Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Scars

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I usually think about the blog when I drive but this time I was doing the dishes. One word came to mind: Vexed. Oh GH, how you vex me. Take a show like Friday and turn me into mush. Mon-Wed I could barely get through but Thursday and then the glory of Friday just made me smile like a teenager again. 

Ok, buckle up. We've got a lot to talk about!! I'm going for blueberry muffins (in honor of blueberry hill on Cassadine Isle). 

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Mon-Wed put me in a rotten mood.  There was the Valerie Dante sex (which we got to experience  over and over again thru the magic of flashbacks), Ava/Franco stuff, the 1:1 4th of July scenes and just a bunch of boredom. Not even the JJ shoots Frank Smith moved me.  I'm going to gloss over those bits a lot and focus on the major storylines and what DID work. Here goes! 

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Brad, Lucas and Felix.  Great fun. I do not understand why they insist on putting characters on 3 weeks later from the last scenes they had. It's not interesting and it really makes it choppy. It's obvious Brad's bio parents are going to be against the wedding (or have 3 heads) or something. GET. On. WITH. IT!!

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NuPaul Hornsby. Surprisingly, the recast didn't make me mad! I know, I know-- I hate recasts but this one works. I didn't really watch that faithfully during all the Paul/Tracy years so it wasn't a major deal for me. Plus this actor is awesome. OUT OF THE GATE. You know he can do it--he's charming and just works. Loved Alice telling him off. Bringing back Paul and Dillon is an interesting choice at this stage of the game but I'll take any  Q material I can get.  

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Let's also speak of the magnificence of Dom Z this week. Holy Moly. Now, I'm not going into how much I hate the Insta-Sex with Val-Pal but his acting? Out of the park. First of all he totally acted drunk. Even his eyes were glazed. I wondered if he put drops in them! Then, the Lulu scene where he's yelling at her. Perfection. She finally tells him where she was and his face--I swear if you look at it he looks ill. Like he really felt that. Clapping all around. Emme was ok..but I did find myself trying to picture JMB in the role and how she'd play it. I guess all the Spencer reunion stuff made me miss her. 

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Carly and Liz. Nice scenes. Now I wish they had talked a bit more over the years about their Joss-Jake bond.  Silas came in and NO JOSSLYN -- which you know made me furious. Get that kid in there! LOL A major fap-poo happened with her "5 years cancer free" statement being thrown around. It's actually 4 years.  The other interesting thing is that Josslyn was younger than Jake when she got his kidney (or kidneys, I think it was both) and then was SORA'd to 11. He's now 8. So....welp. 

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This brings us to Jake (the kid). Yeah that they got the original actor to play him. Nice touch.  I think that kid looks so much like Steve Burton it's amazing. Secondly, he's alive. Now, if you look back on my blog and how I flipped out about this you'll be surprised to hear that I'm just going with it now. It's done, he's back and there it is. 

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Our stunning Helena is at the Island House all ready for Luke. With the economy collapsing all around her, she just doesn't care. She's having wine and fine dining. She gives Luke a nice speech about their relationship through the years. He calls her almost "human"-- She says yep, Nikolas is finally turning on the Cassadine evil meter so she feels better. Then Helena plays the trump card: "I have a parting gift for you"..and produces Jake. 

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We find out from Luke that she took Jake after he hit him with his car. So, he did hit him after all. No other explanation really. Basically just took the kid. Organs and all. Who knows what happened there. I'm going with Helena is some kind of real-time witch that knows spells. Or they cloned organs at the Clinic. Whatever. 

Just call it magical! 

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Lucky sees Jake. Cries happy tears. You know what I would have done? First thing? Looked for scars on his kidneys. YEP. That's me though. Poor Jake's been on Cassadine Island for all this time and thinks his mom is dead. I guess Helena was "Granny"?? No idea. I also have no idea why he doesn't sound Greek. LOL. Must have isolated him from everyone else and had an American tutor. 

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 Liz...oh Liz. She almost told Jake the truth then copped out. Dang, are going to have a mess on your hands but soon. Your kid is alive and you'll be so elated but--there's that pesky secret you're keeping from his bio-dad. Whoops. It's gonna eat her alive. Lucky always raised Jake as his own and he and Jason came to an understanding that Jake would "BE" Lucky's boy because of the mobular involvement. 

Monica and Jake. First off, MONICA. Yes, I said it. MONICA. Only took like a year to get her back on but there she is. And Jason's with her. Will she know? 

