Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Danny!!


Kiki's all freaking out over having to live with Michael-- woot! Woot! 

Carly better NEVER bring up Sonny's mafia activities.  Geesh "KILL Yesterday! Just SHOOT THEM"!

I'm tired of Ava's weird dresses.  Zippers, zippers Zippers.  Tranco and StarKi --together again!!

Britt: Don't care. DON'T CARE.  Don't care. SO DON/T. CARE.  Felix is the only thing out of this story that's worth while.  She'd be a on a Picc line if she was THAT bad--my girlfriend had it 3x. Poor thing. She was throwing up ALL THE TIME.

Wow, didn't even really care about SpinEllie but I did like the Brad-Exchange.

Today's show didn't really rock the boat for me. Wub Hubby was DYING over the Franco stuff. He was like where's Franco? I was like RIGHT THERE. He was all "the guy with the ears"!!? AAhahahaha.

The Q house is now the brownstone.


  1. I enjoyed the Q's bickering. So many fine actors in that room.

    I can't get behind any Patrick related love story as Robin is alive. Pair him with Sam and thing would at the very least be interesting when Robin returns.

  2. agreed about the Robin thing.

  3. Sabrina's home: Wow Britch doesn't have a bell anymore? Well wonders never cease! Yes Britch time to get some blood out hahahaha! Oh goodie. The baby kicks! How convenient!

    The hospital: Liz has got baby Cheeto's file, but yet when she goes into his room, she doesn't know what's wrong with him! Uh read his file!!!

    Michael's home: Morgan shut the hell up!!!

    Sonny's office: Geez Carly! New Todd did nothing to baby Cheeto! Calm down and stop drinking coffee. You are so hyper!

    Q home: BAHAHAHA! New Todd wuvs his auntie Tracy so much he kisses her ROFL! Awww New Todd meets his KikiStar daughter. :) Wow angry Ava reminds me of Carly when she is angry! Can Ava and Carly be BFF's? Yesterday, when I mentioned Ava should be having sex with all the men in Port Chuckles, let me restate that. She should have sex with all the SINGLE men. :) Sooooo KikiStar is going to live at the Q home? ROFL!

    SpinEllie: Come on Ellie! Tell your honey bunny that Maxie is carrying his child!!

  4. Sonya, Ditto on the Carly/Ava BFF scenario. I'd love to see them plot together to rid the world of Freako/Franco.

    HOWEVER......OMG, sorry Karen, I almost always agree 100% with you, but today had me beaming ear to ear. The only way it could have been better is if Kassie DePaiva was playing Ava instead of Maura West. :) RH looks at KA with such love and affection and devotion...I'm totally buying into this insane and almost unforgivable plot twist.

    But yes, Felix is still one of the best parts of the show.

    SIDE NOTE: Karen, I'd like to share lovely story about the GH wardrobe people in the comments of your Sunday Surgery. It's a bit long, but a great behind-the-scenes moment, and a good reminder that there are real people making a living working for GH and when one of us "loyal fans" gives up because we don't like an actor or a plot device, there are real people effected. Real, NICE, people. I'll post my personal story on Sunday.

  5. This week the only entertaining characters were Franco and Britt- both w hilarious lines.

    Britt is a better written and more interesting Lisa Niles, and her putdowns of Felix are proceless- a couple days ago she went into a bedroom after finding out Felix lived w Sabrina and said, 'Oh, that explains the Zac Efron poster.'

  6. CareyN said...Sonya, Ditto on the Carly/Ava BFF scenario.
    I want to see a scene with them both growling at Franco at the same time! ROFL!

    I'd love to see them plot together to rid the world of Freako/Franco.
    Well, if there is a gun in Carly's purse, then I think she can do this all on her own hahaha!

  7. I 100% agree with the Patrick "love stories." It feels so wrong since we know that Robin is still alive. They need to fix that storyline already. It's very uncomfortable to watch. I just fast forward through it.


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