Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Soapus Interruptus

20150713 1406(33)
I guess we were Lucky for Lucky... 
After last Friday, I was looking forward to this week being the aftermath of little Jake coming home and a continuation of the Luke good-bye.
Oh how I weep for what 'could have been'!!
Monday/Tuesday were watchable and then the show veered off into the zone of "whole 'nother Planet"!!!
I didn't want to even write this blog because it will sound negative.  I'm so angry at the pacing and the fact that momentum was just lost. Wonder why ratings are low? This week was a prime example. 

Ok, No breakfast for me not in the mood! I'll have some strong black coffee to fortify me! 

20150713 1411(33)

Let's get this right out of the way. Lulu is going to look like this off and on until she finds out about Dante and Val. Of course she knows they kissed-- but even when Dante told her he changed the sheets she just didn't get it. Val went and talked to her 'big sister of a boss' about the whole thing. Blah, blah blah.

20150713 1422(33)

Monica brought the snacks and iced tea to tell Jason all about his early years. It was a nice scene and long over-due.  Strange that there was really no 'spark/connection' that she felt. At least not one I saw. Unfortunately Monica totally disappeared after this--I mean like a second after. Luke walked in and Dillon was suddenly there. See ya next time, Monica.

20150713 1430(28)

Laura tells Nikolas the good news about Jake. He's not that happy because of the whole "Jake is Jason" thing. Never fear! He comes up with a plan to tell Lucky that Jake is Jason--so that Lucky feels a-ok about leaving town again! (More on that later)

20150713 1429(36)

And Jake is home. Some found this underwhelming.. I found it curious but intriguing. It was done 'under the dome' in that it was pretty isolated and strange. Liz was very 'contained' for her baby coming back from the dead. I would have scared the kid by fainting, vomiting and yelling for the entire house to get up.  Then I'd make him get a DNA test. heh 
 Lucky and Liz were their magical selves and it made me remember why I loved them so much. 

20150714 1815(32)

We were all wondering how Lucky would leave after this nice family reunion--and it was given to us pretty quickly. He and tells Luke he too has a 'dark side and demon' and is afraid to basically raise his kids. Pretty thin to be sure. Lucky was then further pushed to leave because Nikolas tells him the guy Liz is involved with is Jason. Lucky being Lucky, of course wants to tell Jason the truth. Nikolas convinces him that the entire town has 'moved on' and everyone has closure and Liz is happy with the way things are.

The last part....Lucky goes back to actually tell the truth but then he sees the 'happy family' playing through the window and walks off into the night.  See ya, Cowboy.

20150714 1755(28)

Luke catching Tracy with Paul was done well. First of all, you know I like the NuPaul actor--so that helped. Tracy's speech to Luke about him trusting Dillon over her was good too. Luke made it clear there's nothing between he and Laura but old memories. He's in love with Tracy. She basically told him just to 'go'.   "I'm done".   He leaves.


Can we all at least agree that the Jake story is pretty huge? Luke coming back to claim Tracy pretty pivotal given we all know Tony's leaving? Laura's back--and so on and so on. So, what happens the next three days? Welp, nothing to do with this!! Absolutely nothing. 

20150718 0910(40)

The entire cast at the Q house changed in one morning. Gone are Dillon, Paul, Tracy and Monica. We have Sabrina and Michael. Talking about the clinic (another story dropped for so long I could care less about) and being all Amish-Cute. Aw, Shucks Sabrina, you went to the hospital board for me? Thanks, Ma'm!  They could have at least have had Tracy tell Michael who then tells Mom and Pop when he goes over about the Avery business. Nope. Why do that? Why complicate CarSon's 99th engagement with the Little Jake story? 

20150718 0905(7)

I'm only mentioning this mess because it was on for 3 damn days torturing me. Kiki's all "LET My Auntie Denise see the bay-bay"! And Morgan and she 'giving in to passion' and doing it. Kiki almost catches them! BUT!!! ahahaa, nope, she's stopped first by her phone, then by Franco. Oh, the hilarity.  

20150716 1416(6)

Franco goes in and tries to get the tape from Scotty. THE TAPE. I guess without that one piece of evidence, she can get out of jail? Didn't they already order it into evidence? Isn't she already sentenced? I mean-- er-- how would that get her out if it was already used to get her in? Maybe I'm behind or missed something. Not sure. All I know is that with that one tape, the one Scotty put in his office drawer is the key to everything.
And hello, if that was the case you should have done this eons ago and spared us the awful Denise story. 

20150718 0938(1)

Speaking of Hilarity, Julexis was on after about a month off the show. Julian's working out! They banter at the restaurant! They are role-playing! Seinfeld is mentioned! And then...well, the MOB rears it's ugly-ass'd head in again. Alexis is pissed--again. Zzzzzz. 

