Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Radioactive

Now, just pretend  that Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" is  being played while you're reading the blog!! We learned Luke's fate this week and found out Helena was behind it all. 
Ah, good times!!

GET ON your hazzzzzzzzz mat suit and Scrub up! We have some blogging to do! Note: It's an extra long one so..get an extra cup o' joe. Sorry, there's just a lot to dish about.

Friday, June 28, 2013

TJ and M.E. had S.E.X.

Says Taylor LOL . Molly: DOH!! 

Alice broke Morgan's wrist while arm wrestling!! ahahaaha. We know he did it in real life-- so that's a great reason for him to have it. 

Luke's goin down again!!  Aw, his scene with Lulu was so cute..about his little granddaughter. Tracy is happy it's a girl!! She was in a decent outfit today as well, no giant flowing thing.

Olivia is so happy it's a girlie too.  She and Sonny are going to be grandparents. EEE!!

Todd trying to convince that he loves her  and it's "As if we knew each other from another life".
Yeah, One Life.
In Llanview. LOL


People said it about 900x today! Geesh! All I can think of is TIKI when I hear her name!! 

Cut Scene from Yesterday's Show

Ron posted this on twitter:
Why it was cut...beyond me. Hit the link if you need a bigger font.

To those who were asking about the Robert Scorpio reference cut from today's ...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Message From Kelly Sullivan

Thank you all so much for your support and loyalty. You are my life long family and I cannot express how much I appreciate each of you. You have really made my experience here on GH a wonderful adventure.
I wanted to fill you all in on the details and try to answer some of your questions.
I am not returning to GH after August.
This is not a contract issue, I have been written off the show.
I do not have any information on potential Daytime opportunities.
Lastly, I have no ill feelings towards any of the staff or crew connected to the show or the network. I will miss everyone dearly.
Love, Kelly
WTH! It's summer, most of us have on Flipper FLops. LOL Guess we are just hicks heh. 

SILAS..oh Silas..they should have given you a personality. Maybe he's supposed to be like Cranky Dr. House. 
Geesh, who called that? ONLY EVERY. Single. PERSON. 
remember this:?
Now, if Franco doesn't match (which he should if he's a Q-- or IS he?) that means they'll have to find...
Who? Hmmmmmmmmm WHO could it be? Sam's DADDY?! 

bag o' blood!

Anna was crying for Luke..OMG.  and a WSB mention.  LOVED their scene together.  Luke has to go find Jerry who was with Robin when we last saw him. So, there it is.

TJ and Molly.. oh ugh. whatever. I think I'm too old for this story--

Felix and Taylor are interesting. "Team Sabrina" LOL... Told you Paddy was the daddy!  And yes, I think he is because that sets up the next set of the story. 

AND I KNEW it would be a girl for Maxie! 

Kelly Sullivan OUT at GH

Both SOD and SID confirm that Kelly Sullivan Kate/Connie is out at GH. No word on last airdate yet.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"I PUT it There"

says HELENA!! ahahaha... you got it. Oh Helena. Such a good twist and I didn't see it coming. I knew CT taped something but had NO clue!!! NICEeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
She NUKED him.. LOL 

WHAT if the BABY is..a RED SOX fan...?? Says LULU. ahahhaa. Good one. 

Luke and Laura scenes just made me bittersweet. That's all... just feeling my age. LOL.  What was  up with Lucy? Geesh!! 

FLEAMac were on!! Planning the wedding!!

Felix ..he HAD to spill some to Britt. LOL.. "Who's ever it is".... Now she's suspicious!!

Poor Maxie.

OWN To Air Episodes of AMC and OLTL

If you don't know where "OWN" is on your TV dial, you might want to find it. Oprah has graced us with her SoapBlessing and is going to air the first 40 episodes of AMC and OLTL.

Guess daytime matters after all.

Details: Hollywood Reporter

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ah, My Helena, Helena..

Just popped in to say what a GREAT story--I so love it. I know Tony has vacation but the Helena twist part is just great.
Bravo. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Helena!! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

"Crouching Hormones Hidden Intellect"

Well. Is that Laura and Scott? Whatever. I'm glad Deception is coming back..with Laura and Lucy.

Luke and Tracy eating junk food. Arguing. wow..haven't see this before. Yawn So, nothing's wrong with Luke's Liver..but you know whatever it is will involve going to "Amsterdam" for the summer.  He's got something Toxic? From those toxic balls? LOL..what. hmmm.

Oh, someone poisoned him...had to be Helena. 
And she's on "tape" tomorrow!

