Tuesday, May 31, 2016

VERY Strange Day

Tracy's going a bit nutty over this kid, no? Tracy's mad because Sabby didn't say goodbye to her before she left.  Tracy's reactions made little sense. I mean, really "off".
In the end, Sabrina says she named her kid "Edwardo" ..and Tracy's all "Aww" but Sabby calls him Teddy. Tracy lets her hold him. 

OMG Sonny tells Ava "She won" and to "get her sorry ass out of his house" when she comes for Avery. 
Um, AVA STILL HAS LEGAL CUSTODY OF AVERY! What the hell? You can't just keep a kid because you want it!! 
OMG the whole Ava/Sonny stuff has to be seen to believed. They are all yelling, posturing and in the end, Sonny lets Ava see Avery. Bizarre. 

Julian finds out about Lucas. He goes to the hospital. Dr. O tells him she thinks Hammy Finn is killing patients. He tries to strangle him. Brad stops him. 
By the way, he asked Molly how the Ball was. Even though she wasn't there. So...there's that. 
Molly knows something is wrong with Alexis but Alexis won't tell her. Later, Alexis calls to tell Diane she's going to turn Julian in...but Julian calls her to tell her about Lucas. So you know she'll feel all badly.  She goes to the hospital and hugs Julian 

Jordan tries to play Ellery Queen with the cast at Wyndemere. Questions them all in the livingroom. Laura comes in, finds out Nikolas was seen on the rocks. They find his phone there
OH, Spencer was "at a sleep over'.
Um, like he'd miss the ball? LOL Ok... He's on tomorrow btw. 


  1. kd said....OMG the whole Ava/Sonny stuff has to be seen to believed. Bizarre.

    You`re not kidding. And when Sonny said ``some day Avery will know who you are are what you`ve done" I almost choked. Do any of Sonny`s kids know what he`s done? The list of people he`s shot in cold blood or handed out kill orders on would fill a book!

    I'm a bit concerned about the drug they found in Lucas' system. Isn't that the one Fin took? If they're going with some kind of split personality here I'm done. I'm so tired of writers rehashing old plot lines.

    Little Eduardo is adorable!

    And Tracy needs to be checked for residual worms. lol Those critters can regenerate from even a small piece and she's definitely not right.

    1. I agree the baby is so adorable. Yeh Finn acted weird when he heard what drug it was. They need to step the storyline up a bit.

  2. Yes, that's the one Finn took, but I'm thinking it was to throw us off? HELLA I hope so!!

    Eduardo is the NuAvery in cuteness. She's still cute but she's grown! LOL

  3. Maybe Sonny hopes he and Ava can have bondage sex down the road if he and Carly are ever fighting, doesn't beat Crypt sex though. I missed some parts cause of weather break ins but got the gist. Today was a meh day. Although I have to say I'm starting to hate on Tracy, that kid isn't hers and she needs to take the claws out.

  4. Michelle Latta said...
    Still think it's Dr Grouchy pants.

    I do too, Michelle.

    And they need to step all the storylines up a bit and stop adding more til some are resolved.

  5. Yes Karen!!!! A very strange day indeed!!! Today was bizzaro world!!!

    Carson home: So basically,

    Sonny: I am going to kill you! You have to pay for what you did to Connie! You will never see Avery again!

    Ava: Go ahead. Kill me. Without Avery I'm nothing!

    Sonny: On second thought you can see Avery.

    *Hands Avery to Ava*

    HUH!?!?!!!?! That whole scene made no sense. And I guess Ava forgot all about Kiwi when she said that without Avery she is nothing. I guess Kiwi is forgettable!

    Julexis's home: Alexis is still living there?!!?! Why?!!?! I thought Alexis was going to have Julian arrested?!!?! Did she change her mind!?!?! Oh wait she calls Diane. Okay. Then Alexis is ready to do it. Molly is one smart girl. She knows something is up! So Alexis WASN'T at the nurses ball. Yeah I didn't see her.

    Q home: Oh please Tracy! Stop with the lies!!!! You married 2 men from the mob!!! You even married Luke the criminal! Oh so Sabrina DID name her son Eduaaaaaaaaaaaardo! I KNEW IT HAHA! :) YAY!

    Tracy: You are an unfit parent!

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Tracy what is wrong with you?!!?! Maybe she does have a residual worm in her brain. I really loved their friendship and now it's ruined!!! DAMN IT WRITERS! :(

    Sabrina: But Eduaaaardo is such a serious name, and he is still so small, so I call him Teddy for short.


    Tracy: Edward's better.

    I agree!!!! :) Then I call call him Edwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaardo. :) Teeeeeeeeeedy doesn't really work well. :)

    *Tracy hands Edwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaardo to Sabrina*

    YAY! :)

    The hospital:

    Lucas's room:

    McHammerFin and Dr. O: Why isn't Dr. O in the records room?! :) She just has to be with McHammerFin! Her fantasy man! Hahahaha!

