Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Surgery: A Labor of Wub

The Aztec Connection...

"Labor of Wub.." Get it? LABOR Day!!? Well, almost labor day. It's certainly the last day of August which makes me a bit sad. Summer was fun but went too fast. 
Hmm, can the same be said for GH? Was it fun? Did it go too fast? 

I honestly had my days all mixed up and realized that Sunday was upon me-- and I/d better get writing. I'm going to give you the highlights so we can all go and finish up our summer parties! 

Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte since Starbucks put them out early and have a seat!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Estroven for Nina?

It's Friday and Lulu and Maxi are still in the "Lake Cabin" or "Woods Cabin" (what every cabin looks like on soaps) LOL  WHY don't they take the phone, leave it on and hide it (throw it in the corner) so it keeps transmiting and Pevi can't find it and the police can use pings?
GEESH! Do I have to think of EVERYTHING!!!!!! Pevi comes in and finds them on the phone. OF COURSE.

Pevi tells Maxie he's Peter's son and he's mad that his Daddy was a fugitive.  Maxie taunts Pevi with how hot Nathan really is compared to him. HEH 

Liz and Nik, I AM SICK of you!!!!!!!!!!! SICK of it! God, Nik has a nice crying moment, reaches in to kiss Liz and she shoves/slaps him. UGH. She wants him...He wants her...She doesn't want him, then HE doesn't want HER. just shut it.
Liz wants someone there in the good times and in the bad...and the baby starts crying.
UGH leave it alone. 

CARLOS IS Back! Well, he's in prison. Lovely in lilac coloring. I miss him. I know we have 900 characters but there's something about him I just like. A lot. Loved how he got all choked up when Sabby said Gabe died. They are trying to figure out how Rafe would have been driving and cause the accident.  Carlos makes it sound like it's Ava's fault. 

Nina can "feel she's pregnant" ahahaaa. Okay then. She wants a baby JUST like Ava! Britt tells her she stole and embryo. Strangely, Nina is not fazed. LOL she loves it. Maybe Britt can still one for her?! Nina dreams she's pregnant but she's Menopause!!! AHAHAHAAA. Oh too funny.  She says to herself "I'm going to have Silas baby ONE WAY or another"!! 

AVA FINALLY 'meets up' with NINA!!  she trips on her wheelchair! yeah!! FINALLY!!! 

Zach donates to Locks of Love

Ah! How nice!! has a cute video of Zachary and photo of him donating his hair. Good to know our dislike of his hair went to a good cause! 

HEY new spoilers are up---click up there !! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Knife

Brad and Lucas are STILL in bed....and they said 48 hours. 

Felix is counting cotton balls and in walks Sabrina. First thing he tells her is he almost had a 3way. LOL. Then tells her about Milo and Epiphany. 

Nina daydreams about stabbing Silas with a giant butcher's knife.  Silas wakes up and they talk about how good sex was. He gives it a 13 out of 10! They do it again.

Maxie and Lulu are in another cabin, tied up.  Pevi (Peter/Levi) got a haircut!  He says "This Operation is Personal"!  He goes off on Felicia, talks about what a bitch she is.  Geesh, HE sounds like Peter Harrell himself!  maybe de-aged? Naw, that's even too much for GH 

Anna figures out Peter Sr. could still be "out there". Hmmm is HE Fluke? Why would he hate Sonny then? Plus, he's pretty obscure. 
Pevi drops his phone when he knocks the soda out of Maxie's hands.  Maxie kicks it to Lulu. Lulu calls Dante (then the show ends) 

Adorable Rocco has on a Fronkey shirt!! 

Liz comes over to watch Rocco so Dante can go back out to look for Maxie.  She also brings some of Aiden's old toys for him. Including a SOCK FRONKEY.  Nik comes over later and they discuss his 'CHOICE'. (Or lack thereof) 

Britt is going to tell Nina if she can have babies or not. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"One Thing"

THIS IS THE NIGHT THAT NEVER ENDS!! Good God, it's gone on foreverrrrrrrrrrr. 

SamTrick at Floating Jake's--some random guy comes in to fix them drinks.
Where can this lead?

They are PLAYING POOL...where the hotness of GH always happens. Sam wins. She gets to tell Patrick to do one thing.
She wants him to shave!!! 

Silas is asking Nina about the night that Rafe got in the accident. And he's chugging whiskey. He thinks she may have given him the money.  Then she mentions wanting a baby. His eyes open a bit more. 
THen she stands up..tells him she wants him. Starts undoing her blouse. Says: take me...breathe hard...

Todd and Scotty figure out that Carly's a liar pants. But I don't care. 

