Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Radioactive

Now, just pretend  that Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" is  being played while you're reading the blog!! We learned Luke's fate this week and found out Helena was behind it all. 
Ah, good times!!

GET ON your hazzzzzzzzz mat suit and Scrub up! We have some blogging to do! Note: It's an extra long one so..get an extra cup o' joe. Sorry, there's just a lot to dish about.

This week was actually pretty awesome. Only one little complaint:  I really loved a lot of scenes but wished they would have been longer. I'll give you some examples of things that were too short.

1. Lucy and Laura dish Deception. Way WAY too short. I think it probably took all of 15 min to shoot and we got about 5 of that on screen.  Come on--- a big fun thing like Deception coming back with two fave ladies talking about it? MORE PLEASE

2. Flea and Mac's Wedding Prep. Ummmmm, we saw the cut scene (down in the blog if you want to read it). Mac and Duke talk about ROBERT coming out of his coma. What genius decided to CUT THAT?!! DUHhhhhhhhh.  

3. Luke and Laura meet. This was a very poignant scene, especially given the fact that we knew what was happening with Luke. His face said it all. Laura was so happy coming back from her honeymoon and he was--dying. MORE PLEASE!! 

4. Danny's sick. Geesh--these scenes are so short (and confusing to me) that I don't really care at this point. Silas bops in here and there--spits out some monotone, mysterious stuff and it's over. I guess we'll be on the hunt for some DNA. Which I HOPE leads to Sam's Daddy. 

On to the rest of the show: 

Maxie finds out she's having a girl. I called it! I also think Georgie may come to her in a dream or something to talk about the baby. Not sure,  just a hunch. Lulu and Dante were so happy--and so were Olivia and Tracy!! Great scene where Lulu tells Tracy she was as much of a parent to her as her own Mom. Luke's face was so wrenching when she told him about his grandbaby. Awww. 

The Jr. Mint Gang. I'm trying to like this story, I really am. But..I can't. It's been done to DEATH on soaps. Vixen, good girl... sex... yada yada. I'm not invested. I HOPE the younger audience likes it as I do realize we have to get them into the fold. So-- here's hoping.

Kiki and Tranco and Ava.  First off, Maura West is awesome. I do like this story but it feels like it's --Over There.  Not in the Port Charles mix much. I was bothered that they were acting like the Q mansion was just there's to take over or something. Where was Monica yelling at them to get out? I also REALLY REALLY see  (and hear)  Starr and Todd, not Franco and Kiki so it's a bit surreal. 

HELENA POISONS LUKE. Be still my heart. If I knew Ron's addy, I'd send him a dang fruit basket.  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I should have thought of it!! THEN to tie it into Jerry Jack's thing?? BE still my aching heart!! Eeeeee!! Double brilliant. LOVED seeing Helena on the computer, looking all Glamorous. Oh yes. MORE PLEASE!!! I just am sad that Tony is off on his vacation (as Dante said "you can set your watch to it") and we may not see his adventure. BUT, I am thinking that maybe for Fall sweeps he is on his mission and 'visits' Robert (who may wake up and tell everyone about Robin??) and they go FIND HER! 

The Paddy, Britt, Sabetty DNA story. Ah, twisty!! So-- did Britt's mama tamper with all the tests? Looks like it. Britt was all tearing up the results and then Ellie says it's Patrick's kid. THEN Britt gets the text from Evil. Dr. O saying she "took care of it".  We see Britt look at Lante--so could that mean it's really Lante's baby in that belly? Ah.. could be. Britt had access to their embryos! PS.  Like the name "Sabetty"?? :Giggle: 

Felix contiuues to get the good lines, imo and spits them out like butter. Good stuff. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: You'd think I'd pick Helena telling Luke about the poisoning but No. I have to go with the one that really stood out for me and made me tear up a little. That was when Anna was  looking at her computer when Luke was telling her he was dying.  Wow. I actually had forgotten a bit that they were involved as lovers, so her crying at first, took be by surprise. Then, I thought of their history (before sex too) and it made SO much sense. As always, Finola played it to perfection and it gave me little goosebumps. BRAVA!! 

