Tuesday, May 31, 2016

VERY Strange Day

Tracy's going a bit nutty over this kid, no? Tracy's mad because Sabby didn't say goodbye to her before she left.  Tracy's reactions made little sense. I mean, really "off".
In the end, Sabrina says she named her kid "Edwardo" ..and Tracy's all "Aww" but Sabby calls him Teddy. Tracy lets her hold him. 

OMG Sonny tells Ava "She won" and to "get her sorry ass out of his house" when she comes for Avery. 
Um, AVA STILL HAS LEGAL CUSTODY OF AVERY! What the hell? You can't just keep a kid because you want it!! 
OMG the whole Ava/Sonny stuff has to be seen to believed. They are all yelling, posturing and in the end, Sonny lets Ava see Avery. Bizarre. 

Julian finds out about Lucas. He goes to the hospital. Dr. O tells him she thinks Hammy Finn is killing patients. He tries to strangle him. Brad stops him. 
By the way, he asked Molly how the Ball was. Even though she wasn't there. So...there's that. 
Molly knows something is wrong with Alexis but Alexis won't tell her. Later, Alexis calls to tell Diane she's going to turn Julian in...but Julian calls her to tell her about Lucas. So you know she'll feel all badly.  She goes to the hospital and hugs Julian 

Jordan tries to play Ellery Queen with the cast at Wyndemere. Questions them all in the livingroom. Laura comes in, finds out Nikolas was seen on the rocks. They find his phone there
OH, Spencer was "at a sleep over'.
Um, like he'd miss the ball? LOL Ok... He's on tomorrow btw. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Kirsten Storms' Twitter Statement

Sunday Surgery: A Ball, A Wall and a Fall...

20160527 1512(3)

So much to dish about this Sunday. The Ball, the "mysteries" ...the re-castings, you name it. My head is a bit hurt just thinking about everything. 

I have to say, I always enjoy The Ball. I get giddy for it. They could go up there and have one act with a pony and sing "Wheels on the Bus" and I'd be all "awwwwww". Yeah, it's cheesy, yeah there are weird parts but it's the one time of the year I can forget about all the crap of the show and just enjoy. 
SO! That's what I did! Tues-Thursday I just let the cynic go. Oh, believe me it was back by Friday but I'll try to keep it to myself until the end. 

Today's breakfast is an orange scone from Panera. I love those things. Like too much. (and there's a Panera about 1/4 mile from my house!!) 

Friday, May 27, 2016

GH Casting News...Yes, there's More!

Burnett was on DAYS

Daytime Confidential, that scoopiest website has some news! Kirsten Storms is indeed leaving and Molly Burnett is taking her place on a temporary basis. How long Kirsten will be out remains unknown. 

They are also reporting that Bradford Anderson will be coming back as Spinelli -- how will he react to a NuFace Maxie? Probably the same as we will!

On Twitter,  @Star_Kids is announcing that this cutie, Jazmyn Vale is being put on a recurring basis. Who is she playing? I don't know--could she be a SORA'd Avery? Naw, didn't she just need a crib? 
Your guess is as good as mine on this one--when I find out I will let you know.  Someone on FB Suggested GEORGIE! I bet that's it! 

GH is going to face some challenges with the Maxie recast. I believe it's not able to be avoided because of the "Claudette" story ramping up. Too bad they couldn't have sent Maxie to visit Georgie in Seattle and shelved that story for awhile. A LONG while. 

HOLD on To your COLLECTIVE HATS because.....

Daytime Confidential is reporting that Kirsten Storms may have to be recast now. I hope it's contract issues and not personal. 
Read the story at the link. 

GH is just falling apart --whether by circumstance or choice--just wow. What will this do to the "BIG Claudette Story"?? 
THREE NEWBIES will be in it lol. Lordy! 

Build Your Own Blog!

I have to work late today..so--it's a your blog day! 

Will Lucas need the plug pulled? I hope not, it would be so foolish-he's hardly ever on anyway, why not let he and Brad live happily ever after? Plus, poor Bobbie had to pull it on BJ..don't do it again. 