Dante and Nate. Have to find Frisco! But! He's WSB! Mac's radar goes up. He thinks Frisco took Maxie? WHAT? duh..dumb. 

ahahha. Dante and Nate got back from that cabin in about 3.4 minutes.

WSB is now run by Victor Cassadine..ergo no info on Frisco. Totally forgot about the Victor Cassadine connection, or that Anna didn't know..or that Robert is off investigating it.
Wonder Why.
Could it be because IT'S NOT BEEN MENTIONED LIKE AT ALL???????? in MONTHS? Good Gravy.

 DI! you got it! Dunkleman is PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Harrell---Possible Levi LInk?

Our contributor Di points out that Peter Harrell (Judson Scott)  was in the original Aztec Story, was presumed dead but body never found. Could Levi be his son?  Flea was engaged to him before she fell in wub with Frisco. 

Hmmmm. Could he be at Scarsdale being unfrozen too? 

Pass the BLTs...

Looks like Ol' Heather is coming back to GH. Michael Fairman is reporting that she'll be back this fall to continue her tradition of munching on BLTs and generally causing havoc. She'll probably find the real Luke in Miscavage. 

What say you--excited to see Heather or...Naw? 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lucy and Scott are on their 2 month rotation.... Scotty looks tre Dapper today. Serena mention. 
Coleman is hauled off to PCPD...

Nate and Dante find ...BLOOD! Then ICEMAN is shot, falls over!!  Dante wants to know WHERE HIS WIFE is!!  Iceman says Levi took the girls. I think they are going to be going to Scarsdale clinic cause I bet Victor ties into this. Someone does, it's too damn dull to be much else. 

Olivia and Nedly at Floating Jake's when Tracy comes in to yell at Ned for throwing her out. Then she yells at Olivia --then Ned tells her Lulu is kidnapped.  Carly finally finds out Lulu is kidnapped when she and Franco walk into Jake's. geesh! 

Carly can't stop thinking about Sonny's Peenie Weenie. Franco gives her the flowers, they leave for a date. 

Sonny and Julian posturing like roosters.  It was really a NON-scene.

Michael with his Mousse..geesh he has an ORANGE FACE today.  Ava can't go thru with it. Michael tells her Fluke was coming on to Kiki. Ava FREAKS out when she finds out about Fluke and his inappropriate grabbing  of Kiki. She knocks the dessert out of Michael's hand and says DON'T EAT IT!  She and Julian  discuss how to handle Fluke.

Dante and Nate find a newspaper clipping with Frisco's face on it. So, they are going to look for him. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Time Crunchers

I wish I had something more to do than sit here and watch GH, but---I don't Blanche, I don't. I hope your afternoon is going well!

Poison by Oleander

Ava was thug-shopping for groceries. To poison Mikey. 

Dante comes to see Sonny.  Olivia STILL doesn't know about the kidnapping WTF.  ?????? Dante tells Sonny -- like wouldn't the news have had a "on the lookout for"?? THIS IS SO CONFUSING. Mac was shot! It's been since last Tues since we saw Maxie--now it's Monday. And it's night time-- but still no one knows.
I can't even deal. There is NO pacing on this show. NONE

Ava gets White Oleander to kill Michael. Actually, a pretty good poison to use. He won't feel a thing she says and may die in his sleep. So, that makes it a-ok! 

Olivia and Ned talk about movies and his 'affair' with Monica.  Coleman walks in and is taking a shift to help out Mac. Sonny tells Dante he hears that Coleman is a fence for stolen jewelry (??) now and maybe he was contacted to sell the jewels.  Dante confronts him in Jake's and throws him on the pool table. Coleman says yep he was going to help fence the jewels..but then he heard the boat sank. 

Britt and Nate have a moment in the interrogation room. She's helps her bro in the the romance department. He WUBS Maxie. She knows it. Nik is frustrated about not finding Maxie or lulu. 

Oh for the love of...LULU takes the gun and TALKS FOR AN that Levi has time to grab another gun and point it at Lulu.  Maxie taunts Levi for not being good in bed. LMAO. Levi says "I don't think I'll let them go"...and points the gun. ICEMan goes 'Huh"? Dante and Nathan get to the cabin and go "oh no" ...but you know it's probably just a dead iceman or an old sock.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Perhaps

I know, I know... Broken Record... over and over and over...

This week isn't much different. 
**NOTE: ratings are UP for GH--which is great...happy for the show. REALLY happy. Not too happy for me because it means the overall direction I'd like to see isn't that popular. Oh well. 

So, get out your leftovers from Saturday night (hope you had a good dinner!) and sit back with some Rum Punch. I decided that's my go-to today. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

UGH Friday. Is THIS a Friday?

