Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Surgery: A Ball, A Wall and a Fall...

20160527 1512(3)

So much to dish about this Sunday. The Ball, the "mysteries" ...the re-castings, you name it. My head is a bit hurt just thinking about everything. 

I have to say, I always enjoy The Ball. I get giddy for it. They could go up there and have one act with a pony and sing "Wheels on the Bus" and I'd be all "awwwwww". Yeah, it's cheesy, yeah there are weird parts but it's the one time of the year I can forget about all the crap of the show and just enjoy. 
SO! That's what I did! Tues-Thursday I just let the cynic go. Oh, believe me it was back by Friday but I'll try to keep it to myself until the end. 

Today's breakfast is an orange scone from Panera. I love those things. Like too much. (and there's a Panera about 1/4 mile from my house!!) 

20160523 1513(45)

So, on Monday, Alexis calls her BFF Diane over to talk about Jules and the situation. It was the only bright light in this dismal story I could deal with. Diane tries to get Alexis to turn in the evidence but she hesitates. Julian comes in and she covers saying she has to get her nails done before the ball and Di is going with her. Now, I have some questions. I don't think she took the shirt with her? She didn't even take a bag out. Unless Diane put it in her bag? And...if Julian thought Alexis was going to the ball, wouldn't she have like, GONE? I get why he didn't go...but we didn't see her did we? Diane told her she'd go to the ball with her and "never leave her side"--and we did see Diane, she served Jason. 
So, where was Alexis? If she was worried about Julian she would have gone to keep up pretense. As my friend Dr. Mo said: "Julian is going to know she didn't get there when she didn't come home with an Aveeno gift bag"! 

20160523 1522(9) exactly what pisses me off about this show. So many people and stories we CAN'T KEEP THINGS STRAIGHT!!  Huge beats missed.  Why couldn't she have gone to the ball and talked a bit to Sam about this? Oh, because Sam is busy in another story so, let's not be bothered. I guess she and Jason are going to go looking for Nik now? :eyeroll: 

Oh welp....Monday bored me so it's ON TO THE BALL! 

20160525 1416(12)

You can see my "Best of" The Ball if you hit that link. I did love Robin and Emma visiting. I do like "visitors" on soaps. It mimics real life. As long as we know they are popping in for tea and some chat, no harm done. Just fun. Of course Emma and Ned's number was grand! 

20160524 1513(44)

I also enjoyed Nina's Red Carpet faux-paus they were so funny.  She asked every inappropriate question there was!!  Her expressions were on point too. Loved when Franco was singing with Jake. She was all misty-eyed. Awwww.

Missing People: Tracy and Monica could have shown up. Tracy could have worn a fabulous jeweled head scarf. Even if it was just to walk the Red Carpet. Naw, why would we do that?
Olivia was missing as was Molly and Krissy. Wouldn't it had been great to have her show up with Parker? (just a little excitement!) That story went no where fast, didn't it? She's going to get "closer to Aaron" the spoilers say. I will never understand this show. 

20160525 1438(18)

Speaking of Missing: Cam and Aiden. AHAHAHAA. Cam and Aiden. Why would THEY be there when Jake can do everything on this own? This show is "Character Driven" now? Um, NOPE. Why not have Cameron and Aiden stand there and play the tambourine or something? Oh, I know why, because of FRANCO AND JASON. Yep. That's what that was all about. Not to have Liz's other kids even there was just stupid.
Franco was of course, adorable with ol' Jake. Jason got all mad about it and acted like an ass. Yes, I know Franco's a serial killer yada yada.  Jason's just a bore now with no affect. There, I said it. 

20160524 1926(13)

New Amy should have been emergency recast Maxie, imo. She looks so much like KS--and her voice? Creepy-close. Other than that, I don't get her character. Amy Vining was Laura's sister and you forgave her certain mouthy transgressions. Plus, Jessie was around to keep her in line. This girl is just annoying and would get fired in a Nano-Second in real life. 

20160527 1417(16)

Dillon and Kiki. WHO KNEW? Geesh, what great singers. I just loved them together. And I hate her and I hate him! LOL Together? Soapy Magic.  Having Morgan see them kiss was just icing in the cake. 

20160525 1432(26)

Carly and Ava drama. I did enjoy this--Laura and Maura had fun with it. We even got to see an actual bathroom! The zip drive being in the martini shaker was dumb but the ensuing cat-fight was entertaining. I loved when Ava told Carly it was "just sex and to put it out there"! That's Ava...she doesn't give a damn. Only when Paul told her he would turn the other drive over did she care. But now that this part is over? I really do not give one F about who gets Avery. Tired story line. Just tired. 

