Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Sex, Lies and no Videotape

20160503 1822(27)
Calgon, take me away!! 

Here we are again!! Weeks just fly by, don't they? Seems like I get one blog done and it's time for another. 
What's happening on GH. What's not happening on GH. One thing happens, another is dropped. Something else is recycled for the umteenth time. 'Round and 'round we go. 

I'm on a diet so water. I hope you have something more tasty! 

Laura wasn't on this week.
Well, not much of a surprise. Because since she had lunch with Kevin it's been like she's back in that attic! What the hell? We get to experience Jason in yet another motorcycle accident  and fighting with Franco but Laura?
Paaaaashaw!! Who needs her!  Helena's Will could have been awesome. It really could have. Having her spook-out Sam was awesome. But let me tell you something-- the longer it goes on and the further it gets away from Helena's death the less it's going to matter. It may already be at that point as a matter of fact. Way to take any momentum out of the whole thing. Yea, thanks. 

20160503 1820(19)

So...let's talk about St. Jaysus since that's where the show seems to going. Jason all the time.

20160503 1820(24)

Jason getting mad with Franco over a picture that Franco drew of Nina. 

20160505 0429(46)

Jason getting mad because Franco's talking to Liz. 

20160505 0447(35)

Later, he's mad at Liz... Then he gets mad at Sonny.  OOooo, Jason's angry!! Stand back!

Soon his mama will be coming back along with his memories. As he lay on the cold dark pavement yet again, Robin will appear to him. Will his memories make him love Sonny again Will they??! Prolly. There's no one that can't love Sonny. 
PS. I don't think he should ever get his motorcycle license renewed. Nope. 

20160502 1556(48)
Was I a priest? 

Next up?  Griffin. Oh Griffin with the pretty hair and face. He's got that scar. He's got those longing weird looks for Nathan. And?  Oh, yes, he and Anna danced together! Awww....Oh! When Anna mentioned "the ladies" he spilled his coffee. Like "Ladies"!??? Me? Later, they have a "God" talk.  My speculation: Griffin was a priest. Claudette went to confess to him or for counseling about using Nathan for a green card. They ended up in bed love...and Nathan shot him (not seeing who he was) for his troubles.  How's that!? 

20160504 1629(17)

Hey, man... 
That's some scar you got there.
I mean, I'm not staring at you or anything, but that's BIG
My Scar?
Yeah, that too.

20160504 1637(50)

And when you have Griffin you don't have the Claudette story far behind. Maxie can't seem to use Google herself so Sam has to and finds out where she's living now. Just go there already and get this all over with. Thanks.
By the way, Maxie was all "OMG I didn't realize how planning your own wedding could be so hard, other people's are easy"!! HELLO...your non-wedding to Spinelli was pretty much a giant "planning" thing, right? 

20160502 1750(11)

Alexis. Well, she decided to defend Carlos and what did she get for her trouble? A junkie at her feet that Julian ordered killed. She also got questioned about his death. 

20160504 0522(3)

Then, in a moment of clarity she realizes JUST what Julian is. Or at the very least wasn't; and that's out of the mob. 
LOVED the scene where she also realizes that he stole the witness information from her briefcase. NLG even got a little white in the scene when she turned around. Sweaty, but cold. Great acting. And Julian lied like a rug to her face. Just when you thought a guy could get out, hand stuff over to his ruthless sister, he's put square back in. The hell? He has a business, was doing fun on the Crimson stuff --but nah, we need another mobby in the house. Personally, Ava should become the Grande Dame of Mob Queens. She's perfect for it. Faith Roscoe 3x more. But...nope, drag Jules back in.
How original. 

20160506 0703

OH!!  Alexis  still slept with much for women head writers. I get Alexis loves Julian but I also get that this was just a terrible choice for her. Terrible. Didn't appreciate it at all. NLG Acted the hell out of it but I still don't like it. 

20160504 0528(55)

In case you haven't seen this the FIRST time months ago-- they decided to show it to us again! It's Anna yelling at Julian. About Duke? Well, kind of. This time, she thinks he killed the witness. Redux. Redux Redux. I guess Alexis is thrown into the mix so that's a bit different..but I've seen that face many times.

20160506 0703(16)

I  need someone to make a reel of Sonny and his death threats. There has to be at least 
90 of him doing it in jail. 122 on the phone 33,000 in person AND 782 of those involving bar ware. 