Cause you could have fooooooled me!!

Carly and Sonny..HELLS NO.
UGH.  They are soooooo boring. Sonny locked the door as Carly was saying NO, btw. Um, not cool. 

Nina is going to obsess over Ava's baby.  I say she calls Heather to steal it. LOL Nina is so craazyy and Michelle Stafford is glorious. Nina says she can get a baby any way she wants. 

Ava looked fab today. LOVED her color and Make up. Julian tells her that Fluke is not Luke Spencer.  He doesn't know WHO he is tho... he met him in the witness protection program.  Julian tells Ava to kill Michael to keep Kiki safe. She invites them to dinner. POISON! 

Michael to Morgan: "Hey, Franco is dissing Dad".
Seriously? You guys are two  20 something guys and you stand around dishing about this? Craaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzy.  And Kiki, get a damn job. 

Patrick tells Sabrina that Robin went to help Jason, not to Africa. He tells her everything. Ok then. Why not tell Anna since JASON is dead? ugh. I hate this story. 

Silas was going thru Rafe's box and found a business card from the CLINIC..  

Only thing worth watching today was how crazy Nina can act. 

MONDAY: Coleman is on. It's been what? 2 years? 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Things Came to a Head Last Night"...

Alberta and Genie...xxooo 

Great comments below, thanks! Here I am waiting for the show to start. It's been raining on and off all day and part of me just wants to take a damn nap. LOL. Oh what I do for you!! 

I agree with almost all the comments---it's such a shame that we have great dialog writers, awesome actors and GH is reduced to a chopped salad. I actually went back to look at photos from beginning of July and--um..not a hey of a lot has happened.  I think the actors all got revolving vacations. 

Well, they showed crazy weird text bubbles today. Kinda strange, they usually just show the phone.

NEXIS WAS ON! And Alexis said "Gatekeeper"!! Which is totally their nickname from long ago! 

Bobbie and Carly. I guess I liked it...I'm just so done with Carly and her libido. 

Sabrina is back.  I totally forgot Patrick was fired. LMAO TOTALLY.  He tells her Rafe caused the accident.

Julian knows that Fluke isn't Luke. Which I didn't know. Seriously thought he thought he was Luke. So there ya go. Not that it matters. Luke wants to see Jordan. Julian could carry him around. Hell, we could build a Sheldon type robot for him and he can be the first full-Skype character on GH. 
WHY would Jordan tell Julian that so quick? Geesh, keep it to yourself for awhile!! 

Sam and Silas...Nina tells her to get outta her house. LOL  Silas tells Nina to go. Silas and Sam go through Rafe's box and finds a lotta money and his phone. 

Sonny and Silas dish about their sexcapades.

TOMORROW: Sonny and Carly again. Looks like a boring day actually. Just a repeat of today. 

RATE GH for the Summer!

So, although we have a bit to go on August, the "summer" Session that soaps know is traditionally over because many are going back to school. 

Let's RATE it! Here's the scale:

1- tuned out

2- watched now and again but didn't miss it

3--average; it was ok but didn't rush to watch

4--pretty good most of the time but not as exciting as I'd hoped for 

5--Excellent. Couldn't wait to see what happened!!

Feel free to critique the show, tell us what you liked and didn't. I'm giving it a 3; meaning just average. I think the Lila's camp was a cute idea, Alices' heart story could have been a good one if she'd been on more than once a year and Nina entertained me with her psycho nature.  I still found the stories very choppy, no real consistency with them and way too many 'vet pop-ups' with no substance. I'm glad Ned is back. Fluke being gone is a real downer because I want that story over. Rafe's involvement in the whole crash came out of left-field and just when Molly was getting a decent drama going, she's no where to be found again. Julexis was hot-hot hot-- as was Shawn and Jordan.  Not hot? Levi and Maxie. Oh how I wish this story had never happened! If he never was on the show it wouldn't  have been a loss.  
I am very surprised there wasn't more of a major story with Kiki, Michael, Morgan. Rosalie should have been more in the picture if they wanted those two together.
Yesterday was the epitome of this summer: Shawn says to Jordan: How long has it been since we were in the gallery? 14 days?
Yep. That's how long. 

Frozen Jason story? Eh...poorly executed, imo. Three days of Robin and Paddy stuck in a tiny room going round and round? Victor prancing in like a cartoon?  The Egg-Pod?  Ok, yeah, no thanks. I like camp as much as the next person but something was just 'off' with this. 

Highlights for me included Deliah's stint on the show (way too short though), the inside jokes the writers made, Josslyn and Flea and Mac.  Lowlights: CarSon redux and Levi's shennanigans. 

