Monday, July 6, 2015

A New Week

Guess it's Officially "unofficial"...Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller kanoodling in Malibu! It was all over twitter today--even SOD had an item up. So, there's that!! I hope GH can milk whatever it wants out of it-- PR wise. She need

AIDEN WAS ON THE SHOW!!!!!!! Holy Crap and how hysterically funny. Kid has not been on in 3 years and he's on the day JJ is on. Bahahaa. That's GH for you. Note that Cam is gone, I think he's setting off the fireworks. heh. Couldn't afford both.

Oh, Danny runs to Jake in the park. Liz is all pissy. Liz and Patrick leave to go pick up Emma and Cam. So... there it is. Liz mentions Lucky.

Val and Dante give in to their PASSION or "Beer Horny-ness" YEP. Deed is done!!

JJ is on! He shoots Frank Smith and everyone shoots everyone. Dillon "Saves Lulu" . Bleck. 
I wish Nikolas would have gone instead of NuDillon. Frank Smith is shot. He woke up. He said to Luke "Lucky, he was in on it" Dies.
I think Lucky had to stage this to get Jake back? 

YEP. Jake is alive. Lucky says so. There it is people! 

Silas and Nina talk about Denise. And Franco and Ava talk about Ava. I still hate the fact he doesn't/didn't know. AND acted all "That can't be YOU"!!?? Like he wouldn't know. Like he didn't fake that whole death thing himself.  He's going to help Ava. 


  1. I was completely absorbed during today's show . . . doing my multitasking. And, no, Sonya, not in bed. Hee hee. Really, I got so much done today. Did see Lucky shoot Frank Smith, paused to smile. Then, back to work. They need to do something to fascinate the viewers soon. Cause I can save a lot of electricity by turning tv off while I get this stuff done.

  2. I'm all sorts of PISSED after today's show. LOL

  3. Don't blame you in the least. GH time is my [self] designated break time, and it is so awful lately that I end up doing other stuff during it.
    Seriously, you and Delacorte Dave (sorry I misspelled) should be co-headwriters. You do such a good job coming up with stuff. Interesting stuff, stuff that makes sense, stuff that would make me put down that chore and pay attention.

  4. Is it me or watching Dante and whatever her name is, just PAINFUL??
    thank god for the FF button.. blarg!

  5. Only TIIC at GH could write scenes with Genie, Tony and JJ - together - not very interesting to me at all.

  6. Tanya,
    It's definitely not just you. I am hoping that the next mystery is who killed Valerie. She's just awful.

  7. Ugh I HATE the Dante and LuLu and Valarie story line....LuLu will come back and Dante will feel like a fool and Valarie will end up pregnant...HATE

  8. It's not just you, Tanya. I was so pissed off today after that scene that I forgot what I actually liked about the episode.

  9. I know what is bothering me now.

    This is the scene length for a typical show in the past 2 weeks.

    Ava and Whoever - 3 minutes (per scene)
    Dante and Valerie - 3 minutes
    Silas, Nina and whoever walks by - 3 minutes
    Jake/Jason, Liz extended families - 3 minutes
    Sonny and Carly and whoever knocks on their door - 3 minutes
    Kiki and Morgan - 10 minutes TOO LONG PER SCENE

    and then...

    Luke, Laura, Lulu, etc. 7 seconds.

    Every storyline gets at least 3 minutes per scene. (K/M feel like hours...) But the supposedly stars of the show, the one with the big "one last frikkon adventure. tune in tomorrow. love in the afternoon. daytime frikkon dilemma welcome to the 80s" storyline, gets 7 seconds per scene before they CUT AWAY to morgan and kiki making out.


  10. Dante is acting like a jerk. Sure he is hurt that Lulu lied to him, but he should have confronted her first, before any fooling around with Valerie. I never dreamed that the guy with all the ethics and principles was the one to stray!

    Loved seeing Lucky today. JJ's son played Aiden before, so it was the same boy on today, I'll bet. That explains why we saw Aiden for the first time in forever.

    I so want Sam and Jake (Jason) to get together soon. The actors have great chemistry together.

