Monday, July 20, 2015

Silver Anniversary!

25 years ago, wub hub and I married in Maine on Frenchman's Bay-- in a little church called St. Christopher's by the Sea! What a fun day. HUGE thunderstorm hit right when I was going to the church and we couldn't even hear the organ the pounding was so loud. The lights actually flickered! My Uncle (officiant) said it all meant luck and love... guess he was right! 

We had lobster suckers as our favors and lobster for dinner. Even then, I was a lobster lover! 

All this to say I'm out today, celebrating with my guy-- not sure yet where, maybe Skaneateles Lake.  Have a great show watching experience. At least we are back to the "A Game" today. 


  1. Congratulations. I love the lobster suckers.

    And you do know that lobsters mate for life, right? I love the lobster suckers.

  2. Happy anniversary Karen!!

  3. HappySilver Anniversary Karen!

  4. Happy silver anniversary, Karen, to you and the WubHub. So pleased you found your lobster! (Thanks, Di.)

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    The theme today is, peeing your pants day.

    Patrick and Liz: Patrick sees little Jake, and his jaw drops and he pees his pants. He couldn't believe what he is seeing! :) He gives Jakey a check up and Jakey is fine! No Patrick! Of course Liz is not happy that Sam's son Danny and Jakey are going to see each other, even though they are brothers! It's NOT okay!

    Sonny's house: Big Jake tells Carly about Jakey, and she pees her pants! Then she talks about Saint Jason! Then she realizes about the kidney and is freaking out! Oh she even brings up the black market!!! Now are we going to have a REAL storyline about the black market? Or will this be dropped too? Yeah I'm sure it will be dropped, so just forget this storyline folks!

    Q home: Geez Dillon is rude to his parents. Paul made pancakes! :) Dillon says he hates pancakes because when he was 8 he ate a whole bunch of them and got sick? HUH?! I never heard of that story before. Paul has to bring up the sex romp again! ROFL! Ewwww! Dillon wins the line of the day! He sticks his fingers in his ears.

    Dillon: Oh la la la la la la la!


    Haunted Star: Oh Lulu is dressed up as an Egyptian today and is hating on Val! She is having a nice chat with her daddy though awww! :) Um but Lulu, why would Tracy feel awful for sleeping with Paul? Luke lied to her, and for all she knew Luke meant what he said. Shut up Lulu! Oh oh there is Tracy.. Are they going to get back together, and then he tells her he has to leave to be with Lucky because he needs him, and that he will come back?

    Police station: Oh more talk from Dante telling Val to keep quiet about the sex romp! And more of him treating her like she is an 18 year old who is too sensitive and nieve. Where is Jordan?!! Shouldn't she be there getting involved with this?!

    Val: Don't worry I won't say anything to Lulu.

    Unborn baby's thoughts: Yeah she won't know until she finds out about me!

    Oh oh there is Lulu! I hope Val is wearing depends diapers, cus she just peed!


    Laura: You are a grown man. I won't tell you what to do. So, have you been dating anybody?

    Nik: Oh I have seen someone but that is over. What about you? Dating anybody?

    Laura: I had a few dates. Nothing serious. Is it okay if I live with you or is it going to cramp your style?

    Nik: No no no you can live with me. You can stay as long as you want.


  7. PS Loved the end, when Laura overheard Nik telling Liz that he told Lucky that big Jake is really Jason. I hope we don't have to wait until September for her to bring this up to Nik!

  8. I still want Dante and Valerie to get a chance as a couple. Why do they dress Lulu like a country bumpkin. I miss old Lulu and her clothes.


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