20160524 1933(42)

Bobbie Trauma. She gets dizzy after the opening number and goes down. I thought JZ did a fabulous job. Unfortunately she, Lucas and Brad have been on so sparingly it was just a 'in your face' plot point to have the needle-killer further his/her agenda. Brad thinks Lucas stood him up because Amy didn't give him the message. Drama moment at the wedding.

20160527 1508(41)

Of course they can't be happy. Brad gets to GH just in time to see Lucas on a ventilator. THEN they DIDN'T SHOW IT AGAIN on Friday.  Just didn't show anything! No one called Carly, Sam or Jules. It was like, ok, you saw that, wait until next week for some follow up. WTH.  They want us to believe the needle guy is Hammy but we know that's too easy. I'm betting on Dr. Mayes (Crabby Pants that treated Tracy) who's into the organ-harvesting gang? Remember what Ham and Carly were working on? Joss' kidney? Yeah, that seems to have been shoved aside for some games with Ava. *sigh* 

20160527 1514(34)

Nikolas Trama: Um.. what is this? Many are speculating he was setting Hayden up. He wanted her to come home awfully badly. The front door opened--maybe he thought it was her? Did he really jump? Or is he faking it--laying there after breaking the window earlier? But--why would he fake it? To have Hayden arrested? Why not just turn in the diamonds? Keep about 5 for cash and then get her? Plus the fact he's suing Jason. Who would fake their death after serving someone? He might have gotten ELQ back!
The fact that Jason went in first is a fluke (ahaha, I said it) because Nikolas had no idea he came over. It's obvious Jason didn't push him. So, if he's not faking and it wasn't Jason, who was it? Helena? Sheba? And why do some "temp-recast" if he was just 'lost in the bay"? I guess we are going to have to just watch and TRUST  writers have a vision. Because right now, it seems to be a mess. With everything else going on, we really needed this too? And PS. I still don't care about Hayden one bit so, whatever happens to her, happens. 

Tracy Mystery: Sabrina's back, they were BFF's .  Tracy said that was why Sabby left Baby Edward with her. Now she's so attached to him it's scary? Yells at Sabrina? Um.. okay, is there a worm left? 

20160527 1503(30)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: There were a lot of little moments. I really loved but this speech with Robin was my fave. She got it all right; and I even wept a little bit when she mentioned Stone. It's been 21 years people! Holy Hell. 

20160524 1917(54)

MY FAVE SCREEN CAPPY OF THE WEEK:   THIS Says so much with so little!  

20160524 1511(21)

BEST FAKE OUT: I was so mad, I thought they were going to watch it all on TV!! 

20160524 1545(29)

FACE OF THE WEEK: Look at Anna! Finola just was overjoyed!!  It just looked so real. Aww, the girlies. 

20160525 1440(11)

RUNNER UP: Nina watching Franco with Jake. THE FEELS! 

20160525 1534(24)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Oh it was a big one! It's been years since I've seen a GEN-YOU-WINE toilet on a soap!! 

SO much drama happening off camera it's hard to keep up. If you want to though, bookmark Daytime Confidential because they are getting all the scoop! 

First up the 'temp-recasting of Tyler Christopher"... contract negotiations. From what I heard from Becky's fight, they are offering many vets way below what they were making. I guess he said BOO and they said "WELP". Now, could it be the Nikolas 'cliff hanger" was written into the show because they weren't sure he'd be back? If so, why the temp casting? BTW, he was cast with a guy that played the POOL BOY on RHOBH. (Not kidding) So, maybe he'll just be laying in a coma for awhile while things get worked out? 

I did do a blind item myself on someone coming back for longer than expected. I can say that contract negotiation wasn't what the actor thought it would be-- and that's also on hold. So, when it's announced I'll let you know! 

On to Kirsten Storms. I don't think this is contract issues, I think it's personal leave. I'm not speculating why/what. Just wish her the best and hope she's back soon. I'm hearing things about her recast (the chick from DAYS)--and it's not been good. ONE person told me she was basically tolerable. The rest? Oh I can't repeat what they said here!! 
This could be such a disaster. Bree Williamson is coming as Claudette. KS is gone and the guy that plays Griffin is relatively new. That leaves Nathan as the "vet" of the story. Lawdy. Plus, how many of us really care about Claudette? 

The Sabrina baby story is going to ratchet back up-- meaning it looks like we'll have 2 custody things going on. Not my favorite story line. I have had enough with the Michael/Morgan then Joss years. Between Edward and Sonny I heard "that's my son/grandson" enough to last me a lifetime. 

Welp. That's that. This week will be interesting. Well, I hope it will be interesting. 

