Friday, July 10, 2015

"But I don't have a mother"

They are really acting like Jake is Lucky's bio kid, aren't they? If you hadn't watched in like 3 years, you'd think it was his. Which I know he 'raised him'  and he's his. Ok, So Luke said Helena just took Jake. Who'd they bury?
LOVED Tony and JJ....LOVED.
I cried guys. Seriously. CRIED!!! They were talking about themselves and how Tony was his mentor..yada yada. GEESH.
Also great touch to have Jake show Laura around the island. 

Did you see they were in PC in 3 seconds? Liz still had the same shirt on! 
The explanation that Hells just "took Jake" is so flimsy. But whatever. I'm just going to say: Whatever with that. Helena's a damn witch for reals and did a spell. There. 

MONICA! I just about fell the hell over!!  Then at the end Jake goes there? All in one day? They saved everything for ONE Day! 

I HATE Valerie and she was stupid to Dante. The only thing that ruined today's show a bit? STUPID flashback to DonVal Sex ..again. We've had  3 flashbacks in  3 days of that mess!!

Loved Liz and Jake too. I feel badly for her. I know she lied and is lying but, sniff. Jake's alive and --what a mess. 

I WONDER if Nikolas knew about JAKE!! WOW...and what if Rosie was watching Jake all these years until she came to town with Nina. 

I need a scotch after the show today.
In a GOOD way for once lol


  1. Karen, when Monica came on the scene today, I was yelling: Oh, Karen, you're missing it!! LOL What a surprise.
    The scene with JJ and TG was so good I rewound it and watched it again.
    The kid who plays Jake is freaking me out. HE is the REAL child of the corn! And isn't he older than Joss? Wasn't she just a baby when he "died"? It doesn't really matter cause Joss is never on any more. But it is kind of a big deal.

  2. They keep saying Jake died five years ago, but it's actually 4. He's 8 in real life. The girl that plays Joss is 11 and yes, he was older than she when he died. well "DIED"

  3. As a number one complainer I have to say it was pure magic seeing Luke, Laura and Lucky. Well written dialogue and I can even ignore the big holes in Jake's being alive. I had tears too. The connection has always been amazing for them regardless of the circumstances. Liz and Jake scenes were good. I have to say Billy Miller was worth every penny they spent to get him. And Monica finally surfaced, in addition to Felix and Alice this week. I'm tired of the Dante/Val flashbacks. I can't wait until Monday which is something I rarely say.

  4. I'm glad I'm nnot the only one totally sick of those DonVal flashbacks. If I have to see them one more time I think I'll throw up!

    I totally blubbered all the way through the Tony and JJ scenes. *sniff*

    It takes 5 hours to fly to Europe even on a direct flight. That's not counting getting to and from airports, islands, packing etc. They should have waited a day.

    I loved the way Laura took Jake for a tour to talk to him too. And I loved the Liz/bigJake scenes.

    I don't think Nicholas knew about little Jake. he wouldn't be that cruel to Elizabeth.

    It was also great to see Monica again.

    ishouldreadmore - Joss was born in 2009. Jake was born in 2007. They shouldn't really SORA her older than him (and she's played by an 11 year old.) Fortunately he's a tall boy too.

  5. Sam and Jake Doe: Oh here we go again with the same damn dialog! Oh I don't like lying to Patrick. Oh I don't like lying to Liz. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Dante and Val:

    Val: I'll never tell anyone we slept together. It will be our secret.

    Oh sure. Until she gets pregnant! Then the secret will blow up!

    Unborn baby's thoughts: I'm on my way!

    Val: Let it go. He wasn't yours to begin with.

    Awww poor Val!

    Lante home: Carly with Rocco! Oh my! Rocco and little Jake look alike! I wonder if they are brothers in real life.

    Carly: Just because your dad says something, doesn't mean you have to agree with it Lulu.

    Thank you Carly!!!!! :)

    Carly: You are Dante's wife. He is dedicated to you and Rocco. You don't take off with some other guy just because your father tells you to.

    WOW! Carly is making a lot of sense! GO CARLY!

    Lulu: Why are you judging me about this?

    Oh come on Lulu! Carly is right and you know it!!!!

    Carly spills the beans to Lulu about the Dante and Val kissy wissy!

    Q home: WOAH MONICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :0 I was in shock when I saw her!!! :)She wants more Q's in the house. :(

    Cassadine Island: Love love love the Lucky and Jakey scene, and the Lucky and Luke scene!!! :)Hmmm the scene with Lucky and Jakey scene though was very mellow. I wanted more excitement!! I wanted Lucky to grab Jakey and hug him! Someone should call Liz!!! Oh woah! No Nik wouldn't know about Jakey being alive and not tell Liz! Would he? No! Although I didn't think he would ever hire someone to kill! Oh no Nik knew about Jakey being alive didn't he?! :(

    Lucky: Because I'm your father.