I'm sure I haven't included it all--this is off the top of my head. That sometimes indicates what was important and what was not in my mind!! 

So, what say you Wubbers? Entertained or Nah? 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hump in Humid Day

HUMID is the word for the day!! UGH...and we have to move my kid into his college digs later. Figures. It's been cold...and today? OY

Shaun and Jordan all in bed. 14 days they've been at it. LMAO.... There ya go. Knew it was a long time. They have a bed-- holy heck! 

Ned and Michael. Tracy's looking all sheepish to go Skype Fluke. HE looks jaunty and all bundled up. Is he in...Sibera??  Maybe he's in Iceland...Bjork concert?
I guess Alice outed Tracy. And Michael fired her. Fluke is pissed at Tracy.  They talk, yada yada...and then NED JUMPS out! ahaahaa. Scares Tracy, scares Fluke.  Then Ned throws Tracy out of  the house. 

Sonny in his boxers. Franco finds the wine. Maybe Carly will be PG too, you know Sonny's super sperm. Franco thinks Sonny is there, Carly says the wine glass is her mother's..and Bobbie walks in. At least, that's who I think it is. It's been awhile. Bobbie lies and says it's HER wine glass. Franco goes to look in the bedroom.  BUT! Sonny went out the window!! AH, yeah, in his glossy shoes.  SO this sheeze will last awhile. *yawn* 

Kiki and Ava were all giggly on the couch over the baby kicking.  She tells Micheal later she thinks her mama has 'turned a corner'. 

Sabrina is back tomorrow.
Kathleen Gati tweeted this photo today of she and RW..The worked together on "Moscow on the Hudson" and Jacob the Liar.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Too Busy To Blog! I guess I'll miss the CarSon show today! Let me know how it goes. 

Cassadine Invasion?

Seems some of our fave baddies are coming in the fall...We know RKK (Stavros) is taping-- who else? We know Helena is on ice--GHH2 is reporting she began taping. What about Anders Hove? I can't believe Faison is gone forever!!

Valentini revealed: “Some favorite villains will be back in the fall.  I think the fans will be really excited to see what kind of trouble they will be causing.  There will be male and female villains returning, who are our fan favorites who will be causing problems for our friends in Port Charles.”

Read all on Michael Fairman 

Monday, August 18, 2014

GH Moving Back to 3pm in Most of East

I'm sure you've seen that around. I for one am happy, I do like it better at that time. CHECK your local listings though, because I believe they could put it wherever they want. We are getting Dr. Phil moving over here at 4 and no idea what's on at 2pm. The View, The Chew are on again too. 

Anna in a Jaunty Hat/Raincoat combo.  A little flash-back recap for those that missed it.   Mac is going to be fine. They haul up the charter boat captain that Heather hired and found out his boat is gone. They are all standing in the pouring rain. The coast guard tells everyone the boat sank. Who thinks they are all dead? ahahha...right. 
NOPE..they are wandering around in the woods and go to a cabin. Where Levi THOUGHTFULLY provides a change of clothes for the ladies.  Bahahaha.

Britt and Nik make out.  HE's saying that he doesn't know if he's over Liz. blah, blah blah Britt; I don't care, just sleep with me anyway. 

Carly and Sonny: the BEAST that will not DIE. I mean SERIOUSLY...and just when he's "done" with Olivia and has Ava rollin around his house PG with either his kid or grandkid? Bahahahaa.  I think I've seen about 8 variations of the CarSon Dance. NO MO' please!!  Sonny is basically saying he thinks Franco is wrong for her, so she should have sex with him.
Good GOD
 AND he kisses her again. Carly tells him to go. THEN, oh hell. She says to STAY. UGH. They make out.
I'm going to fall asleep with this. 

Nina and Todd are still in the elevator-how you gonna PEE??? Of course I'm thinking of that!! Can they lower water bottles down there? Well, that might make them pee more so... She tells him Sonny and Carly kissed. He goes nuts and she stands up to calm him down. Whoops. They talk...yada and then the doors open. 

TAKE AWAY: Britt and Sonny are both horny, Mac is ok, Franco knows Nina can walk and Dante is going to catch his death of cold for standing in that rain for hours.  

Tomorrow: A bunch of people not on for awhile and Carly gets her blouse ripped off. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Hormones

This week was: comical...tedious...weird...and all full of couple-play.  

Me...most of the week. 
Let. Us. Begin. 

Cereal. Cereal and Milk! (sing it) Cereal Cereal and MILK!
G Love and Special Sauce!! whoot! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Milo's BACK

Just a little Joy for your Day! 

Sonny hired Milo back. Milo said the SPA never got 'off the ground"...Really. Geesh, fancy that. Milo says he can't have someone he wants. Kinda sounds like he's gay. Yep, he goes to find Felix. 