Oh and late last night...this happened: 

I saw this on @daytimeSpoilers said "he will play JP McMahon. And as of right now, nope I don't know who that is. I saw a spoiler that says Jordan calls in the FBI. Maybe he's an FBI guy? JUST what we need tho! Another newbie.  Even if he's a temp guy-- why? Dante needs something to do. Let him find Nikolas. They are taking crazy pills over there!

What was YOUR favorite part of the Ball? Let me know! 


  1. #1 So much truthiness in this Sunday Surgery... #welldone
    #2 New Amy is already on my last nerve. And the show trying to act like she's always been around and interacted with everyone is silly. She could've just been a new student nurse trying to fit in and just becomes #gossipgirl to find her place in the GH world.
    #3 WISH!!! GH Would start, tell and finish a story in a TIMELY MANNER! Helena's will reading was MARCH, we are entering JUNE with no true followup about Lulu's bequest, the creepy painting to Nik, or did he poison the tea and she knew. When is Liz going to give a DUCK about Jake's lost years on Cassie Island and take her ass over there and ask questions or even have his "art" therapist ask about that time. THIS IS STUPID! As for Laura and the Nancy Drew Mystery with Kevin..... #whatever!
    #4 HOW is Nik Broke! They did a story line where he said he protected his assets from Victor and Helz, they did a story line back in the day where he had other assets outside of Cassadine holdings, and COURTNEY was RICH when she died where did her $$$ go?

    Rant holding... The best thing about the NB was Emma and Ned, Dillon and Kiki and so many tears over Robin's speech. 2! YEARS... WOW!!! Claire, Wendy, Shelley PLEASE COME HOME to PORT C.

    So Emma and Jake can come to the ball BUT Cam, Aiden, Joss have to be in story line limbo daycare. Krissy, Molly, TJ, not being at the ball. Silly. Felicia and Mac sitting outside to pick up Emma BUT NOT coming inside to hear Robin's speech, or to visit friends and family SERIOUSLY! The NEW COS Monica not coming for even a minute to the NB to talk about the Stone Cates AIDS Wing, the research done at GH and the hope for the future could replace some of those horrific dancing scenes.
    And I made a joke that GH would do Milo and his Magical Wands and then go and Now Robin will talk about AIDS and lo and behold... Look at her wands and now let's talk about AIDS. REALLY!!!!

    Part of what loved about the ball was it did give us knowledge and awareness which was the original point under Wendy and still entertained along the way. NOW it's just a bad high school talent show and oh, yea let's drop some wisdom.

    As for recasts wish everyone on both sides of this thing well. Otherwise. No Comment.

    **As for the Nik Murder Mystery... still waiting for the resolution or start of the Griff mystery, Nathan mystery, Finn mystery, Joss mystery, What is Paul Horney really all about mystery, Why Jordan is such an ass about Curtis mystery, What is Hayden really all about mystery and oh yea, the whose following Jason and Sam mystery? I'll just wait right here for those.

  2. I distinctly remember seeing Alexis at a table during the Nurses Ball. She was there!

  3. Sigh. I've watched Ned&Emmas number, may take a look at Alexis/Diane scenes. There are other pieces I'd like to see, but I'm not sure it's worth the ff time & energy.

    But I keep keeping track of what's going on. I guess I 'll keep watching. Tracy is my fave right now, though I don't get the baby posseiveness. Jane is amazing.

  4. Excellent SS and the comments that followed. I think we are headed for even more of a mess than we have now. These writers are so scattered with their storylines and characters that being cohesive is beyond their capabilities. I did love the NB performances, especially Ned and Emma. I saw Wally perform live many years ago and he is very talented. I was wondering why the door to Wyndemere is left UNLOCKED and there is no staff to monitor anyone from entering. Also, how come Jason has not remembered his time with Helena, where also he might have been around Jake? Not to have the COS at the ball was a big boo boo. There were actually so few people at the ball-they could have paid some extras just to sit there and look like it was a really big bash. Loved having Robin back and Duke one last time.

  5. Great surgery. Thanks once again. And I always love the Ball too.

    kd said....Dillon and Kiki. WHO KNEW? Geesh, what great singers. I just loved them together. And I hate her and I hate him! LOL Together? Soapy Magic.

    I know. lol I’ve hated Kiki since day one and now she’s really likeable. Her character with Morgan was ridiculous. So was he. Maybe now Morgan will become likeable too. (hey....I still believe in unicorns. hahahaha)

    That happy face of Anna watching Emma and Ned was priceless. If you go back through that scene you’ll actually see Billy Miller grinning from ear to ear too. I’ve never seen him so animated. You could tell that the cast was really enjoying the show, not just the characters. Loved it!

    kd said.... how many of us really care about Claudette?

