Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"I Forgot About You"...

Tracy dumps Luke one last time. She hasn't had fun in over a year. Speaking for all of us. 

Alexis and Sam talk about Julian and the 'hit' ugh why aren't they in Wyndemere? You know, with Jake Jr, Liz, Laura and Nik. Would make sense. 2 more people would know. But...hah. Have them in the Metro just blabbing about stupid JULIAN AND THE MOB..
Bringing us to damn Julian and Sonny.

You're IN..I'M OUT...yada yada. Hate the mob crap.

Jordan did tell Dante that Val told her she slept with him. 

Sorry, I couldn't watch much today. Sleeper of a show with nothing going on. UGH --so frustrating!! 


  1. Haunted Star: Damn it Luke!!! Listen to Tracy she is right!!! At the end of the show, it looked like Tony Geary and Jane Elliot were saying goodbye. :(

    Val and Lulu:

    Unborn baby's thoughts: Mommy? Why is that mean woman yelling at you?

    Jordan and Dante: ??????????????????????????

    Sonny's home: Awwww The bromance between Julian and Sonny are on the rocks!! They are arguing. Come on you two! Kiss and make up!

    Sonny: You need to have some manners!!!

    No barware thrown?!! No yelling out son of a bitch? Awww! :(


    Sam: Oh but mommy! I want you safe! Make sure daddy is telling the truth and doesn't hurt you!

    Alexis: Don't worry my beautiful daughter. He IS telling the truth!

    Julian gets on the phone.

    Julian: Get it done.

    Me: ??????????????????

    Maxie and Nathan: Shower sex, time to eat, talk about Lante marriage, then time for more sex!

  2. I loved the Luke and Tracy scenes and I agree with Sonya that it looks like they were personal goodbyes. I can't stand Sonny when he acts so cocky-actually I can't stand him at all. I still wish JMB was playing Lulu because ER has such a mechanical way of acting.

  3. I went back and watched the Tony/Jane goodbye. It was really good.

  4. "LSV422 said...I loved the Luke and Tracy scenes and I agree with Sonya that it looks like they were personal goodbyes."

    Yeah. Awww! :(

  5. The scenes between Tracy and Luke were wonderful. She is fantastic. I sobbed like a baby and I haven't cried over GH in years and years.... Frankly, I won't miss Tony at all. A long time ago I got tired of the way they had to write him out every few months and one day realized that the show was just as good (or bad) whether he was there or not. So... goodbye Luke. You aren't all that special to me. Neither is Tony.

  6. kdmasksaid...I went back and watched the Tony/Jane goodbye. It was really good. Sonya was right about the personal part.

    That's good. I would have hated for you to miss that. I sniffled through it like some others. Jane is such a great actress. She should be front and center in this show. She lights up the screen no matter who she's with.

  7. Ditto Pat, I haven't shed one single tear for watching the show in forever,not even last wk with the other goodbye scenes. But yesterday while watching Jane and Tony I just couldn't help it. More because I love Jane,she's such a good actress. I've never been a big Luke fan. Didn't matter to me one way or another if he was on the show or not but I have to admit I did like the Tracy and Luke romance dynamic. I also read the sweet and respectful things Tony said about Jane so maybe that contributed to the emotional impact the scenes had on me. It was enjoyable.



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