Stupid Levi and the fake ICE man. They are in co-hoots. And Levi had to point that out. @@. They are going to escape via speed boat.

Nina and Dr. O had a go around. Who's worse, Lesil or Magda? Dr. O actually got one on Nina. She was the snarkiest.
Nina an Franco get stuck in the elevator together. 

Liz and Nik and Britt. Britt mentions a threesome. Liz spills a milkshake on her lap. Britt gets up and gets all pissy. Liz is like "I didn't mean it". Nik knows she did!  Liz gets called back to GH. Britt is going to stay at Wyndemere while her apt with Brad is being used for "sexcapades". 

The Gay Guys... All at GH.  Talking about where to go to "hang out" together. *sigh*

Carly and Olivia. Olivia apologizes. Carly's still DREAMING about that damn KISS Sonny gave her.  UGHHHHHHHHHH Olivia basically tells Carly to "go for Sonny".  Olivia calls Carly on her Franco relationship. She says she'd never get with Franco if JAYSONNNNN was alive. 
Franco is STUCK in the elevator. And Sonny's on his way to deliver PIZZA to her. 

Did you see Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson's? So sad...but now it becomes clearer. 

Thursday OutPatient Surgery.

Because I feel the need to bitch LOL

Jordan and Shaun. They have a hot encounter, slide down the wall...and???  TOO inconsistent. How can I get into them when they are hardly ever on? Molly's disappeared. Alice hasn't been mentioned. WTF. We obviously shifted from the War on Drugs over to the mad-cap wedding and Frozen Jason.
But wait....Frozen Jason was rising from the 'dead'..and  Robin being taken away and...what? We get a day of cute sex talk, Sonny and Carly foreshadowing and the end of the longest wedding ever.  

Why? WHY WHY!!??  Liz and Nikolas are SO Patrick and Sabrina it kills me. There's Britt, plotting her "in" with Paddy, just like she did with he and Sabrina. Will she throw Emma's doll on the barbie again?

 Where's Nina been?  Ava? Why haven't Ava and Nina had a scene together yet? Ava is PART OF THAT BACKSTORY!! Rumor has it that Nina is going to plot to steal Ava's baby.
REALLY? can a BABY be born and just BE BORN????? Is that possible on this show? 

Morgan and Nurse Rosie were seen at a cute picnic. Few sparks flew--then? Nothing. I'm sure we'll get some random insert of them again when we least expect it.

And you know, I was thinking. What was the point of Levi 'protesting' the Brownstone? Solely to get Maxie and Nathan handcuffed together? Was it to get "arrested" so he could have his fake ICE guy come in ?? Is the Browstone even going to be redone?? Or was that just a plot point?

 Don't get me started on the wedding that lasted forever.  UGH. I don't know who edited the timing on that but geesh.  Plus, I for one hate seeing Lucy, Mac and Felicia stand around like they are helpless.  Um, NO. 

I missed 2 days last week. There has been NO mention of Alice--and if I didn't keep up with twitter I'd never know what happened with her. No idea Sonny paid someone off to be his sister. It's Thursday this week--and what?  That should have been part of this week, the continuation of that saga. Monica should have been around. People should have been waiting for her surgery to get done. Something--anything!! 

I take it Duke is basically out for the count. Anna's summer has involved the park bench. Why haven't we seen more bonding time with Dr. O and Britt and Nathan? Victor is Nathan's Dad and you know all of a sudden, that will happen. Then Dr. O will be on--but we never saw the stuff happening between them on camera.  Kind of like Kiki and Silas. Hell, she was living with him and I didn't even know it! 

I need more characters to be involved in other stories so we don't get on/off again stuff. That's all. Just a little more integration.  Please.??

What might break Wubby's back? Carly and Sonny redux number 4,500. I can't even with that. Then FauxJason will be back--and who knows where that will go? Will Carly recognize a kindred spirit?  Franco is basically adrift, interacting with people here, there. 1 day Josslyn..then Spencer...then Felix. *yawn*. 

And Sabrina will be coming to PC again.


Hey, how's that Bobbie, Lucy and Scotty triangle going? Last we saw him, he was hightailing it out of the hotel room to meet with Anna.  (days and days ago) Maybe in 2 months we'll get another few scenes.  Maybe, who knows? Do I care? Nope. Yep, I love my vets but use them more often or lose them.  There I said it. Of course, I'd like to see about 5-6 relatively "newbie" filler characters gone before them, but it's a money thing. I get it. 

