Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Mr. T Says

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Oh I pity the fool. And myself now included!! You never should get invested in a soap couple (not even Ruth and Joe Martin!)'s a soap!

So this week broke my heart a little bit but I'll be fine. I'm not going to start a postcard campaign or petition or whatever. It is what it is. At least I've learned that the hard way over the years. 

Ok, to drown my sorrows, I'm doing up a Bloody Mary Fest and having Pee Wee's Mr. T Cereal. know I PITY THE FOOL!! 

20160429 0854(34)

So, Nico is now done. Not only is Nico done, Franco seems to be back on his monkey-train to cray town. Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of people hate Franco anyway so they don't really care. I care because I love what Roger has done with "Franco" --which is basically turned him back into Todd. BUT NOoooooooooooo. Why have a quirky fun couple on GH when you can go full on decent back into madness? Right?
I know Roger will run with this and be spectacular. The writing for Nico's breakup was soapy and heartbreaking. Nina's smudged eye make up proved that. 
Still doesn't mean I need to totally embrace it all. Not. one . Bit. 

20160425 1413(41)

By the way, I blame that damn puppy for starting this all. LOL. Poor Jake, had to give it to Monica's gardener. That's NuJake up there. Looks like he de-aged. 

20160426 0609(17)

Jason got a little testy with the puppy gift and about choked Franco in the hall. Back to Full On Stone-Cold mode!!  Sam and Dr. O manage to stop him. The feud between these two seems to be on again. *sigh*. Great. 

20160429 0759(14)

With that over with, I'm going to turn to Dr. O who in one fell swoop, got pushed out of chief of staff and demoted to "just doctor". Will she swallow her pride and take the job? Hmmm, Probably, but it also means we'll see her less and less. Dr. O will be the new Diane. Monica is back up at the top and everyone seems thrilled. I'm glad--but only if they are going to show her ..ON AIR. Oh, first order of business was getting Hammy Finn in on staff as the infectious disease man. Does that mean some kind of sweeping virus will hit the town soon?

Over at Sabrina Central, Michael is back from Puerto Rico and desperate for answers from Carlos. Carlos tells him they had a boy and  are happily married. Why do I think he's lying about the married part? Sonny asks Jason to go back to being his strong-arm all under the guise of "helping out Michael".  Jason balks but does go to the PCPD to talk some sense into Michael. Later, Sonny and Carly cry about losing  "their Jason"--you know, the one that did whatever they told him and didn't question anything. Buy a robot. 

Hey, speaking of Carlos, Alexis was bamboozled into representing him by Jules. I know she loves Julian but he's not telling her the whole truth. So, she's blindly helping Carlos thinking that she's going to help Julian. 

20160426 0539(28)

In a wonderful scene, Molly confronts Alexis about all this and giving up her principals to help Carlos. Very well acted--I love my Davis girls. 

20160426 0608(21)

A fly in the ointment shows up: Hal. Poor Hal...some junkie (or not, who knows) that is sent by Sonny to say he saw Carlos shoot Duke AND that Julian ordered it. Julian orders the kid to be "taken care of".  Yep. Jules is back to the mob--and in a huge fashion; already ordering the death of some kid. Nice. Why didn't they just keep Ava as the head instead of being all scared and shaking in her boots? Stupid if you ask me. Ava would be the perfect leader. 
Oh, by the way--that's RIC up there! See him?? Do you?? Because that's probably it for awhile. He is searching for 5 year old organ parts you know. 

The Anna Mess. Mess. MESS. She's on trial now with Scotty by her side.  Paul loves her, tells her that she should go visit her daughter in CA. She wants to proceed with the trail. Dr. Maddox comes in to plead for bail because Anna is sane and loyal and well...wonderful. Awww. Of course Jordan hears it all and is jelly. 
By the way, Anna is just out on bail. She's still going to go to trial. Oh How I hope this is just glossed over and forgotten!! 

20160429 0852(30)

Josslyn's kidney saga is again at the forefront after all this time.  Poor Ric was back on and then...Sonny sent him on a kidney-chase. (aka; Wild-Goose-Chase) Bye Ric! Ham hells Carly that he thinks the kidney came from the black market. She's appalled.  She's also now BFFs with Hammy!! Just like when Jake came to town. Just like when Todd came to town too!  Carly just has to be in every story with every person on canvas. *sigh* Carly also said that when she first came to town she needed a friend that didn't judge her. It's the EXACT same thing she said to Jake when he came into her life!! LMAO!! Exact same thing. Good lord. 

JaSam got caught in the rain and made love in a barn. How 1980s of them! Someone was skulking outside though! Who could it be? We are led to believe it's Franco when his muddy boots are shown going back into his apartment. Why do I think this is a ruse? Why don't I actually care who's watching them? 

