laura: It was good though..
Luke: The best
They kiss..roll flashbacks.

Would have taken ONE MINUTE to say and 4-5 min of flashbacks. 

today's show SUCKED. thanks for nothing!!!!!! Holy crap. This is the send off of a legend? WOW. Awful.


  1. Not only did the show suck but we had all the characters I can't stand crammed down our throats. Here's hoping the new writers kill off a bunch of the people who were on today and leave them dead. What a stupid way to bid farewell to the show's most iconic character. No flashbacks? Why?
    I forced myself to watch the whole goodbye to Luke arc. I think I'll take another break until these awful stories we saw today have ended. I'll read the blog but I need to get away from this mess for a few weeks at least.

  2. I, too, forced my self to watch the entire show, thinking I might accidentally ff through something worth seeing. HA!!! The only thing I liked had nothing to do with Luke leaving (Maxi telling Madeline off).
    Somewhere someone is playing the Peggy Lee song, "Is That All There Is?"

  3. I took a late lunch today to watch this episode assuming it would be all about Luke with flashbacks and everything and was completely disappointed that he was on so little. UGH

  4. Your dialogue made me cry. That should have been the moment.

  5. I like your good bye better Karen. Totally let down...

  6. I left this show a decade ago when Sonny used Sam as a human shield. I didn't think it could get any lower.

    Boy was I wrong!

    I regret coming back for just this short time for Luke's farewell. What a complete and utter waste of time.

  7. Karen,
    Just read the spoilers. Say it isn't so. I wanted a who killed Valerie mystery not who killed Silas. Silas is on so infrequently nobody will care who killed him. Murder mysteries are supposed to be about somebody that people felt passionately about one way or the other not somebody who was gone for months without anyone even noticing. Boring.

  8. All I heard was the sound of sad trombones playing. What a JOKE and a disservice to the actor, character, and the fans! I don't know whether to laugh to cry about how lame this was...

    My fav Luke moments:
    - Ice Princess code accepted!
    - Punching Scotty off the boat
    - Any scene with him and Tristan Rogers doing their improv thing
    - Laura?! LAAAAAAAAURRRA! Laura retuns to PC
    - The whole cheesy convoluted Aztec treasure! It was still awesome
    - Any scene with Jonathan Jackson
    - Any scene with Connie Towers


  9. I have never been so happy in all my life not to have a television.

  10. Haunted Star: And more talk about Val and Dante's kiss!!! Let's just talk about it to death! Oh and even Laura wants to talk about it!

    Lulu: It was just one kiss. It's not like you and Valerie slept together.

    Oh Lulu. Don't worry. You will find out the truth once Val finds out she is pregnant.

    Metrocourt: Magda and Maxie scene!!!! LOVE IT! :) Great scene. Magda just WUVS the names Maxie and Georgie doesn't she?! :) Then Maxie sees Val! Maxie wins the line of the day!

    Maxie: I have a touch of tourettes.

    ROFL! Why yes you do Maxie! Hahahahaha! And Magda wastes no time talking to her son! So basically,

    Magda: Oh James! Maxie was so rude to me! *sniff sniff* She isn't good for you.

    Ric and Nina's home: Oh boy! Who does Nina listen to? Ric? Nathan?!!?! I say she should talk to McSilas!!! McSilas will help her!!

    Julian's home: Poor Kiwi.. Nobody is opening the door for her. She should just leave for her friend's wedding and don't come back to Port Chuckles. That would be the best thing. Doesn't anybody agree? :)

    The floating rib: Morgan and Dillon see each other! And boy Dillon gushes over Lulu!!!! Don't worry Dillon. Once Lulu finds out that Val is preggers and Dante is the papa, Lulu will turn to you. :) Oh look! Val comes in!

    Val: I wish there was some way to prove to everyone that I'm not trying to become between Dante and Lulu.

    Dillon: Maybe there is. How about going out with me?

    Oh yes Dillon! Date Val! And then when Val finds out she is pregnant, you can pretend that the baby is yours! :) Perfect plan!

    Unborn baby's thoughts: Who is that nice man mommy? Are you going to marry him?

    Pier: This was actually a great scene between Luke and Sonny. Yes I would have liked flashbacks. Great scene with Lulu and her father. When Laura got the angel letter, I started to cry. And then when Luke started to walk off into the fog, I cried. DON'T GO LUKE! DON'T GO!!!! :(

    Hey where is Brad?!?! When are Lucas and Brad gonna talk about who Brad is married to?!

  11. "dar said..Just read the spoilers. Say it isn't so. I wanted a who killed Valerie mystery not who killed Silas."

