Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Smash and Dash

I'm at a juncture again! Oh why do you all still read my blog? LOL... I get so angry with this show!  I start thinking about things and writing the week's summary and I seriously question my sanity to continue watching. 
I can't support the blatant mobular bullshit and just plain bad storytelling that's happening. Sonny as a character is starting to repel me so badly that when he's on  (or non-stop yapping Carly) I want to FF. This is no way to like/love a show. Nope.  On the flip side, 
I did really ENJOY (yes, that's ENJOY) Thursday's show!! That's something right there, isn't it!?  (Sonny wasn't on..or if he was, I blocked him out !) 

I'm having Eggs Sunny side up and I'm going to chomp them like I'm chomping on him

OH WHERE TO BEGIN!!???  With the best or the worst? Or the mundane filler bits? 
Since GH is the most giant cast KNOWN ON TV besides Game of Thrones, it's hard to choose. 

20160519 1426(13)

I did decide that the show has 4 stories it could show all the time and I'd be ok: Laura's Mystery, Nurses Ball (Lucas/Brad Wedding), The Quartermaine' ELQ story, and Hammy Finn hospital soapy fun. That's it. I'd be happy. Meaning Sonny and Carl could take off FOR like 7 months. BYE.  See ya. Don't write! 

WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR: The Week of May 16th: 

20160516 1436(9)

I'm going to start with the most infuriating "story" I've ever sat through in my daytime career. Why is it the worst? Storytelling. Just plain wrong-headed storytelling. 
Julian is turned from a reformed mobster into a goofy-family man taking Christmas sweater photos and sabotaging Crimson, to a sociopathic cold blooded monster in like 4 episodes. ALL the transitional beats were missed, btw.  He stood there at the church during the marriage doing nothing when the gunman stormed in (while Sonny saved the day) but can eviscerate a guy with a dagger in 5 seconds after the he talks about his baby. Ok then!
Not only do we have him gutting a guy on the docks, we get to have SONNY worm his way into this story in every possible way he could. Hypocritical. Supremely arrogant. Why? Because Julian killed a guy he hated. A guy he wanted killed for killing Duke.  Somehow, that wasn't ok because Julian did it "in cold-blood". Huh? What? Is Sonny a warm-blooded killer? 

20160517 1424(9)

Alexis suffers post-marriage turn-coat syndrome and loses it. She realizes what Julian's done and what ensues is all at once heartbreaking, maddening and at some points unacceptable.  She finds the bloody handkerchief. She puts it on her face and sobs. Julian coldly tells her she's not calling the cops because she's a party in culpability.  He moves to throw the hankie in the fire. Alexis stands there. 
The door bell rings...and it's SONNY----! OF COURSE it's Sonny!! Because he has to run in and figure out they burned something in the fireplace. Figure out Alexis knows about Julian--and then he snaps. 

20160517 1454(28)

WTF moment of the year.  When he started wacking that poker around. I gasped because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Now if ALEXIS had done that, ok...but Sonny? While Alexis cowers in the corner? Jules gets hit--hard, and goes down. Alexis stays by his side. What does Sonny do? Helps her up and hugs her like Michael in the Godfather and I think, ok he's going to encourage her to do the right thing, give her some strength.  BUT NOPE !! He basically say  "You're dead to me".  He threatens her.  "You're fair game now". Will he put a dead bird in HER bed?  Sonny, the "I never hurt women"??? What bullshit. 

20160517 1442(18)

Alexis has been reduced to just another freaking sniveling female on the show that is so deeply in "love" she can't make a straight decision save her life. This isn't some 20 something girl, this is a woman that's killed 3 people (well, Kat came back but we thought she was dead), is a Cassadine and has taken no shit in a long long time. BUT! Hell, let's do this story that not only breaks up Julexis, but lets turn 2 of the characters into complete opposites to what I've been watching! I know Alexis is 'in love' with Julian. Going this extreme of a route just really turned me off. Especially to more of the mobular crap we've lived through for years and years. It's just never going away people. Nope. 
If you haven't watched that scene and think I'm exaggerating, well-- you're wrong. Sonny just up and smashed the hell out of the Lake House.  It was bizarre.