Um, could they cast a MORE bland 'interest' for Krissy? NOPE. This guy could be a Ford brother fro OLTL. Kristina wants to see if she's 'really gay'....or 'just curious'...or 'bisexual'. Morgan actually said "Don't all girls experiment in college"? Giggle. Yeah, Moronigan. Yeah. I guess that's all we get of the Parker story for awhile? SMDH

Brad and Lucas were on a hot-minute again. They actually talked about their wedding. I think they'll get married at the Nurses' Ball. 

20160428 0535(1)

Paul and Kiki changed a tire as part of their on-going chem test. They passed. 

20160429 0851(23)

Maxie wants Sam to find out more about Claudette. Why ask Sam? She'll just call Spinelli!!? LOL 

20160429 0924(25)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Monica and Tracy in the elevator after Monica gets chief of staff back. It was everything 

20160429 0808(28)

FAVE MOVE OF THE WEEK: Franco doing his cartwheel. Wish I could have grabbed a gif of it but I couldn't--so..static it is. BUT! The real thing was a glory to watch. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Nina's Portrait drawn by an angry and stoic Franco. I think she needs some coconut cream Michelle Stafford sells!! 

20160426 0607(8)

RUNNER UP: Adorbs baby Giraffe. 

20160429 0624(11)

FACES OF THE WEEK:  Carly and Sonny scold their 25 year old (aprox) son about going after a woman he loves and trying to find her. Because you know, they haven't ever done anything like that in their lifetimes. Nope. 

GRADING THE STORIES (by Wubs Interest points...5 being the highest) 

Hayden being Rachel: 2
Laura's Key: 4 (but rapidly dropping)
Anna's Mess/Julian Mob/Sonny Crap: 1
Sabrina/Carlos/Micahel: 2
Franco going full on Franco: 4
Brad/Lucas Wedding: 4
Naxie/Claudette: 1 
Curtis: 3 (away from Hayden)
Killon: 4
Lante: 2
ELQ: would be a 5 if it was ever shown
Kissy's sexual journey: 3 (if written well 5)
Morgan's rehab: 0 
Hammy Finn's Needle substance: 4 
Crimson: Was a 4 now a 2 (way to go, writers) 
Joss' Kidney: 2
JaSam: 2
Liason: 2 (see what I did there?)
Nurses' Ball: 4
Ava--what IS she doing again? 
Olivia's boobular drama: Is that over or are we suing the mayor? 

So, Laura was on a total of THREE Days this month! WOW.. I think I counted correctly. How's that Helena's Will Story going? I can't deal with the "let's find Joss' kidney, get stuff on Claudette and never-ending mob crap' when there are so many other stories hanging out there!!
 Julian's turned and that will be the end of Julexis and I'm wondering if the character of Julian will survive. Franco will have a summer of Crazies I'm sure-- and other than that--? Who knows. May sweeps is coming. We'll have the Nurses' Ball to look forward to. So I should be happy, right?

I was ill on Friday and didn't get the blog up. I'm sorry! Hope you all have a great weekend and May DAY today!! 


  1. All the best soap opera actors are having trouble saving the bad writing. The stories aren't good. Driving Franco crazy again is just lazy. The cast is also bloated. And who really cares where Sabrina is? Michael and she have zero chemistry.

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  2. I am still in the middle of reading your SS (It looks to be a loooong one), but, my comments so far: I am sorry you feel the pain of Nico ending, I thought they were an amazingly entertaining couple, so, OF COURSE, TPTB had to break them up. I hope you do better than I did--I still not am over the Sonny and Brenda break-up, even though they reunited several times and then even got married.

    I think it is HORRIBLE that they likely are going dark with Jason and Franco, WHY do they think that the viewers want this? And, speaking of going dark, they had Sonny try to talk Jason into coming back to work for him. After all of Sonny's crimes and misdeeds, I thought that this was the most heartless. After spending months watching the Sonny show where he has been the hero of the year, they now make him go lower than he ever has? He should feel horribly guilty for having turned Jason into his enforcer, and, now that Jason has blessedly forgotten all that and moved on to a legit life, Sonny wants to drag him back in for the love of Michael? At least Jason had the sense to stop Sonny before he could go "full disclosure" thereby making him a party to his nefarious plans.

    I am sorry that Dr. O no longer will be chief of staff if that means seeing less of her.

  3. Oh, forgot to add when speaking of darkness: Having Julian go back to the mob and ordering the hit on a kid? Poor Alexis . . .

    Speaking of Alexis, I also loved her scene where Molly called her out, Molly looks sooo much like Alexis, such great casting!!

    Re the courtroom testimony, Dr. Maddox could NOT get on the stand and recount what Anna said to him in session. Either she should would have to give an informed consent, or the court can subpoena the dr. for his notes, but mental health providers can NOT go on the stand and blather about what the patient said to them.

