Monday, May 2, 2016

Shortie Monday

Finola tweeted this ..

I didn't get home until 2:31 so.. I jumped on in.

Jordan slaps Maddox for suggesting shes' "projecting' her marital infidelity on to her.  He follows her to her apartment and makes his move. Bow Chicka BOW BOW 

The witness "Hal" talked to Alexis then ran out...they both ran into Anna but she didn't find out anything.
Alexis thinks the witness is believable and makes Sabrina's statement plausible. 

Mac's bartening! It's Duke's death date. Anna and Griffin go "awwwww" .  Anna thinks Griffin would have gotten along fine with Duke 

JaSam discuss a vacation. Someone is watching from the bushes. It was Franco. UGH

Um, Nikolas finds a bunch of loose diamonds in Hayden's make up bag. 


  1. The floating rib:

    Hal and Griffy: Hmmmm they look like brothers.

    Mac and Griffy: Oh a bromance starting? :)

    Alexis and Hal: What a cute boy. I wonder what his background is. Is he related to Griffy? Does he know Claudette? Maybe Hal IS Claudette!!! :)

    Anna and Griffy: Happy 1 year anniversary of Duke's death! Are they going to show him alive soon?

    Julian's office:

    Alexis and Julian: Alexis is panicking!!!! Man I miss her hyperventilating, and her breathing into a bag. *sigh*

    Sam and Julian:

    Julian: You know Sam, you're still my daughter. And I love you. I love Danny. I'm not allowed to ask what's going on in your life?

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww! That's beautiful. :)

    Sam: Nothing is going to tear us apart.

    Which means something will! :)

    The FAKE park: Awwww! I miss the REAL park!!!! :( Paint and Wall chit chatting blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzz. OH! STALKER TIME! :) Who is it?! BobTodd? Heather? Claudette? Hal? Parker?! Oh hello BobTodd! Hmmm is it REALLY BobTodd? Or is this a redflag? :)

    The parking garage:

    RayRay and MIB: Where is Will Smith? Oh Superman Nik shows up!

    Mr. and Mrs. Snails: Oh man! Why can't Wall and Paint, and Mr. and Mrs. Snails have a double date or something!!! Be in the same scene, so that I don't have to watch two different boring scenes. It can be just one big boring scene.

    Alexis and Hal: Goodbye Hal! Nice to have known you for like only 1 day. Or in real time a few days. Will Alexis go back to hyperventilate?! :) Please please please!!!! :)

    Police station:

    Mikey and Jason: Oh Mikey! Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos is NEVER going to tell you where Sabrina is!!!! Listen to Jason!

    Interrogation room:

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos and Mikey: Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos wins the lines of the day

    Caaaaaaaaaaarlos: You wound me. But if you are too scared to disappointing daddy to bust me out of here.


    The courthouse:

    Maddox and Anna: So basically,

    Maddox: Gush gush gush gush.

    Anna: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


    Maddox and Jordan: Oh come on Maddox!!! Jordan is not projecting!!!! And you are a jerk to bring up her past! Now why don't you stop being in denial and admit you have feelings for Anna! It's written all over your face!

    Jordan's home:

    Jordan: He doesn't deserve me! He doesn't deserve me!

    Damn straight. Now dump him. Oh look here is Maddox! So basically,

    Maddox: I want you and only you!

    Jordan: Prove it!

    Maddox: Wanna have sex?

    Jordan: YES!!!

    Oh goodie. Maddox wants to have denial sex!

    Saw the awards live online. Enjoyed it, do wish that it would've been televised but it was nice. Do however wish Tony Geary had stayed home, he looked like he wanted to be somewhere else, especially during Sandra Lee's part. If you watch you'll see.


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