Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Surgery: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

I'd put up a photo of Morgan, Michael and Nik all shirtless--but I can't find any. (ahhaaa, total joke because I'm sure  there are 900 of those).

EVERYONE had their shirt off this week!! When I saw Nik in the park all sparkly with water on his tattoos all I could think of was, huh..he can't go anywhere and get a snack now.  How old am I? LOL.

SO, you know what today will be like. NO SCRUBS required! Come on in topless if you want!! Join the party!!

Ok, if it walks like a Ford Brother, talks like a Ford brother... looks like a Ford brother....well, you get the picture. Morgan IS a Ford brother. Those were snarky guys from OLTL that always had their shirts off. I think Carly had an affair with their skivvy father and didn't tell Sonny at the time. heh. 


Everyone loves Sonny... so here we go with a triangle of his old Bensonhurst Wubs. While I like the idea of Sonny and Olivia, this should have happend YEARS ago when she first came on. But eh.. I'll see how it goes.

So, this week felt all cut-up and "light".  The whole Carly's in trouble was a bust because A) the gun didn't match the bullet and B) Olivia lived.  Bummer, Sonny parading Carly's head around town on a big ol' stick may have been amusing.  We had some Silas (I can't help thinking of Silas Marner when I say that-most boring book I ever had to read in HS). So, he's some sort of Mystery Medical Savant that talks in low-tones and never really says much.   

Michael's  actual face finding out Kiki is his cousin  DOH!!
Giggle. Oh GIGGLE GIGGLE  on this!! We can spend the summer with Kiki and Michael trying to avoid each other, all while their hormones THROB ahhaaa. Wonder how many times they'll catch each other nekkid. 

Ava Jerome and Duke. We all know she's of the "Jeromes"-- just bring em' on already. Can't live without another crime family doggin' on Sonny for long, can we? 

The Jr. Mints and the Prom. Ah, young love. Molly sure looked into RAFE, didn't she? And giving him her "Maine Squeeze" to read? are in DENIAL GIRL!! I thought it was absolutely hysterical how he left and 10 minutes later he was back--"Silas changed his mind". Oh, ok then! Maybe I missed the big heartfelt speech they had between themselves about staying? Huh. :scratcheshead: 

ELQ thing..  I don't know, this whole "relish destroyed us" plot is just weird. Now Tranco might take a part? Whatever. He's an ARTIST! Maybe he paint funky murals in the offices.

Liz and Nikolas vs Liz and AJ. No contest in my mind. Just based on history alone. 

You know my bone to pick this week: Sonny going all murderous on Carly when he seems to forget shooting her in the head when she was pregnant. That was an accident too, wasn't it? Having Carly NOT throw that in his face was a major mistake, imo.  She would have remembered that and used it in a heartbeat. Second hypocrite of the day was of course, our Alexis...who actually staged an accident to get rid of a baddie (Helena) and ended up "Killing" Katherine Bell. Which is almost the EXACT same thing Shawn did. NO, she didn't have a gun..but the parapet is a close second. Then there's Alkazar  number one. Um.. what happened to him? Well, he died after she pushed him off a highrise balcony! But hey, who's counting. 
That is a HUGE omission right there...we remember EVERYTHING. And these, my friends are big things.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Nancy Lee Grahn talking with Shawn about her life choices.  She was amazing and just made the whole thing believable. Yes, I can't deal with the content but the acting? Woot! 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Condom!!! Now we just have to wait and see if it was defective.

What did you think of this week? Were you glued to your set? Do you think Taylor will get pregnant? Oh and, BTW..  Britt and Paddy? It is his kid. Set up for a kidnapping by Granny I'm sure. Britt will probably get killed in the process of trying to save it or something. (cue violins). Luke's going to face 'Death" yet again... ho hum. Have a nice vacation, Tony.  
GUESS WHAT? I'm off for the summer from therapy! Only have 3 clients so I should be around a LOT more to spiff up the site and get more into the show. Can you stand me for 2 months? LOL.


  1. Dear Karen--YOU ARE NOT LEAVING US!! GREAT!! NO MORE SCARES about you leaving, OK?

    ITA, prop of the week was the condom.