Nikolas? Did he do that to himself to set up Hayden? If he did, how stupid can you be? Hurling yourself out the window? He had no idea Jason was coming-- and we know Jason didn't do it. It was too weird/obvious. One would think if one fell that far, well--splat. I guess that newbie "recast" will be laying in a hospital bed. 

Claudette? Bigger actress coming--meaning this snoozer of a story won't be over anytime soon. :eyeroll: Great. Another story shoved into the already crowded canvas. 

SO! Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Wub Hub has today off. Can you believe it? I'd have him tweet and blog but--well. You know. LOL 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

WELP. Claudette is Here!

Daytime Confidential breaks the news of Claudette's casting: It's Bree Williams (Aka Jessica OLTL)

Read all about it at the link.  I'm too tired to post anything but her photo lol

Nurses Ball 2016: The Best Of

20160524 1925(14)

I'm going to be POSITIVE this year and just do the BEST of the BALL!! I will have way more to say during Sunday Surgery, you know that! 

20160524 1542(28)

Best Dressed:  Kiki Jerome

20160524 1903(21)

Best Back of Dress: Maxie Jones

20160525 1416(18)

Best Musical Number: Emma and Ned "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

20160525 1528(55)

Best Use of The Cloud: Carly Corinthos

20160524 1511(19)

Best Surprise: Robin and Emma fake-out in hotel room

20160524 1543(26)

Best Step and Repeat Face: Ava Jerome 

20160524 1511(44)20160524 1917(28)

Best Red Carpet Faces: Nina 

20160525 1537(29)

Best "You've Been Served": Diane 

20160525 1439(6)

Cutest Pair: Franco and Jake

20160525 1425(5)

Best Late Comer: Laura 

20160524 1933(7)

Best Use of Masks: Dancers Kidnapping Dr. O 

20160525 1531(12)

Best Scare: Dr. O startling Hammy Finn 

20160525 1435(10)

Best Selfie: Faux-Amy

20160525 1536

Best Prop: Mr. Toilet. Don't see them much on soaps!! (Dr. O was tied to it too!)

Nurses Ball Day 3

Ok, so Bobbie wakes up, calls in Doctors. They give Lucas CPR. She talks to Brad, tells him to get to GH NOW.

Oh, Hammy Finn is shown with a needle. I think to throw us off. What if it's all part of the Organ Ring? 

They start Lucas' heart.  He's on a vent machine. Dr. Griffin notices an injection mark on his neck. 

"Dr. Orders number today". No comment. Thank Goodness Epiphany was there because OY.

Thunder, Lightning and Nikolas tells Hayden to come home. What does he have cooked up? Jason walks into Nikolas' house-- (and see below)

Robin gives her speech.  "new medication to prevent HIV".

Morgan saw Dillon and Kiki kiss. And they did a great number!! 

Carly and Sonny go home.  Carly plugs Aveeno.  But I'm GLAD because we need sponsors! LOL

Robin talks. She cries, very good. Nurse Amy starts singing Sabrina's song-- then Sabrina walks out! 
Then Jordan says Sabrina is under arrest! For aiding and BEDDING CARLOS ahaha get it? 

END: Jason is yelling for Nikolas..he hears a noise, goes into the bedroom. Sam runs into the house yells for Jason. Hears a crash.
We see Nikolas at the bottom of the cliff...laying there.
I guess his "recast" will be in a coma? LOL 

I don't think Jason did that..people will think he did but..too obvious. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WELP... Tyler Christopher Recast!

Daytime Confidential just broke this...

Nick Stabile/IMDB, Tyler Christopher

Hit the link and read about it. I heard about some drama with RB and he--didn't pay much attention and now? LOOK at this! Huh... supposedly "Short Term". 

Hmmmm, 'member when Colton what's his face was "Short Term"?? 

Ball: Day 2

WHOOT!! :) Ned and Emma were worth the price of admission.

