Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Birthday To Mama

You  may know her name now!! :) I won't be here for the show, so have at it. I think Lucky comes to see Liz today??? Other than that..not really interested. The previews for tomorrow show that Val isn't caught by Lulu so there's that. I will tune in later to see Dante screaming tho. 
Sonny-Daddy-Grampa Daycare continues. I think it's hilarious how he's not the place for all the kiddies to congregate! 

Have a good one. Tomorrow is my GUS Doggie's Bday. We will have to celebrate--I'm getting my hair done at the GH hour though. I'm a BUSY GIRL! Friday I visit my Aunt.

You are going to be busy Sonya and everyone else!! 


  1. "Birthday To Mama You may know her name now!! :)"

    Ummm. What? :)

    "You are going to be busy Sonya and everyone else!!"

    Hahaha. Yeah we sure will be! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Mama Penny! :) Tell her all your avid readers thank her for raising such a snarkily brilliant comrade.

  3. " CareyN said... Happy Birthday Mama Penny! :) Tell her all your avid readers thank her for raising such a snarkily brilliant comrade."

    OH! She is Karen's mother?!!?! Well happy birthday to her! :)

  4. Happy Birthday to mama Penny and Gus the Dog!

  5. Is it time for another Penny cartoon?

    Does Dante own a mirror? His tirade today about unfaithfulness could have used a good hard look in the mirror. But his acting was good. Previews look like he might tell Lulu about Val, but I think we know better.

    Also in previews, Luke mentions Helena. Well, OF COURSE he does. They need to trot out every single villian the Spencers have ever encountered before Luke is gone. And cram it all into 3 wks. I could have done without the Smiths and just went right to Helena. This is getting kinda silly.

    Ok. So let me make a comment on the GH story of the day. Paul is back and it isnt the original actor. When this first happened, I was disappointed. Then I say it was Richard Burgi. RB has been in countless numbers of prime time TV shows. Mostly crime dramas that have some levity thrown in. I used to watch him on One West Waikiki with Cheryl Ladd with my mom on Saturday afternoons. (reruns) He is a fine actor who (and this is important!) can really do levity and comedy really well. And he is going to need it with the Qs. He was also on Desperate Housewives and, eons ago, he was on Days of Our Lives.

    I for one would not be upset if he stayed around to cause some trouble for Tracy and also get involved in the ELQ mess.

  6. The hospital:

    TJ and Alexis: Alexis dreads Molly going to college! ROFL! She says she is her last baby awwww! :) Alexis wins the line of the day!

    Alexis: Sonny with all his wonderful charm, his intelligence, his generosity, he's a criminal. He lies he cheats he steals to get what he wants. And this business this business that has all this power, that gives him all this power, it's evil.

    ROFL! And TJ thinks Alexis dislikes Sonny.. No no Alexis likes Sonny a lot! ROFL! Wayyyyyy too much! :)

    Alexis: You do all kinds of things that you never thought you could do.

    You mean sex with Sonny Alexis? :) Yes I remember that SOOOOOO well hahaha!

    Patrick and Liz:

    Patrick: One of my patience has a change of condition.

    Liz: Oh which one?

    Patrick: Uh Hayden Barnes.

    And Liz pees herself.

    Liz and Nik: More whine from Liz! About Hayden about Jason. Blah blah blah.

    Nik: I think you should calm down and wipe the floor. And next time, wear depends.

    Patrick and Liz: Oh Hayden's vitals are good, but she is still in a Nina coma.

    Wyndemere: Wow 15 minutes it took Val to get back home! Not sure why they had to show a flashback of her turning Dante down about the shower. They could have showed it in real time.. Oh look Jake Doe and Sam breaking into the safe! A necklace Sam finds. Jake Doe didn't think Sam was that girly. Oh no wait he does. Sam just misunderstood. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh look! Sam found Hayden's photo ID! Which expires in 2018! Wow they are talking wayyyyyyyyyy too much. Aren't they afraid someone might catch them!? Oh they almost did get caught cus they hear Val's voice. Sam wants to know about Hayden. Val tells them that she thought her and Nik were dating. After Sam and Jake Doe leave, Val is flashing back to the Dante sex. Uh Val? I thought you were in a hurry to go to work!?!?! I mean you are late!

    Airport: Tracy and Paul Hornsby!!! Wow holy crap! This actor would have been a perfect recast for Sloan!!!! DAMN IT!!!! Anyway Paul wants to see his son. Dillon and Paul look alike.

    Q home: Dillon had to tell Sabrina what's going on, then raced to the airport to talk to his mom. Too bad he missed her! Tracy and Sloan, I mean Paul went back to the Q house.

    Lante home: HOLY CRAP! This is a great scene! Dante yelling at Lulu and telling him what he thinks he knows and saw! He wants a divorce!! She tells him what is REALLY going on. He feels bad. Not a boring scene at all! Dominic Zamprogna bravo!!!!!! I hope he wins the emmy award!!! *standing O*


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