Thursday, July 9, 2015

More Ways to Save GH

Here goes:

Valerie is murdered. A really nasty great killer story. Suspects all over. It's a shocker who did it.  It will end up being Sloane. Not sure why but 2 birds, one stone.

THEN...Nina finds out she's a Quartermaine. The Secret is that Donna Mills and Eddie Q got together and ..well, Nina. They had to keep it secret because the money was tied up in trust and if she ever told, it was revoked. 
Ok, so..with Nina  a Q, she moves herself into the Q mansion and Franco comes with her. Tracy is appalled but they map out a plan of how they are going to help steal ELQ back from Nikolas. Donna Mills also ends up there. So does Paul Hornsby. Q mansion is central for a bit. 

Next up? Get rid of Kiki. Don't care how. BUT...get Kristina Davis back. She's still a bad girl. Dillon is really intrigued by her. She seduces him. A CORINTHOS QUARTERMAINE WEDDING!
OOOOOOOOO!! Think of it! Sonny and Tracy would be Inlaws! Alexis too!! What's not to love? 


  1. How have you not been hired on as a writer yet after all these years?

  2. No kidding.....great storyline!!! We can only dream.

  3. The only thing I don't agree with is get rid of Franco and Nina also. We don't need these characters. Both are horrible....As for Silas and Kiki, they can both leave town together. Silas receives a wonderful job opportunity in cutting edge cancer research. He manages to negotiate a job for Kiki in the process. With Valerie dead that takes care of a lot of the dead weight on the canvas.

    Love the new addition of Paul Hornsby. Very attractive man that can act.

  4. I love it all, but the Nina is a Quartermaine part. I just hate the Nina character so much! How about Rosie is a Quartermaine, and didn't know it, and when she finds out, turns the tables on Nic? Almost anything but Nina being front and center again.

  5. I also hate the Nina character. And I don't want Franco as part of the Q's no matter what they call him. I prefer the subtle humor and sarcasm of the older Q's. I'm not a fan of clowns or slapstick.

  6. Really glad you liked my who killed Valerie idea. Although it wouldn't get rid of Sloane since murderers never go to jail for very long. I am hoping Sloane will just disappear never to be seen again.
    Even though I never watched OLTL I have grown fond of Roger Howarth. I wish, as someone here suggested, they could get back the rights to the character he played when he first showed up - Todd. He is the only comic relief here. But I can't stand Nina so she can leave.

  7. I love it, Karen! I also agree about dumping Nina and keeping Franco as Todd. And while they're negotiating with Prospect Park, get the rights to John McBain back, too. The Silas character is a snooze, but McBain and Todd scenes were always fun.

  8. I agree Wanda Woman......if we get Todd back then we should get John McBain too

  9. GEESH you guys hate Nina! I really love the dynamic Michelle Stafford brings to the character. Plus, it's Dr. O, Donna Mills and Nathan in the mix. But I see your point. The Dillon and Kristina mix is good tho, right?
    I'd get rid of Silas too. Sorry..he's one-note and ME hasn't been into him in years. I loved him as Caleb. They missed the boat on something to do with that story, imo.

  10. I'm getting my hair done at 2, so I won't be here today btw

  11. Of course I love everything. I think Michelle Stafford is an excellent actress from what I have seen on Y/R. Just as I think Billy Miller is amazing to know end. The problem always comes back to the fact they are poorly written on a show with poor writers. And I thank you for starting these threads and getting all of us wubbi-kins (new term) to comment and talk to one another about the show. THANKS!

    I would welcome Nina as a Q with good writing. Thats the key. Speaking of Billy Miller, he seems more fun lately, like he is starting to enjoy the role.

    As for Rosalie, it is long speculated that she is a cassadine. Who was the Cassadine that Helena had a birth certificate on? Was it Valentin? I dont know. my memory blocks out crap like that. I dont think we ever saw Valentin, have we? What if Rosie is his illigitamate DAUGHTER? Or legitimate. What do I care about symantics? And Rosie is hiding from him for some unknown reason and doesnt want him to find her which is why no one knows her "secret". Her name isnt really Rosie. It is...

    Rosalinda Appolonia Kleopatra Hermione Izabel Cassadine.

    The third.

    You all remember the other day I was talking about guest stars and how you can have short storylines instead of those drawn out for months? Remember Michael Leonard? (Mama Walton). She was on for a few weeks in a cancer storyline. It didnt last forever, it was poignant, well acted, and well received. Why cant we have more of that? Why does everything last 9 months? It is not 1977!

