Monday, July 13, 2015

"How Can This Be True"!?

SO, Lucky doesn't think Jake gave up a kidney-- lol so some other poor kid did!? Took Lucky long enough--and Liz dragged out Aiden. She didn't tell Lucky he'd been in the attic for 3 years.
FINALLY he comes in. Looks less than thrilled. Liz cries, they hug. The kid doesn't emote at. all. Wonder if that's him or the direction?

Lucky takes Liz outside later and says "it's not a dream" and they hug/cry.
HOW IS he going to leave now?!
Liz and Luke talk about second chances.
This whole thing is eerie and weird.

OH, So..Lucky says he has a 'dark side' and a 'sickness' just like Luke, that's why he runs. Luke tells him to be honest with himself and fight it. Yada yada..good scene but it's just setting it up for Lucky to be able to flee.

Laura went to tell Nikolas. She says "too bad Jason isn't alive to see his son come back". Nikolas looks like @@ ! doh!! LOL

Monica and Jake--she should have a vibe when she looks in his eyes!! NO? And SHE GOT THE SNACKS!! LOL, remember that from the funeral?
She tells Jake about Alan/Susan and Jason/AJ. About the OLD Jason-- then she says he got in a car accident. Nice scenes but no recognition at all from either one of them. Not even a little shudder.

Val was on.

Pat and Sam were on dishing about Hayden. Didn't listen much.

OMG Luke got to the Qs in 3.4 minutes in a suit/tie. Literally 3 seconds after his last scene. SO WEIERDD!!!


  1. I've been really enjoying JJ this time around. I feel like Ron & co. did a better job of playing him with the right people and giving him more of that classic '90s Lucky vibe than Guza did. Really like his scenes with Tony. It's funny - Tony usually complains about the domesticated, family man version of Luke but that's the version he actually excels at IMO. The rogue/adventurer worked for young Luke.

  2. I think the young actor is being directed to not emote. Maybe they were trying to give him a "Jason" vibe. lol

    That being said any kid in that situation would be standoffish. I hope they let him loosen up as time goes by.

    I blubbered through a lot of today too. And FF'd through the same parts as you.

    I think Nick is going to break down and tell his mom and Lucky the truth about Jason. Finding young Jake may be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

  3. Lante home:

    Dante: I would like to forget the whole thing ever happened.

    Lulu: I just want the past few weeks to be a distant memory.

    Unborn baby's thoughts: I'm packing! I can't wait to be in my new home! My mommy's womb!

    Jordan and Val: Okay this whole conversation with them is so stupid! Come on writers! They are not BFF's! Jordan is her boss!!! And also she is still treating Val like she is a child!!

    Jordan: You have to act like a grown up here. Would you like a lollypop?

    Val: Of course. Our secret is safe with me.

    *Unborn baby sneezes*

    Unborn baby's thoughts: Oh oh I have the flu! I can't move in my mommy's womb for at least a couple of months.

    Liz's home: Oh for crying out loud!!! These Liz and Lucky scenes suck really badly!!! Come on Lucky you had a lot of opportunities to tell Liz that Jakey is alive!!!! I can't believe Lucky went upstairs to read to his son while Jakey and Luke were outside waiting!!! How long did it take Lucky to read!??!!!?! And then when he FINALLY tells Liz, she argues with him?!!?! HUH?!!?!!

    Lucky: Jake is alive.

    Liz: No he isn't!

    Lucky: Yes he is.

    Liz: Is this some cruel joke?!

    SAY WHAT?!!?! Lucky stop trying to convince her, and SHOW HER YOU IDIOT UGH! I love you Lucky, but the writers are making you stupid. And when Lucky does show Jakey to Liz, the Liz and Jakey scene was so great I cried!!! Little Jake won the line of the day.

    Luke: You're lucky.

    Jakey: No he is!


    Liz: You know, you used to intimidate me. After everything we have been through Luke.

    It looked like Tony and Rebecca were saying goodbye to each other. :( The scene with Liz and Lucky outside, was great!! Great scene! The scene with Lucky and Luke outside, was fantastic!!! Lucky has demons and a dark side?!?! GET THERAPY!!! :(

    Wyndemere: Come on Laura! Ask Nik if he knew Jakey was alive all this time!! Stop brooding Nik! Your mother says so! HI LUCKY! :)

    Sam and Patrick: Hayden Hayden Hayden Hayden Hayden....Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Q home: The Jake Doe and Monica scenes were fantastic! :) Loved it! I loved how Monica was telling him about Jason awwww! If Jake Doe wasn't Jason, I would say they should have a fling. :) Jake Doe has such manners!! Love how he was with Monica. I can't wait until Monica finds out the truth!!!!

