Tuesday, May 3, 2016

In the Bushes

YOU KNOW it's not Franco stalking them.  IT's gonna be HEATHER. *sigh* . Franco should have said he was peeing in the bushes. They demand Franco tell them why he's drawing Nina! WTH? Shut up you two!!

Julian and Nina chem test? oh yes.

Dead kid with needle in his arm. Julian is right now back to being a lying murderer who murders.

Anna and Griffin. She's gonna teach him out of Tango.  Anna said it's good for getting "The Ladies" and Griffin spit tea on himself. Yep.. literally spit tea. WEIRD. 

Nikolas found Diamonds of Hayden's from some necklace they hid from the Feds. OMG..either have her arrested or SHUT UP!! This is so boring. She says SHE'LL TELL ON HIM IF HE TELLS ON HER! Neener Neener.  They decide to 'table the discussion later" YAWN

The Hal kid died in the hospital. Alexis has the realization it was Jules that had him killed. Anna finds out and thinks Alexis killed him.

In the locker room, Griff has his shirt off and is looking at his scar...Nate walks in. Griffin's face is all shocker. 


  1. Yeh the look on Alexis face said it all. Now I just love Anna but her going at Alexis like that, hated it. She sounded cray cray! I'm guessing Nathan never met Claudette's lover or else Griffy would've been punched in the face when they met in the locker room? As for Ray Ray and Nik, please be over with this storyline already! Don't care, stopped caring when the revelation of who she was fell flat!

  2. Wyndemere:

    Shine bright like a diamond
    Shine bright like a diamond
    Find light in the beautiful sea
    I choose to be happy
    You and I, you and I
    We're like diamonds in the sky
    You're a shooting star I see
    A vision of ecstasy
    When you hold me, I'm alive
    We're like diamonds in the sky

    Chandler Mansion: More talk about Duke! So he will be alive in 3. 2. 1. Oh Tango! Yes teach him how to dance the tango.. The nurses ball is around the corner. :) I can see it now!

    Lucy: Anna can you do the tango?

    Anna: Sure.

    Lucy: Who will be your partner?

    Anna: Griffin can!

    So obvious! ROFL!

    Anna: It's good for getting the ladies.

    Wow Griffy! What's wrong? Watcha trying to say? You gay? You are Claudette? You are thinking ABOUT Claudette? :)

    Julian's office:

    Julian and Nina: Oh another nice scene with them! :) Will they have a fling? :)

    "Karen says Julian and Nina chem test? oh yes."

    YUP! :)

    Nina and BobTodd: :'(

    Fake park:

    Paint and wall, with BobTodd: Stop bullying BobTodd you bully jerks!!! GAH! BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: Didn't stalk you in a barn, didn't stalk you in a farm, didn't stalk you in a park, not in a whim not in a lark. Didn't stalk you here, didn't stalk you there, didn't stalk you anywhere.


    Metrocourt parking garage: Poor Hal.. I wonder if the ambulance is going to take forever to come.

    The hospital:

    Anna: Anna leaving a message for Jordan. Um Anna, Jordan is a little bit busy at the moment. Having denial sex with Maddox. :)


    EMT: Male late 20's.

    LATE 20'S?!?!?! NO WAY! Get out!!! He is 19 20 tops!!!! Give me a break writers. Awww Hal dies. Good to have met you Hal!

    Alexis, Alexis's family, with Anna sprinkled in: Oh yeah. Alexis's face DOES say it all! :) She has a feeling Julian did it. WOW ANNA!!! Glad you don't have a gun with you!

    Locker room: I wonder if Griffy always looks at his scar when he takes off his shirt. OH hi Nathan! Griffy's face when he sees Nathan. Geez Griffy are you in wuv with Nathan? :)

    1. Yeh BobTodd with his little Dr Seuss self was funny, had a little giggle! Haha denial sex! By the way wth took Alexis so long to call 911?!

  3. "Michelle Latta said...please be over with this storyline already! Don't care, stopped caring when the revelation of who she was fell flat!"

    Yup! The revelation DID fall flat!! I don't care about this storyline either! It's boring! Mr. and Mrs. Snails are also boring!

  4. Franco and Nikolas were truth-tellers for me today re Jasam and Hayden. All these mentions of Hayden's parents are making me nervous the show will be beefing up her place on the show, I think she is very unlikeable. Why did Jasam show up so randomly at the hospital. Still can't figure Griffin out. Nathan is still very stiff. Why is he in the GH locker room taking off his shirt? He doesn't work there, and unless I missed something, he said he'd be right back, then he goes into the locker room. Too contrived. Finola Hughes is fabulous, she elevates every scene she's in.

    1. I wondered the same about Nathan going into the locker room. Maybe jasam got poison ivy from rolling around in the park LOL! jk

  5. Guess they don't have Narcan at General Hospital.

  6. "Michelle Latta said... Haha denial sex!"


    By the way wth took Alexis so long to call 911?!

    "Yeah I know! I guess she was in shock!"

  7. Watson said...
    Guess they don't have Narcan at General Hospital.

    I guess the EMTs on the ambulance don't carry it either.

    I couldn't understand why Nathan was in the hospital locker room either but maybe he thought it was Maxie's private hospital change room since she's in there so much.

    Great write up once again, Sonya.

  8. "Di said...Great write up once again, Sonya."

    Thanky. :)

  9. Does anyone else notice that GH writers do much better when they write for older women? Think of Tracy, Heather, Dr. O, Diane. (I am saying "older," not that these actresses are old.) These characters have wit and depth (along with great delivery, of course). As I would guess that none of the writers are older women, I'm wondering if these characters have some input re their lines.

  10. Panda, I agree with you about Finola - so disappointed she didn't win for best actress. Wouldn't mind seeing that beady eyed Hayden gone already. I read that there is a rumor MS wanted to be paired with William Devry and that Roger didn't want to be paired with her because of her Scientology preaching. Griffin is so delicate looking that I wonder what his real story is. AntJoan, I noticed the same about the writers - Alexis is well written, too. Actually most of the dialogue is good but the storylines are all over the place. Sonya, you are the best!!

  11. "LSV422 said...that Roger didn't want to be paired with her because of her Scientology preaching."

    I didn't know MS is a Scientologist.

    "Griffin is so delicate looking"

    I noticed that too!!!! :)

    "Sonya, you are the best!!"

    Awwww. Thanks hon. :)


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