Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ball: Day 2

WHOOT!! :) Ned and Emma were worth the price of admission.

Carly found the bondage footage of Ava and Paul having sex ...and she is going to use it to make Ava give up custody. I wonder if that's a reason? I mean, it's her private life. WHY would she have that in her house anyway? To blackmail Paul?? 
Ava said "It's just SEX...go ahead and do your damage". 
Carly then texts Paul and says "Get Ava in Line or I post this" So Paul yells at her.
Ava finds Carly back in the Ladies Room and they fight. I so hope Ava wipes the floor with her!
Ava finally rips the flash drive out of Carly's hands and flushes it. Might not be the right one? or it's in the CLOUD. 

OMG! Jake sang..and couldn't do it because he was scared. So FRANCO went up to help. It really was cute. Jason sat there like a freaking TOAD... lol!! TODD!! Nina cried a bit. 
There's really no pretense that Cam and Aiden even exist anymore LOL.
Diane tells Jason he's being sued (not sure by who yet). 

Epiphany untied Dr. O from the toilet. She went back to the hospital. Finn sees here and jumps back. It was really funny. 

Magic Milo and the Wands were on.  Dr. Griff did a break-dance head spin for us. Curtis was my Fave ;) Just..well..because. 

These guys showed up !!

Oh... Lucas found Bobbie. She is dizzy and he takes her to the hospital. Amy is supposed to be telling Brad where he is.
Hammy Finn tells him he'll give her something for "Vertigo"! NO! Every one of his patients have DIED!! NOOoooooooooooooooooooo!! 

Later we see someone with a needle going to stab Bobbie and Lucas walks in!! 

WEDDING; Of course, Lucas isn't there, he's at the hospital. Brad is like: Um...what? Lucas is on the FLOOR of the hospital ....


  1. That opening act was definitely worth the price of admission.

    I remember when the Nurse's Ball was all about supporting the cause of Aids research and showcasing the amazing talent of our GH staff. Now we have to have an argument, people snipping at each other,a burglary,a fight, a catastrophe, or even a murder between every act. How sad. I would have loved just ONE whole day of love, happiness and giving.

    Looks like Sonny makes a grand entrance tomorrow so things definitely won't improve.

    I didn't understand why Dr. O couldn't perform either, but now I see their twisted reasoning. She and Fin both had to be at the hospital so that we have two suspects in what will obviously be another murder. After all a good murder mystery takes preference over a lowly Ball.

    Jake's act was cute as was Franco helping him. (as much as I hate the character I loved the quacks. lol) And that would have been the time for Jason to say a grudging thank you as it was about Jake, not him, and the boy was so happy that Franco had helped him get through what was a major hurdle in his life. But no, this is GH, snarl and look for another reason to fight at a once a freaking year charity event.

  2. I'm enjoying the Nurses Ball this year. It's less campy but still fun. I like the story being moved forward with it.

  3. I really enjoyed today! Loved Emma and Ned. :) Was glad to see Lantern and Kevin with Laura. Potential couple puhleeze! The wands and Milo were great. Jake was sweet and in character to have stage fright, loved that Franco went up there to help out, I think his father should have gone but it was cute! Had to lmao when backstage Sam said she would stay out of Jason and Liz parenting Jake or whatever, oh ok....really curious who that was with the syringe. Hope Lucas isn't a goner. :(

  4. Thank you Aveeno!!!!

    The nurses ball:

    The performances:

    Ned and Emma: LOVE IT!!!!!! It was great!!! I always love hearing Wally Kurth sing! :) Robin was crying awwwww! And then they show Lulu! And I was thinking wow!!! She got a hair cut!?!?! It looks cute! I like it!!!!

    Magic Milo and the Wands:

    Maxie: This wasn't what I was expecting.

    Yeah me neither Maxie! What the hell?!!?! Oh wait!! There ya go!!! YEAH!!! TAKE IT OFF!! TAKE IT ALL OFF! :)

    Jake and BobTodd: This was fantastic!!!!! Poor little Jake!!! But glad BobTodd helped him!!! When I looked at Nina, she was making me cry! She was crying! And then when I watched Jake and BobTodd sing, that was making me cry!!! Then I saw Liz and the look on her face. She is going to fall in love with BobTodd isn't she? :) Laura saw her face too!!! BobTodd wins the line of the day!!!

    BobTodd: Quack quack quack quack quack quack.