    And the look Jakey gave him, hahahahaha. That is Joss's look!

    Jakey: I don't have a mom.


    Lucky: Yes you do. Her name is Elizabeth and she loves you very much.

    Jakey gives that Joss look again! ROFL!

    Liz's home:

    Liz: I've been thinking about this for a very long time and I've been afraid to tell you.

    I was thinking she was going to tell him she wuvs him!

    Liz: I wuv you.

    I knew it! :)

    Jake Doe: I wuv you too!

    Awwww! :) Oh there is Lucky, Luke and Jakey! Oh come on! Stop dilly dallying and knock on the damn door Lucky!!! Liz is on the computer! She must be still looking for Lucky! Lucky knocks on the door and she opens it! YAY!

    Nik and Sam:

    It's not just a think to me Nikalous. You know what that company means to the Quartermaines. How could you do this?

    Oh no!!! More of the same dialog! UGH! Oh now talking about Hayden. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

  6. OMG!!!! And THIS is why I will NEVER GIVE UP GH!! Because they ALWAYS bring it!! Yes they do!! I could barely believe my eyes, Luke and Lucky scenes--crying!! (I know you all were too.) Brilliant!! You know, this was a gift to all of us, all of us loyal fans. Saying good-bye to Luke in this way, bringing back all the actors they could, and Luke again speaking of Laura and Lucky as the best part of his life. And then MONICA!!!! She looks great, PLEASE bring her back for good, and, grant her wish to FILL THE HOUSE WITH QUARTERMAINES!!

  7. "AntJoan says And then MONICA!!!! She looks great, PLEASE bring her back for good, and, grant her wish to FILL THE HOUSE WITH QUARTERMAINES!!"

    Yes please!!!!!! More family in the house!!!! Danny, little Jakey, Jason, Dillon, umm who else? :)

  8. Oh spoiler videos! Week of July 13th

    Oh for crying out Lucky! What is taking you so long to tell Liz that Jakey is alive!!!!! COME ON!

  9. Who's kidneys did Josslyn get? So Helena killed some other random kid, or how are they going to explain the organ transplant

  10. I think the writers were approaching this reunion with the child's point of view in mind. Little Jake does not remember his grandparents or parents since he was kidnapped so young. It was better to be low-key with him when they they introduced each other.

    LOVED the Lucky/Luke scenes today- a long time coming. SO glad they did not replace JJ as Lucky after he left. SO much more meaningful this way.

  11. "Sallie said...I think the writers were approaching this reunion with the child's point of view in mind. Little Jake does not remember his grandparents or parents since he was kidnapped so young. It was better to be low-key with him when they they introduced each other."

    Yeah I know. It's just that I wanted Lucky to hug him! :)

  12. So, Val said she wouldn't tell anyone that her and Dante slept together? Ummm, didn't she just finish telling the police commissioner?! And yes, the scenes today with the Spencer family was gold!! Monica's fill the house with Quartermaines, foreshadowing? And I am thinking that Nick did know about little Jake.

  13. I just want to add, too, that I just love JJ. He has been remarkable from day one and is so good on Nashville. I am so glad he came back and hope he will visit again.

  14. It was a tasty tidbit they gave us. Let's just hope there's more to come. I am hoping Nicholas didn't know anything about Jake and could be that cruel to Elizabeth even though she's basically doing the same to Jason.I love JJ,he's a very,very talented actor. And like Linda said he's exceptional on Nashville. I'm also hoping Helena didn't plant anything in little Jake's head!

  15. Oh that kid is a Cassidine timebomb! LOL.

    I seriously hope they let us know who the little kid was who died and how Joss got that kidney! I felt over the years the writers have missed SO many opportunities to write a griping story when Helena and Faison do their body switching. Who really died in the fire over Jason's garage if it wasn't Lucky? Who really died in the lab explosion if it wasn't Robin? Who died and donated a kidney if it wasn't Jakey? I'd love to see a vengeful parent come to town and create some real emotional drama in the wake of that.

  16. TG and JJ are pure gold together, always have been, such a pleasure to watch that knowing they were really saying goodbye. Gave me the chills

  17. The Geary / JJ stuff was the most heart I've seen on GH in a long, LONG time. Those two can take it to another level for sure.


  18. Tears were flowing here too. My poor kids who are home from school! LOL

    And can I say that I hope they turn Val into a psycho-bitch! Like Fatal Attraction Psycho. I could see it. At least it would give her something to do. She couple make Lulu think she is losing her mind or something. Anything as long as it isn't her and Dante standing in hallways whispering about how they should not tell anyone.

    Oh and nice theory about Rosie watching Little Jake!!

  19. "Rebecca said...Anything as long as it isn't her and Dante standing in hallways whispering about how they should not tell anyone."

    Yeah I don't want that either!!!



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