Carly found the bondage footage of Ava and Paul having sex ...and she is going to use it to make Ava give up custody. I wonder if that's a reason? I mean, it's her private life. WHY would she have that in her house anyway? To blackmail Paul?? 
Ava said "It's just SEX...go ahead and do your damage". 
Carly then texts Paul and says "Get Ava in Line or I post this" So Paul yells at her.
Ava finds Carly back in the Ladies Room and they fight. I so hope Ava wipes the floor with her!
Ava finally rips the flash drive out of Carly's hands and flushes it. Might not be the right one? or it's in the CLOUD. 

OMG! Jake sang..and couldn't do it because he was scared. So FRANCO went up to help. It really was cute. Jason sat there like a freaking TOAD... lol!! TODD!! Nina cried a bit. 
There's really no pretense that Cam and Aiden even exist anymore LOL.
Diane tells Jason he's being sued (not sure by who yet). 

Epiphany untied Dr. O from the toilet. She went back to the hospital. Finn sees here and jumps back. It was really funny. 

Magic Milo and the Wands were on.  Dr. Griff did a break-dance head spin for us. Curtis was my Fave ;) Just..well..because. 

These guys showed up !!

Oh... Lucas found Bobbie. She is dizzy and he takes her to the hospital. Amy is supposed to be telling Brad where he is.
Hammy Finn tells him he'll give her something for "Vertigo"! NO! Every one of his patients have DIED!! NOOoooooooooooooooooooo!! 

Later we see someone with a needle going to stab Bobbie and Lucas walks in!! 

WEDDING; Of course, Lucas isn't there, he's at the hospital. Brad is like: Um...what? Lucas is on the FLOOR of the hospital ....

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nurses Ball 2016 Day One

Kiki looked FLAWLESS....LOVED her dress and 'look' and everything! Scotty's hair was fun too.

Nina was hilarious on the Red Carpet! PFffffft!! You have to watch it.

Liz tripped and FRANCO caught her. REALLY? UGH...

Maxie finds out Griffin is a priest. He tells her Nate can't go to the Ball. She says: you take me.

Nikolas totally outs Hayden as Rachel Berlin !! "Her Daddy stole a whole lot of Money"!!

Ava gets trashed by Nina 'Homewrecker Ava Jerome...we all thought you were dead last year" LOL!!

Ava and Carly snipe about Avery coming with Ava tomorrow. Wonder what Carly is up to? Oh Carly leaves the BALL and goes to ransack Ava's house to find the "I killed Connie" tape. Ava "Forgets her checkbook" (wasn't that Alexis last year??)  and goes to get it at the apt. She totally finds it in the Martini shaker. Brings it to the Ball and looks at it back stage. She goes "OMG" then commercial.

Liz and Hayden have on the same dress. Nina totally points it out. Maxie says she can pick another one out from Crimson.

Bobbie looks fab..and dances/sings! JZ really looks good. Later, Bobbie faints off stage! 

Dr. O was going to crash the stage but the dancers kidnap her. Dang. 

All in all a fun show, watch! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Eve Before the Ball

Dr. O and Hammy FINN! :) Love them.. lol. She tells him she's tracking down his "past doctor life" (photo thanks to @daytimespoilers on twitter) 
Hayden walks by "Can I talk to you for a minute"?? She gives him a check for $10K and he's like "What's this for"?? She wants to make up for her Dad's  crap that effected his funding. 

Michael, Sabrina and Sonny. Sabrina is saved! Sonny makes the guy holding her get on his knees and then sticks his gun out and says "Tell me about Julian Jerome". The guy knows nothing...and Sonny pretends to shoot but he really called the cops. 

Sabrina and Michael talk. Yada yada. Geesh, her hair grew. Figures, MINE fell OUT when I had my kid lol 

Alexis calls Diane when Julian goes to the hospital. She tells Diane about Julian and her involvement. Carolyn and Nancy are always good together.  Diane tells her to turn the shirt in and the police will be so happy to get Julian they'll overlook her part. Jules comes back home, startling her. They say they are going to get their nails done together. Diane gets on the porch "Are we going to the Police Station"??
"I can't turn him in on the eve of Lucas' wedding" 


Bobbie and Brad. Should have had about 90 more scenes with them this year but.you know, Sonny Hospital, Not possible.

