Monday, July 20, 2015

Tony Geary's Exit Interview: WOWZA!

I was trying to be all 'literary" with a catchy title but this is all I can say: WOWZA and Holy Moly!
Michael Logan of TV Guide got an exit-interview to beal ALL exit interviews with Tony Geary.

He asks him almost all the questions I would have as well: READ IT HERE !

I have quite a bit to say regarding the whole thing but I need to take another look and think for a bit. I wanted to get it up for all of you as soon as I saw it.


And Jake?
The audience saw that little boy dead on the operating table, and his organs were harvested. I do not understand the value of disassembling two of the best stories we’ve told. I guess the point of bringing the child back from the dead was so Luke could be redeemed, but I never felt he needed that. I hate redemption. I’m sure there are audience members who didn’t want him to be a child killer and so they’re pleased, which is fine. But I was not thrilled.



  1. Loved the interview and his answers - agree with him on everything. A real artist. Big respect. Wish him the best now that he's free.

  2. We used to lead the fans. Now we run after them like puppies hoping to be taken home.

    She was radical and that’s exactly what daytime needs—a new, radical approach—if it is to continue. But if Gloria came along now, I doubt a network would hire her because everyone is too frightened. She believed that our job in soap opera was to entertain and confound. She saw it as a higher calling, rather than just producing pabulum for the masses. Well, you just don’t see that anymore.

    Being in a part of the industry where an actor’s resume is less important than how he looks with his shirt off or how many Facebook followers he has. That is abhorrent to me, and I think that’s part of why there is so little respect for us. If you don’t work out at the gym, they’ll replace you, because there’s always somebody with bigger pecs or someone whose Twitter account is more active.


  3. So yeah. I guess we're seeing the last of Lukie.

    Loved the honesty in the interview.

  4. Wow! What a great interview! I absolutely loved it. I thought his comments about the writers, the hiring practices of late, and Twitter were bang on.

    He's just jumped up more than a few notches on my admiration scale. I wish him all the best.

  5. Lara said...
    We used to lead the fans. Now we run after them like puppies hoping to be taken home.

    Loved that! OMG I was thinking I would just get annoyed and hate this interview but I love it! Tony does have a few of his arrogant moments, like when he talks about how could've made more money (you made plenty buddy), but overall I found myself agreeing with a lot of what he had to say. Luke's exit story line has been ridiculous. I loved TG & JJ's scenes together but as TG said it took a lot of work and discussion from the actor to make it work. I think that's an overall issue. Story doesn't make sense and the actors have to put in a lot of effort to make it presentable. I mean we have an Emmy winner running around town in a bad weave right now...

    I noticed that a lot of what went down with Sean Kanan's exit fits with what Tony said. Weird story lines, too much importance on appearance instead of acting skill, etc. Both SK and TG seem to respect and think highly of Frank Valentini so it seems he's not the issue.

  6. Tony referring to Ron as "the writer" and saying that he never talked to him...I know that Ron is in NYC but with phones, email, social media, etc. I mean what was that about?

  7. SoS: reeks of disrespect from both parties towards each other--which I'm not surprised at given the rest of the interview. I think actually it was palpable to the viewers as well.

  8. Good for him for saying that he didn't like how the storylines have wrapped up. I'm glad he's open to coming back for the small things. Unless it happens this week I don't think he's got a "going away" scene with Bobbie - does he? The one thing about all of these interviews, they talk about he and Jane but no one E V E R brings up Connie. I believe Connie is second to Genie in the amount of time on-screen with him.

  9. So apparently the claim that Tony and Ron never talked to each other is BS. smh Not sure what to think then...

  10. Eh...He comes off as kind of an ass at times in this, BUT he has paid his dues I guess, so I guess he has earned the right to mouth off some. At least he is honest..

  11. Dustin, I also noticed he never once mentioned Connie. He did talk about Liz Taylor a good bit, and of course, Jane, Genie, and Jonathan. He was very candid in the interview, especially about the writing and the Luke and Laura storyline. It was a very interesting read, but a word or two about the Luke and Helena relationship he and Connie built would have made it even better.

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  13. In all honesty, he never mentioned Jacklyn Zeman either and he spent more time with her than Constance Towers.

  14. That was a good interview. I don't think he mentioned Jackie Z because he has had very little interaction with her over the years and Connie shows up maybe once a year. Jane is the one he has acted with the most for years. Sounds like he hates the writers and directors as much as we do.

  15. "It was ill-conceived, cheesy and showed a lack of imagination." - Tony regarding his exit storyline/Frank Smith.

    I think that quote pretty much sums up the writing of General Hospital.

    Loved his honesty in the interview as it completely reflects what many have been speculating for months about the workings of GH and why it's failing so miserably.

  16. LSV422, he did say that say that [current GH executive producer] Frank Valentini was the best on-set producer he'd worked with since Gloria and that he thinks the problems were always more with the writer than with Frank.

    And I think he didn't mention many people because I think he was mainly just answering questions.He was asked about a high point when he mentioned Liz Taylor. He actually replied to two high points and mentioned Gloria Monty. His comments about Jane came as he was asked about her specifically.

  17. I hate to tell TG but Jake's death and the organ donation were not two of the best stories. That would go to both BJ"s death and Stone's death and I don't think he was around for either one of them. He sounds like a bitter old man to me. I used to be a fan and I'm glad he set me straight

  18. He sounds like a bitter old man to me, also. Maybe with Geary and his massive ego gone the show will get better. I think his interference has been detrimental.


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