At least Cameron didn't set the phone on fire.  Where did Nik find that pink polo? Just hanging around?


Tranco called Morgan "Crouching Hormones Hidden Intellect" LMAO  OH that is SO TODD. I loved it. I think he also called him "Horny Ears" :) Maura West was on FIRE today..nice work.  And yes, it was AVA 

OFF The HOOK: 20130624 0947(3)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Surgery: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

I'd put up a photo of Morgan, Michael and Nik all shirtless--but I can't find any. (ahhaaa, total joke because I'm sure  there are 900 of those).

EVERYONE had their shirt off this week!! When I saw Nik in the park all sparkly with water on his tattoos all I could think of was, huh..he can't go anywhere and get a snack now.  How old am I? LOL.

SO, you know what today will be like. NO SCRUBS required! Come on in topless if you want!! Join the party!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Credit Cards, Boobs and...

you fill it in.

So, Morgan stole Michael's credit card. Which we knew...snooze. Get those CHESTIALOONS OUT KIKI!
That boathouse has been the sight of SO many trysts.. murders, tie ups. 

Duke on the history of Jeromes.

Franco and Ava. They mention a guy named "Todd" lol...

Sonny and Alexis and Shawn--obviously there's another shooter. Or Franco did something with mirrors.
Yep, another shooter.
that was easy lol

and..Carly's at the police station.  You wait, we are going to find out something was up with that shot. Shawn can't "figure it out"...Franco probably used MAGIC LOL


There it is.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scoobies. LOL

That's what Lab-Guy called Spin and Ellie. Brad KNOWS THEM :)Ellie tells him he has bad breath  LOL. 
Paddy wants to do the paternity test, Felix wants to try to deflect Brad with his..ermmm...ass-ets.  He goes to take a shower and Brad follows.

Felix told Taylor she's "pro-sex" LOL.. There's that "secret" that she claims to have. Hope she spills it.  Then Taylor said she and TJ Had Sex. Then TJ tells Shawn they had sex. I guess I missed the sex yesterday. People on twitter said they tore a condom open. Maybe I blacked that out.

Silas. Ugh. That's all I'm sayin' about that. AND I totally think that shape-shifting thing we saw last time with the dead body is going to come into this. But that's my vampire hope. 
OMG Molly writes a new book: Maine Squeeze.
Alberta Wubs just threw up a little bit. 

Luke is glad Tracy's there to hear his test results. But they are not in today. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tyler Signs GH Contract

 Tyler just signed a contract with GH...making the Prince staying PUT! Are you happy? I hope they get a story for him ASAP.

Did you know in NYS it's legal to marry your first cousin?!  Maybe Michael will turn out to be Tony's AHAHHAAAA. get it? A twist for you. I'm sure either Franco will not be a Q==or Kiki will not be his, or... they'll just do it and be naughty cousins.

SONNY and his STUPID threats with his BIG GUN. Carly needs to tell him about the time he shot her in the HEAD right about now! LMAO And that Kate got shot instead of him..and Michael. And oh, Lily got blown up. GOOD LORD. 
I feel a giant sunday surgery comin' up!!

Molly and Rafe-- "you like me as a friend, right"?? 

TODD is SO TODD  and there's NO FRANCO in there, man. None. Listening to him today was classic TODD. Period.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Morgan's Dim Bulb Sputters on..

and he figures out Franco is Kiki's Daddy and Michael and she are...FIRST COUSINS!

Uts. oh..and they are making out like banshees at the apartment!! Oh, real life Morgan broke his wrist, btw. They will write it into the storyline. 
Tracy doesn't even know who Morgan is.
AJ can't figure out that Kiki is looking for MORGAN in his own house. Who the hell else did he think her BF was? 
Michael's FACE: DOH!!!!!!!!!

Shawn tells Alexis he shot Olivia. She totally forgets that she almost wiped Kat Bell off the planet when she and Luke tried to off Helena! AND that she killed Louis Alkazar!! Pushed off the balcony. 

Jr. Mints at the prom. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Congrats To Kris Alderson!

This was last year...she was adorable and thanked everyone and -- even Chad. She cried so hard. LOL. She won for OLTL for playing STARR which she was lucky she could say out loud!!

Congrats to Julie Marie Berman

On her Emmy win for Supporting Actress. Sure do miss her on GH.

Daytime Emmys Tonight! carpet on NOW!!

Here's Kris Alderson arriving on the red carpet. (that's Chad behind her) Good luck to all GH nominees! 