Julian tells Brad he can't be his best man because of the Carlos crap and it would over shadow the wedding. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Smash and Dash

I'm at a juncture again! Oh why do you all still read my blog? LOL... I get so angry with this show!  I start thinking about things and writing the week's summary and I seriously question my sanity to continue watching. 
I can't support the blatant mobular bullshit and just plain bad storytelling that's happening. Sonny as a character is starting to repel me so badly that when he's on  (or non-stop yapping Carly) I want to FF. This is no way to like/love a show. Nope.  On the flip side, 
I did really ENJOY (yes, that's ENJOY) Thursday's show!! That's something right there, isn't it!?  (Sonny wasn't on..or if he was, I blocked him out !) 

I'm having Eggs Sunny side up and I'm going to chomp them like I'm chomping on him

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Foster The People

Lynn H getting dolled up for the Nurses' Ball! It's about all I got left with GH right now. I can't deal people.  

Tracy's outfit looks like some smock top. It gives me chills. Don't like it. 

The DNA says it's Sabrina's baby.  It's supposedly going to long term Foster Care.  OH!! ha ha...Tracy is the Foster Mama.

Carly goes to see Morgan, tells him Jason got his memories back. Later, Ava goes to see him. She still is in total lust with him. No doubt. I so wished they'd do it right on the couch!! 

Ava wants Kiki to leave with her and Avery. Kiki says nope.  Later, Dillon runs into Kiki at the Metro. She says thank you for getting me outside with the whole flat tire thing. He's coming to Rochester, NY to "Shoot a Band" called Glamour Boys. Kiki loves them and wants to go to the concert with him.

Dr. O wants Dr Finn investigated for killing his patients.  He is going to be because 2 died within 30 days. They go into a meeting. Finn and Dr O snipe at each other.  Monica decides that Finn can continue to see patients. Dr. O rolls her eyes. Finn goes back to his place and looks up files on the old people. Maybe he's totally a Jekyll and Hyde? He might be stealing their blood serum? I don't know! I don't think it's Dr. O anymore tho. This soapy hospital bit is the BEST PART of the show..that and Tracy Q. 

Oh Tomorrow, Sabrina is on. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nostalgia Day

And I get to yet again REVIST the rape. You know, in 1978 we were barbarians and a bodice ripper redemption was good stuff. WELP. No more. I wonder how many times we need to rehash this.  Laura finds a clue. She finds out the owners are "Luke and Lloyd" Johnson . Alias they used in 1979ish on the run. So Laura thinks they need to go to Beecher's Corners. 

Lloyd and Lucy Johnson get a serenade 

SaSon. Just make out already lol. Jason says he'll do anything for Sonny but doesn't want to work for him. Sonny misses him. Awwww, all the feels. 

I wonder if all of Hammy Finn's old patients are going to die. Dr. O will be doing it behind the scenes. Tracey gets him to check on baby Carlos. HE says he's fine but needs bloodwork.
Ham stole some medicine btw, from the storage closet. Not sure what but it's an injectable. 

OH, Hammy's patient did die. Bye Old Lady Jacobs!! 

Tracy won't give Hayden a job. Tracy wants to name the kid Edward.  Michael takes him to #GH when Tracy went upstairs. Showed him to Felix. 

Nikolas owes back taxes on ELQ. Diane comes in to tell him. He  is going to need money. He smashes a tea pot.  I think Helena left a clue inside? 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Super Sonny Pose!!

Lucy walks in on Felix and Amy dishing about her. Amy says she's hogging the spotlight. 

Laura's back after a month. She and Kevin get a candy bar.  Laura tells him she thinks the clue has to do with Luke.  They go to the Campus Disco. Lucy runs into them, thinks they are dating. 

JaSam are in GH..He remembers Alan's death. HE calls Monica Mom 2x. He goes to Carly and says he remembers. She's happy.