    I also feel compelled to comment on Sonny's threatening to shoot Carly, but not for the reasons you described. SHE IS THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN, good Lord, everyone knows Sonny won't let any of them come to harm!!

  2. For a guy who had never had sex, TJ surely had to practice opening a condom wrapper. He did it like a pro!

    With Britt as a room mate I can only imagine Taylor following in her footsteps. Their little chat last week was definitely a preview of coming attractions.

    I agree that Morgan is very Ford-like. He was a bit of a jerk when Kiki spurned his advances by the lake. Kind of like a husband whose wife is in the throes of menopause, but I digress ;)

    I like Michael Easton and was a little worried when he first started playing Silas but I'm really enjoying him now.

    Thanks for the "Sunday Surgery". I always look forward to your posts.

  3. Based on history, Liz should never be with Nik ever again. Funny how people have a short memory and have forgotten how vile and disgusting their affair was.

    Notice how the dumbest they are, the most often shirtless they are...

  4. I agree with you about the history, kd. We fans NEVER forget. Unfortunately the new writers haven't caught up with the history of the show, given the way they're writing some scenes.

    Nancy Lee is always fantastic in her scenes, be it comedic or intense drama. I wish she could be on every day.

    I thought the same thing about TJ when he opened that condom wrapper. lol I wonder how many takes they had?

    And I surprised myself this week since I'm definitely not a Britt fan, but she actually gave Taylor some good advice, not that the little so and so would actually take it.

    I hope you're wrong about her baby too. I don't want anymore kidnapped babies. It's been so overdone that I'm sure even Ron would hear the universal groan from fans if it happened.

    I don't know these Ford brothers so it must be another OLTL reference. I think you all know exactly what I think of Michael shirtless though I'm just going to skip to Nik. "Please, sir. Can I have some more?" ROFL

  5. Di, there were 3 Ford brothers, all looked a LOT like Morgan. All never wore shirts (or so it seemed) most were douchey...their DAD was horrible sleezy guy.

  6. Maine Squeeze will be out in September. I thought Wed, Thur, Friday were good days for the shows.

  7. Glad to hear I wasn't alone in having a "Silas Marner" high school English class flashback.

  8. Mostly the Ford brothers were a pain and not widely popular on OLTL. I read so many complaints about them. The original one was made more interesting as time passed, but the other 2 were so forgettable. The most interesting Ford was the sleeze dad, played by a fantastic actor, Wesley - something (hate when I can't recall names of actors I know well. ) That same actor once won an Emmy for a very short stint on Santa Barbara, he was that good. Help...Wesley Shipp? Is that it? I always wonder, watching him, why some show hasn't snatched him up.

    Last week was another mixed bag. We got to see Anna and that was good for the show. I'm still wondering who this Franco really is. Doubt he is who Heather said he was. It was a pretty wild story to begin with--two babies.

    As a firm Nancy Grahn fan, I don't care hypocrite or not--I just enjoy seeing her, appreciating her talent and hoping one day she gets the really good story she deserves. And I think it is interesting that the bullit was wrong. But not at all sure she should forgive Sean--he did agree too quickly to do the hit, even if he didn't shoot Olivia. Alexis deserves better than a hit man.

  9. Just seeing that pic of Morgan at the boat house all hairless and adolescent sent me reeling right back to Jason and AJ circa 199whatever. Made me feel both nostalgic and young, pervy and old at the same time. Soaps are weird that way.

  10. Has anyone asked what Dr. Clay's specialty is? Did I miss this? Wouldn't someone ask about his qualification before going with his recommendation for treatment? Also, at the beginning of the week Sonny was gonna KILL Carly if Olivia died. At the end of the week, he was fit to be tied about what Michael or Morgan would do without their mom if she went to jail...

  11. I love Nancy Lee - she can do no wrong ever. Can't stomach Dumorgan and the Emmy winning KA's horrible acting. It was great to see Anna and I am enjoying Ava. Dante needs to stop the sniffling when he is distraught, but glad to see Olivia come to. Frodd can disappear too as far as I am concerned. I really don't get RH's popularity and he is definitely not the type to be believable as an artist. Psycho and creepy, yes. Nice to see Britt becoming a bit more human and tolerable. And ME as a doctor is a good idea - I like him a lot.


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