    ROFL! Awwwww. :)

    The chit chatter:

    Lulu: Oh nuts. She didn't get a haircut. Crap. How disappointing.

    Lucas and Bobbie: Yes!!! Take her to the hospital now!!!!! Oh I hope Amy doesn't forget to tell Brad about where Lucas is!!!

    RayRay and Jordan: So basically,

    RayRay I need to talk to you about who shot me!

    Jordan: Not now! Make an appointment!

    RayRay: But but but but but.

    Jordan: Not now!

    RayRay But but but but.

    Nik: Come with me Rachel!

    Carly and Ava: What?!? A sex tape?!!?! OH COME ON! Why didn't Ava blackmail Paul then?!!?! She could have said if you don't give me my flashdrive, I will show the sex tape to everyone!!!! This is so stupid. I don't buy it! Although I do love the girl fight!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :)

    *Ava grabs the flashdrive*

    Flashdrive: NOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't kill me!!!!!! HELP ME SOMEONE!

    *Ava flushes the flashdrive in the toilet*

    Flashdrive: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Glug glug glug* *flashdrive is dead*


    You think I didn't back that up the second I saw it? It's in the cloud Ava!

    Oh! So the flashdrive has a twin sister! :)

    Ava and Paul: She could have blackmailed him right here!!! UGH!

    Lucy: She usually changes dresses in a blink of an eye. Today, she was slow to change. What the heck?

    RayRay I need to talk to you about who shot me!

    Jordan: Not now! Make an appointment!

    RayRay: But but but but but.

    Jordan: Not now!

    RayRay But but but but.

    Nik: Come with me Rachel!

    Mr. and Mrs Snails and Curtis: Yeah!!!! Curtis sticking up for RayRay! Is Nik gonna punch him?

    Dr. O and Piffy: Hahahaha. Even bound and gagged Dr. O is rude. :)

    Laura and Doc: Huh?! I thought they weren't going to show up. I thought they were going to Beechers Corners. What's going on?

    Wedding: Uh Amy!!!!! Where are you?!!?!! You were supposed to tell Brad about Lucas!!!!!

    The hospital:

    Dr. O and Hammerstyne: What?! Dr. O just gave up? She isn't even going to try to work the puppets in the nurses ball? Awwww. :(

    Bobbie's room: Vertigo?!!?!?!!? Since when does Bobbie have vertigo. That is strange. Oh oh! The mystery person who is killing Dr. Hammerstyne's patients is there!!!! Well it's not Dr. O OR Hammersyne cus they are talking! Hmmm I wonder if it's House who is doing it! OH NO!!! NOT BOBBIE!!!!!

    *Lucas walks in*



    Wake up Lucas!!!!! :'(

  5. "Michelle Latta said... Was glad to see Lantern"

    Who is Lantern? :)

  6. The more I watch the more I can't stand Carly and sonny. You would think they would have learned with their mistakes with Michael but once again they want to keep someone's child away from their parent. Because they are such perfect parents and they raised perfect children pfft.. I have watched religiously since high school I find it harder and harder to stomach this show especially with those two constantly being hypocrites. Ugh

  7. I really hate Carly-what a self righteous you know what. Loved Ned & Emma, little Jake is so adorable and Lucy looks ageless and is as entertaining as ever. I was thinking the culprit might be the dr. who originally treated Tracy.

  8. sonya said....

    BobTodd: Quack quack quack quack quack quack.

    Most sense he's made this year. hahahaha

    Flashdrive: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Glug glug glug*
    OH SHIT! hahahahahha

    sonya said...I saw Liz and the look on her face. She is going to fall in love with BobTodd isn't she?
    \ /
    You're going down the toilet next, Sonya!! . .

  9. "Di said...Most sense he's made this year. hahahaha"


    "OH SHIT! hahahahahha"

    *hands you toilet paper* :)

    "You're going down the toilet next, Sonya!!"

    *Takes back the toilet paper, and hands you pepto bismol.*

  10. "Di said...Thank you. :D"

    You're welcome! ROFL! :)

  11. Great show. Philadelphia Action News gave a split screen during most of Ned & Emma scene though. :(

    Loved when Ava took her earrings off. So tired of Carly.

    I hope Lucas survives. Why get rid of someone who can act? Part of legacy families. And an enjoyable character. There's so many more that could go.

  12. "GHfan said. Great show. Philadelphia Action News gave a split screen during most of Ned & Emma scene though. :("

    Why? What's going on?


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