20160517 1450(47)

Tracy and Baby: AWW!! Adorbs scenes and I love that little Edward  bambino!! If CarSon wasn't involved in the Michael end of things, it would be golden! Love how Tracy called Finn to examine the baby Michael did the right thing to take him to the PCPD and get a foster placement. That was actually believable. Of course, Tracy manipulated that too (soapy drama) and she has the baby back! Woo hoo!! I also liked the line where she said to Ned "What, I can't make friends"??  
 Sabrina is alive and well in Puerto Rico on some shed behind held for some reason that I don't know about. Who wants to go find her? Michael--which makes sense since he's still in love with her. Who has to be mouthy VonMoutherson about it? CARLY. Like he's 18 or something. So, I think great, he's going to the island--but then SONNY IS GOING WITH HIM. :throws up hands: Seriously? Oh, and Sonny's 'figured out' who has her!! OF COURSE he has!! UGH times 3.  Sabrina is being held at gun-point in and is going to be shot any second. I have a feeling that's not going to happen. 

20160517 1419(34)

Didn't Genie look great in these scenes? Going back to the Campus Disco was a bit painful for me, but I survived. I wish we saw real flashbacks but whatever. Next up is Beecher's Corners. When do you think this will happen? I'm guessing after the Nurses Ball? If they have she and Kevin on at the same pace they have been going, "Key Mystery" will end in 3 years time. Tops. 
Lucy giving Laura 'permission' to see Doc was also a nice scene. No one seems to remember their Deception business though. *sigh* 

20160517 1507(43)

Jason remembers!! Yeah! Now Carly has her BFF back!! Oh, and he and Sonny had a chit chat too. they love each other. Not only that...Jason will "be there whenever Sonny needs him". But he's NOT working for him! Nope..but he "will be there". So.. I guess he'll do stuff but not do stuff.  He's in..but he's out, got that? 

Hammy Finn: Another old person dies. I'm starting to think it's not Dr. O killing those people after all. She's making too many phone calls to try to trap him. he doing it as a Jekyll Hyde thing? Or is he extracting some serum from them? I'm intrigued. I even like that they had an old fashioned 'review' meeting! I am intrigued by the stealing of the drug (which could have been used to kill the patients), his shooting up something AND all the deaths that may have happened under his care. This is the perfect HOSPITAL SOAP STORY! Uses extras that come in as patients, may involve other staff and has a rivalry between a cranky doctor and a seemingly good-doer! MORE PLEASE! 

Nurses' Ball: Oh yeah with the Brad Lucas and Lucy thing! It was so cute!! Should be a good show. I know crap is coming with "danger and the mob"-- but I'm not going to think about that now. Lucy also went to Nikolas for his donation and he doesn't have enough money to give her one. So he goes and sells one of Hayden's diamonds. Yeah, I forgot about them too. Yawn.

LESSER RANS: ie: fillers 

20160519 1407(17)

Ava. Yes, Ava's reduced to a filler now. Threatening Morgan to leave Kiki. She hasn't been on for weeks, but now she's going to go get Avery and we have to listen to how great CarSon are as parents and how lousy she is. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. I think I've watched more custody battles on soaps in my life time than I have Who's the Daddy stuff. Carly stops the furniture shipment? Really? And Ava seriously didn't just take her anyway? Like you have to have a crib? what? 
"I'm just getting started, bitch" Carly  sneers.  Maybe she can call Edward in heaven for tips. 

20160518 1619(31)

Hayden: Filler, Filler I don't care. None of it.  Well, Curtis is great to look at but I was hoping he'd be in the Jordan/TJ story. Oh yeah, TJ. WHO??? 
AND...just think, Hayden will be getting a mom soon! Lucky us! 

20160517 1422(33)

Franco/Jake/Liz: Yeah, it's just all filler. If Franco's not going to help with therapy or Helena's book (or even moving Liz into her new digs) then ..snooze. 

20160519 1455(37)

 Morgan: Filler. He even rolled over faster than a jelly donut when Ava told him to leave Kiki. heh.

20160519 1451(39)

Dante is so much filler, he's out of the hospital with a haircut and nary a scratch in sight! 

20160519 1449(4)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Although the Alexis mess had great acting, I couldn't give it scene of the week because of the content. I did however, LOVE the hospital meeting and all the soapy-goodness that came out of it. I also think Monica as COS (and being on more) is perfect. I hope there are more of these and other 'doctors' were in there. I was hoping Dr. Crabby would be in on it! 