PROP of the WEEK:  Morgan's cast!! And the story of arm wrestling Big Alice? Brilliant. Plus, the way I feel about Morgan, I was picturing his bone crunching under her strength. heh. 

On to more behind the scenes doings: Lisa LoCicero announced yesterday that she signed a contract to stay on the show. I personally love her and Olivia, so I am very happy with this news. It was also announced that Kelly Sullivan was let go.  I do think she did well with the DID stuff she was given and I really enjoyed her "Connie".  She was front and center for a long time on the show. It's a bit baffling. I was one that did miss Megan Ward as well, but came to respect Kelly after time. She is a GREAT fan fave and really gets into a lot of events and does great PR for the show. 
I also think GH is very bloated right now and could stand to lose some characters. ConKate is kind of written into a corner but she also has family and history.  Again, a bit baffling. Especially since the 'new story' for she and Olivia is fighting over Sonny. I can see her going a bit cray-cray again and being "sent away".  

Hope you're having a good summer. It's been VERY wet here, we are growing mold everywhere! Some of you are baking in the heat. I went to the Rochester Jazz Fest last night and had a blast, btw. "Theo Trombone Shorty" was just so fun. A little Jazz, some Chili peppers and lots of DANCING!! 
See ya during the week!! Thanks again for reading.


  1. I found it weird that Britt had her Mom in her phone as "Dr. Obrecht" - wouldn't she have her in there as "Mom"? Maybe that was for the benefit of the viewer who may have missed those Mother/Daughter scenes.

  2. Karen, ITA w/all that you said, as usual, I was going to say some of it, but now I don't have to say anything.

    EXCEPT that Tranco is LIVING IN the Q mansion? He seems to be, and the newbies have taken it over, as you said.

  3. I thought it was a pretty good week. It's funny cuz even though I don't mind at all when the scenes with Franco, Kiki and Ava were on I was thinking non OLTL fans must not be happy. RH can just play anything :)

  4. The frustrating thing to me about the Mac/Duke discussion about Robert being cut on Wednesday is that the opening scenes replayed the same Helena DVD scenes we saw on Tuesday's show. Surely a few seconds from that could have been removed to give what looked like maybe a 30 second scene time to air. Robert is such a popular character, and it just seems wrong that he's been in a coma since mid Dec with so few mentions.

  5. Wow Karen! I was trying to decipher the look Brit gave Lante, I thought this whole time she wasn't even PG then she had Patrick feel the baby kick. I thought she was going to STEAL Maxie's baby but YES she did implant herself somehow. I am glad because I want Maxie to keep her baby and Lante to get a baby, so does Brit die and confess during childbirth(please, so over her story). So bored with Padrina already too. Just. Not. Feeling. It. Tired of NuMorgan too much older than Molly, um, hello! This was a tupid Soras, and don't even THINK of touching this Molly, she is adorable. Keep up the great work, as usual!

  6. 1. Lucy and Laura dish Deception. Way WAY too short. I think it probably took all of 15 min to shoot and we got about 5 of that on screen. Come on--- a big fun thing like Deception coming back with two fave ladies talking about it? MORE PLEASE


    God, NO! It was a terrible SL 12 years ago, and promises to be worse this time around.

  7. I didn't think much of the original Deception storyline either, especially since that horrible actress who was Faux-Nik's girlfriend was their model. I think the entire show is pretty bad right now and being sacrificed mostly for RH and KA, whose new characters are beyond awful. And to cut a scene involving Robert Scorpio being mentioned is so bad. The best actress/character on the show, Anna Devane, is on for minutes per week and the OLTL screenhogs are on all the time (except ME). I hated Franco before and now I hate NuFranco even more. There are some good moments but they are few and far between. Not sorry to see KS leave since Connie was played out in every which way. Read on Loose Lips that DZ (Dante) isn't happy, too.

  8. Luv the update Karen and so glad you're into it again! Yay. Agreed the show is on a good roll- love the Helena tie in to Luke's vacation.
    Love the addition of Ava to the show. She's awesome.

    Have to say - Carly's clothes lately are rockin' Laura Wright is great too.

    Sad to see Connie leave but there are just too many characters right now. Sooner or later Ava will run into Sonny right?

    NuLuLu is growing on me.


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