  4. I do not believe Valerie's poor, sweet , innocent little me act for one minute. She's been trying to break up Dante and Lulu since she got to town. I think she's is going to make sure the "secret" gets back to Lulu.
    Standard soap story - manipulative woman is after somebody else's husband. Women ( Lulu and Maxie ) can see what she's up to but the husband doesn't.

  5. It look longer for Lucky to spit out the fact that little Jake is alive, than it did for him, Laura and Luke to fly from Greece to PC!

  6. "Paul773 said..It look longer for Lucky to spit out the fact that little Jake is alive, than it did for him, Laura and Luke to fly from Greece to PC!"

    Hahaha True! And Lucky got to Wyndemere really fast! Which took Val 15 minutes! :)

  7. I so wish JJ could stay on GH for a while. Love him! Liz could help him "fight the demons" that are torturing him.

    I have loved the scenes involving Luke, Lucky and Liz today. They all have such a long history together. It would have been nice for Lucky to stick around for his sons for a few days. They hardly see him.

  8. I was blubbering today, too. Beautiful acting by Becky, JJ & Tony. I know JJ can't stay, and why would he, but I am so glad he came back. And of course there is genuine emotion with him and Tony. Likes seeing Monica & Jake. I hope the reveal is soon.

  9. The more I watch and read that I have the "dream theory" in my mind...I can't help but think about it all being weird. Luke on a final tour of sorts, righting past wrongs...making amends. I wonder if when July 28th comes, there will be a graphic at the beginning of the show that says, "30 days earlier (or whatever)" and it will be Lulu telling Tracy that Bobby found that Luke had checked himself out. And he will just be gone.

    But I agree--they whole thing has a weird vibe. Wouldn't Liz, a nurse, want to get Jake checked out ASAP? Call a therapist maybe?

    And yes, Lucky is just leaving? He brings their son, "OK see ya...."

    I don't know.

  10. Seriously way too unbelievable. It's nice to see everyone reuniting and bonding and such but the whole story is just too unbelievable even for a soap. I'm not sorry JJ isn't staying because then he probably wouldn't be on Nashville and he just has way too many talents to go back to daytime. Acts,sings and kills it on the guitar. Val is definitely going to be a fatal attraction mistake for Dante and LuLu. There is no way she's going to bow out gracefully.

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  12. I guess I'm just ready for Luke to finally be gone and stop holding the show hostage to Tony Geary's comings and goings, among other things, because these Luke scenes are just leaving me sort of meh. I love JJ's Lucky and I'm so glad to see him but not really paying attention to the Luke and Lucky scenes. I agree with Rebecca and others who are getting a weird feeling from these scenes of Luke going around to various people and places, like something else is going on here.

    I hope all the Quartermaine talk is foreshadowing that Jake Doe will remember the Quartermaine part of his life, maybe even call Monica "Mom" which Jason never did and that bugged me. Then again if he remembers the Jason Morgan part we'll be back to Sonny/Carly/Sam/Jason again and I am not a fan.

    Guza should never have killed off little Jake but I don't know how I feel about him coming back. For one thing I counted how many people RC brought back and I came up with 7 or 8 so far. Some were the old "there was no body" so the door was open for a return which we all know can happen, but others like Jake were ones who had definitely died on screen. All the emotion and fallout from Jake's death are now negated.

  13. JJ is the man and destined for greater things than daytime...He is a class act though and he is always gracious towards Tony, Genie, and GH and knows what the show did for his career.

    Now on to the problem today: the editing is a mess and doesn't help the flakey storylines. Ugh.


  14. Um. How did they get Jake through customs?

  15. Gwads - I almost said, "It was nice of Helena to have little Jake's passport ready." Ha. SO many holes in that storyline.

    As for Lucky leaving PC again and Jake, I don't see that as that much of a stretch. I guess he'll have his weekly Skype calls with him AND Aiden, while he goes off to fight his demons.

  16. Paul, if it's been less than 5 years he would have already had a passport since she needed one to get him out of the country in the first place.

    lol I'm suspending belief.

  17. Di, I bet Helena could have gotten him in and out of the country with a fake passport. But then again, Luke could easily do that, too ;-)

  18. That's true, Paul. I just see this as a minor problem outweighed by things like the supersonic jet. lol

  19. I'm waiting for Ron to tweet a picture of "little Jake's" passport as "proof" that he already thought of that.

  20. Does a passport really matter when he arrived at Liz's house as fast as if he had just been at General Hospital, LOL?

  21. There's alot wrong but seeing JJ and Becky together wasn't one of them. Made me remember way back when Lucky used to climb up through her bedroom window and sleep on the floor. And the boxcar where Liz drew all the "furniture" And JJ and TG are pure gold even though I'm still upset with TG


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