20150716 0641(40)

For 3 whole days we got CarSon being CarSon...getting engaged for the FIFTH TIME. Good Lord. Not only that, on Friday, Max runs in and says "we've been HIT"!!! "Vito" is shot and Carly tends to him on the couch. Can't call 911 and involve the 'cops'. A "shipment" was intercepted! MY TERRITORY WAS COMPROMISED!!!!!!!!! 
And this is where my head hits the desk. Even if this is Brad's "Asian mob connection family" it's unacceptable at this stage in the game. WHY? How about we are all collectively sick of the mob-crap. How about we've sat through like 20 years of this and are DONE. Find some new stories. Julian is supposedly out and we all know he didn't do this, but Alexis will think he did and they can argue about that for ages.

Sonny was going to try to get out because of Avery but..ahhaaa. Yeah, no. I don't even care if he stayed in the stupid business if we didn't have to hear about his shipments, docks, territory and bullets. 
And not for nothing but one of the best parts of the show was Michael being angry at his dad for multiple sins. That's just over with.  
I wonder if Carly is moving into Sonny's. Looks like she already has. I need some scenes about her house, Josslyn and Bobbie. Is that too much to ask? Is it? 

20150716 0718(29)

On to Nina. Poor Nina. This story actually could have some teeth. Problem is, when was the last time we saw this crew since the Luke thing began? Weeks. Ric is trying to drive Nina crazy with a baby blanket and phone app of a baby crying.  This could be really good. Michelle plays vulnerable/crazy so well and we all know what Ric Hearst can do.  I would have written this so differently and so much more spooky. We've also not really seen anything move in their relationship at all since they got married. Donna Mills and Ric are getting stuff going tho! They are just having sex left and right. 

20150713 1444(24)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Lucky telling Luke about his inner turmoil. Luke telling Lucky he was always there for him. Last Tony/JJ scenes as father and son. :sniff: 

20150713 1502(33)

FACE OF THE WEEK: The Main Show. Liz with Jake. Awww, the feels 

20150716 0712(19)

FACES OF THE WEEK: From that "other show"..these two are so cheesy! 

20150716 0635(24)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Ric's Baby Crying app. 

UNINTENDED UNMENTIONABLE:  And I'd be remiss if I didn't show you all THIS photo. It made the rounds all over Twitter the other day. BOY did it make the rounds!! LOL People are referring to is as "the boner picture". That's a word I haven't used since I was 11. So if you see it, YOU SEE IT.  Giggle.  I have also received word that some find it inappropriate. Giggle.
Ok :) yep. It totally is..but it's totally funny too! 

So, that's all I have.  GH is absolutely 2-3 different shows. I'm tired of waiting for movement and things to 'gel'.  On Monday Jake finally goes to the hospital but it really should have happened this week.  The entire week didn't have to be Jake but it should have threaded through the other stories. I hope Patrick has a total doctor reaction like a WTF let me examine him now reaction. He operated on the kid! Or apparently, NOT.  Think we'll get anymore of an explanation?  I'm not holding my breath. 

And before you tell me how crabby I am, this show has the best actors going. But something has to change big time. It's not just me now, people aren't watching. So whether it's the 'network' or TPTB.  Just please, get things fixed. 


  1. GM, Karen, I am first again!! Thanks so much for all you do, and for saying a lot of what I think. That picture, ewww, was that Morgan and Denise?

    They need to show Bobbie and Joss, and SOON!! They are totally MIA!! And Liz, your child came back to life, PLEASE call your family!!

  2. "People are referring to is as "the boner picture".

    As soon as I read that, I looked at the picture closely, because I didn't know what you were talking about. WOAH! I did NOT see it while watching GH! :o

  3. All the story arcs drag on to infinity, and none of the sex scenes worked as romance. Ric and Madeline and Morgan and Ave are just disgusting; Carly and Sonny are boring; Julian and Alexis' role playing was silly, and I think the couple has lost its magic.

  4. Agree with all your comments. The show is totally boring. Some parts are great but the writing is terrible lately. Luke's exit story could have been so exciting and it isn't. Fans want Jake to know he's Jason and get back with Sam and Danny but now that little Jake is back from the dead, that isn't happening. Ric is despicable but I think Silas will step in and help Nina.Morgan and Ava/Denise are just disgusting and I didn't notice the boner picture either until I saw your clip!!! I will not stop watching because I love GH but I am worried for my show. Viewership is down,hopefully just because it's summer and people are on vacation etc but I really don't think that is the reason. The stories are dragged out,characters are not seen for weeks then have 1 scene and off again for weeks, plus some returns don't make any sense, like little Jake's return.

  5. I didn't see THAT picture on air either. It reminded me of an old Robin Williams joke : " Young men are just hormones with feet. They can't even walk past a donut shop without getting an erection." This reinforces my belief that they don't care what they're putting on air at this point. Somebody really should have caught that and cut it. I feel kind of bad for the guy who plays Morgan.

    Bringing back JJ reminded me how far GH has fallen. As an example, they keep bringing back people like AJ only to dump them again. I'm afraid that instead of who killed Valerie (which I would welcome) I think we're headed for who killed Ric. When a soap character becomes as unredeemable as Ric he's usually murdered.