  11. [[[ I so want Sam and Jake (Jason) to get together soon. The actors have great chemistry together. ]]]


  12. KeMo and Miller together? Nice! I hope this means he'll stay and renew his contract. Can't wait for the reveal.
    Everything else is a joke. Pretty insulting or just plain boring? Can't decide.
    Little Jake coming back? We won't see him anyway. Will that make Liz want to tell Jake he is Jason? And what about the kidney story? And the aftermath of his death? Just a waste of time.
    Thank goodness for Karen's blog, Sonya's recaps and Delcodave comments :)

  13. Wow I didn't know Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco are together. Cool. I thought she was still with that other guy.

    BobTodd and Moochie: Poor BobTodd is freaking out haha. Why did she have to tell him?! BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: I can do accents too you know. Hello Govne. Yeah merci beaucoup. Top of the mornin to you capeesh?



    Patrick, Sam, and Danny: Awwww such a sweet scene. :) Oops McSilas sees them. Awww is he lonely?

    Nina and McSilas: Are they getting back together? Oh Sam wonders too haha. Nina talks about last year on the 4th of July. They were watching fireworks last year and this year! Sam was with McSilas last year and now this year on the 4th of July, she is with Patrick. Who will he be with next year? Jake Doe?! Hey McSilas looks upset when Nina tells him that Moochie is with BobTodd!! McSilas has feelings for Moochie!

    Liz and Jake Doe: Jake Doe wants to be a daddy someday! Awwww! Oh Danny runs to him and grabs his leg again hahahaha. Liz looks uncomfortable. I'm surprised she went with Patrick and let Jake Doe and Sam be alone!

    Jake Doe and Sam: UGH! So boring!!!!! *grabs a prawn and sticks it in my brain*

    Liz and Patrick: Hmmm? Lucky has been skyping his son?!!?! Really?!!?! All this time he has been gone!?!?!

    Liz's home: Liz has been trying to contact Lucky?!!?!?! WOW! And there is a picture of little Jake!!!!!!

    British Columbia warehouse: Woah shooting!!!! Frank is down! WOAH LUCKY!!!!! My jaw dropped. :) Frank is dead! Oh no wait he is still alive! Oh no wait Luke shot him. Frank is dead! Oh no wait he is still alive! I'm dizzy. I need to sit down. Wait! Frank says Lucky is in on this?! HUH?!!?! In on what?!!? Luke shoots Frank in the head!!! NOW he is dead! Geez about time! What a waste of time! WAIT LITTLE JAKE IS ALIVE?! I KNEW IT! I knew after I saw a promo of Luke and Lucky talking! I knew little Jake is alive! YAY! :)

    Lante home: Dante drinking more! Oh oh Leslie calling! Oh boy Dante and Val doing the mattress mambo tango dance! I hope they are using protection!

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  15. "ishouldreadmore said...I was completely absorbed during today's show . . . doing my multitasking. And, no, Sonya, not in bed. Hee hee."

    ROFL! Awwww too bad! :)

    "Lara says Thank goodness for Karen's blog, Sonya's recaps and Delcodave comments :)"

    Well, on behalf of Karen, Delcodave and myself, you're welcome! Hahaha! :)

  16. [[[ I hope they are using protection! ]]]

    are you kidding? this writing staff does not have an original thought in their heads. the oldest, most tired and overused storyline is when someone cheats and "accidentally" gets pregnant.

    I guess we know what is going to be in Dante's Easter basket next spring.

  17. "delcodave said..are you kidding? this writing staff does not have an original thought in their heads. the oldest, most tired and overused storyline is when someone cheats and "accidentally" gets pregnant."

    Accidentally! ROFL! He was so drunk he fell on her! And her clothes were so loose if fell off! :)

    "I guess we know what is going to be in Dante's Easter basket next spring."

    A baby girl he has always wanted? :)

  18. Sonya said..."And there is a picture of little Jake!!!!!! "

    You know if they're flashing his picture he'll be back.

    And you know valerie and dante aren't using protection. No one in Port Charles does. that's why ELQ was going out of business! lol

    And Lara, I don't think it was actually Jake who donated the kidney. It was another kid whose face and head were badly battered. That's how they did the Jake switch. (If he's still alive.)

  19. "Di said..You know if they're flashing his picture he'll be back."

    Oh yeah. I sure know that! :)

    "And you know valerie and dante aren't using protection. No one in Port Charles does. that's why ELQ was going out of business! lol"

    ROFL! I remember when Liz and Zander had sex, and I said to myself, oh she is going to get pregnant! And she did!!! :) I didn't see them using protection!

