Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Pediatric Ward

*sigh* Here we go again... another sick kid?   I guess they are born, get ill or kidnapped (or both) then are SORA'd for our benefit. Ah, the lonely life of a soap-baby.

Get out your rubber duckies, balloons and cartoon scrubbies and join me for a little cup o' Surgery tea... 

 GH this week was another one where I had little time (or patience) for some of it's sheeze.  Geary's time worn "illnesses" are one.  Tracy trying to get him to stay in the hospital, take his meds..yada yada. It's his liver now not his heart. Organ by organ. I think he'd play a hell of a dementia patient. I know people would hate to see that unfold but it could be really gripping if done right. 

Kiki and Michael. MiKi. :eyeroll: Ok, I'm not a savant but one of two things will happen: 

They find out their connection, making their love "forbidden" and ergo WAY more sexy... and they try to fight it only to...
Give in. 
Just when we find out Danny needs some Q bone marrow and Franco steps up only to find out Heather has lied all along and just wanted to mess with everyone and he's really NOT a Q.  THEN The Hunt for Sam's Bio-Dad unleashes.
He'll be a Jerome. 

OR...Kiki and Michael have a full-blown 1st cousin affair and fight for their love while everyone else has an attack.  If they are going for a full out legit affair then they'll probably end up not being cousins. Or if they are, they'll be BFFs ala Carly and Jason. 


 Speaking of cousins...these two are just pals now.  What's going to happen with this whole thing? Will Olivia get Sonny's attention somehow? Will Kate keep struggling with her post-Sonny wub? Do you care? My use for Connie is zip. At least Olivia is Dante's mama, can tell what's going to happen and is feisty!

ON to the Sitcom we call "The Odd Company"... combo Odd-Couple Jack and Chrissy and Janet. Britt staying with them is pretty weird but funny. Now Felix's kid sis will be in the mix. Like I said, is this a four bedroom?  The living room is the size of a pea.  Britt ordering people around as if she needs a baby sitter. ugh. Trying to get Britt's blood. Britt and Brad. Brad and Ellie. Well, at least fans of Paddy and Sabrina will be happy they make love soon. 

The Q's is the new brownstone with everyone movin' on in! Poor Monica--and poor cook!! Where's Alice been?  The Toddification of Franco is almost complete. Now that StarrKi walked in and RH and KA are once more daughter/father, he can stop pretending to be the 'artist' all together! Roger delivered during the fun Q scenes but I'm hoping there's more meat to this than fighting over the damn shares of stock. 
It's a wonder she didn't tie the cherry stem up into a bow.

The Jr. Mints will be off to the PROM soon, and then another bratty girl comes on in. Christine Collins. (sounds like a vampire Joan Collins mix) -- Felicia and Laura can be her mentors. Lucy's hatching a new plan. Duke laughs it up with Emma. 

Oh, you know how I felt about the whole "Shaun/Sean/Shawn" hit-man attempt. What the. COME ON!! In a courthouse? At the Qs?  ugh. Now Alexis is going to find out and be pissed. Especially when he shoots the wrong person. Who do you think it will be? I think a female close to Sonny and or Carly.


SCENE OF THE WEEK: Monica/Tracy-- they are so Dorian/Vicky in a way. You love it when they come together over a crisis. 

PROP of the WEEK: towels everywhere!! Kiki had it on... Michael had one on.  Morgan at one point had one on. 

RUNNER UP:  That generic triple berry flake box. (What a gigantic product placement waste, get General Mills in there!)

Ok, I have two more busy, busy weeks then I'm OFF for the most part. Hope the summer SIZZZZLESSSSS with soapy goodness!! 


  1. Roger H. will always be Todd Manning in my book. His acting is wonderful, but it's actually making me miss James Franco! Now all we need is Marty Saybrooke to come on GH and be Franco's long lost high school sweetheart!

  2. Um... cook is dead... unless you are referring to the new one.

  3. Yes, ITA, the towels are the "prop of the week."

  4. nothing can ever make me miss James Franco, that whole story was awful. Jane E is such a powerhouse, she should be on more oten

  5. What? No new doc mention :) honestly, this week was not bad but, there are clearly some things that need to get moving. I'm sorry but, Luke is one of them. His extended vacations are very disrupting to the show. Loved Jane Elliot too, the woman is such a great actress. Perfect choice of scene of the week between her and Leslie's Monica. I agree with the first scenario, I think we will find out they (Franco and Kiki) are not really Quartermaines. Hence the Sam's Dad search. Sounds very plausible.

  6. I wish I could I did last year. I want to love the show, but it just is a mess to me right now. If they would just give Anna something to do, or Kevin, or Mac, or Genie....

    It would have helped considerably if PP had just turned over the OLTL characters and allowed the actors to do what they do so well. I realize that they do 'own' the characters, but why does that matter when they aren't going to use them anyway?

    There are no current stories that I look forward to seeing....

  7. Three things I am grateful for:
    1 - that your are updating your blog and keeping the site going; thank you!
    2 - that GH is still with us; GH has been a constant for me for the past 37 years, since I was 14 years old
    3 - focus is on the people and not mob; I can get the Sopranos on Netflix if that is what I want.

    Sure it can get outrageous, monotonous, frustrating, but like anything there are highs and lows.
    I love love love the HIGHs, and I'll keep the lows.

    Two things I despise are:
    1 - Carly's bloodthirst ... "kill Brenda" "kill Franco" ... who will she want dead next?
    2 - Franco -- I hated the character and still do. Everytime I see James Franco's face, I get annoyed. He should have never visited Port Charles. As for Roger, he sure does make me laugh and puts funs in the show, but gosh I wish he wasn't Franco. Coming on a "Frank Q" with no previous history would have worked for me.

    These are just my thoughts; I respect yours, so please don't flame me.

    Thank you again for the "WubTubBlog" and all your efforts.

    Happy Summer


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