    What sucks is when they do have a guest star - an OSCAR WINNER - and she is relegated to one scene. Just one. One meaningless, do-nothing scene. WTH? That burns me up. Of course I am talking about Shirley Jones, Mama Partridge herself. How could they NOT have used her properly?

    I still want Florence Henderson as Helena's grandmother in a flashback/origin storyline with a young sweet and innocent 19 yr old Helena getting ready to marry Mikkos, and then her grandmother kills her mother right in front of her and this is when helena turns evil and kills her grandmother. Or something like that.

    I want Patty Duke to come on for one ep. as Sonny's therapist and let the entire episode take place in the therapists office in real time with Sonny having a gammut of emotions with his bi-polar. (Patty Duke has a history of bi-polar and testified before congress to allow Lithium to be approved)

    I also want Cameryn Manheim to guest star for 2 weeks as a cut-thoat pit bull of a lawyer and team up with Scotty. They would both go up against Alexis and Diane. That would be a tour-de-force in the courtroom Or would that be a FOUR-de-force?. I would love her to be the type where she is ferocious in the courtroom and then buying everyone drinks at the floating rib and hitting on scotty and grabbing his ass. I'd love for her to start out as a no-nonsense lawyer and then turn into a whack-job. She can do comedy. She rocked on Two and a Half Men.

    Karen, when are the 2 of us chartering a plane to Burbank and knocking on the studio door with our resumes?

  12. should we start one of those GoFundMe accounts to get you two to Burbank??? LOL

  13. "Rosalinda Appolonia Kleopatra Hermione Izabel Cassadine."

    Good one! One addition, Anastasia, Russian and synonymous with amnesia a staple of soap story lines.

  14. Karen, you had me at Valerie is murdered.

  15. I don't mind the Nina being a Q thing; however, my idea is that Madeline and Liesl are actually the sisters of Monica. Remember, Monica grew up in an orphanage. It's about time we got to experience a little of her family besides her cousin Lorena back in the 80's.

    During Heather's lies awhile back regarding Jason and Franco, I SOOOOOO hoped the writers would decide to have Heather admit that she and her cousin Susan (Jason's mom) were in cahoots years ago. It would play out like this and wouldn't really have anything to do with Franco:

    Susan had an affair with Mitch who then married Tracy - the Q money was supposed to help his campaign. My storyline would have had Susan and Mitch still in love and having a secret affair with the intention of getting back together after he got his hands on the Q money and left Tracy. When that didn't happen as Tracy was written out of the will (and as an alternate plan), Susan would make a play for Alan. Off-screen in Albany, Tracy could have found out she was pregnant, so Susan and Mitch concocted a plan to have Susan pretend to be pregnant with Alan's child while they both found a way for Tracy to believe her child died after giving birth. Then, they would take Tracy's child and pass it off as Susan and Alan's since Alan and Tracy share the same DNA. No one would know the difference. Heather simply could have been used by them to help kidnap little Jason so Susan could pretend to be Jason's real mom when in actuality, Tracy was! Tracy maybe never decided to talk about this since it was a dark part in her life.

  16. "kdmask said...GEESH you guys hate Nina! I really love the dynamic Michelle Stafford brings to the character. Plus, it's Dr. O, Donna Mills and Nathan in the mix. But I see your point. The Dillon and Kristina mix is good tho, right?
    I'd get rid of Silas too. Sorry..he's one-note and ME hasn't been into him in years. I loved him as Caleb. They missed the boat on something to do with that story, imo."

    I agree with Karen! I love Nina and find MS to be a lot of fun in the role. I want to know more of her back story. What was the secret that Dr. O hinted at. Why does Donna Mills hate her some much? I also agree about Silas. ME is just not into it and it seems the more they try to fix whatever's wrong with the character the worse it gets. Cut their loses.

  17. I think the writers just mention big secrets without having given any thought to what the secrets are.

  18. Nina as a Q would be great!!! Especially having her and Franco on the mansion! Love that idea!!!

  19. I wish Starr would come back as Starr. John McBain as John McBain, and Todd as Todd. Lulu killed Valerie in self defense. jocelynn is really Rosalie's kid. Carly's baby died at birth, and Jax switched Carly's deceased child with Rosalie's live child. Rosalie is also Sonny's daughter, and Jocelynn would be Sonny's grandchild. sonny needs more children. LOL!!! Hayden wakes up and starts to tell about Jason. Liz gives her something in her IV to put her in a coma. Also they bring Melissa Archer to GH, and Silas falls for her, but he is not silas anymore, he is really John McBain.


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