SO many questions: 

How in the HELL did Lucky, Luke and the gang get from Greece to USA in ONE day, not even a day like an afternoon?  It was so funny. They didn't even TRY with that. At. ALL!! Which actually made me go--ok! This whole story is weird and 'out there' so why not just have them appear in Liz' yard!!? I swear if this is a dream of Luke's while he's in the looney bin I'll scream! I've been wondering since the beginning of all of this if it's been "real". I mean I think it is but geesh, it's just STRANGE. Like Helena's speech, then her just leaving. 

Did Nikolas know about Jake and if so, for how long? 

The whole organ thing is a mess. Plus, if Helena stole Jake, who'd they bury? I suppose I'm not to care about that either! Just some poor kid they swapped out and no one noticed. 

Why would Valerie confide in Jordan? Good Lord, you'd think they were sisters. Go in, tell your new BOSS you slept with an officer who's married. Nice. 

The Ava story is so isolated and 'out there' from the rest of the show I just can't. Watching Maura and Roger together is always a treat but geesh. 

Where's Bobbie? 

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Why was Sabrina hanging out at the Q house, holding on to her purse for an hour, even after Tracy left? I don't think they know what to do with her. LOL 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Well, Tony and JJ just did me in. I cried, I loved the whole Albert Camus existentialist nature of their "choices" talk. Superb. Legacy, great actors and  time. Wow. 

"It all had to do with loving your mother and raising you, my first born, my pride and joy of  my life" 

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PROP of the WEEK: I would give it to Jake's little remote car but this green wall thing intrigued me so much. It was in all the airport scenes. So random. So green.

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FACE of the WEEK:   Dante wakes up and sees....Valerie!! LOL. this is the exact moment of eye-contact. He's like "Oh nooooooo" 

I'm looking forward to Monday that's for sure!! What is Liz going to do when she sees Jake? I'd probably faint, scream...tear my hair out and throw up ! LOL.  
Cam and Aiden...not only is Jake a "dead Jason" but both he and Your brother Jake came back from the dead! Poor Emma is going to think NO ONE ever really dies! 
They are VEXED I tell you! 

Supplement Surgery:  I found this video on You Tube because some people insist that Jake only donated one kidney to Josslyn. Nope. Cancer is in both kidneys--not only that Lucky convinces Liz to donate all his organs to 'save as many children as possible".  From what people have now said on twitter, I guess in the next set of clips, Liz does say "one kidney" there it is. Whatever, right?! 
There is some FANTASTIC work done during Jake's death. Which is why some of us are a bit peeved that all of a sudden it's all erased and he's just fine. 

Photos thanks to Lisa, @sourcejenn, @spinsvixenlla @momoftwowildgirls 


  1. Karen, GM, thanks again for a GREAT SS, I am first again, yay!! ITA w/everything you said, I KNOW we ALL cried during Luke/Lucky scenes!!

  2. I also COULDN'T BELIEVE that L, L & L and Jake made it back to PC in, like 2 mins. THEY SHOULD TELL LIZ right away!! I anticipate crying my eyes out when Liz sees him, I have had losses in my life, and I KNOW I will be feeling what it would feel like if my loved ones came back!

  3. It couldn't have been Jake's kidneys they took because they would have taken all the organs, as you said, because he was a donor. It had to be another child with the same blood type.

    The child swtching bothers me less than the age but then Cam has never aged with the other kids so he and Jake will be the right age. They should have gotten a shorter

    Dom Z was great this week. He didn't need any props or gimmicks, just his very expressive face and lots of talent. Even Lulu shone more brightly in her scenes with him.

    And the Luke and Lucky philosophizing had me in tears too. More fantastic acting!

    I also liked the Brad, Lucas and Felix scenes. Those three are always great. Once again they can act, and do comedy without the need for gimmicks. They can also do the serious stuff equally well. They need to use Felix more without getting him stuck in the "I need a date" mode. He's good. Use him as an orderly and a friend. He and Pfiffy were also great together for some comic relief. And it made sense. That type of quick comedic relief is how most of us get through work during a hard day. We don't need slapstick and the stooges.

    I loved seeing Alice and Monica back and I hope Monica can fill her house with Q's again.