    I don’t know anyone who does. We like Griffin and hope he stays but Claudette can go and take Nathan with her.

    I’ve also had enough of custody story lines and don’t want another. If Sabrina is not jailed then the baby should go back with his mother, and preferably before he starts school!!

    kd said...Brad gets to GH just in time to see Lucas on a ventilator. THEN they DIDN'T SHOW IT AGAIN on Friday. Just didn't show anything! No one called Carly, Sam or Jules. It was like, ok, you saw that, wait until next week for some follow up. WTH

    And what about Bobbie? Suddenly she was up and just another visitor at Lucas’ bedside. What do you want to bet that we never find out why she passed out. ( not fainted as a faint doesn’t last that long.)

    The continuity on this show sucks big time. They seem to have different writers write every day and no ones checks how things line up. A stage hand must be gluing the parts together.

    And SERIOUSLY! Another newbie. Jordan and Dante and Valerie can’t take care of the police work? This fella had better not be on more than Anna or Laura and Kevin!!

    I loved all the acts at the ball. My favs were Emma and Ned, and Kiki and Dillon. But except for the opening number I actually liked them all.

  6. Instead of retyping a long commentary that repeats what's above let me just please cosign to everyone's comments above mine. It's particularly good to hear how many people are also frustrated with the writing inconsistencies. I've actually gone to ABC's contact us page and left feedback on the show's comment page about how horrible the writing is. It's extremely expedient to the point where within scenes what people are saying doesn't fit what they said a couple of minutes before. In sum, the writing is so shallow we can't latch on to any storyline.

    I know some people hated Bob Guza's writing, but I liked how consistent he was with Sonny's world. For example, I remember that whenever Jason and Sonny had to talk business Carly always left the room. She consistently stayed out of the business and got in the personal stuff. Now she and Michael and Morgan are involved in the mob, and we never see Max or people like the late Benny in Sonny's world. The mob has been replaced with Carly, Michael, Morgan, and Anna. It doesn't make sense. And I think the reason we all got choked up when Robin said that it had been 21 years since Stone died is because back then the writing was so deep and consistent that all these years later we still feel what Stone meant. That quality is missing in the current writing.

    I'm probably alone but my minor gripe with Emma's performance at the nurses ball is that it seems like she and Robin were watching on TV in California. It was very fake that she suddenly showed up and had a fully rehearsed number. When did she and Ned rehearse that? And Jake has all these issues and he can barely function but somehow he had time to learn a whole song? Fake. The high school talent show aspect to me comes from the fact that they're holding it at the Metro Court. Back in the day the stage used to be much bigger and the audience area was much larger.

    I know we all hate the writing but I just have to say I am literally astounded by how long it has gone on. Aren't the people in charge watching the show and also feeling like it's very very flat? Like most frustrated fans I have my list of pet examples: Molly hated Julian but Sam criticized Alexis for supporting Julian. Writers missed a great opportunity to further build on Molly's independence, loyalty to her father, and distrust of Julian. And why does Sonny suddenly hate Alexis for being with Julian when he was at their wedding? How in the heck does Lucy Coe know Curtis... well enough to get him to perform in the Ball? Griffin was at the hospital claiming he would not go to the ball. Then he gets a text from Emma and says he's convinced to go. Out of nowhere he performed. So he was planning to go all along. Major hole in the writing. A few weeks ago Hayden shows up in the garage claiming she was questioned by the FBI for 24 hours. That's absurd. When did that even happen? The list of stuff like this just goes on and on.

    Finally, my theory about Nicholas and the window is that he booby-trapped it for Hayden to fall out of it and somehow fell out of it himself. I don't think he was setting up anybody for what happened to him. I believe he was hoping Hayden would fall out of that window.

    Great post! Thanks for letting us comment!

  7. For all those viewers, who so badly wanted Ron careful what you wish for. That's all I'm going to say about that.

  8. "if Julian thought Alexis was going to the ball, wouldn't she have like, GONE? I get why he didn't go...but we didn't see her did we?"

    Oh WOW! Yeah she DID say she was going!!! I forgot that Alexis said that! Where was she?!!?! Was she in the bathroom puking her guts out because her marriage is over?

    "Dillon and Kiki. WHO KNEW? Geesh, what great singers. I just loved them together. And I hate her and I hate him! LOL Together? Soapy Magic."

    I like Dillon, and Kiwi, well she is okay. I don't like her when she is in scenes with Morgan! Dumb and dumber UGH! I like her in scenes with other people, especially with Dillon! :)"

    "Having Morgan see them kiss was just icing in the cake."

