Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Could Today BE more Boring?

20150727 1449(43)

Did they have Laura read her letter from Luke today? AHAHAHHA. She wasn't even ON.

Lulu stood around the HS--where no one was at last night. What's she doing? Cleaning the nothing?

Today's 2x2 talkers:

Morgan/Franco: Franco said stay away from DeAva and pulled a knife
Donna/Ric: talking about driving Nina nuts
Ava/Nina: Ava tells Nina to go back to Franco

Kiki/Silas: She says bye to him
Jordan/Nate: She hates Sonny, he tells her about the baby blanket
Dante/Val: Blah Blah we had sex blah
Lulu/Dillon: Blah Blah he kissed my cousin..blah

NOTHING about the "Angel" letter to Laura.

Which is why I watched today. 


  1. [[[NOTHING about the "Angel" letter to Laura.

    are you surprised karen? serisouly? with all that ron has done in the past year, does it surprise you that storylines are abandoned?

    i just tuned in. got in front of a tv. looking forward to seeing lucas and brad and the secret and their relationship. because its not like this show to abandon that storyline, right?

    1. Uh its probsbly not written ya think. Just kidding sort of keep Genie and pray or this might be it gang were in deep trouble.

  2. i kinda feel aorry for the horse. you know, the dead one that dante and val keep beating. poor horse.

    shouldnt morgan tell daddy that franco threatened him? then sonny can have one of his goons kill franco and viola!!! one less cast member on the show. and how great would it be for them to cut the cast.

  3. The pier: Val claims to give everyone working some food, but I think it was just for Dante.

    Val: Hey Dante! Do you want to talk about the sex romp some more?!

    Dante: Sure!

    Oh and then she talks about how Dillon asked her out, and Dante looks jealous. Oh there is Dillon! :)

    Haunted Star: Lulu is sad, and I thought she was going to bring up the kiss again between Dante and Val, but nope! It's about her father this time. Awww Lulu. :( Oh more kiss talk!

    Lulu: Dillon do you want to talk about the Valante kiss some more?

    Dillon: Sure!!

    And then Dillon brings up how he asked Val out on a date, and Lulu looks jealous.

    McSilas's home: Woah! McSilas has a kitchen!!!! :0 Kiwi's shirt that she is wearing, looks like a top of a negligee! Time for Kiwi to go out of town! BobTodd wins the lines of the day!

    BobTodd: I can say it out here, I'm sure Kiki and Silas's neighbors will BE HAPPY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES!!!! So, you and Denise are having sex. I know that. You know that. Denise's elderly neighbor downstairs white knuckling it with the rosary beads she knows it too.

    Morgan: Kiki's dad tell you something?

    BobTodd: Oh he sees it too. Well, he finally got the hair out of his eyes.

    ROFL! Great stuff! :) OH and THEN, BobTodd threatens him with a knife, which I had a feeling, because he was standing behind them! YES BOBTODD YES! LAURENA BOBBIT HIM! :) Can you imagine all the jokes the characters on the show could say!? And us too!?!?! :) Morgan's Johnson's brain was cut off! So now poor Johnson has no brain to think with! No BobTodd don't kill him! Cut off his Johnson! That would be better! That would be an interesting thing to do. I doubt the writers would go there, since they are men. :) Altho since we are getting women writers, hmmmmm. :)

    McSilas's office: McSilas, Nina called!!! Kiwi in her top negligee goes to see her daddy! Actually she is being very sweet. Has dinner in the fridge for her father and she wants to make sure he is okay while she is gone. Awwww. McSilas wants and needs to help Nina! Awww!

    Julian's home: Hmmmm Moochie is wearing Ava's dress!!! And again it looks like she is fixing her wig! :) TWICE!!! great job with Nina Moochie! While Moochie was taking to Nina abut Franco loooooooooooooves her, Nina was all smiles. :)

    Ric and Nina's home: They are talking way too much, time to have some sex! They already kissed in the first scene today! Oh Nina is home!

    Nina: I want a divorce.


    Jordan's office: Gee Jordan your hair! It looks like you want to have Anna's hair! Blah blah blah, Nina. Blah blah blah baby.. Why don't you and Nathan talk about Valente sex romp? Nathan already knows! It's still being talked about. So why the hell not? :)

    Scotty's office: Poor BobTodd can't open the desk drawer! ROFL! Oh hi McSilas! BobTodd and McSilas both have a confused look on their faces hahahahaha!

    Laura's angel letter: I am so lost. Where am I?! I'm scared.

    "Karen says Could Today BE more Boring?"

    It sure can Chandler Bing! :)

    "Dante/Val: Blah Blah we had sex blah
    Lulu/Dillon: Blah Blah he kissed my cousin..blah"

    ROFL! Yup! :)

  4. "david said...i kinda feel aorry for the horse. you know, the dead one that dante and val keep beating. poor horse."

    That poor horse!!!! It keeps getting beaten to death, and it has no name!!! We have to name the poor horse!!!! :'(

  5. Gee, I have no idea why the ratings continue to slide. Bawhahahahaha!

  6. sonya said... We have to name the poor horse!!!! :'(

    How about A.D. Nauseum? Call it A D for short.

  7. "Di said...How about A.D. Nauseum? Call it A D for short."

    ROFL! Perfect! :)

  8. Today was a great example of why RC was fired-stupid, uninteresting stories. The Ava-Nina scenes were actually painful to watch.

  9. If they can find Genie a story to do she could help a lot. Give Alice a story She needs a good woman. Tired already of all the gay men I want some women. Not sexist so don't misconstrue.yep Tony's exit was blah he waited way too long.

  10. Sonya said, "Jordan's office: Gee Jordan your hair! It looks like you want to have Anna's hair! "
    And that's all I took away from today's show!! Lol, it's Port Charles version of "the Rachel" we shall call this hair style, "the commissioner".

  11. There probably isn't even a letter written. It's just RC's way of appeasing the L&L fans. "See, I had Luke write Laura a letter!" But no one could be bothered to actually try to write it. Like so many other things on the show that happen off-camera.

    The scene w/Nina and Denise was to me two actresses desperately trying to make this work.

    So we are to believe that essential police evidence that proves someone is a murderer is only saved on a flash drive. It's not backed on up the PCPD's server or anything. I don't understand why they make law enforcement so incompetent just so their pet criminals can go free. Now Jordan wants to bring Sonny down, it will never happen unless perhaps MB left the show, so why waste time with these stories. The bad guys will always win. When Sonny was made the center of the show w/Jason, this is when it went bad for me. I've stuck with it in the hope that different regimes would change it somewhat, and at first RC seemed to be doing that, but once we brought in the Jeromes and Franco it was back to criminals running around free. We'll see if the new regime changes that at all.

  12. "jstkel said...Uh its probsbly not written ya think."

    What's probably not written? You mean the angel letter?

    "Avalonn said...And that's all I took away from today's show!! Lol,"


    "it's Port Charles version of "the Rachel" we shall call this hair style, "the commissioner"

    Hahahah! YES!

  13. I want Jake to be Jason (enough already) and take back ELQ from Nicholas intead of rejoining the mob with Sonny...need something different.


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