So that's my bitch. I'm not going to get into the holes of the St. Jaysus story with Robin because I could go on for eons. It's like the Fluke story: Choppy, nonsensical and not keeping my attention.  The fact that Anna's kept in the dark on this..stupid. The fact that Patrick can't figure out WHO RAN him off the road when he knows Victor Cassadine has Robin??? Unforgivable. I mean, geeze Louise. 

I could go on. You know the drill. I needed to get this out as I had a break from the show and was hoping I'd love it when I saw it with fresh eyes. And yes, the day to day dialog is good-- (most of the time) but without the stitches putting it all together it's flat. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Green Jello Day!

BRITT SAYS: it's green jello day in the cafe today...

Franco prancing around in the showers--- Felix in a towel. Tranco  asks him for a sponge bath. Brad comes in a towel when Tranco goes to the showers. *sigh*

Britt sees Lulu's chart.  Nik's hair is weird today. They blab about Spencer. Liz and Nikolas are going out. 

THE WEDDING:  Lucy took an age. Dante sees Nathan laying there like a lump. And he doesn't even untie him, he just stands there LOL and then TALKS to him forever instead of running OUT THERE TO GET Levi!! GOD! 

Ok, I'm out. I can't deal with this today. It's dragging and the frozen Jason thing isn't happenin'...

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with New GH "Star(s)"

He was only on a moment and the whole world shook! That's right---NuJaysus' arm popped up yesterday and shocked a nation. Who dares take on this golden role, who dares play this icon of a body part? 

Meet. Mr. Right Arm! That's right...and yes, Left Arm made an appearance but certainly not as dramatic nor as HUGE as Right. Both hail from Belfast Maine and have decided to sit down with me in an exclusive interview!

Big Moment on Daytime TV! 

Wubs: had a pretty big debut yesterday!

Right Arm: I sure did! It took at least 11 takes to get it just perfect, and I had to use BenGay the entire next day. Grabbing a villain just right isn't as easy as it looks! 

Wubs: So, where did you get your start?

Right Arm: I had a few gigs in High School....we did "The Adams Family" and I of course, played Thing. It was a giant revelation to me that I could, indeed, perform and be loved by millions. 

Wubs: Left Arm....were you jealous? I mean, at least yesterday we saw a glimpse of you rising but playing the Thing, you had to be hidden.

Left Arm: I did make the sacrifice for the glory of the other arm. That's ok, I got to be in a dish detergent commercial the next year so it was all good. 

Wubs: How do you two keep in shape?

Right Arm: One of the most important things is staying out of the sun... which is why our Maine heritage is so useful. No nasty burns while we were younger. 

Left Arm: We also make sure we moisturize. Nightly, that's a big part of it all. We both like Nivea cream. 

Wubs: Is that an endorsement?

Left Arm: If they'll pay us (laughs) 

Wubs: How was it working with an icon like Kim McCollough your first day on set?

Right Arm: She was so gracious! Shook my hand right away...not too soft, not too hard. Just the right shake.  Thaao on the other hand, well, he had to learn how to relax when I grasped him. It's a tricky business.  You tense up too much, it's not surprising; you go limp and well, it doesn't look good on camera.

The Early Years....

Wubs: What other kinds of "hands on experience" do you have (pardon the pun)??

Left: that's ok. We've heard a LOT of them.  I've held boxes for Progressive Insurance, a sandwich for Burger King and...I did a spot on QVC for men's watches not too long ago.

Right:  I'm personally hoping to move into something bigger soon--waving for example. Or slapping someone. I've always wanted to do that. 

Wubs: Well, thank you for a dis-ARMING interview.  You two take care. Any other GH appearences scheduled?

Right: We aren't sure if NuFace will appear soon or if we'll continue to be in a few scenes until he shows up.  You'll just have to keep watching!! 

Catch General Hospital weekdays on ABC 2pm/est

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

YOU are NOT an Aussie!

Well, Levi's accent is as fake as his hair!! 

Maxie and Lulu, very fun scene. but I really want Maxie to get her dress on. Not get Married in it, but put it on. Because I want a gown. LOL I hear she had it on Thursday.  Maxie says she has no feelings for...Levi. LMAO 
Nathan gets knocked out by Levi (yes, you read that right), tied up and Levi strolls out like nothing happened. 
Maxie has flashbacks of she and NATHAN. LOL..because we really never did see she and Levi together much, did we?  

What'S ARM rose up... then, he flatlined AGAIN. Then Robin paddled him and HE'S BACK! his arm moves!!! ST. JAYSUS LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Ugh, He lives. he really DOES live. *sigh* 
Victor calls Jason his "prize Pig" and he's going to use his talents 'elsewhere" in his "new life".
then he tells the thugs to take Robin...'away'.
We never do see Jason's face. So...there's still time to scrape it. 

