Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Now I can't Be Sorry"

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Says VALERIE..both she and Dante are skanks. I said it.  UGH.. And Lulu's on her way home! DERP!  Dante kisses Valerie and says he "Cares about her". He wasn't drunk either. So. WELP. She's probably going to be pregnant in 9 months. 
Dante tells her she can take a shower at HIS PLACE. UGH

Tracy's going to LA to find out if she can get BrookLyn to say how Nikolas got the shares. (ie the baby is still alive) 

Brad and Lucas are on!! YEAH!! :) Very nice scene with them and Patrick. Then Felix came on and Brad talked to him about his birth parents. 

Liz ferries her way over to Wyndemere to talk about Jason. Blab blab...yada yada

Jason and Sam want to break into Wyndemere to get stuff on Nik.

Maxie has gone to Portland


  1. Skank is a much more polite term than what I used!

    Valerie said, I want you to know I don't usually sleep with married men." Right. She just pursues them,gets a job with them to make it easier, brings them coffee, lunch and snacks and any other excuse so that she can hug them, then goes to their home when their wife is out of town and they're upset with their wife and drinking. Then she sleeps with them!

    I want to see Lulu smack her down! Verbally will do. If she felt Dante shouldn't have been alone then she should have filled in Nathan and had him go over. He wouldn't have been in heat!!

    Now, of course, she'll go home and stick her nose in Sam and Jake's business at Wyndemere.

    I want her gone! Surely she won't be able to keep working with Dante!

    Loved the Tracy scene as usual.

    I wonder if Brad has parents. Maybe he was put up for adoption but wasn't adopted, and spent his life in foster care. He may have a troubled past he doesn't want to talk about.

    Glad they used Georgie and Portland as an excuse to have Maxie and Lulu meet. Some continuity at last.

  2. I hate that they turned Dante into just another bimbo-banger. Valerie is awful. Every new character is worse than the last. I repeat my wish for a who killed Valerie mystery.

  3. It's pretty sad when Let's make a Deal has higher ratings then GH. :-(

    Total Viewers
    1. The Young and the Restless (CBS), 5.16 million
    2. The Price Is Right (CBS), 5.06 million
    3. The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS), 3.95 million
    4. Let's Make a Deal (CBS), 3.30 million
    5. General Hospital (ABC), 3.24 million

  4. Um, Sam and Jake broke into Wyndamere to find proof that Nic broke the law to get control of ELQ. What's wrong with THAT picture????
    Val is a skanky ho, and the sooner she is gone the better. But you are right, Karen, in nine months (or less) she will deliver another little Falconari.
    Ah, well.

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  7. Lante home:

    Val: Do you regret what happened last night?

    Uh Val, I really like you, but that is a stupid idiotic question!!!! Of course he regrets it! He is a married man! DUH!

    Val: I'm not the kind of person to just jump into bed with anyone. Especially a married guy.

    Then you better move! Cus in Port Chuckles, people change! :) The Chuckles is a strange place to live! And Dante, STOP TREATING VAL LIKE SHE IS/WAS AN 18 YEAR OLD VIRGIN BAH!

    Kelly's: Jake Doe and Sam scene. Wyndemere, Liz, Nik, Saint Jason! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Wyndemere: More whine from Liz.. Zzzzzz. Jake Doe wins the line of the day!

    Jake Doe: I'm very new to this breaking and entering thing, but I'm pretty sure you are not supposed to announce your presence.


    Q home: More Tracy and Sabrina scenes! She wants to take Tracy to a museum! Awww! Too bad Tracy can't go! Yeah Tracy good luck with Brooklyn. Tracy's bangs are so flat! Is there humidity in Port Chuckles? There sure is here in Rochester NY! WHEW!

    Airport: Oh Lulu and Dillon are back to the Chuckles! Oh Maxie is going to see her daughter! YAY! Love the Dillon and Maxie scene! Especially when they talk about her sister Georgie awwww! Maxie brings up how she thought Lulu and Dillon were having an affair. ROFL! So basically Lulu is all,

    Lulu: WHAT?!!?! An affair?! That's insane! I'm glad you didn't tell Dante that! Maxie you are crazy!

    Oh oh! Tracy sees someone! Paul Hornsby?

    The hospital: Hmmmm Brad has a secret! Brad has a secret! Shhhh! Wonder what it is. Was Brad born a woman? Brenda? He has a secret love child somewhere? He really is an under cover cop and isn't really gay? He killed his parents? He is married and has a kid somewhere and is a bigamist? He is a witch and has secret powers?