    They need to recast Ned if the actor can't come back. And not with someone from another soap! With a newby like nuDillon who was instantly accepted because his face was unknown. He and nuPaul are both good and open up more Q story line possibilities. Let's fill up that house before the Thanksgiving pizza party. lol

    I'm now off to check the freezer for a blueberry muffin. Thanks a lot! lol

  4. The clip you posted from when Jake "died" was fantastic. It was so powerful! I stopped watching it when the rumors that Jake was going to be killed off surfaced, because there was just too much death then, and killing little Jake was just the last straw for me. But that whole thing was amazing.
    And even when both kidneys fail, they only transplant one. A person can survive and do well with only one kidney. If the donor is a live donor, that person still has a kidney. If the donor is dead, both kidneys can be used for two different recipients.
    The thought that Liz and Lucky donated "all Jake's organs" for transplants is so creepy now that Jake is alive!! What child had to die for this? Did Helena have someone killed? You are right, Karen, where did they get that kid who died????
    I am so zoning in and out from the show. A couple of great scenes, with some stellar acting and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    But now, I am going to lunch.

  5. Great stuff between JJ&AG. Had me in tears! But the Jake is alive stuff so unbelievable!he's like Frankenstein! Ron is trying to redeem Luke and push Big Jake farther from Sam

  6. I loved Dante and Valerie stuff this week. Dante and Valerie are gaining a following. I loved the show this week. I'm glad little Jake is back so we don't have to hear all the complaining about Guza killing him off.

  7. OMG I never even thought it could all be a dream...please no.

  8. Thank you, Karen, for another wonderful SS! Since you covered all the story lines so well, there's not much more to say. But I'd like to emphasize how much I enjoyed seeing Monica, Alice, and Felix this week -- all of whom are so under-used.

    I do have some steam to blow off on the whole Dante/Valerie/Lulu/Dillon thing. I'm upset with Dante for jumping to conclusions. He knows he married a Spencer, and mystery disappearances seem to go with the territory. Not to worry -- all will be explained in time. But if I may vent here, I can't stand Valerie. She's been spraying her pheromones all over Dante since the day she met him. She fed into his worst suspicion (before he confronted Lulu and got to the truth) and instigated the affair. I could say some really ugly stuff about the skank behavior, but I'll restrain myself. She's known what she's wanted from the moment she set eyes on Dante & Lulu's life. She lurked and waited for the perfect opportunity, and then she capitalized on it. I should make book on whether she will end up pregnant. We all know that's what's coming next, right? Despite her promise to "keep it between them," the night of passion is not the "it" she wants to keep between them. Look for Valerie to be taking some maternity leave soon. Of course Dante will step up and do the honorable thing and offer child support, visitation, and help with raising their love child. That look on Dante's face when he woke up went beyond regret. It marks the beginning of the end of "Lante." Sadly.

    You mentioned the time issue and how quickly L,L,L,&J flew from Greece to PC. Yes! Sam and Nikolas must've had a really long talk outside Kelly's. They started talking at the same time Jake was revealed to Lucky and finished their chat when "3 L's and the J" arrived at Liz's house. Maybe the Cassadines invented teleportation. IRL, it takes about eight hours to get from Greece to upstate New York. I should know by now that there are certain things that long-time soap fans are supposed to overlook.

    I think it's inevitable that in a few weeks, we will see Valerie shopping for a home pregnancy test. I hope I'm wrong.

  9. I hope everyone's wrong about the baby. They've got enough kids on this show that they're trying to shoot around. And I'm afraid they're going to lose even more fans if they go that route. I just want this to be an excuse for Valerie to leave. Lulu can get a job and Dante can grovel for a while. (Leave this as something that can be revisited years down the road.)

    Also with Rocco in daycare Lulu can actually have a story line that doesn't involve dragging around a kid who'll soon be bigger than her. lol

  10. Thursday and Fridays shows were the best I've seen in I don't know how long. When that little truck hit Luke's foot and they showed that it was actual Jake my mouth dropped. I so love it when the originals come back. When Lucky saw him I had tears and I am contemplating calling in to work Monday so I can see Elizabeth, see Jake. I am going to be a fricken puddle. Dante was also AWESOME on Thursday. His acting was great. Valerie can suck it, hate her. Now we have a fake Paul Hornsby to go with fake Dylan. I think a fake Brooklyn will be back soon. They are talking about her too much.

    The one thing I'm left wondering is, whose kidney does Joss have??? Thursday and Friday are prime examples of why I've been watching since the womb. So. Dang. Good!!!

  11. I disagree about Valerie. I just want Dante and Valerie to get a chance together. Why does Dante and Lulu have to stuck in the happy couple closet. I just don't like this Dante and Lulu. Dom and Emme to me don't any heat between them.