    Woah as soon as I read this, I went to check the spoilers! I don't want McSilas to die!!! :'( Can't they kill off Kiwi?!!?

  12. No comment on today's show. In regard to the Michael Easton rumor..I read that ABC just purchased the rights to a Prospect Park show...if Michael Easton is out as Silas Clay, I sure hope he comes back as John McBain!! I like John McBain with Sam. I also would love to see Todd Manning show up to get Carly away from Sonny! I enjoyed the the OLTL characters integrated into GH. Kiki, Silas and Franco, not so much! We will never see OLTL back on the air. At least those characters could have lived in in Port Charles.

  13. Wouldn't it be awesome if Brad was somehow secretly married to Britt as part of some crazy scheme (maybe when she claimed he was the father of her baby), but they could never divorce because she skipped town and he can't get in touch with her??

    That I would enjoy a lot!

  14. So done with Luke,didn't even care if he was on today. Even though I think your goodbye show would have been a keeper I doubt TG would sign off on anything like that seeing he said in his interview the whole Luke and Laura story was pretty much the bane of his existence. Only thing worth anything in today's show was Maxie laying into Madeline,who's eyes totally creep me out for some reason. And Maxie telling off little miss"poor me" Valerie. Praying the new writers read this blog and take some suggestions from Karen and the other devoted fans who post. Have a blessed night!

  15. P.S. David,hope your happy and blessed in your new home!! :-)

  16. PS. Did Luke really tell SONNY of all people that PC needs him and that he's to take care of the town? You've got to be kidding! Sonny is a mentally unstable criminal and irresponsible, serial father. Absolutely insane.


  17. sonya said

    Hey where is Brad?!?! When are Lucas and Brad gonna talk about who Brad is married to?!

    If history is any indication, I'm thinking the conversation will pick back up sometime in February.

    ps. thanks gracegirl

  18. Avalonn said....if Michael Easton is out as Silas Clay, I sure hope he comes back as John McBain

    I sure as heck hope he doesn't. I'm sick of hearing about OLTL. This is GH.

    I'm personally hoping that Silas is killed and that it's either Madeleine or Nina who does it. That way we'll be rid of them too.

    And Sonya, they can kill Kiki too. lol I'm feeling very murderous tonight.

    I also loved Maxie giving it to Madeleine. It was the highlight of the show for me.

  19. Unlike others, I was satisfied with today's show. The good-bye scenes with Luke were sooo well done, I was crying. I would have liked some flashbacks, too, but I think the idea to intersperse the other stories was a good one. Saying good-bye to Luke the ENTIRE show would have been too heavy-handed, this was strong, sad, emotional stuff seasoned by other stuff, other stories, which represent the continuation of GH. And I think Luke was speaking to Maurice about taking care of PC, not Sonny. I thought it was a very poignant, well-done farewell.

  20. Luke went out on the balcony and said "hello port Charles , Lukas Lorenzo Spencer is getting married today " then bells rang and he said " oh that's a good sign". I have those days recorded on VCR tape . Those were the good good days

  21. I can't believe they had Luke tell Sonny that Port Charles "needs" Sonny Corinthos. ????

    I felt like Luke went out not with a bang, but a whimper, due to interspersing of characters such as "Denise," Franco, Kiki, Morgan, Nina, Valerie, Nathan, and Madeline, who in my mind are what's wrong with GH right now (and who can all go bye-bye).

  22. "david said...If history is any indication, I'm thinking the conversation will pick back up sometime in February."

    Yeah sounds about right! ROFL!

    "Di said...And Sonya, they can kill Kiki too. lol I'm feeling very murderous tonight."


  23. I was so hoping for more Luke flashbacks. Instead (besides the Luke/Bobbie one yesterday), we got more Valerie/Dante sex/kiss flashbacks. What a waste!

  24. Really Di you didn't like John McBain? I loved his chemistry with Anna Devane at the station. I thought his character worked so well in Port Charles. Certainly, I'd trade Wooden West for him in a heartbeat!
    I agree about the highlight of today's show being Maxie telling off Madeline. How sad considering it was the iconic Luke Spencer's last day! Just wrong!
    Sorry Sonya, I do agree with Di about Kiki! Lol
    I think a lot of us are angry and upset over today's show. Some even murderous ;)

  25. LINDA!! that's why I couldn't find the MAYOR CLIP! was his wedding!! Oh well, you know what I meant, right??
    Something should have started the show-some flashback..something

  26. "Avalonn said...Sorry Sonya, I do agree with Di about Kiki! Lol"

    Hahahaha. Oh you don't need to be sorry. I don't like Kiwi either. She is just too stupid to live! :)

    "I think a lot of us are angry and upset over today's show. Some even murderous ;)"


  27. Big disappointment to me. Even though Tony sort of dictated his endgame, I can see why he was not happy with the writers. And I have to say that after so many years on the show he would have mentioned how much working with MB, JZ, LW, CT, either of the 2 Lulus, FH & TC meant to him. Hated seeing the "B" losers on today and Maxie was the only highlight but I do love seeing Laura. Rick H. isn't that short but they need to get the heels off MS - she so towers over him.