20160517 1440(25)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Monica hears Jason call her "Mom" was so wonderful.  I'm also going to mention that Mr. Miller looked like this

20160517 1440(24)

For 99,9% of the scene. I know he did because I went through ALL the second by second screen cappies available. I still don't get the direction he's going or is being given. Jason is just flat. Pancake...flat. 

WARDROBE MALFUNCTION:  The Smock That Ate Tracy! 

20160518 1439(14)

PROP OF THE WEEK: Disco Ball. If there's a Disco Ball involved, it always gets prop of the week! 

So, Thursday's show was hands down the best of the week.  Had all the elements I like. (and it's all about me, you know).
I'm wondering what's going to happen now that Jason has his memories back. He's not working for Sonny so..? Will he open up his bike shop again? I see he and Sam are off on an adventure. Can he please get an affect that more than a toad? Please? 
Sabrina's back--wonder if she'll sing at the ball again. Little Brooklyn is back I hear. Dr. O will probably out Hammy Finn. Not sure what Liz' "public humiliation" is. You know Franco will be right there. 
I guess Hayden's Mom is coming. OH and I KNOW for sure Lucy and Kevin's daughter is coming. This time seems to be TRUE. Can't tell you know I know but I know. Unless I'm wrong again LOL. It's someone's kid. I think the name is "CC" which could be Christina. Having two Chrissy/Krissy's on the show would not work! 
They didn't show Nathan/Claudette stuff at all this week and phew, I was glad! Dr. Priest is taking Maxie to the ball (I guess Nate has still got a hurtin' noggin)? You know that's going to start up. He'll fall for Maxie like he fell for Claudette, yada yada. 
Who's glad RIC is back? Oh wait... :eyeroll: 

Annie DONNELLY will be back for the GH Nurses' Ball. Sean and Tiffany's daughter. She was on before during the 50th. Sorry, I saw "Annie" and immediately thought of Logan. WHOOPS! 

Ok, have a great week!  My son graduated from RIT and I'm done with college bills! HOORAY!! 


  1. Karen, thanks for a great and thoughtful SS, looks like I'm first again! I was waiting anxiously for you to come back, as you were not around on Fri (except to do the spoilers, which I thank you for).

    You know, we all are frustrated with GH, but I'll tell you why I think most of us stick around. Because when GH is great, IT IS GREAT!! NO ONE can bring it like GH! I think it's partly the great acting, partly the fact that this show is a large part of all of our lives--but when the actors sing and dance (either at the Nurses Ball or anywhere else); when they use humor; when they give the best lines to women like Dr. O, Diane, Tracy, etc., there is NOTHING LIKE IT!! They can make me laugh, they can make me cry, when they are great, they are GREAT!

  2. Best SS yet! Still can't believe stupid Sonny smashing up that bar ware, pig! Annie Logan, wow!! Blast from the past.

  3. OK, you ALL know I love my Sonny, but lately he has been so hard to swallow! His treatment of Alexis was shocking and horribly out of character. Sonny should NOT have been with Carlos in the hospital when he was dying, WHO would have let him in during his medical treatment and last rites? One thing, though, I think I am seeing differently from others on this blog. I don't think Sonny is angry at Julian for killing Carlos--like you all have said, he wanted Carlos dead anyway. He is angry at Julian for killing Duke, that is why he wants revenge on him.

  4. Best SS yet! Still can't believe stupid Sonny smashing up that bar ware, pig! Annie Logan, wow!! Blast from the past.

  5. OK, don't know why I don't know this, but WHO is Annie Logan?

  6. Friday I was at my son's graduation and forgot to put a post up, sorry! I was rushing around and just forgot lol
    Annie Logan was a nurse on GH in the 80's..maybe 70's?? She was with Jeff Webber-- Heather hated her. She was a bit like Mary Kennicut from AMC. I think she dated Joe Kelly too.

  7. Julian & Sonny are acting IN character, the way they're supposed to,not the way WE WANT them too! Julian's acting like the manipulative mobster he was in the 80's! I hated the way Sonny treated Alexis! It was disturbing! But how can you honestly say it was "out of character"?!

  8. I disagree on one thing. I adore Carly. Sonny, not so much. I'd like to see Ava & Julian move back to wherever they came from, the Falconaris--except for Lulu-- to move back to Bensonhurst, and the producer to forbid the writers to add any new characters with the exception of giving Ned a contract immediately!

