Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Still By the Side of the Road


First of all, Nathan ran off and didn't check Dante? The hell? No one called 911? There's no radio in the van?
Dante wakes up. Talks to Jason. They lay by each other, cuddling a bit. 

Nate is chasing Carlos. Carlos has a rock.
Nathan gets a scull fracture, passes out. 

Carlos .runs TO THE DOCKS? THE HELL? Anna finds him, holds a gun on him. 
Same pier. 

Maxie and Lulu gab about her dress and Maxie says she's going to buy it and look for Claudette at the same time. 

Griffin tells Anna he hates guns and got shot. Then she gets a phone call. SO,, you know. Nothing. 

Alexis and Sam argue over who's worse: Jules or Jason? Zzzzzzz

Carly SAYS TO SONNY that Alexis is only with Julian because (and I'm not making this up) SHE CAN'T HAVE SONNY. 
the hell???? UGHHHHHH

Ok, so Anna finds Carlos at the docks, they talk as usual. Carlos fakes that he's hurt. Anna checks him and he jumps her. The gun falls in the river. Then Anna fights old-school with Carlos. He finally flings her against the wall. She passes out. He takes her to some rando warehouse freezer. Leaves her there. Calls Jules with Anna's phone. 

Jason tells Sam he remembers everything. 

Dante is up.

Nathan is still out. 


  1. This doesn't sound like a good episode. Very mob-y. I may not watch today. Yuck!

  2. I've been hit or miss lately. Didn't watch yesterday. Doubt if I'll watch today. Glad they've got such great storylines for May Sweeps.

  3. The end I wanted to throw up...

  4. Can I just say, even tho I haven't watched in weeks and I'm planning to keep the hiatus going until the Nurses Ball, I just LOVE everyone who posts here. I appreciate everyone's POV, respect for each other, and humor. Honestly, if it weren't for this site I would have totally given up GH long ago. I still come here every day even tho I'm not watching. I know I'm not the only one.

  5. Sonny's office: Yes Carly Sonny SHOULD be a chef! Carly wins the line of the day!

    Carly: Your the mob she wanted. She had to settle for Julian.

    ROFL! I remember when Alexis had feelings for Sonny! :)

    Sonny and Alexis April 22 2002. HOT!


    Sonny and Alexis Aprl 23 2002. HOT HOT SEXIS!!!! :)


    Part 2 Conceiving Kristina. :)


    Badger the Badger: I wonder if Alexis would date me after she divorces Julian.

    Chandler Mansion: OH! Well I am glad you admit that you got shot Griffy! Now tell us that Nathan is the one who shot you and why! :) Hey where is that stuffed bear that Griffy put near the door?!?!! Was it shipped off to where Emma is? How come Griffy isn't asking if Emma got the bear okay?!

    Lante home:

    Maxie: Claudette Claudette Claudette. Claudette Claudette Claudette. Claudette Claudette Claudette.

    Lulu: It would be a mistake.

    Maxie: Claudette Claudette Claudette. Claudette Claudette Claudette.

    I wonder if Claudette's ears are ringing from people talking about her.

    The woods:

    Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos and Nathan: Run Caaaaaaaaaarlos run! YES! No wait don't stop and hide! Keep running! Leave Port Chuckles and go be with Sabrina and your son! Stupid Nathan! What the hell are you doing!!?! You shouldn't be chasing after Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos! You should be with Dante, and calling for back up and an ambulance!!!! Can't you call from the van radio?!!?!

    *Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos hits Nathan with a rock*

    Well, that's what you get for being stupid Nathan!!

    Crash site:

    Dante is awake! YAY! Yeah Karen! Jason and Dante are cuddling. Awwwww. New bromance brewing? :)I thought Jason took out that pen from Dante. Oh oh Nathan goes down and goes boom. Idiot.

    Julexis's home: Well damn Sam! That is creepy! Why are you sitting there in the middle of the night in the dark in your parents house?!!?! Can't you call to ask your mother if she is okay?! So stupid! I like when Sam calls Alexis and Julian mom and dad. :) I forgot when that happened. Wow Sam your business what you say to your mom?! You don't have to be so rude to your father!!!

    Jason: I remember everything!

    Oh? Does that mean you remember your Q memories too?!

    Police station:

    Anna and Jordan: Jordan calm down and tell Anna you and Maddox had sex!

    Anna and Paul: Hahahaha go Anna! :)

    The pier: WHAT?!!?!?! Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos! What the hell?!!?! Why are you back?! Get the hell out of here! Go be with your son and Sabrina!!!! Why are you hiding?!!?! Caaaaaaaaaarlos faking out to Anna! HAHAHA! Anna and Caaaaaaaaaaarlos scene was fantastic! :) Love that they were beating the crap out of each other! :) It's been a long time since a man hits a woman back from hitting him first! Gee since Alan! I forgot who he slapped back, but Sonny saw it and it was at Jake's bar. Anyway great scene between Anna and Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Okay Caaaaaarlos she is out! Now run!!!!! Geez man! Stop procrastinating!!!

    Preview: Oh who's hand is that that is going to touch Anna? Oh probably Ghost Duke. :)

    1. I hope he goes to Monica AND Liz to tell them he remembers everything. Sonny made me want to gag, just shut it dimples. Carly was funny with that whole thing.

  6. "Michelle Latta said...The end I wanted to throw up..."

    *hands you pepto bismol and a barf bag.*

    1. You're the best! (Takes bag) you don't wanna see this Sonya haha!

  7. "Michelle Latta said...You're the best! (Takes bag) you don't wanna see this Sonya haha!"

    ROFL! *runs in another room and puts on earplugs*

  8. Anna would kick Carlos' ass! She is a world class spy and he's a two bit mob thug. What a load of CRAP!


  9. Well, yes, but Carlos is kinda beefy and Anna weighs, like, 90 lbs. soaking wet.

  10. You are so right CareyN this is probably one of the most enjoyable soap blogs going! I too haven't been watching much but check in here pretty much daily because everyone here is so pleasant and honest with their opinions and respectful! I have checked out a couple of other GH blogs but this is the only one I have stayed with. I did watch yesterday because of the hype built up behind the Jason memory thing but I now wish I hadn't! What a HOT MESS!! And today was just a small step up from that,actually a baby step! Couldn't stand Carly & Sonny today or even Carly yesterday for that matter! And what's going on with Alexis & Anna makes me sad,I hate the way they're writing them. I hope they bring them back around to the strong,beautiful,successful,confident woman they were once upon a time. Anyway,thank you Karen for taking time from your busy days to get this done and to all who post here! Looking forward to the Nurses Ball!! Have a blessed night! :-)

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  12. "AntJoan said...Well, yes, but Carlos is kinda beefy and Anna weighs, like, 90 lbs. soaking wet."

    ROFL! But yet she is strong and can beat the crap outta anybody! :)

  13. Carlos .runs TO THE DOCKS? THE HELL?

    Well they only have so many sets. When I first started watching, everything was on the seventh floor at GH.

  14. I haven't really been watching. And when I have I ff. But hearing about Jason getting his memory bac because he was in another accident just reminds me of a Giiligan Island episode. Lol.

  15. Sam and Jason coming together at the end made me gag. And Sam telling Alexis there's a difference between Jason and Julian....please. So now they've added another character to be the mother of a character no one cares about.

    1. Yes Nance I threw up a little in my mouth at the end.


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