  20. The only way this show can be saved is if Karen & Dave take over the writing staff!! I'm just saying!! So disappointed in Dante,but I suppose it's time for him to be a bad boy now. I mean Nicholas can't be the only one drinking the kool aide!! Anyway,I am curious about how the latest back from the dead storyline is going to
    play out. Omgosh,does anyone know how many people have been reincarnated on this show? Just wondering.

  21. Dave's TOP 10 LIST

    1. Get rid of all dead weight. This would include Kiki, Morgan, Ava, Silas, Nina and Franco. All of them were fun in the beginning, but there is no story for any of them anymore at least not with these writers. Bring them back sporadically. If you have a 4-6 week arc storyline for them, fine. If not, they are useless. If they arent going to do something with Sabrina or tell us Rosalie's secret (to quote Austin Powers, that's a man, baby!) get rid of them too. Send Molly and TJ to college together, and then have them come back for breaks and short 3-4 day stories.

    2. Bring back Rose Kelly to run Kellys. With Sean in jail, someone needs to run the place.

    3. Bring back Jimmy Lee Holt to fight with Tracy (step-brother and sister) and find some loop hole in the will that states that he truly has some shares or some claim to ELQ. Maybe he has money on his own and isn't a country boy anymore. But get more Q's in there and more Q interactions. Jimmy Lee can really stir up trouble. Now you have Dillon too.

    4. Bring in more doctors and keep focus on hospital. Patrick O'Connor can resurface, perhaps along with Terry Brock. Also, Patrick's brother who is in jail (forget the characters name). Isnt it time for him to get out of jail? Patrick should have his brother around for sibling rivalry

    5. End the Jake/Jason mess immediately and then see where the storyline goes from there. It is not moving. If you want conflict, drama and suspense, end this cat/mouse storyline and move forward to the heart of it. There is going to be a heart in it, isnt there? Please?

    6. Storylines shouldnt last months on end. Have some arcs start, progress, then end. Case in point, the gay wedding. Is this ever going to happen? Take a cue from nighttime programs. They have short arcs, a few weeks and that's it. And bring in guest stars for short arcs. There is no reason to have Felicia and Mac in one 3 minute scene every 6 months. Write an actual mini-story for them, one that might only last 4-5 days. Think of them as guest stars, bring them in, stay a few days and then write them out. This goes with ANYONE. But give them something to do other than say hello. They have history and backstory and are so much better than what they are doing with them.

    7. SORAS the preteens to late teenage level in late high school ready to go to college and give them realistic storylines. Right now, you have Joss eating corn. Seriously. THATS the storyline. Joss is eating corn. WTH? Send them off to college and then re-address their existence in the future when it makes sense.

    8. Mike Webber. Remember him? Have him come back with Ginny Blake (is actress available?) Wow, can that woman give Tracy a run for her money in the bitch department. Now, that's a catfight I would love to see. Two extremely strong women in a scene together. Then throw in Carly into that mix.

    9. I would love to see Monica, Leslie, Gail and Audrey (have them guest star for one day) playing Bridge at the Q mansion and reminiscing (flashbacks) over the loves of their lives throughout the years. Would be a nice clip show. Monica and Leslie should be on together once in awhile. They have incredible history and chemistry with each other and it is wasted. It's gold when they are together. Just like Monica and Tracy.

    10. Have Valerie leave. With the secret that she slept with Dante. Yes, she gets pregnant. Next summer, have her return with infant girl in a stroller and slowly unravel the secret that Dante was unfaithful. Have Dante absolutely freak out and unravel himself when he sees her. What will can be written well is that Lulu will have a breakdown when she feels that Valerie gave Dante the girl she never could. Lulu will feel she drove Dante to her, but for the wrong reasons. If written well, this doesnt have to be cheesy. Lulu doesnt have to know at first and be happy for her cousin and then it will slowly filter.

    Ok. That's my 10. How about 10 from you Karen?

  22. Guess there's no question now who "Jake" is going to end up with...

    I'm catching up on the past few days' posts and just wanted to say how great they were and also everyone's comments are great too. All I can say is ditto.

    The only thing I'm enjoying about Luke's sendoff so far is seeing Ethan and Lucky, but not even that can bring any life to this. Everyone seems to be sleepwalking through it. I had to crack up when Holly and Ethan left in that van and no one said, oh I don't know, to call the police maybe? It all seems sort of clumsily written and the actors going through the motions. They are all really good actors. The material isn't doing them justice.