  9. Really? Annie Logan?? WWHHHYYYY???

  10. I agree the cast is too big! GH could use a Days serial killer type story to get rid of the "perphial characters"! I'd love to see Ned & Olivia back together!

  11. I agree with Don. Julian is not acting out of character, he's pretty much always had one foot in and out of the mob. And I'm only interested in the NB and remotely interested in the Hammy Finn stuff. I don't care about Laura's adventure because too much time has passed and I'm just over Helena honestly. I also don't care about Sabrina or her baby. Further, I'm confused on how or why she was even captured. I agreed with very little in your blog. Sonny is who we thought he was. I tell you the Sonny/Alexis scenes weren't boring, can't say that for much of the show. Sometimes I think people want everyone running around Port Charles singing kumbaya.

  12. Yes, I would LOVE to see Ned and Olivia together!

    Don: OK, it was "out of the characters I want them to be." However, Sonny's treatment of Alexis goes against how he treats women, especially the mothers of his children, unless you want to go back to his days of Karen and the strip club.

    And Karen (our Karen), congrats on your son's graduation! I meant to mention it in my first post, I guess I got distracted talking about Sonny :)

    1. Sonny does treat the women in his life when he feels betrayed! Except for Carly, who'd hit him back!:Do She's the only woman who understands him, & knows how to handle the bully in him!

  13. Thank Karen for another great SS. I love your blog because your always call it like it is. We've had a bloated cast for the last 3+ years. Which leaves too many storylines that take forever to unfold. Where is the 'love in the afternoon?' There's no build up or romance. Julian & Alexis was one relationship that had that build up. And now they've destroyed it. I just don't get where there going with this. And why are Sonny & Carly the central characters? It's always the same story over, and over again. Someone always trying to take Sonny's territory. Sonny the lovable mobster with dimples. They lost TG and decided MB would be King. I wish tptb would read this blog and redirect the show.

    Thanks again Karen and Congrats to your son!

    1. I agree with you that GH's biggest problem right now is too big a cast! It's messing with continuity & structure! But THey didn't lose Tony! He lost it, & left! MB has been the king for years!

    2. I use to agree with you. However, Sonny is more of caricature. He totally over acts. It's sad to watch.

  14. MAYBEEEEEEE Sonny and Alexis are secretly working together to get Julian and that's why he smashed up the place AND she hid the shirt?!?!?

  15. I wish that were so, but Alexis looked like she was about to throw the shirt into the fire, then changed her mind.

  16. great SS Karen and we keep reading because you are a great blogger and we agree (well I do) on just about everything you say. I think that scene with Sonny breaking all that stuff, etc was probably one of the worse scenes I've ever watched. and the dumbest. Close to the end Friday or maybe it was the preview Hayden walked up to Finn, please no...I don't want him with Greenlee. Oh and now we're getting another new cast member, some guy from ATWT???

  17. Annie Logan was last mentioned when Bobbi returned again to town and complained that Annie had stolen Noah away from her. No mention of her since then though...
    Sonny sucks and should die.
    That is all.


  18. "Oh why do you all still read my blog? LOL..."

    ROFL! Because we love your blog!!!! :)

    "She finds the bloody handkerchief. She puts it on her face and sobs.

    Hahahaha. I'm glad the blood was dry! Or she would have blood all over her face! Ewww!"

    "Dante is so much filler, he's out of the hospital with a haircut and nary a scratch in sight!"

    It's like the accident never happened!!!!

  19. Can you confirm or deny that Lucas is being killed off? If this happens, I'm D-O-N-E with this mess.

  20. Why do Olivia and Dante need to leave, when Olivia is barely on these days. Dante and Lulu should be put with other people for a bit.

  21. 4cacf1ac-2092-11e6-8f45-2fdc52edc257 said...
    Can you confirm or deny that Lucas is being killed off? If this happens, I'm D-O-N-E with this mess.

    That and the rumour that Anna is going has done it for me too. Too many legacy characters leaving while more newbies come in. They can say all they want that there's no bonus for new characters but I don't believe them. Both Finola and Ryan are good actors who just aren't being used enough. Why not write new story lines for them?

    Thanks for the blog, kd. That's how I'll be staying abreast of the show.

    1. Di on Fin I believe she's just taking the summer off, either for rest or to do something, I forget which. Unless something has changed.....

  22. I hope you're right, Michelle. I guess she has to go to make time for some summer storylines. I really hope she'll be back after summer and that she gets a good story for strong anna again.


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