    McHammerFin won the line of the day!

    McHammerFin: Did you actually just used the word nefarious?


    Julian and Lucas: Julian doesn't seem very upset. Did someone give him a lobotomy?

    Julian and McHammerFin: Oh NOW Julian gets upset! What are you going to do Julian?! Kill him?!!?! Keep your hands OFF of McHammerFin!!! Someone break Julian's legs! Or arms!! Or, well, where is Lorena Bobbitt?

    Wyndemere: Everyone got a lobotomy here!!! Laura wasn't that upset!!! This is the 2nd time RayRay accused Jason of pushing Nik! First it was up on the roof of the metrocourt and now here! And the last time it was Carly defending Jason and now it's Sam! And Carly wasn't there that last time to see it happen, and this time Sam wasn't there to see it happen! Spencer is at a sleep over?!!?! I guess he is back from camp.


    Dillon: I want to take you out on a date.


    Spencer: Did someone die?

    SPENCER YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Love his glasses.

  6. "kdmask said...Eduardo is the NuAvery in cuteness. She's still cute but she's grown! LOL"


  7. sonya said... Or, well, where is Lorena Bobbitt?

    PMSL I think we should reserve her for Sonny.

  8. "Di said...PMSL I think we should reserve her for Sonny."

    ROFL! Awwww. Well okay! :)

  9. "Michelle Latta said..Hahaha! Lorena Bobbitt Sonya! Funny!!"

    Hahahaha! Thanks. :)

  10. Molly said that she was working backstage at the Nurses Ball.

  11. Sonya, I thought of you with the Eduardo thing. Ha! I wanted to smack the last worm out of Tracy's head today. I could not believe Sabrina's restraint. *I* wouldn't wait for Tracy's 'permission' to hold my own kid, but I guess Sabby's patience paid off a bit.

    Molly was the voice of reason today. (Oh hey, where is Krissy?) Of course Alexis will wait to turn Julian in ... Zzzzz. Julian and Ava get away with everything. Don't even get me started with the weird Sonny/Ava scene. Made no sense, indeed.

    I was so worried when Laura got back to Wyndemere. Genie is such a good crier, and sometimes I feel like TPTB exploit that - and Laura's been through enough. I guess Laura knows that when someone's missing in PC - no matter how bad it looks, if there's no body, it means nothing. Hell, even with a body sometimes it doesn't - ha. It also may not have sunk in. I think she's realizing that Hayden may have real feelings for Nik.

    No way Finn is poisoning these people. Dr. O. is too obvious too. I'll jump on the Dr. McCrabbypants bandwagon.

  12. "Paul773 said...Sonya, I thought of you with the Eduardo thing. Ha!"

    Hahaha! I got excited when Sabrina said she did name him Eduaarrrdo!!! :)

    "I wanted to smack the last worm out of Tracy's head today."

    Yeah no kidding!!!!

    "I could not believe Sabrina's restraint. *I* wouldn't wait for Tracy's 'permission' to hold my own kid, but I guess Sabby's patience paid off a bit."

    I wouldn't have had patience!!!

    "No way Finn is poisoning these people."

    Yeah!!! Especially Lucas!!! He didn't do it! He was talking to Dr.O at the time!!!

    "I'll jump on the Dr. McCrabbypants bandwagon."

    YAY! #Dr.McGrabbypants HOUSE bandwagon. :)

  13. sonya said.... #Dr.McGrabbypants HOUSE bandwagon. :)

    That's Crabbypants, not Grabbypants, sonya. Are you thinking about Caaarrrrlos again? PMSL

  14. "Di said...That's Crabbypants, not Grabbypants, sonya. Are you thinking about Caaarrrrlos again? PMSL"

    ROFL! Always. :) But oops typo!!! A bad Faux Pas!!! :)

  15. I just have to say once again how much I hate that hypocritical Sonny C. He killed AJ and got away with it. Ava still has full custody so why was she groveling to him? Her sex in the cloud had nothing to do with Avery and wouldn't have caused the court to rescind her rights. She is no prize but that is her daughter, not Carly's. Sonya, perfect line of the day!!

  16. "LindaV says Her sex in the cloud"

    Sex in the cloud!!! ROFL!

    "Sonya, perfect line of the day!!"

    Haha! Yeah! :)

  17. Molly said she was working backstage at the NB, so she was there, we just didn't see her.

    You know, like a lot of things that happen on GH.

  18. Um, LEAVE MY SONNY ALONE no talk of Lorena Bobbit near my Sonny, please!!

  19. Sorry, AntJoan. But after today's ep can I just cut out his tongue, please? :D

  20. "AntJoan said... Um, LEAVE MY SONNY ALONE no talk of Lorena Bobbit near my Sonny, please!!"

    ROFL! Well, originally I said I wanted Lorena Bobbit for Julian! Okay no Sonny! Just Julian! :)


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