Sunday Surgery: Old Wounds


Well...this week was supposed to be EPIC as per the ads out there. 
Did you see Epicness? I was expecting some bloody mayhem...or some two headed long lost 'baby' adult to show up, or at the VERY least someone to die.
I think the epic thing was Sonny getting all mad? "FINDMETHESONOFABITCHTHATDIDTHIS" type of thing? Was it ANOTHER person getting shot? um.. we've seen that.


Here we go--scrub up, but take your time. After all, even Olivia with a giant bullet wound could wait hours before going into surgery this week! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Who has to Leave on Prom Night?

On ETSY as a PROM dress. I am. serious. LOL 
Now, come on.. who would make a kid leave on a Friday NIGHT ?? No judge I know. NY does have school this week (well, exams for HS). Our Proms are in May!

Taylor's an ass. Don't like her, and not only because she's bitchy.

Morgan doesn't know Alice at ALL...only as a wrestler. Huh.

Tranco and StarKi...are just like Starr/Todd, with Todd confessing all his faults to her. AND insert "Victor' instead of "Jason" and well, you'll see what I mean!

Geesh, Took stupid MORGAN long enough to recognize the Q mansion!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Salon Pas

Oh my aching back.

I can't get dressed or move ... I don't ever have back problems like this. It's the one thing that USUALLY doesn't hurt on me! All day on the floor with kiddos will do it. Huge strain. Wub Hub even came home.

TJ and the other chick..well, those WERE some cool shoes, right? Not that I could walk in them. Bad back or no.

Paddy and Sabrina. Whatevs... knowing Robin is out there just. ugh They are PATRINA or so I see on Twitter.
I so love Alexis..she's so natural with the girls. Shaun got some SPLAININ' TO DO!!

Shaun...and Sonny, er.. can YOU YELL LOUDER IN THE HALL OF THE HOSPITAL? Good Lord!! And um, isn't Olivia like, on death's door...and she's NOT in surgery yet? No one's in there with her? No transfusions?
How stupid. I'm sorry but at least TRY.... Soaps haven't moved from that to the newer timing of cooler shows. Mistke. Those bedside chats are for coma patients and Olivia had a million.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wrong Person Shot...

20130611 0732
ARE YOU SHOCKED? The wrong person NEVER gets shot in Port Charles!! AHAAHHAHA. think a hotel is the place to do a hit, Shaun/Sean/Shawn? Not like the general public is just strolling around. 

SNIPER 101. Come on....

Alexis and Nik-- glad they still talk. Duke and Anna talking about Robin-- and the stupid CUTSIE CUPCAKE CRAP with Paddy and Sabrina. UGH I don't LIKE THEM!! Should have been Liz.  Sabrina still looks 17 to me. 
Emma and Duke were ok. A little much though.

Is Olivia going to die? Because.. well, I don't know, she might. 
"GETtheSONOFABITCHTHATDIDTHIS" Sonny says for the 99th time LOL--

Monday, June 10, 2013

GH: You Rate It..

I asked this question on the Wubs Facebook page and got 83 replies!! Far more than any other post. So..

What do you rate GH right now? 1 for nea  5 for yea....

I must say the #2 got the most votes. I think I only saw a few 5s.  I haven't seen today's show and I'm sure not running to get it on. I'm at a 3--meh. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Pediatric Ward

*sigh* Here we go again... another sick kid?   I guess they are born, get ill or kidnapped (or both) then are SORA'd for our benefit. Ah, the lonely life of a soap-baby.

Get out your rubber duckies, balloons and cartoon scrubbies and join me for a little cup o' Surgery tea... 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Danny!!


Kiki's all freaking out over having to live with Michael-- woot! Woot! 

Carly better NEVER bring up Sonny's mafia activities.  Geesh "KILL Yesterday! Just SHOOT THEM"!

I'm tired of Ava's weird dresses.  Zippers, zippers Zippers.  Tranco and StarKi --together again!!

Britt: Don't care. DON'T CARE.  Don't care. SO DON/T. CARE.  Felix is the only thing out of this story that's worth while.  She'd be a on a Picc line if she was THAT bad--my girlfriend had it 3x. Poor thing. She was throwing up ALL THE TIME.

Wow, didn't even really care about SpinEllie but I did like the Brad-Exchange.

Today's show didn't really rock the boat for me. Wub Hubby was DYING over the Franco stuff. He was like where's Franco? I was like RIGHT THERE. He was all "the guy with the ears"!!? AAhahahaha.

The Q house is now the brownstone.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm Franc-Q

Badger Bob looked awesome today!! 