20160505 1534(9)

Aw, but Aaron LOVES Sonny! Loves his coffee, loves his kitchen. Maybe the first kid in history not to know that Sonny is the mob. OR DOES HE? Hmmm.. Seems fishy to me. What do we know about young Aaron? Well, he likes to knit, He knows all of the flavors of Corinthos Coffee, is interested in kitchens and digs fusion cuisine. 

20160503 1818(9)

Hayden got questioned by the Feds and Nikolas found some diamonds in her make up bag. These two didn't move a damn INCH. They are at a stand still. He has this evidence, she has the evidence he shot her. So.. welp.  This was the story that was out of place this week. It's like that fly that keeps coming back and you try to flick away. *sigh*

20160505 1526(19)

Hammy Finn and Dead Guy patient. What was up with this?

20160506 0649(8)

Ze, I'm going to mess widzt you zo much dat you Quits!!

20160505 1531(24)

I guess Dr. O may have done something? She was in that guy's room in a flash! BTW-- Can they put Carly in Finn's orbit enough? GEESH! We GET it. It's a giant chem test! She needs to know about the Kidney--NOW! Oh, and Carly finally remembered she was a student nurse at one time!!  They decide to get records and TELL DR O what they are up to. HUH? You think that's a good idea?! 

20160506 1509(15)

Dante, Nathan, Rando Cop and Carlos go on a little ride in the prison van. Paul slipped Carlos a paperclip and pen on his way out. Because the PCPD is ..duh.. they don't search him. So, Carlos goes nutty in the van, stabs away and the van crashes. Straight into Jason on his motorcycle (insert laughter here). I can only imagine that when people see the accident and how it 'happened' they'll think Sonny did it. After all, he was just talking to Jason about getting to Carlos. Carlos will probably be on the run now.  Dante and or Nate will hover in life/death at GH. Rinse. Repeat. 

20160504 0527(9)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Because I am a NiCo fan I loved this scene. Franco showed her the drawing, fessed up before Jason and Sam could tell her and it was a beautiful thing. 

20160502 1750(14)

PROP/MAKE UP COMBO OF THE WEEK: A little jelly, chocolate syrup and a syringe. I will have you notice the SIZE of that needle: Regular--not Hammy-Finn Size.  

20160505 0428(19)

NEWBY OF THE WEEK: "Amy"....the fast talking Nurse-Guard. By the way--her voice was so much like Maxie's it was eerie. (she doesn't have the rasp but it's there) She had to be hired now because I hear she's a good singer. 

20160505 0436(18)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Um...wha? Why? Wha? WHO? Um.....


1. Way more hospital. Thank you. 
2. Badger Bob outta storage. Triple Thanks
3. More Davis Girls...nice
4. Ned. (although get his ass back on, thanks)
5. ELQ back to SHOW IT! 

The title of the blog of course refers to Alexis.  Sex, lies and no videotape.  Am I to understand there's no security cam in the parking garage? Nothing in the halls of the Metro to see who comes and goes into said parking garage? Remember when Spinelli could pull up security footage from everywhere in town? :eyeroll: 

Day to day, the acting/dialog were on point this week but the over all overview leaves me scratching my head. So many things that are redone. So many mob moments. Even Krissy's date night took place in her Daddy's office. Alexis sleeps with the man she knows probably betrayed her but! She loves him so that's ok.  

And I'm not going to say much more as you all know my feelings. I did miss GH a bit this week and was fine with that. DVRs can be a lovely thing. I also think commercials have tripled since the 90's Geesh. 

Have a GREAT MAMA's day to those who Celebrate!! xxoo 


  1. New Amy has potential to snark and be the viewer's voice.

    Anna has been totally ethically and intellectually destroyed. Duke was scum who ordered hits on Jordan and Julian, who tried to keep the peace, yet she's angry that he retaliated at Duke? And he NEVER killed her fetus, that was Olivia.

    The show is one giant flush. It's NEVER been worse and I've watched since '78.

  2. OMG.. I totally didn't realize the baby came up!! YES it WAS Olivia... come on, they changed Julian for the better which I accepted because William DeV played it so well. So did Alexis. Why not keep him on the edge with Ava the leader? I don't get it.