  8. I've been hesitant to chime in the last few weeks because I don't have anything nice to say, but here I go. I think once the Luke storyline is over, I will give up GH. The things I loved about it are gone, for good.
    1) I loved L&L2 and have always been a Liz fan since day one. But JJ is obviously never coming back (and good for him and his successful career on prime time). They have really destroyed Liz for me with her lying to Jason. If she'd told the truth I feel Jason would have stayed with her and not gone back to Sam (and also that would have been better drama).
    2) I've always loved Dante and Lulu, even tho I don't care for NuLu. Dante WOULD NOT CHEAT ON LULU EVER! I'm sorry, but he would not. I do not for a minute believe he would even be able to get a hard on if he thought Lulu had cheated on him. He is committed to her 200%. His mother raised him to be better than that. (And don't get me started on "she who shall not be named"!!! Barf.)
    3) Also a HUGE Nik fan, but he is in his own orbit right now and is bouncing around like a pinball from bad story to bad story and is written very inconsistently. "No Spencer, lying is the worst and you should never lie and I'm going to have Britt arrested and Hayden shot in the head because they are lying liars." *Turns around and lies to everyone.*
    4) I adore RH and loved everything Todd Manning on OLTL. But I've always loathed Franco and RH is Franco on this show. I can't ignore Franco's past and therefore will never love RH in this role even though I love RH.

    And that's it. I have no investment in any of the new people who've come on the last few years. The "vets" are so overdone they all sound and act like broken records. The only couple I'm even remotely interested in right now is Brad and Lucas and seeing them 2x per month just doesn't cut it.

    So, most likely I will FF thru everything but Luke (and I'm only watching that to see JJ play Lucky one last time). And then I'll probably un-set my DVR.

    Sorry to rant. Just feeling sad that the few things holding me to GH all this time have been obliterated...

  9. Your not alone CaryN,I think the ratings are proof of that. And the Dante and nasty skank Valerie storyline is probably the last straw for me too. Someone pls poke my eyes out with a stick!! And not just what they've done with Dante but the rest of the evil transformations of other characters too.I would,however,PAY to see LuLu kick Valerie's nasty butt and then Dante's too!

  10. I can't wait until Dante finds out the real reason Lulu was out of town, but I have a feeling he'll try to blame her in his own mind for him cheating because she didn't "trust" him enough to tell him, regardless of the fact that Lucky's life was on the line if she told. I do think she could have said there was something important going on with her family and it was too dangerous to bring him in etc., but then there wouldn't be any drama. But I'm surprised they had Dante cheat on Lulu, and this is just another reason for me to dislike the Valerie character. She's had her hands literally all over Dante from almost the minute they met.

    I can't wait to see who Tracy runs into at the airport and I'm more interested in Brad's secret than the Luke story (other than seeing JJ).

  11. So, I love GH, even though I have issues with it. It is a constant in my changing life and has been since 1978.

    Having said the above -- GOOD GRIEF! Get some help with basic storytelling! Yesterday, Sam said that Spencer must be at school! HellO! The day after July 4th was a SUNDAY, so Spencer wouldn't be at school, even camp! SCHOOL is out in the summer! Duh.

    Also, I really wanted to like Val. A biracial Spencer had huge potential. Do these writers know any women under the age of 40? In real life? They write well for Tracy and Helena and even for Carly and Olivia (sometimes), but I don't see any connections to young women that I believe. Kiki? I ADORE Maxie, but she has no real work. Kiki, ditto. Lulu?

    Who keeps the kids in this town? FINALLY, we saw Aiden, along with Danny, on July 4th but all other kids were offstage?!! How hilarious would Joss have been with the other kids? Why couldn't we see Spencer being nice to the other kids? How funny would it have been to have all of them at Sonny's?! MAYBE Kiki and Morgan could be useful and help GrampaDayCare!

    What is Sabrina going to do with no job? No insurance? Why couldn't Sonny grow as a character? He and Julian could quit the Mob business and join Mikey to give NIK a fight for business in PC.

    STORIES and characters and action! Let's get Jason's story moving more, let's find out that Brad's family is a hot mess or dangerous, let's have some stories that connect to life sometimes, and let's have some romance!

    Oh, and more Roger Howarth. Always.

  12. Julie said....and let's have some romance!

    Yes! And writers, sex is not romance!!

    And no kids on the 4th was ridiculous. People should have been celebrating together in families. If these directors don't know how to direct more than 2 people at a time, hire someone for a day or two who's done theater and have the cast learn lines and cues.

  13. How many times did Sabrina tell Tracy they were "friends"? If that had been a drinking game, I would have been under the table.

    And Di, you're so right about how families should have been interacting on the Fourth. Karen's clip from a few days ago of a previous GH Fourth of July in the park was how it should have been done.

    There are a bazillion characters on GH now, but each of them interacts with only one or two other characters. Serial dramas are about relationships and connections. GH has lost sight of that.

  14. Didn't Dante keep the secret that his baby brother is still alive from LuLu? I don't remember him telling her

  15. Didn't Dante keep the secret that his baby brother is still alive from LuLu? I don't remember him telling her

  16. Yes, he did, Daphne. I guess what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander! The cheating hypocrite. He put family before his wife too.


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