Jake ran to Franco's. Liz goes there. They fight. She takes Jake away. 

SUPER SONNY knows JUST what Alexis is thinking!! SUPER SONNY also knows there's something burning in the fireplace!!
Alexis stands there looking sick. 
Sonny goes BALLISTIC. Smashes the house. Smashes Julian's legs with the poker. YEP. THEN,  he helps Alexis up, whispers into her ear "you made your choice...you are nothing to me". He said to expect that she's got a target on her back. 
THIS make NO SENSE. Why would Sonny care so much that Julian killed Carlos? Sonny HATED CARLOS for killing Duke!! Hated him! All of a sudden he's Super Sonny who never killed anyone in cold blood ?
Yeah, he did..an innocent man. His name was AJ. 

Today's show sucked in the Sonny/Alexis/Julian department.  Yep. 

"We had a bond, you broke that...you are a stranger to me--you are officially fair game" Don't threaten my wife Sonny: I already did

Julian tells Alexis that he's protecting Alexis.  She tells him she'll burn his shirt with Carlos' blood on it. He goes upstairs. She sits on the couch and rocks. Looks at the fire. and then She...
doesn't burn it. Puts it in the bag and saves it. Thank GOD for that small favor.

Monday, May 16, 2016


I said MOOKIE because I just lol... like that word. Not sure why else. 

Rehashing the crash.  Jason telling all of his memories to Sam. 

Stupid CarSon was on, just to talk about how much they hate Julian. 

Monica yells at Nurse Amy for Gossping.  Finn is talking to Monica about Dr. O and the dead patient. 

Jake runs away, he goes to Franco's house.... Franco knew he'd be there. HOW? I have no idea

Juliexis. I'm only watching for NLG and WDV's acting...Julian is being a cold prick, which is not what he is..but you know, GH.  OMG wait until you see what he says to her!! WOW.. oh this is a mess. ugh!! 

Anyway, MY idea is that Alexis murder Julian and totally frame Sonny. He was blabbing all over how much he hated him. She could act all "grieving widow" But have set Sonny up. Yes, TWO birds!! ONE GUN!!  

The Julexis scene was acted so well by NLG but ...it's traumatizing. The whole thing. It is just written like crud. NOPE I didn't like it one bit. 

Later: Finn and Carly talk about the transplant of Joss' kidney, she has the paperwork

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Last Rites

Have you heard the one about the Priest, the spy and the mobster that walk into a bar?

That's how GH feels to me now. A little jokey--a lot sad and frustrating.  I'm seriously having a fight of viewership at this point. Watching Julian repeatedly stab Carlos was so gratuitous it was astonishing. To think this whole thing is happening NOT under Bob Guza is just unbelievable. 

20160511 1636(35)

Get ready for some major crabby analysis of the show. Maybe we all should have crab cakes together. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Soap Opera Digest: Last year, Executive Producer Frank Valentini took you for a walk to break the news that Anna was going to kill Carlos. How did you find out about death No. 2?
Jeffrey Vincent Parise: I had just done the jail scenes with Finola [Hughes, Anna], so I was flying high, and Frank pulled me aside. For a second, I thought he was just going to say, "Those scenes were really awesome," and he said, "So, I have to talk to you." It felt so much like déjà vu; I said, "No," and he said, "Yeah, you're going to die." I kept saying, "You're kidding. Come on, tell me you're kidding," and he was like, "No, I'm not kidding." I was just like, "Oh, no! Why?" He said, "It's just for the story. We kind of painted Carlos into a corner, and somebody has to die."

Exit Interview from SOD. Makes me furious. Just read it...this is everything that's wrong with soaps, imo. "Welp, someone had to die"...
Ok, then. Thanks. So, why did you bother making him Sabrina's supposed baby Daddy? Even if they change it to Michael later, why'd we sit through that? Why did you bring him back? To destroy Julian?? Furthering the MOB agenda??

UGH. I still have to write Thursday and Friday's show if I'm going to do Surgery. Oy. 