    I thought the love scene with Dante and Valerie was so awkward, I burst out laughing when Dante bumped into that half wall thing. I do not like the Valerie character and I think she is very awkward and stiff. I can't believe they had him cheat on Lulu without all the facts no matter how had it might have looked, he should know by now that there is usually some sort of Spencer drama going on and it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for something to be going on with her father in another country. But instead he jumps into bed with Valerie, her own cousin! I never think of pregnancy until other people comment on it and now I'm really hoping they don't go down the baby road again, please no.

  23. Oh are going to make me think think think! I've tried those lists before-- especially during the Guza years.
    I shall try as hard as I can to at least match yours!

  24. "Panda says I burst out laughing when Dante bumped into that half wall thing."

    Oh! I forgot to mention that! Yeah when he bumped into that, I was thinking ouch that must have hurt!

  25. Dave, you have some good stuff on your list - problem is a bunch of these folks are
    a bit 'long in the tooth'...jus' saying'...

  26. I skimmed the episode for the Spencer family scenes...Good to see JJ with Tony and Genie one more time. They have a chemistry together than just cannot be replicated and I appreciate that effort that JJ made in his schedule to be on set.

    Delcodave has some good ideas above, especially with the timing and consistency of storylines and getting rid of the excess baggage characters.
    I would add:
    - Spend some of $$$ freed up from Geary leaving to buy back the rights to the Todd Manning character. Have Franco leave and RH return as Manning - it's his signature, best role and he is GOLD in it. Franco just isn't happening. Make Todd the newspaper/webnews guy in town with a role on the GH board of trustees and have him mix it up with Dr. O, Lucy Coe, and Carly (again). Give him some scenes with the kids too - he has a rapport with the younger actors that has always been good.

  27. Yea, im thinking Rose kelly would be about 99 yrs old by now.. let her retire!!

    I say bring back Deception, at least that would give Lucy something to do and maybe Maxie
    can finally get a real job, I think she said she was personal shopping now..

    The whole Jake thing needs to end soon, were they waiting to see if he would re-sign? Watching
    Liz look guilty for a few more months is a terrifying thought. Over it!

  28. Hi all.

    Loanne Bishop is 60 years old. She is also still active in television having recently guest starred on series Ray Donovan, True Blood and Rizzoli and Isles.

    Never suggested for her to come back full time. Maybe just bring her on for stability and an ocassional appearance once or twice a month. Have her return with a son or daughter (she lost Lulu, on the show, didnt she? Foster daughter? I forget and frankly too lazy to look it up) Let the offspring run the diner for her and be in storylines.

    Better mid-20s actors than the Kiki/Morgan debacle we are suffering through now.

    There was a time when there was a lot of scenes in the diner for conversation and plot advancement. Just like there was a time there were a lot of scenes at the hospital. Now? Majority of the scenes are in K/M's bed.

  29. "delcodave said...Loanne Bishop is 60 years old."

    She is going to be 60 very soon! :) November 10th. :)

    "Have her return with a son or daughter (she lost Lulu, on the show, didnt she? Foster daughter? I forget and frankly too lazy to look it up) Let the offspring run the diner for her and be in storylines."

    I looked it up for you. Rose is the stepmother of Paddy's son Joe Kelly, and becomes the foster mother of Lou Swenson. She got involved with Jake Myer, but I don't remember if they had any kids or not. I can't find anything about them.

  30. Not sure what to think about the Jake stuff yet. On one hand I think killing off Jake in the first place was a pretty lame move by the previous regime. But with the years that have past and plot holes that will pop up from this...I just not sure about it.

    That weirdness aside, yesterday's episode wasn't that bad. The park scenes were sort of boring. McSilas pining for Sam was odd. This was their first scenes together in what like a year? He's such a sourpuss. The Ava/Franco scenes were my favorites. Ava totally wants Franco to put out her fire. LOL Lucky & the rest of the Spencer clan was sort of nice. Kind of wish they would have keep Dante and Val to just the kiss.

  31. delcodave: I agree with everything u said except Silas :) I need to see more ME not less.:)

  32. Great list, Dave!

    I especially agree with getting rid of the dead weight and moving the stories along faster.

    Kiki and Valerie are at the top of my dead weight list. As much as I like Michael Easton, Silas is an absolute snooze. John McBain was a much more interesting character. Ditto with Franco vs. Todd Manning, but at least Franco is funnier now.