    HELL YEAH! :) Icing!!! :) And Mopey Morgan is funny. :)

    "SO much drama happening off camera it's hard to keep up."

    It's a soap opera in of itself!

  9. "Deborah Leigh said...Finally, my theory about Nicholas and the window is that he booby-trapped it for Hayden to fall out of it and somehow fell out of it himself."

    ROFL! Now that is funny! I can just see that happen. OOPS!

    Nik: I am going to get her! She will die! La la la la!

    *falls out himself*


  10. I never wanted Ron gone. Karen I'm surprised you even found one person that said Molly B was tolerable. And speaking of mysteries we're still waiting on Rosalie???

  11. nance24 said... And speaking of mysteries we're still waiting on Rosalie???

    I'm still waiting to find out why Brad would have gone to jail if he didn't marry his phanto wife. Who did he kill? lol Another mystery dropped like a hot potato.

  12. Are the actors who play Dillon and Kiki a couple in real life? Their chemistry is amazing!!! He looks at her and I kinda melt. And when they kept -almost- kissing during their number I could really feel butterflies on their parts. Kudos to whoever decided to write them into scenes together. Now lets get some drama going with their parents--Paul and Ava--to throw in a little Romeo/Julietness.

  13. Kirsten explains her temporary leave:

  14. Carey, I see he and Britini (Valerie) in photos more. She just put one up on Instagram

  15. Great SS Karen. I agree with everyone's input but want to add that while we're blaming the writers the executive producer needs to take part of the blame too. I remember around the time of the 50th Anniversry Nurses Ball thinking the cast was bloated. I thought it was just a short stint because of the 50th Anniversary and after the NB is would go back to normal cast and we'd have more continuity. Didn't happen. It's only gotten worse. I blame Frank. This has to be his vision and I'm sorry it just sucks. Karen says it all the time when you only see a character/storyline once every 3-4 weeks, WHO CARES? When you jam Sonny/Carly/Jason down our throats 4-5 days a week it's too much and past loved characters become despised. Maybe it's time for Frank to go.

  16. "Wanda said...Kirsten explains her temporary leave:"

    Oh poor Kirsten! I haven't noticed.. If I had, I would have been concerned. I hope the stress she is feeling goes away or lessens.

  17. Hayley Erin has a boyfriend. Michael Fairman did a interview with Ryan and Parry so you will get your answer with where Rosalie is. I'm tired of the custody with Sonny and Ava.

  18. Robin and Emma are always welcome - they are like family coming home! Same with Ned and Lucy.

    Can't figure out what the strategy behind GH is now. Just really down about it...Losing good folks like Tyler and Kristen, even short term, isn't helping either.

    Where was ROBERT SCORPIO???!!!!

  19. "Anon said... Where was ROBERT SCORPIO???!!!!"

    Good question!!! Tristan Rogers hasn't even been on Young and the restless either!!!

  20. Brava Karen on another great Sunday surgery! I really appreciate your honesty and for the most part agree with you when I watch and appreciate this blog when I don't. And I also appreciate the opinions of those who post here. I watched all this wk.because of the ball of course and I did enjoy some but not all. I've felt that way for the last couple of yrs. I had alot of the same questions about it that posters here did especially about the absentees. I'm pretty sure Alexus made the decision not to turn Julian in until after Lucas and brads wedding. When they were outside of the house Diane asked Alexis why she didn't have the shirt and I'm pretty sure that was her reply. I may be wrong,I can't check because I don't have the resources to record episodes. I am disappointed that they're going to write the Tracy and Sabrina SL this way. I really loved it when Tracy said they bonded and now apparently she's bonded with her baby more in a matter of a day so I guess Ned & Dillon were right to doubt her ability to truly have a real friendship. Seems like the old Tracy is back who I've never really been too fond of,I think Jane Elliott is an outstanding actress but Tracy was never one of my faves until this past yr. I'm glad that they're going to finally have Anna move on and hopefully be the Anna we love again. Not a fan of characters having conversations and things with the dead. Anyway,NOBODY can be Maxie except KS and I love Maxie especially now so I hope she heals physically,spiritually & emotionally really quick so she can get back in the picture! Thanks again everyone for taking time to post. Have a blessed night!

  21. "gracegirl said... I may be wrong,I can't check because I don't have the resources to record episodes."

    You don't have to worry about THAT anymore! Just go on this website and you can see any episodes you like!

  22. I'm bored is a useless thing to say. You live in a great, big, vast world that you've seen none percent of. See the link below for more info.



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