  28. I guess I don't feel so bad that I missed it then. I can't imagine all the people who tuned in for his last day and were left with that.

  29. I totally agree with you! I was very disappointed with how he went out. A big let down. I liked your version much better!

  30. "Blogger Avalonn said...
    In regard to the Michael Easton rumor..I read that ABC just purchased the rights to a Prospect Park show...if Michael Easton is out as Silas Clay, I sure hope he comes back as John McBain!!"

    As much as I would like to see both the John McBain and Todd Manning characters replace their GH counterparts, it looks like that won't happen anytime soon.

    "In a competitive situation, with two networks interested, ABC has bought Black Heart, a sprawling family drama from playwright/screenwriter Kelly Masterson (Killing Kennedy) and Prospect Park.

    Written by Masterson and to be produced by ABC Studios, Black Heart is very much in the ABC wheelhouse. It tells the story of the unlikely ascension of the second son to the throne of a multi-billion dollar, family-owned energy company. In centers on the first-born son, twisted and scarred by a fire decades ago, who uses intrigue, manipulation, blackmail and even murder to put his beloved younger brother in power."

    That actually sounds like something GH could have done with the Qs.

  31. lol Sorry, Avalonn. I think Silas is more wooden than Nathan. Most of the time Silas says a line and then stares off into the distance in a dreamlike state while people reply to him. I"m thinking there must be a mirror off stage and he's practicing his "sexy" stare. PMSL

    Between his stares and Roger's regurgitations and flitting eyes, I've had enough.

    And I don't think it would have mattered if they brought Todd back as someone else. He would have played him like Todd anyway.

  32. Maybe we'll get flashbacks today when Laura reads the letter?

  33. I actually liked yesterday's episode for the most part. Maddie and Maxie were the highlight. I like Luke just saying goodbye and walking off into the mist. The only thing I didn't like were the Luke and Sonny scenes. They seemed complete irrelevant and both actors were just reciting their lines. No emotional whatsoever from Mo or Tony. Major WTF.

  34. As far as getting John McBain back...I felt he was just an interloper for Jasam. No reason for his return. Starr and Michael were cute and a good concept but Michael and Sabrina have that same sweet young lovers vibe so she isn't needed anymore. The only character that it would make sense to have return in Todd because Todd and Carly were a super couple (though however briefly). Seriously their love scene has gotten a ton of views on youtube. Their the grumpy cat of soaps.

  35. I wish we could have had your Luke goodbye Karen. ME leaving does not make me happy at all. I know a lot of people don't like him but I've been a fan through Port Charles and OLTL......making John McBain a doctor named Silas was the start of a big mistake!!

  36. I believe it was time for Luke to go and really focus on the new, instead of trying to recreate the magic that was for short stints throughout the year depleting the focus on other stories and stars that are worthy and there. Yes Luke's goodbye was not all that great, but we need to focus on the future which I believe is bright. I love the Lulu Dante story, it has real human emotion in it, there are so many great on right now, Ava/Denise is awesome, Franco is on the same level, yes Franco, not Todd, this is not OLTL, sorry guys. I'm a true Gh fan and am loving the possibilities right now. Jake Doe is the answer to bringing the Quartermaines to the front again, and I welcome Genie Francis time in the spotlight for once. The writers have done pretty good in setting up Gh for the future, but I agree its time for a breath of fresh air, change is good and we need it. I'll always love GH, sorry all your soaps were cancelled and sorry to those living in the last. I guess I'm just loyal and optimistic , but I'm liking what I see for our GH future, haters are always gon a hard, I'm a lover and GH lover at that. Long live GH, not Steve hardy , or Audrey, or Alan Quartermaines or even the almighty Luke Spencer, but GH.

  37. I spent my entire weekend watching videos on YouTube about Luke and Laura. Some extraordinary person under the name of "Sussezq" made over 300 video clips detailing every scene from the time Luke arrived in Port Charles in 1978. I was 3 years old at the time so it's been a wonderful ride to finally see the magic of those days; the writing, the acting and how the relationship of Luke and Laura developed over the years. The entire cast was incredible.

  38. Luke departure was a total disappointment. I was really looking forward to those magical flashbacks!


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