    The stories draaaaaaaag on. What really happened all of last week? "The boys" were kidnapped, the weird and awkward rescue attempt started, Ethan got shot, Denise told Franco she was Ava. Anything else? In FIVE HOURS of programming? Ridiculous. And must there be a recap of every story every day? Zzzzzzzzz. This is no longer the 80s and the target audience is no longer stay-at-home-housewives. We all have many more entertainment options at our fingertips and our attention spans are much shorter.

    To make compelling serial TV, it must feel like you can't miss an episode because so much happens. You could miss a week or two of GH and pick up right where you left off. Sad.

  33. WandaWoman said.... Ditto with Franco vs. Todd Manning, but at least Franco is funnier now

    That's because Franco is being written as Todd Manning, not Franco. He always has been.

    I think they've added so many simplistic characters because they don't know how to write for complex ones. That's why we've lost a lot of our vets. It's much easier to write for idiots who spend their time in bed, and sex scenes don't require dialogue.

  34. Totally agree, Di.

    It's painful to watch complex characters like Tracy and Anna being written so poorly. Such great actors reduced to playing lovesick hanger-ons is a terrible waste.

    Oh, I forgot to add Sloane to my dead weight list.

  35. My list:
    1. get back to core families. Over the Guza years (As we know) they were blown apart.
    2. Get back to the hospital. Nothing wrong with having some good ol' rotation of medical mysteries to solve. Or stuff like ER. Just do it right and tight writing
    3. Build the kids up. I like the child actors they have now, I really do but they are too young to carry REAL 'relationship' stories.
    4 In that vein, bring back Kristina and get Molly and TJ going. I can see Dillon and Kristina. Tracy would have a fit.
    5. Speaking of Tracy she needs to be the center of the show. Every show has one. Erika, Vicky, Dorian..yada yada. Monica sure as hell isn't around. Ned needs to be recast damn it (because they LET WALLY GO! UGH) And Sabrina should get PG with Michael, have a happy wedding and live at the Qs to build up the family.
    6. They HAVE to do something with Liz. She really needs to be with Patrick, imo. Patrick has no 'family' on the show now either Build that Webber-Drake Empire. They'd have 3 kids and wow. Working at the hospital. They'd be so Audrey/Steve
    7. Get rid of Kiki
    8. Get rid of Valerie
    9. OMG BUT get rid of Denise. I don't care HOW. We've lived through 9 people getting off charges, just end it already.
    10. Get the Lucas/Brad wedding going. Get Bobbie back on.

    These are off the top of my head. I didn't even talk about the Jake mess or the fact that the cast is so huge, it's hard to keep up. Stories also need to be on CONSISTENTLY. Having people pop up every 4 weeks doesn't cut it.

  36. With a new Kristina, Dillon /Kristina would be ok. They need to pick someone who can act, not just look sexy though.

    And they definitely need to get back to some hospital stories that don't involve staff making out in the halls. That doesn't happen in real hospitals. And have Pfiffy on the desk!!

    Tracy and Anna should be front and center on the show. But agree that Tracy should be the new matriarch of the show. Stories about ELQ should revolve around her, not Michael!

    I love #6. Liz is so wasted as a guilt ridden gossip. The woman can act. Give her something to do.

    Kiki and Valerie definitely need to go. I'd like to see Silas gone too. ( And don't bring Sloan back either.)

    Morgan needs to go off and do something. ( I still think he should enlist )

    And give all everyone else a job!

    let's delve into the Brad mystery but write the whole thing before it's presented. Don't try to think it up as you go! Same with Rosie. Either let us out of our misery or let her go too!

  37. I'm going with what Anon said: - Spend some of $$$ freed up from Geary leaving to buy back the rights to the Todd Manning character. Have Franco leave and RH return as Manning - it's his signature, best role and he is GOLD in it. Franco just isn't happening..

    Bring back Roger as Todd Manning and I don't care how you have to do it. Audiences will never accept him as Franco. I'm way tired hearing the "freak" description. If not TM, someone similar. Let Roger be a major player already. We need another businessman in PC. He needs to be on the RECEIVING end of those "crazy calling" calls!

  38. There are a lot of people who don't want Todd Manning to be the major player in GH. That's where they went wrong in the first place. They were more interested in a cancelled show than General Hospital. I think they need to focus on GH's major characters first.


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