And I'm sorry but Patrick not figuring out who is "targeting" his family when his WIFE LEFT because of an evil dude is ...DUMB. DUMB duh duhhhh 
Sam and Patrick hug..snuggle. too bad this wasn't weeks ago. 

OMG... you know what? I hate the LEVI story and Jason coming back? SO OVERDONE. I mean, Phil Brent came back in the 70's on AMC and my last shocking one was Tina Lord walking down the aisle. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Nanu Nanu

Well. Such a sad evening. In some ways, still unbelievable. One of the greats..if not the greatest comic of my lifetime is gone.  
When he first appeared on Happy Days and then Mork and Mindy, we'd never seen the likes of him. Such a mind!! So nutty and wacky. 

I loved Comic Relief. Those three were just so fun together and magical. 
I wish they would have continued. 

Some of my other  favorites: 

“They’re not that different from you, are they? Same haircuts. Full of hormones, just like you. Invincible, just like you feel. The world is their oyster. They believe they’re destined for great things, just like many of you. Their eyes are full of hope, just like you. Did they wait until it was too late to make from their lives even one iota of what they were capable? Because, you see gentlemen, these boys are now fertilizing daffodils. But if you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Go on, lean in. Listen. You hear it? Carpe—hear it? Carpe, carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” 

I'm a huge Jumangi fan... loved that movie!  My fave line of his has to be the "HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" from Mrs. Doubtfire.  He was such a part of my entertainment life it's so sad he's gone. And like this?  There lies a thin line between laughter and pain, that's for sure.  If you want to see one of his chilling performances, check out One Hour Photo. Wow. 

Everything lately causes me to pause and think of the fragility of life.  RIP Mr. Williams 

I'm Back!

Don't think I missed much while I was gone. Levi still gonna marry Maxie, Sam and Silas still pouting, Paddy is mad...Robin's blabbering with Victor. 

I liked Sam's hippie shirt.  Sam, tell Patrick!! Then he'll know that Robin wasn't there on her own.  Patrick comes over.  Patrick can't put 2 and 2 together.  He wants Sam to investigate ! 

Lulu is going to get a baby I hear. Not that she already has a giant one to take care of already. 

Felicia looked so good in her purple! And Lulu matched in her iris dress. Why didn't Maxie call/Skype Spinelli?  God I HATE LEVI!!!!! I think everyone does.  UGH get this story OVER WITH!!!!!  Nathan comes in and finds the necklace in Levi's room. Great hiding place--in your PANTS. LOL geesh  Levi pulls a gun on Nathan. Tomorrow they'll tussle for it. 

Robin and Victor. Hell, just have her make a poison in a syringe or some drug that would kill him. Jab his leg and run. Leave. Kill him off. Period Done-zo.  Then take the EGGS to WSB to open them and continue the research.
She says she has the "research".  She wants to give it to Hells or Stavvy first.  Victor says no dice. Inject St. Jaysus first. Then he takes the needle to do it himself. 

I see Sonny paid a lady to play Mickey's sister to get Alice's heart.  I hear she went into surgery on Sunday. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Sunday Surgery...

As you probably figured out! I did give advance notice but still had a few emails about it. I was on vacation Thurs-today so I took a break from the GH duties! 

However THIS happened this weekend: 

Yep, that's Nina biting inot Alberta at the Hot as Hell event in Palm Springs!! She went on her 
adventure and had a blast. Michelle Stafford was a great sport--- who doesn't love Alberta?!

and...she met: Martha Byrne!  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday and Friday Edition!

Morning!! Happy Thursday. I'm off for NYC -- so you'll have to keep up the blogging for a bit! I wonder what Victor will say to Robin today? I hope we find out the REAL reason she's not leaving the clinic.  NO Sunday Surgery, sorry!  I'll be back next week with all the snark you can handle. 

Have a good one! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lady Gaga's EGG?

That sub-zero chamber sure looked like it! LOL --wonder where they got that thing from? Some Sci-Fi show?  EGG. Stravaganza. Robin says Jason "died" but she still wants to keep working for Victor because of the medicine involved. (The person in the Egg is Stavros, btw). 
They'd better BE THINKING of something better than that explanation because it is just shallow. She'd leave EMMA for that?  

Sam tries to get the guy to let her in the computer. She offers to "Fatten his Wallet"... he says "Can you fatten something else"? 

AHAHAA..geesh!!  He wants SEX. heh. 

Ned and Olivia. She mentions her clubbing days with Lois.  She and Ned end up kissing. Sonny sees it. GOOD. I'm glad. BYE Sonny. 

