Monday, May 23, 2016

Eve Before the Ball

Dr. O and Hammy FINN! :) Love them.. lol. She tells him she's tracking down his "past doctor life" (photo thanks to @daytimespoilers on twitter) 
Hayden walks by "Can I talk to you for a minute"?? She gives him a check for $10K and he's like "What's this for"?? She wants to make up for her Dad's  crap that effected his funding. 

Michael, Sabrina and Sonny. Sabrina is saved! Sonny makes the guy holding her get on his knees and then sticks his gun out and says "Tell me about Julian Jerome". The guy knows nothing...and Sonny pretends to shoot but he really called the cops. 

Sabrina and Michael talk. Yada yada. Geesh, her hair grew. Figures, MINE fell OUT when I had my kid lol 

Alexis calls Diane when Julian goes to the hospital. She tells Diane about Julian and her involvement. Carolyn and Nancy are always good together.  Diane tells her to turn the shirt in and the police will be so happy to get Julian they'll overlook her part. Jules comes back home, startling her. They say they are going to get their nails done together. Diane gets on the porch "Are we going to the Police Station"??
"I can't turn him in on the eve of Lucas' wedding" 


Bobbie and Brad. Should have had about 90 more scenes with them this year know, Sonny Hospital, Not possible.

Julian tells Brad he can't be his best man because of the Carlos crap and it would over shadow the wedding. 


  1. Place for the nurses ball:

    Bobbie and Val:

    Bobbie: I feel a little tired today. Maybe I am coming down with something.

    Pregnant? :) What's wrong with Bobbie? :(


    Lucas: Nothing bad is going to happen.

    *Something falls from the ceiling*

    Oh oh! Is this forshadowing!? Is something from the ceiling going to hit Lucas and kill him?!!?! :'(

    RayRay and Curtis: Curtis wins the line of the day!

    Curtis: So I stopped to pick up Valerie after rehearsals, and what's her name, Lucy Coe, damn near tackled me.

    ROFL! Too bad we didn't get to see that! :)

    Curtis and Val: Are they dating? Are they a couple? What's going on with them?!

    The hospital:

    DocHamster and Dr. O: Wow Dr O! Are you really that surprised that you couldn't get to DocHamster's records from the hospital he used to work at? ROFL! I mean WOW they use the hippa laws!!! :0

    DocHamster and RayRay: Wow!!! RayRay where did you get all that money from!?!?!! :0 Oh wait you were selling your hubby's things.. But I didn't think you were able to get the money. Wow he really was affected by what RayRay's father did. :(

    DocHamster and Liz: I love that he apologized to her after being rude! What a guy! :)

    Julian and Lucas: Go away Julian!!! Stop lying to your son!!!! BAH!

    Julexis's home:

    *Julian and his big hair gives Alexis a necklace*

    Necklace: Aren't I pretty?

    Alexis: Do you think my husband should buy my silence? Not so much.

    Necklace: How rude!!!!

    Come on Alexis!!! What are you doing?!!?! Why haven't you moved out yet? Why haven't you started divorce proceedings yet?!! Hmmm does she have a plan?

    *Alexis grabs the bloody shirt and calls someone*

    OH! So she DOES have a plan!!!!! :)

    Alexis and Diane: OH GREAT SCENE!!!! :)

    Sabrina's kidnapping spot:

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaarcus and Sabrina: No!!!! Baby Eduuuuuuurdo really WILL be an orphan!!!! :( Oh superman Michael swoops in!!!!

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarcus and Sonny: Oh! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarus is skeeeeered of the all powerful man of Oz! I mean Sonny! Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos was not your real friend Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarcus! Or you wouldn't try to kill the love of his life!!!!!

    Sabrina and Michael:

    Sabrina: Heaven forgive me, but I was relieved.

    SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!?! You were relieved that Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos was dead!!?!?! He is the father of your son!!!!!! Well that rubbed me the wrong way!!! And how come Michael isn't asking Sabrina what the name of her son is? And how come she isn't giving out any more info about her son!?!?!! GAH!

    "Karen says Geesh, her hair grew. Figures, MINE fell OUT when I had my kid lol"


    Wyndemere: So basically,

    Nik: Oh you diamond are so beautiful!

    *Nik falls and all the diamonds are on the floor*

    Mother Diamond: Oh no! My children are you all okay?!!?!

    Children diamonds: Yes mommy. We are fine.

    Mother Diamond: Oh thank God!!!!

    Mr. and Mrs. Snails: Oh oh! War of the roses again!

    Liz and Nik: Shhhh Liz!! Don't tell anybody about Mommy diamonds and her children!!!! It's supposed to be a secret! Now go find BobTodd! I want a Friz scene!!!!

  2. "Karen says Geesh, her hair grew. Figures, MINE fell OUT when I had my kid lol"

    Mine didn't but I almost pulled most of it out over the years since. lol

  3. Did anyone else think Sabrina was being held in the Quartermaine boathouse?

  4. Wondering what's wrong with Bobbie too. In real life, when someone says they're tired - no biggie. On a soap, it usually means some terrible illness is coming.

    Lucas had better NOT die! Bobbie already lost one kid - that's more than enough.

    SICK of everyone being in Sonny's debt. St. Sonny.

    LOVED Alexis and Diane's scenes. Damn, Nancy has been bringing it lately.

    Will Britt be back this year? I SO love when she and Brad are together.

  5. "Paul773 said...Wondering what's wrong with Bobbie too. In real life, when someone says they're tired - no biggie. On a soap, it usually means some terrible illness is coming."

    TRUE!!! :(

    "Will Britt be back this year? I SO love when she and Brad are together."

    Yeah me too!! I hope she is back! :)

  6. Loved Alexis and Diane, who by the way, looked fabulous. Dread bad things happening to sweet Lucas, unless it is the actor's choice to leave, which is understandable considering how rarely he is on.

  7. Do we know that the actor who plays Lucas is leaving, or are we just speculating? Well, they wouldn't kill him AND give Bobbie an illness ;-) I know he's not on much, but I really like Lucas, and they guy portraying him. Save Lucas, and I can submit about 10 other names of people I would MUCH prefer to see leave the canvass! Ha.

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