  3. Most of the hospital scenes were boring. An under-five brought in just to give a suspicious death? GH didn't need Amy or anymore new characters! Too many repetitive scenes we've seen too many times before.

  4. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! I agree that GH is a mess and winning the Emmy for best show will further discourage change. No wonder we don't care about any of the storylines since they are so haphazard and ridiculous. I love seeing Finola every day but not as this repetitive and weak Anna Devane. Duke was charming but he was as much a mobster as any of the others. I am debating whether to go to the GH show in Baltimore since I can drive there and I would love to meet Finola.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The Emmy was really for scenes/acting submitted under Ron!

  7. I agree with you all about Anna. I am still stuck on the fact that there has been absolutely no mention of Griffin's mom being Sister Camellia from the 80's. All the pieces fit, but why not just disclose that?? Surely, Anna would remember, but they're not writing her the way they should. Why even bother mentioning Griffin's mother if the writers are going to be incapable of revisiting a past that many of us watched on GH? Also, Camellia is from Canada as is the mysterious Claudette, so it makes me wonder if Griffin met Claudette in Canada or if the supposedly red-head Claudette is even his sister.

  8. first of all Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms. I don't even care any more about Jason's memory and what he's going to finally be like. I don't know what's up with Aaron but thought it was weird how attached he was to the kitchen. I started hoping he was setting up a bomb in there with Sonny's name on it. Even SOD noticed the chemistry with Kiki/Dillon so of course let's not show them any more. And Alexis set womanhood back a few years, geez how good can Julian be in bed?????

  9. "I mean, I'm not staring at you or anything, but that's BIG
    My Scar?
    Yeah, that too."


    "SCENE OF THE WEEK: Because I am a NiCo fan I loved this scene. Franco showed her the drawing, fessed up before Jason and Sam could tell her and it was a beautiful thing."

    Yeah it was a beautiful thing, And it was a great scene, but also sad. :(

    Happy Mother's day to all mothers, including ones that have fur babies. :)

  10. I really FELT that Alexis scene, she is so AMAZING!! That was a woman so in love with someone she was hoping to spend the rest of her life with, saying good-bye to true love, passion, commitment, etc. That was a drowning woman clinging to one last passionate moment, drinking in all of the "I love you's" and sex that she could, because this is the end, that is why she was crying the whole time. I think that anyone who has ended a relationship with someone they were passionate about could relate to this scene. (OK, if it ends up that this is NOT the last time they make love, then I was wrong!)

  11. Sorry, but I am confused, WHAT fetus did Olivia kill?

  12. Anna and Duke's ...Olivia was trying to kill Duke but injured Anna instead.
    Julian also took a bullet for Duke and "Died" YEP.

    and yes, NLG was fantastic, I just didn't like her desperation, I like Alexis way stronger than that.

  13. I would still go and meet the stars. I'm tired of Anna crying too. I like Kiki and Dillon too. I'm still watching the show but don't care much for any of the storyline either. I kind of wish this show had other storyline going on right now.

  14. Um, sorry, Karen, I guess I've lost my mind, don't remember ANYTHING about Anna's being PG, isn't she over 50?

    Also, is Duke really coming back to the show?

  15. AntJoan said...

    Um, sorry, Karen, I guess I've lost my mind, don't remember ANYTHING about Anna's being PG, isn't she over 50?

    Also, is Duke really coming back to the show?

    The Anna pregnancy was years ago when she was first with Duke. And it was Olivia Jerome, not Olivia Falconeri, that caused the death of the baby. And yes, Duke will be back for two episodes I think. One being this week. Probably a ghost. He and Heather Webber will both be on screen on Wednesday, May 11th. At least, I think that is what I read.

    1. Yes Pat, May 11th for both. Excited for Duke, meh for Heather. I hope his visit helps Anna, cause we need OUR Anna back.

  16. Thanks for the videos LiamAZ! :)

  17. Yes, Anna was pregnant LONG ago. It's the same time Julian actually TOOK A BULLET for Julian. Anna lost the baby shortly after that. Julian and Duke worked together ..something they totally forgot about.

    Duke is back for 2 episodes...but? hmmmm.

  18. "kdmask said... Duke is back for 2 episodes...but? hmmmm."

    Yeah it's probably just Ghost Duke.


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