Friday, July 3, 2015

Top Ten Ways Nik Cassadine Could Raise Cash...

Oh, "Cash Poor" Nikolas can't think of any other way to raise some cash other than taking over ELQ.
May I suggest:

10.  Turn Wyndemere into a Bed and Breakfast. People would flock to the Island of Helena's antics and get a chance to sleep in the same bedroom as the Great Faison. 

9. Host Murder Mysteries. What a perfect setting for some great dinner followed by a who-done-it! 

8. Sell your Lake Como place. George Clooney never visited anyway. 

7. Rent Wyndemere out for Weddings. Perfect destination. Ball room, Parapet, windy cliffs for photo ops...

6. Sell off Faberge Egg collection. 

5. Start a Go Fund Me Page to "Save the Cassadine Empire" you know you'd raise some serious dough with the evil-doers out there

4. Public Appearances. Sure, you'd have to mingle amongst the riff-raff but you could make some serious dough doing "Selfies with a Prince" and lectures on Medieval Poetry

3.  Downsize. I know you are attached to Spoon Island but you could move into a nice McMansion in Port Charles. Think of the heating bills alone..and the ferry overhead. 

2. Turn the Catacombs into a 'Haunted Walk" People flock to those things now. The tunnels are a perfect place to have a nice scare. Heather Webber would probably work for free or a few BLTs now and again. 

1. Marry rich. I hear Paris Hilton is still available. Surely a good looking Prince like you would do well on the jet-set marketplace. 


  1. I hope Nik reads this. He needs the help. But I think I will totally enjoy watching Jason and Michael's efforts to bring Nik down.

  2. See now here I thought "Mikey" and Morgan could start a brewery since they need the work, but Nik can just convert Spoon Island into a BrewPub/B&B. Great moneymaker if he does the tie-ins right... Think of the awesome stuff he could make! Ice Princess IPA. Faison Saison. Parapet Pilsner. The list goes on and on (though Cigar City Tampa already makes "Helles Belles" so he may have to fight them for it. ^_-).

    Plus, to stay true to his roots, he can add a distillery on premises. Both Cassadine-branded Vodka and Ouzo should do well in the old countries...

  3. OMG Parapet PILSNER!!!!!!! ahahhahaa LOVE

  4. Perhaps he could become Morgan's pimp? Turn part of Wyndemere into a brothel. Charge "Denise," Kiki and horny Hayden after she comes out of the coma for towel boy's services. I know Kiki has no job but Silas always seems willing to give her money. Maybe Madeline would like him better than Ric once she gets her hands on Nina's money. Helena always had a weakness for good-looking young men. . It seems as though this is Morgan's only skill so it would give him a job. I'm sure they could find other guys to join the staff and it would give them another excuse to have guys parade around half-naked (although they don't need any). He could hire Franco (who seems to have no job again) for the kinkier women who've always wanted to do a serial killer. We all know Dr. O would be first in line (probably wearing a mask). The possibilities are endless.

  5. Karen and others, hehehe, I was thinking that Nik could sell some of his homes, but you guys are SO creative . . .


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