How did Shawn/Sean/Shaun just stroll into the COURTHOUSE with a damn gun? Come on now. THEN he goes to the Q's??   Oh for the love of GOD!!  This is is just stupid.

SO.. Starr er.. I mean, Kiki strut around in a towel much? Michael doing percentages lol.

Yeah Tracy/AJ scene.  Very nice. 

Cawnie and Franco--and RH is back to playing Todd just about 100%.  He IS Todd.  Now he's a Q. Interesting.

20130605 0742(9) 
Poor Danny-- because you know kids can't be disease free on this show. 

And Kate/Connie is just off the hook? LMAO.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DAMN! AMC/OLTL go on Haitus over Labor Issues!

Again, Go to Daytime Confidential for the latest OLTL and AMC online woes. Geesh, they can't catch a dang break!

Daytime Confidential: Katie is a FAILURE!

Ok, so  FOX411’s Pop Tarts blog, said it-- and Daytime Confidential has the blurb.  has a nice snark piece on our IDIOTS at ABC who canned our beloved soaps for this and...THE REVOLUTION (remember how well that sheeze went)?

Enough to make me weep. WEEP I tell you!

PS.  I have GH on DVR today and probably tomorrow too. I will watch and comment but I'm SUPER busy. End of year stuff for school/therapy.

Let me know how it was! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Sassy Sister, Please....

TJ and Taylor sittin' in a tree. Oh, a sassy youth! Just what we need.  Did you see her talking with her MOUTH full? Groossssss.   
I am loving Felix though. The actor is a natural.

And Rafe and Molly. Just get this over with and have Molly and Rafe get together.  It's going to happen. It's really a snoozer of a story at the moment. 

Sabrina and BRITT? How stupid is this plot-point?  A bell and a foot rub? LMAO!! Like for real she'd move in with Sabrina. Good Lord. REdonkidink!! Felix was a hoot in that scene though. DNA shenanigans. 
"Simple. I would've pushed the succubus down the stairs" -Felix

Lulu and the recipe! She remembers Olivia's ingredients. But no using VEAL -- ;/ <---mad are="" b="" baby="" big="" cows="" face.="" limits.="" no.="" off="" ok..babies="">"You were taped to a chair that was wired to explosives," says Maxie to NuLu. Braahhhaaa.

SILAS needs a top knot bun like Bradley Cooper!  You know, bun on TOP OF THE HEAD. LOL.  Will Danny have something only TWINLY UNCLE TRANCO can save him from? Huh? Huh? You think?! (redemption point 2) OR will he have the Greek Cassadine thingy?  Well, it's cancer so, FrankenTodd is probably going to save him.

Wow, these stories are painfully boring and SLOW today!! It's like there's 3 different GH shows going on. Geeesh 

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Because He Killed Me"...

"Yep. Jason Morgan shot me".  And Tranco knows that the Qs have been looking for

'Killin' somebody, you carry that for the rest of your life" says Sonny the Sage...He always gets the gansta lines straight from the movies.

Who saw Tranco hanging from the Jail bars like a FRONKEY!? Ahhhh I do love my TODDLYFRANCO.

Tracy and Monica. Awww. "he's something else"...don not tell him I said that ahaha Tracy
"Monica, we're Quartermaines. We have each other's backs." Tracy

 Diane and Alexis in court together again!!? Nice..about time. Diane's been MIA awhile now. Franco calls in Diane to represent him. Can she say no? 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Faith Healer

20130529 1408(16) 
 I've heard there are  people that can wave their hands over something and make the pain go away. GH attempted it this week by making our brains be "healed" over the Francofrenia we witnessed when James was doing his 'guest spot'. RC raised the curtain, used the remote and in a click (and some redubbed scenes), Franco's glossing begins!!

He didn't rape Sam.

He didn't order Carter to rape Michael.
I'm sure he's got some other crazy warm-fuzzies to share. Like all that spray paint washed off in the rain...or the bomb Lulu sat on was really just a whoopie cushion.  Maybe he donated a kidney to some lonely tot.

For me, the reveal was great because of RH-- I love him and love him in the Todd-Franco hybid situation. Franco shall always BE "Franco" to me, but this in a way is so daring and so bizarre, I can't help but wub it.  
BTW, he shall be named Tranco as the Toddifying of Franco has begun!! 

I'm wearing purple scrubs in honor of the Tranco Fiesta! Let's GO GO!

Canada VS USA

 NOTE: Canadian viewers saw a different show today ! IT had Finn, Liz, Violet. LOL not sure what happened!  Brick sees Sonny. Sonny is the o...