Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Geesh Just Geesh

Holy Cam or Aiden meet little Jake scene but we did get Jake filling his coffee cup with Sugar. 
Monica comes in to see Jake. Liz doesn't like that sheeze. Later, Laura comes in. 

Morgan and Ava...screw again. Silas bursts in. I so hope he transforms into Caleb and bites the hell out of Moronigan. 

Franco and Silas -- Silas finds out Franco knows Ava is Ava and that Morgan and she are sleeping together. 

Ric makes Nina think shes' hearing the baby again. Franco goes in and knocks down the door. She's gone. 

Sam and about little Jake. In bed. zzzzz

Sonny/Carly/Laura; FLASHBACK to the envelope. ahaha. A Flashback to the ENVELOPE. Laura's trying not to say she knows Jake is Jason. 

OMG. LOVED This from Franco to Silas: "What is this all for? So AVA can go behind Kiki's back and screw Morgan some more"? YES. heh. perfect


  1. I didn't start watching until 2:43. I was done at 3 p.m. Took that long because I stopped and got a snack. LOL I cannot believe how bad this show has gotten. I feel kind of sorry for all the actors who are in this travesty of a show these days.

  2. I couldn't believe that Cam and Aiden weren't there. What mother would tell her two kids to wait in their room while people came to see their other brother, even if he had just returned from the dead. They're kids!

    Then when he has his present they send him upstairs with the banished ones. Gawd.

    Whoever wrote this can't be a parent.

  3. I laughed (and rolled my eyes) at the flashback to the unopened 'Angel' letter, too. Was this Laura's first time seeing Monica in years? If so, that was weird ... I look forward to Laura raking Liz over the coals. And yes, that line of Franko's was classic!

  4. Scotty's office: Great scene between BobTodd and McSilas!! I love their scenes! I'm going to miss their scenes, cus it's been confirmed that Michael Easton is leaving GH! :( This sucks! I like McSilas! I like ME! Sure when the actor has scenes with people, he stares into space while people talk to him, but so what?! I still don't want him to leave! :( And besides lately he has been very animated. I'm not happy he is going. :( Oh sorry, But I digress. BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: What is this all for? So Ava can live another day to screw Morgan behind Kiki's back?


    Metrocourt: Oh Carly and Sonny wuv fest. Oh hi Laura! :) Oh flashback Laura's angel letter!

    Laura: He didn't say goodbye to me either.

    Hmmmmm????? Was the Angel letter a goodbye letter? And if so, why would Laura lie about it? I'm confused. The angel letter is confused too.

    Laura's angel letter: I'm lonely! It's dark in here! Where am I!? Oh I'm in the trash. I'm unloved. :(

    Julian's home: Oh Morgan shows up AGAIN! And this time he is whining over BobTodd and the knife! ROFL!

    Moochie: This is wrong.

    Morgan: I know.

    Morgan's Johnson: Who cares if this is wrong! I want this woman! Shut off your brain Morgan and turn on my brain!

    Man Morgan was on top of her so much, that it looked like he swallowed her whole!!! How is that wig staying on, is a mystery. Superglue? OH! THEY ARE BUSTED BY MCSILAS!!!! :)

    Nina and Ric's home: Nina was so funny! She comes in and is all smiles while she says she wants a divorce.

    Nina: I want a divorce we are over!

    ROFL! She seems so excited and giddy! ROFL! Oh oh Ric won't let her go, and the fake baby is crying again!

    Fake baby: I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE FEED ME!!!!! I want breast milk!

    Liz's home:

    Liz: Are you saying you want to get married?

    Jake Doe: Uh.. um. Uhhh.. Errrr. Uhhh.

    Wow! Liz's house is grand central station! Nobody even calls!!! :) YAY grandma Monica! :) Grandma Laura! :) Cousin Michael! PRESENTS! :) Oh but the two other boys are missing. Guess grandma Monica didn't want to see the other two boys! I wonder what Liz said to the other boys upstairs.

    Liz: Now boys. You stay here because grandma Monica just wants to see Jakey. You two keep playing, and play quietly.

    Patrick and Sam:

    Patrick: You want to have sex?

    Sam: I'm thinking about Jake.

    Now I thought she was talking about big Jake at first, but no no she was talking about little Jake. Oh talk about Liz and her transgressions. Patrick is in shock!!!! Now that they talked for so long, Sam and her cupcakes are in the mood!

    "Karen says Morgan and Ava...screw again. Silas bursts in. I so hope he transforms into Caleb and bites the hell out of Moronigan."

    ROFL No biting! Just castration! :)Or Lorena Bobbit!

  5. Sonya you're hilarious!! I'm gonna miss ME so much. :(

  6. "Michelle Latta said...Sonya you're hilarious!!"

    Hehe. Thanks. :)

    "I'm gonna miss ME so much. :("

    Yeah me too. :( I want him to stay, and I want Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos to come back! :(

  7. You always know Morgan is going to get some when Ava is wearing a wrap dress! (shaking head)

  8. I wish Roger H. was going instead of ME - I actually like him and if they had written something decent for him it would have been great. I was happy to see Monica and Laura - that was about it for the only good points yesterday. Too bad Morongan has a skanky girlfriend and an even skankier lover. Denise just doesn't look that enticing.

  9. When Sam was recounting her history with Liz, she left out the part about how she played a part in the kidnapping of Liz's child (or children? Don't really remember the story too well).

  10. AntJoan, I think Sam counted that under the "I've done some things I'm not proud of.* *insert eye roll* I always find it hilarious that fans always seem to remember every bad thing Liz has done, but nothing Sam has done. She witnessed Jake being kidnapped but said nothing. She also hired men to hold up Elizabeth in the park while she had her two children with her.

  11. Todd and McBain great scene together.....I hate Prospect Park!!!!

  12. "LSV422 said...I wish Roger H. was going instead of ME -"

    I don't want Roger H to go! Other people can go.. Like Kiwi. She is useless.

  13. I just don't get how Sam even knew that Liz kept Danny's parentage from her? Jason never told Sam right? Did I miss that episode? What Liz is doing now is just so she can keep Jason to herself, but I thought the reason she gave Jason about the Danny situation was that she just didn't want Jason to be with Sam.
    I really just don't like this storyline as a whole and not because Liz is my favorite character and is going to get crapped on again. Carly, Sam and Liz were actually being decent towards one another and that is going to be blown all to hell. It would have been wonderful to see Liz and Sam bonding as little Jake and Danny bonded, but now that won't happen. We don't even get to see Liz enjoy her son being home because she is too worried about the secret she is keeping.

  14. Sonya, I agree about Kiwi 100%, but ME is a lot better to look at than Roger H.

  15. "LSV422 said...Sonya, I agree about Kiwi 100%,"

    YAY! :)

    "but ME is a lot better to look at than Roger H."

    I think they are both hot and yummy! :)

  16. sonya, can I say that I think your taste is all in your mouth?

    Maybe that's why you like RH so much. hahahahahaha


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