    Instead of love in the afternoon we get these positively repulsive "Denise"/Morgan, Riic/ Madeleine scenes ! Ick.

    This will sound weird but as a long time viewer all too often lately watching GH makes me feel as though I'm seeing an old friend die.

  6. I get the daily ABC recap of GH on my Facebook newsfeed. One thing I posted earlier this week was Liz's "non-reaction" to Little Jake's return. I saw her eyes well up with tears, and that was it. I expected so much more. As you said above, any mom would've fainted or come close to it. To repeat what I said in my FB post, I've seen people get more excited over a tax refund!

    I thought the funniest scene this week was the movie dialog between Julian & Alexis -- first sympathizing with Julian as he tried to navigate through a voice menu (I think we can all relate to that!) But when they rattled off the movie choices ... "Rochelle Rochelle ... A girls exotic journey from Milan to Minsk" or "Prognosis Negative." I had to laugh -- lifted right out of the Seinfeld episode, although any Seinfeld fan would know that it should be "a young girl's EROTIC journey ..." -- not "exotic journey." But anyway, given the rest of the non-writing we put up with this week, I'd give that my vote for best script -- because the writers stole it from an Emmy-winning comedy of old.

    And how long do you thing it will take before Valerie is walking around with that same home pregnancy test box in the wrinkled paper bag that's been re-used by just about everyone whose ever been "with child" on GH? Maybe Jordan can hold the stick while Valerie pees on it. Sheesh! Who does that? (telling their boss they just slept with a married couple-worker). Even though I'm still not a big fan of the NuLuLu, I look forward to the scene when she finds out. And duh! She comes home to a messy apartment, yet Dante was considerate enough to change his & Val's sex sheets? They ended the Lante scene with that one & I think after NuLuLu ruminates on that one for a but, it'll hit her over the head like a sledgehammer. And of course, at some point soon, she will find out she can't have another baby. But never fail! Cousin Val will be incubating Rocco's sister or brother.

  7. [Please excuse my typos above. I have a hard time using this format ... And I swear auto-correct changes things in cyber space. Some changes that should've gone through are "think" instead of "thing"; "for a but" should be "for a bit"; and sub "married co-worker" for "couple-worker." ] After six or seven screen freezes, followed by an attempt to "Edit," I'm lucky anything posted at all. I need to turn off the "auto-correct" feature on my not-so-smart phone. :)

  8. "dar said... I didn't see THAT picture on air either. It reminded me of an old Robin Williams joke : " Young men are just hormones with feet."

    ROFL! I love Robin Williams! :(

    "natasha_jax said...And how long do you thing it will take before Valerie is walking around with that same home pregnancy test box in the wrinkled paper bag that's been re-used by just about everyone whose ever been "with child" on GH?"

    A week! And then after she sees it's positive, another week to keep looking at it.

    "Maybe Jordan can hold the stick while Valerie pees on it."


  9. anyone remember when Adam was gaslighting Dixie on AMC ? that was done right

  10. Karen I don't think you're crabby or negative just realistic and truthful and you host a wonderful blog. I,for one,am grateful!! I guess one reason I like it so much is because I agree with a lot of what you write but even if I don't I know I can express my opinion here and not worry about someone judging me. I also enjoy reading all the posts from the other people here too. Truth be told this is the first time I have ever blogged about anything. So thank you again Karen for taking time from your busy days to provide this format. Anyway,sorry for the rant and I hope I didn't embarrass you Karen. One other thing,I did notice that tee pee on Morgan when I was watching but said to myself: no,that can't be what I think it is,they would never let that go on air! Get your mind out of the gutter missy!! But,I guess my mind wasn't the only one in the gutter. But at least mine was in the privacy of my own home and not broadcasted into millions of homes. I hope this isn't the route they plan on taking to bring up ratings. I just think it's a bit much.

  11. nance24 said...anyone remember when Adam was gaslighting Dixie on AMC ? that was done right

    Yes I remember! Ah the good ol days! *sigh*

  12. Sadly I agree with all the comments from Karen et al. I don't remember that scene because I had to ffwd. I have just been waiting for the wig to fall off or dumbass to ask her why she is wearing a wig. I still think the direction for Liz reuniting with Jake was not Becky's fault. These idiots have a hard time showing anything realistic. I was hoping Ric had turned over a new leaf but they are probably writing him into a corner again. And we are most likely going to have to endure the most used plot path ever when Val is pregnant. I have been watching GH on & off since the beginning and the only thing that gets me through it is the (worn out) ffwd. button. and this website!

  13. What I would love to see on GH is an ugly custody battle between Ava and Sonny. Alexis needs to get back to the court room. Love all the love making. It is love in the afternoon. The mob went a way for a while but ratings went down, guess they bringing it back. I can't want until Nina goes ballistic because of Ric. Im looking forward to seeing Hayden on again. A good cat fight between Sam and Liz and hopefully a new doctor love for Patrick. Hopefully we'll have new villains. GH has raised more people from the dead then Jesus. Enough already! Let look forward to a new and improve GH by fall. Can't want.


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