  12. Believe it or not, Cooks7570, not every happily married couple considers themselves "stuck in a happy couple closet." Dante and Lulu are the only stable couple on the show and they've worked hard to be where they're at now. Destroying their marriage for the sake of mixing in some more sex scenes is ridiculous, in my humble opinion. Let Valerie get her roll in the hay with some single guy on the show. Their story can be shaken up other ways.

  13. I hope that we don't have to see the Dante screws the skank flashback ever again. Of course she will be pregnant and probably we will get a revisit of crazy, jilted woman tries to destroy a marriage ala Lisa Niles. I am still rooting for a who killed Valerie mystery. Can't stand her.

    I am so happy that JJ managed to redeem the Luke exit somewhat. The scenes with the two of them saying goodbye were fabulous.

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  15. FYI to whoever posted that Felix is an orderly; he is actually a registered nurse. Not sure why the though of a male black nurse would be so hard to believe, but welcome to 2015.

  16. Dar said [[[Of course she will be pregnant]]]

    Ok, what if they were daring and did this scenario: Val does not get pregnant. Val gives Dante an STD. He, in turn, unknowingly gives it to Lulu. One day she goes to the gyno and is informed that she has an STD. She is in the doctor's office and puts 2 and 2 together. The only way she could have gotten it is from Dante. and the only way he could have given it to her is if he cheated on her. And this is how she finds out.

    This would kinda be an original storyline. Has this happened on soaps before?

    ps. I did not cry.

  17. Sorry, GHwatcher. I forgot he was a nurse. They don't have him doing nursey things very often. It's mostly advice to the lovelorn. Liz seems to do all the nurse stuff. And I know male nurses so it's definitely not because I don't believe it.

    I'd love to see that story delcodave. There's way too much unprotected sex on this show with absolutely no consequences. Although having dante having to go to GH with symptoms and then having to tell Lulu would be really good too. har har


  18. Bit of a rant.

    For me this Vante/Lante story is so bad. For the "hate" Brytni's character is getting. "Skank" "Homewrecker" "Whore"? So many horrible things being said for a naive, innocent character who lost her entire world when her mother died. From my perspective Dante has been giving her "vibes" for months. Not to mention the mixed signals leading up to "sex". He's a skank IMO and should know better than to lead her on.

    I agree with Cooks. ER and DZ have nothing. And it's chem with Brytni that has generated a lot of interest. Sadly. I feel that many aren't that interested in this version of Lante.

    As far as DZ. Well. I've seen it all before. And I too miss JMB tons. Such a shame that Dom and Julie never really got the writing they deserved resulting in Julie leaving. She would be killing this material with Fluke/ Dante. Which brings me back to DZ .. the Lante fight was so hollow because ER brings nothing to the character or pairing. It really was Julie and Dom that made the couple. This version has been on life support sine 2013.

    This fight always makes me weak in the knees. Such a shame they were never given the credit

    As far as the Jake stuff. I'm with Karen.. it is what it is. JJ is always wonderful and the shining light. And I love NuPaul with Tracy.

  19. I don't know if it is a dream, but there is so much about this Jake story that doesn't ring true or right. First of all, the ever skeptical Luke just accepting the fact that this kid is really Jake, no questions asked or DNA tests done?

    And why would Hels just turn him over like that without and of the Spencers questioning her motives? She wouldn't do it unless there is something diabolical in the works. Is the kid a mini-Manchurian Candidate, ready to assasinate Grampa and stepdad's family?

    That whole Frank Smith thing was nonsensical too.

    I'm beginning to wonder if it is one big Luke hallucination. Did Heather Weber spike his Crown Royal? Or did she put hash oil in my BLT?

  20. Reflecting on the Jake storyline. Sure it was a Guza hot button killing off Jake. But then again BJ's "hear" is revered as one of the best storylines. So really never understood the "hate" there. But it led to such amazing acting and story for the players. And always will remember the interviews with JJ, BH and BH on how emotional it was to play out the scenes. I remember seeing DZ in April 2011 , being part of it. And how emotional he said it was to be part of the scenes. Especially with Julie's Lu being part of it. Not to mention JT / Kimberly's part. How do you replicate that all?

  21. Didn't Becky get fired before the storyline too.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. re: the idea of Heather and drugs

    Now there's an idea...the last Luke scene involves the camera pulling back and you see him still in a padded cell somewhere. Heather has given him a massive dose of bad LSD and now for the rest of his life he is on one big trip. Geary would love that, you know it's true.


  24. Dante and Valerie are gaining a following? Where?



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