The Doctor-Priest

Well, no surprise to us really, was it? Griffin is a priest. I stick by what my story is: He had an inappropriate affair with Claudette (as a priest) and Nathan shot him (but somehow never saw his face??)

So, there's that. Wasn't there a priest on ...Days? IS that what Greg Vaughn was on? Oh, speaking of Ex-:Lucky....now that Nashville is Cancelled, Rumors ABOUND that JJ will be back to GH. Hmmmm... I'm not so sure. Maybe for a bit? But I think he's moved on for the most part.

Not watching again today. I'll have a lot of catching up to do. If I feel like it. Sorry but GH is just not doing anything for me but making me angry LOL. So, as so many of the comments say: Why Watch?

Why indeed.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday: Bail Day

Ok, so after yesterday's mess, I have no interest in watching today. I would have FORCED myself for all of your sakes but I now have a migraine brewing. Nothing like GH To tip it right over to full blown. 

I'm still pissed off about Julian killing Carlos.. and think it was totally unnecessary and gratuitous. Let's have another murder. Stabby Stabby!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Farwell Sweet Julexis .....

William DeVry and Nancy Lee Grahn

I knew you well. 

Who's in? Who's out? How many times does Julian need to be in and then out and then back in the mob? 

A LOT it appears. 

I would like to first address the JULIAN issue. Yes, he's a mobbie. Yes, he's bad...but you know what? When he first came to Port Charles he stepped in front of a bullet meant for Duke. Before he died he made Duke promise to get his Dad out of the mob.

Well, actually?  He didn't die, not really and then some song and dance was made up-- and that little fact was never brought up by anyone. 
Not only that, we were all told that it was Julian's fault Anna lost her baby. Nope. That was his sister. Olivia. Probably couldn't use that fact because someone else is on the show named Olivia, and you know--we're stupid. 

So, here we are. Julexis was/is a wildly popular couple. We sat through redux upon redux of his in/outs of the mobs. FINALLY looked like he was done. He was going to do his regular businesses, including Crimson. He has a son getting married, Molly and Krissy to deal with. Oh, and his own new son, Leo! Little jelly between Olivia and Alexis. With Ned "back" (ha! And I use that term loosely). He kinda spared a bit with Nina too.  The "mob" can always rear it's ugly head when Ava needs a little help. Krissy gets too close to Sonny's "coffee" biz. The Lake House could be central.
 Ok, stop laughing.

I know! 
Given the fact that Ava is a known baddie, has already killed someone and is a fantabulous mob moll why the HELL didn't they give this story to her? Have HER take care of Carlos for Jules' sake? Why completely make him a stabby stabber ?? Why have him just lie to Alexis' face? Julian was never written as having a huge appetite for the mob. I have no idea why Ava is made to run around town, crying about finding a dead bird in her bed. She should have taken names and kicked ass. She and Sonny are the rivals. It sets up perfectly. They both suck as parents, so Avery gets a coin toss. 
Come to think of it, I don't even remember the last time Ava was on. Figures. 

I really would have liked to have Julexis as an 'anchor' couple and just be the Bo and Nora (and don't get on my case that Julian is 'no Bo' I get that). She does her lawyer stuff, he does his business stuff and they meet up for wine in the evenings. We just can't have nice things. Nope. 

Speaking of nice things...Carlos is ANOTHER popular character. He's already come back to life once so hopefully they aren't going to pull that crap again and he's dead dead. HOWEVER, why not let him go on the run? We'd always be wondering if he'll pop up again. Sabrina will come back and Carlos could always sneak in for some sex and leave. Heh. Drive Michael nutty. God knows that couple needs some edge. But no... he's stabbed with Helena's dagger and supposedly as dead as you get on this show. 

And BY THE WAY..a dead body in the WATER FLOATS. I'm so sick of GH using the pier as a dumping ground. If you're going to kill people off, do it right? Ok? 

So Good Night Julexis. No, I'm not starting a giant campaign to get them 'back' together. Alexis is too smart for that now.  They made Julian a liar right to her face. If he had maybe told the truth? Ah, we'll never know. *sigh* Why?


  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...