Monday, June 24, 2013

"Crouching Hormones Hidden Intellect"

Well. Is that Laura and Scott? Whatever. I'm glad Deception is coming back..with Laura and Lucy.

Luke and Tracy eating junk food. Arguing. wow..haven't see this before. Yawn So, nothing's wrong with Luke's Liver..but you know whatever it is will involve going to "Amsterdam" for the summer.  He's got something Toxic? From those toxic balls? LOL..what. hmmm.

Oh, someone poisoned him...had to be Helena. 
And she's on "tape" tomorrow!

At least Cameron didn't set the phone on fire.  Where did Nik find that pink polo? Just hanging around?


Tranco called Morgan "Crouching Hormones Hidden Intellect" LMAO  OH that is SO TODD. I loved it. I think he also called him "Horny Ears" :) Maura West was on FIRE today..nice work.  And yes, it was AVA 

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  1. I, too, loved the crouching hormones, hidden intellect comment. Perhaps Franco can try to kill Morgan for eavesdropping and he can emerge from the resulting coma less stupid and at least somewhat likeable. I never really like the summer teen additions but Morgan and Taylor are particularly annoying.

  2. I so wrote down "crouching hormones, hidden intellect" so I could offer it up as the line of the day, in case you missed it. However, I shoulda known, great minds think alike!!

    The prop of the day: Nik's phone.

    Why does Ava always stand w/in kissing distance of every man she speaks to? Her character is like some old-time siren. Odd, because she is really only 41. How many 41-year-olds do anyone know who sashay around in cocktail dresses, heels and giant earrings? C'mon don't most women in that age rage wear jeans most of the time?

  3. I adore Ava. She is a pure old school soap character with big hair, jewels and luxurious outfits. It helps that the actress is really good and more than holds her own with the show heavy weights.

  4. Q home: Ava and New Todd scene was fantastic!!! When he turned to her to shush her, that was hot. :) They got great chemistry. New Todd wins the line of the day! Actually two lines.

    New Todd: Are you sure about that crouching hormones hidden intellect? Do me a favor horny ears.

    ROFL! Great stuff! :) And then we find out who tried to shoot New Todd!!! BRILLIANT! :) Great twist. :) More of the 1st cousins love angst UGH! StarKi soooo is not interested in Morgan anymore!

    The hospital: Luke's liver is fine. Damn! :( Wait he is poisoned?!!?!

    The park: I wonder why the boys didn't ask, what is sex? ROFL!

    Metrocourt: DECEPTION!!! YAY! AJ and Liz scene OH BOY! AJ tell her when you had hate sex with Carly!

  5. I'm sorry but, the cops missed that bullet lodged in the wall??!! Seriously, couldn't they have at least hidden it a little better? I'm gonna have to pull a Sonya here....ROFL!!!
    Agreed with the closeness of Ava, if I were talking to that woman I would have to remind her that she is invading my personal space! She does have that old Hollywood glamour thing going, even her name. Is there any doubt she's a Jerome now? Nope!

  6. PCPD idiots could not find a bullet in a wall? Yes, at any shooting scene, this would have been found in under 2 minutes.

    The Deception thing sucked 15 years ago, it'll suck now.

  7. Long before Genie actually returned, I kept saying I'd like to see her come back and open her old cosmetic company. She was in Paris--let her use that! Let her be chic and a little mysterious. Only let there be some interesting Frenchman behind the move.

    But the Frenchman is not be, I guess. I wanted Luke to be jealous, have to work a bit to win her back. And again, that doesn't look likely. I don't hate Scott, but I sure don't want that sour complainer tied to Laura's neck. (Did Lucy say he was going to run for DA? Oh, no.) I like Lucy being there, but they need to spiff Laura up. Her wardrobe has been awful since she returned. Hey, it would be nice if they brought back Elton to work for Deception. A friend for Felix?

    dar is right: Taylor and Morgan are super annoying.

  8. Avalonn said...I'm sorry but, the cops missed that bullet lodged in the wall??!! Seriously, couldn't they have at least hidden it a little better? I'm gonna have to pull a Sonya here....ROFL!!!
    I know!!! Hahahaha! Hmm you should laugh more often. :)

  9. Avalonn said...Lol.
    Hehehe. :)


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