Saturday, July 4, 2015

Behold, the Fun of a Past GH 4th of July

Back when characters could actually be TOGETHER on screen and share a common story. Oh, and Luke's running for mayor!


  1. Ah yes the good ol days. :) in 1983 I was 9 years. I have watched GH since I was little. My mom watched GH and AMC when she was pregnant with me! :) I watched AMC since I was little too! Then OLTL I started watching when I was 11. Anyway yes GH was so great back then! Luke wasn't mayor that long. I forgot how long. When Laura came back he quit.

  2. Jimmy Lee!!!!! My 9 year old self had such a huge crush on him. And I forgot how hot Scotty was, even if he was a slimeball. And it's always great to see Ruby again. :)

  3. Such a difference from Independence Day on GH now. - 2 people on a patch of green, all alone. If that scene was shot today it would last well over a week because each conversation would have been filmed separately with no background people involved. That one was filmed like a stage performance with everyone waiting for their cue to perform, and all the background people looking engaged and busy. That's what you get when you have a stage full of actors. No one needed multiple takes to say 2 lines.

    I really miss that too.

  4. thanks Karen, I really enjoyed many great faces to see :)

  5. Thank you Karen! That was wonderful to see!

  6. I sometimes forget that there was actually a time when I CARED about the characters on this show.

    Thanks Karen.

  7. "Stephanie Boudreaux said...Jimmy Lee!!!!! My 9 year old self had such a huge crush on him."

    Oh yes! He was hot! :) And he always wore tight pants. Ahem! :)


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