Alice is still waiting for her heart. Sonny's talking to his son's. I'm so GLAD Olivia is hugging Ned. 

Shawn and Jordan. BowchickaBOWBOW. Steamy 

Julian and Alexis. She figures out Julian shot Mickey. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yada, Yada, Yada

Robin and Patrick. Weird...because ALL of her explanations were STUPID.  At least they got the "Hour plane Ride" right! 

This Britt/Liz/Nik.....Spencer thing? Good lord.  I keep thinking Liz is Sabrina and Nik is Patrick. 

Guy in the clinic who looks like Jason busted Sam! LOL. 

Franco and Nina are doing the dance... Nina references "Orphan Black" with the scarf comment. Guess she's been watching Netflix in her spare time? 

Lucas, Brad and Felix. yawn.

That's the short version today. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Something Suddenly Came Up

Said Patrick. It's so funny--twitter went nuts because it's a reference to Marcia Brady-- ahhaha. He and Sam are at the Scarsdale clinic. Home of Frozen St. Jasus.  Sam pretends to be Sabrina. She's dressed like she's going to yoga practice. Geesh

Random Kiki and Olivia scene, made me smile! Loved it. Not sure why, but I like when the cast interacts all over. 

Spencer is running all over trying to charge his phone!  Britt comes over to talk with him. He wants to go home.

Josslyn asks Cam to make her a CORN ON THE COB origami! ahahahah :dying: Emma goes and tattles on Josslyn. Joss is mouthy to Liz. 

Nina and Franco were together again and were fun.

Kiki and Silas had a scene together. He told her he broke up with Sam. 

PREVIEW gave away big thing about tomorrrow..... that was stupid


DR OH NO! LOL Sonya Eddy has some great pics of FCW on her Facebook Page. She also has a video. 

Awww. Maxie and Spin and Johnny! They look too happy.  (photo Credit E. Ackerman) 

From Kris Alderson's Instagram page....she has a LOT of photos up-- just follow her on the app. 

Lynne and Kin 

I'll be adding more if I can get any--let me know if  you went! 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Surgery: A Bullet and a Target

It's SUNDAY AGAIN! It's just flyin' by, isn't it? Now here we are, in August, still watching Fluke from afar, wondering when NuJason will show up and who's the baby Daddy of Ava's kid.  This week we got treated to one drugging, a house blowing up and a guy getting shot, corn pops and new artwork at the gallery.  It  was PACKED with stuff. 

SO, I'll have what McSilas is having ----and let's GO! 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Spoilers? LOOK UP!

Right up there....under the banner. A nice page I can edit and you can find very easily. I finally got the trick to getting them up on here. We are getting Clinic scenes soon-- Robin with a hair cut and faux Jason, which will lead to "real NuJason" ....

Read all ABOUT IT!! Scoops and News! 

As always, you can order from Amazon right over there   ~~~~~>  just takes you to your page and you can go! Thanks so much! 

It's really nice here so far today, we are due for more "pop up storms" later today. Our grass is still a lovely green. Usually this time of year it's brown and burning off. Anyone at the Fan Club Weekend? If so, let us know!! I actually saw a picture on Instagram from Kelly Monaco with a woman that had a full out FACE tattoo of her on her forearm! Yep..of 'SAM' on her forearm. It was giant. 
Um....okay then. I might entertain the idea of a temporary "I love Badger Bob" one on my ankle but that's as far as it goes! LOL 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Spencer and Franco!

Well, it's FRIDAY...and it's AUGUST!! Wow, summer is flying by.  GH doesn't seem like it's flying by though.  Each day is funny in ways but everything is still all jumbled up. I wonder when we'll see Bobbie again. Hmmm?

Spencer peeks on Todd trying to hack into Carly's computer. Spencer Todd scene!! yeah!  Franco figures out that Spencer is missing but can't call it in or Spence will squeel on him. 

Sonny visits Julian. And... wants Ava back.  Tells Julian that it was "very Die Hard 3" to get Ava off the roof in a 'copter. 

Patrick visits Sam, helps her pick up toys. He has a LOT of footballs. 

Silas has a hang over-- and wonders what happened to him. 
You know, in real life, if Nina was paralyzed after a coma, she'd have on going neurology tests, including pins and electronic pulses. But, I'm being picky, I know. 

Ava talks to Fluke. She's sruprised he's the boss.  He says he's changed. I'm wondering now if he could be Jerry Jacks just because of his speech pattern today. And how he had the hots for Kiki. LOL. 
Ava tries talking Fluke into taking her into the business.

PS. Clue might be in the ISP address for luke which was 13107, which could correlate to an episode in 2007. Jerry blows up the Metro Court

AND.... Obama comes on.

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