Monday, May 16, 2016


I said MOOKIE because I just lol... like that word. Not sure why else. 

Rehashing the crash.  Jason telling all of his memories to Sam. 

Stupid CarSon was on, just to talk about how much they hate Julian. 

Monica yells at Nurse Amy for Gossping.  Finn is talking to Monica about Dr. O and the dead patient. 

Jake runs away, he goes to Franco's house.... Franco knew he'd be there. HOW? I have no idea

Juliexis. I'm only watching for NLG and WDV's acting...Julian is being a cold prick, which is not what he is..but you know, GH.  OMG wait until you see what he says to her!! WOW.. oh this is a mess. ugh!! 

Anyway, MY idea is that Alexis murder Julian and totally frame Sonny. He was blabbing all over how much he hated him. She could act all "grieving widow" But have set Sonny up. Yes, TWO birds!! ONE GUN!!  

The Julexis scene was acted so well by NLG but's traumatizing. The whole thing. It is just written like crud. NOPE I didn't like it one bit. 

Later: Finn and Carly talk about the transplant of Joss' kidney, she has the paperwork


  1. How would Jake even know where Franco lived and how would he get there? I thought Franco might find him in the art therapy room but that would be too simple.

    How come all Jason can remember is happy times with Sam? Any moment I expected them to hold hands and go out and skip through the grass. belch!

  2. Wow! NLG is acting her ass off! Emmy worthy! Wish Sonny would stfu! Can't stand Nurse Amy!

  3. NLG is a good actress but I think she 'over' acted' in today's scenes.

  4. Needed to grab my pepto and bag after today. I kept talking to the tv and telling Jason to go see Monica, good grief, it's NOT ALL about Sam. Julian is a pig!

  5. I apologize if I come across as grumpy today, but not happy with the direction GH is going (backwards) and what's in store.

    Some observations from today:

    On what planet do the writers believe it is OK to subject us to endless mumbling between Sam and Jason about his damn memories? Is that what we really want? Zzzz...Talk about underwhelming...and the Jasam theme music that rides along with them in their scenes is a little too passionate for that... :-/

    In contrast, NLG is very good, but a little too much overacting for me today too. Reminded me of an angry drunk. I guess I would be angry too...

    New Amy isn't emoting much and sounds like she's reading from a teleprompter.

    Liz's hair looks good. I can't tell whether I like it lighter or darker.

    Will be happy to see Lucy and Laura tomorrow.

    Happy Monday!!

  6. I bet Jake would have been in the art room if they had the set up. It's probably a technical thing. The guys on GH have been major jerks lately.

  7. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Sonny: Carly and her lopsided shirt are worried about Sonny! Oh a wardrobe malfunction! I see her bra. :)

    Carly's cupcakes: I want out! I need air!!! I can't breath!

    McFin and Carly: Love that they are working together! :)

    The hospital:

    Amy and another nurse: Wow! ROFL! How does Amy know all about Jason and Monica and that she adopted him? :) Love that Monica gave her a piece of her mind!

    McFin and Monica: What happened to that patients results? Did it come out yet? What's taking so long?

    Liz, BobTodd, and Jake: Poor Adam Rich lookalike! His loves his BobTodd!!!

    Jake: Why did dad do that?

    Me: Why don't you just be honest with the kid Liz!!! Tell him the truth! Tell him that Jason is a bully!!!!

    BobTodd: Since when are you a doormat?

    YEAH!!! You tell her! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: I still can't believe you caved in so quickly to that neanderthal.

    ROFL! Keep speaking the truth BobTodd! :) Love the Friz scene! He really needs Liz! He needs a friend! Awwwww. :) Oh oh! Jake is missing! He is still in the hospital though. :) So grab a bullhorn and start calling out for Jake! :)

    Sam's home: Okay so Jason remembers his Morgan memories, but what about his Q ones?!!?!?! Or does the Q's don't matter? Just Carsason and Sam?! Damn Guza Jr Jr writers!!! Oh yes let's go to the hospital to see if you are healthy! And then you can find out that Jake is missing and then get hulk angry with BobTodd! Won't that be fun?!

    Julexis's home: What a fantastic scene! NLG was amazing!!! Love that she wore old school eyeliner. She was all catatonic, and then laughing, and then catatonic again. NLG BETTER win the emmy award!!!! :)

    Julian: We will survive this. We have to, Otherwise two men's lives have been wasted.

    HUH!!!?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Julian their lives were already wasted when you killed them you jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BobTodd's home:

    "Karen says Jake runs away, he goes to Franco's house.."

    What? He did?! I thought he saw Jake at the hospital and they went to his house because Jake was so upset.


    Julian: Take your hand off my wife, or I'll cut it off.

    DOH! Get him Sonny! Get him!!!!!

  8. "Di says How come all Jason can remember is happy times with Sam? Any moment I expected them to hold hands and go out and skip through the grass. belch!"

    Skip, skip, skip to my Lou,
    Skip, skip, skip to my Lou,
    Skip, skip, skip to my Lou,
    Skip to my Lou, my darlin'.


    1. LOL! Skip, skip, skip to my Lou....about Amy, I get the impression she's not supposed to be a new nurse, from the way Monica was talking to her.

  9. Sonya.....I was thinking more of a "tiptoe through the tulips" scenario. lol

  10. "Di said...Sonya.....I was thinking more of a "tiptoe through the tulips" scenario. lol"

    Tiptoe through the window
    By the window, that is where I'll be
    Come tiptoe through the tulips with me
    Oh, tiptoe from the garden
    By the garden of the willow tree
    And tiptoe through the tulips with me


  11. Since when is a kid missing for 20 minutes (Liz's words) and they send out Amber alerts, make posters, etc. Stupid.
    And... I experienced the biggest disappointment of my GH years yesterday ... and I've been watching since the beginning so that is saying something. I wanted Jason to regain his Q memories as well, and then make a educated choice on what kind of life he would choose to lead from here on. I was so hoping that he'd become a Q again, and maybe even return to the health care industry in some way so as to help people like he used to want to. When it was evident yesterday that he only regained the Morgan memories I almost cried.... Monica and I have been in mourning for Jason ever since the first car accident years ago.

  12. I'm completely bewildered by how underwhelming the Jasam/Jason stuff has been yet it gets a lauded as a big deal? I really hate to say it but I blame a lot of it on some of the acting choices. Very low energy and lacking passion. I think the actors need a break.

  13. Sam and Jason are like watching paint dry. If the old Jason was there, they could have shown him having flashbacks, which would have been great. Just hearing him having Sam and Sonny memories was so blah.


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