Sunday, May 1, 2016

Daytime Emmy Red Carpet--WINNERS

Our Brooklyn and Nicolas B... :) 

I'm going to try to snag some pics for you from Twitter. Since stupid TV stations are too damn cheap to even YOU TUBE it this year, I'm trying to watch by Parachute "TV" on Periscope and lawd, it's a mess.
Some of the stars and soap sites ARE giving still photos though so I'll be updating when I can.



Best Supporting Actor: Sean Blakemore (Sean GH)
Best Supporting Actress: Jessica Collins (YR)
Younger Actress: True O'Brien (Days)
Outstanding Directing: GH For the anniversary BW show 

Actor: Tyler Christopher GH (Nikolas) beating Tony Geary!!
Actress: Mary Beth Evans (Days) 

Younger Actor: Bryan Craig (Morgan, GH)

First up, our own Haley Pullos--tweeted this from her limo. WOW. Does she look great or WHAT!? 

Finola (via Melissa on Twitter) 

Tyler Christopher and Wife 

Michael Fairman and Teresa Castillo (Soap Central/ Michael Fairman)

Dan Kroll From SoapCentral interviewing Tristan Rogers.  (Via TV Source)

Jacob Young and son (can't you tell? LOL) (via TV Source)

Kassie DePaiva 

Maura West Selfie that says "LATE" !!

Mary Beth and Stephen (via @Officialnichols)

Matt Cohen with @Dishnetwork

AWWWWW via Nicholas Bechtel twitter

Dominic and wife! 

Finola tweeted: Here we are! 

Michelle and Frank, Red Carpet 


  1. Thank you, Karen. I know you worked really hard at finding feeds for the show. Your efforts are much appreciated!

  2. So happy for GH. Especially for Tyler. He has been consistently great and under-appreciated in his role.

    I was really hoping that Brooklyn would win, but she has a great future ahead of her. Congrats to Bryan Craig for finally getting his recognition. I don't always like Morgan, but Bryan is a great actor.

    Such an unpredictable ceremony tonight. I wish it would have been televised.

  3. It must have been a difficult, tedious job to get all the Emmy info to share with us. I appreciate your dedication and hard work.... Hope you enjoyed doing it even though it must have been a royal pain you-know-where... Especially loved the picture of Nik (Tyler) and Nicholas!!!

  4. Thanks guys, it was a mess LOL! I was also trying to watch Game of Thrones some of the time!!
    KUDOS goes to all the soap sites that got out there to LA to cover this for us though. The Emmys did a bit..but they aren't putting the feed up until today. Why it couldn't be live I have no idea!!

    No other shows have to have their own fans cover the awards shows!! There are more pics coming out today and if you want I can grab more

  5. Thanks Karen for putting this together! You are awesome! :)

  6. Yes, thanks, Karen, just saw this, much appreciated!! I sooo hope that Spencer is coming back . . .

  7. Yes thanks Karen for all of it. Shame on them for not finding a way to broadcast it. My favorite win of the night was Tyler, not only happy for him but also happy "The Actor" didn't win. I wonder why there were just a few people on stage for the GH win

  8. I read Tyler Christopher thanked Stephen Nichols (Stefan), his early mentor. Very classy. "The Actor" should take notes.


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