  4. Totally agree. Why won't they get rid of even half of the bloated cast? What's with these new hires? Do we really need them when other stories just are stalled for weeks (months) on end. Stop. Please stop. I can't stand half of these stories. Karen you're so right 2.4. And please stop having Carly & Sonny involved in every story. If you have to have a connection let it be Tracy. And why haven't Ned & Olivia run into each other yet? Sorry hate complaining but it is frustrating watching a show you love falling apart.

  5. Thanks for the great Surgery. You've reiterated what most of us are thinking.

    kd said....Later, Sonny and Carly cry about losing "their Jason"--you know, the one that did whatever they told him and didn't question anything. Buy a robot.

    lol I laughed at that. He really does need a robot. Then he and Carly could take their Jason robot on vacation and get out of our faces for a while.

    And it does look like Jake has been de-aged, but what I like less than that is his hair. he went from a short haired Jason clone to a long haired boy model.

  6. Hope you are feeling better Karen! I agree the show is more of a mess than it has been in the past year. Tons of non-intriguing storylines flailing around with no continuity. Too many writers-seems like different one are writing each day and of course too many actors. I absolutely can't stand Sonny and Carly on so much although I love seeing Anna. Too bad her storyline is not good. I'm glad Nico were split up because I like seeing Nina integrating more with other characters. Seeing her with Franco, who I would still love to be gone, was just a reminder of how wacko they both have been. The drawing was actually very good. Can't believe Kiki hasn't run into her look alike dad Finn yet. I do like her with Dillon. I just hope GH doesn't win for best program tonight since that would only encourage them to keep doing more of the same.

  7. why is anna pleading not guilty to a crime she insisted on turning herself in for?

  8. deckermoss said...
    why is anna pleading not guilty to a crime she insisted on turning herself in for?

    I was surprised by that plea too. I was wondering if this whole "breakdown" was an act to get Paul. I personally would like to see them get out of the whole fragile Anna story line that way. I hated it!!

  9. I was hoping Dr. O had worn an "Anna Mask" while Duke was in the Turkish prison, got pregnant with Nathan, and that's why she wants to keep is father a secret. That's why Nathan and Griffin look so much alike. But, alas, sounds like another shooting story instead . . .

  10. I know! It's sad that Nico is over. :'(

    "Paul and Kiki changed a tire as part of their on-going chem test. They passed."

    They sure did pass!!! :)

    "FAVE MOVE OF THE WEEK: Franco doing his cartwheel."

    OH! I have wanted to mention that, but forgot all about it. How could I forget about it? :) That cartwheel was made of win!!! I don't know why he did that, but I'm glad he did! :)

    1. Yeh I liked the cartwheel, so random haha!

    2. Yeh I liked the cartwheel, so random haha!

  11. "GHfan said..And why haven't Ned & Olivia run into each other yet?"

    They have!!! :) They had a scene together and it was glorious! :)

    1. They did? I was just in Disney World. I guess ff too much when I was trying to catch up. Lol. Do you remember when? I somehow missed the Helena & Laura flashback. Love this blog though for keeping me up to date. Thanks Karen & everyone for their input!!!

    Great SS - can't find anything to really disagree with.

    Nico what have they done to you? Of course BobTodd will be a wonderful Franco, he's just all around wonderful. I think it would have been a much more interesting story for Franco and Jason to find some sort of common ground over Robot Jake and maybe at a crucial time Jason is flooded with memories but has to push them aside so the 2 of them can save New babyJoey LawrenceJake from not really dead Helena.

    Then we get all the reactions of people who know the history - make Sam BatCrap Crazy - Liz gets to look more confused. And poor Monica scream and hollar and try to fire BobTodd but Lison push to help him keep his job for retraumatized New babyJoey LawrenceJake. We also then get BobToddson both trying to make peace with their past. A way for the writers to start to bury Franco's past as well as Jason's but noooooo every time we think he's out they just pull him back in.

    Jason wants to go straight put the violence behind him but Sonny and Carly have to have one son who'll go into the MOB with their blessing. "Go Jason, go protect the family" really - really go protect a family I don't remember from a danger that may or may not be there. Mobspeak for take someone out. All storylines lead back to Sonny.

    I knew they wouldn't let Alexis and Julian have any real shot at happiness but just rip it down in no time at all why don't you. Have Julian turn his back on everything, Alexis lose all morals and Molly's respect in one fell swoop. As I said at the beginning - AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    I'm in pain.

  13. I didn't care for Molly calling Alexis out when Molly used to think Sonny and Jason were the greatest mob boss and greatest hitman ever. If a couple people haven't gone to jail for their crimes why should Anna have to go to jail.

  14. Yes, I also was surprised when Anna pleaded "not guilty." On what grounds?

  15. I didn't even hear the not guilty. Maybe it's just a lawyer move? You never plead "guilty"? Who the hell knows.
    Yes, Olivia and Ned saw each other for a HOT MINUTE at the Metro. that was it.

    Kiki hasn't seen Dr. Finn. Why? ::::???

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