Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Things Came to a Head Last Night"...

Alberta and Genie...xxooo 

Great comments below, thanks! Here I am waiting for the show to start. It's been raining on and off all day and part of me just wants to take a damn nap. LOL. Oh what I do for you!! 

I agree with almost all the comments---it's such a shame that we have great dialog writers, awesome actors and GH is reduced to a chopped salad. I actually went back to look at photos from beginning of July and--um..not a hey of a lot has happened.  I think the actors all got revolving vacations. 

Well, they showed crazy weird text bubbles today. Kinda strange, they usually just show the phone.

NEXIS WAS ON! And Alexis said "Gatekeeper"!! Which is totally their nickname from long ago! 

Bobbie and Carly. I guess I liked it...I'm just so done with Carly and her libido. 

Sabrina is back.  I totally forgot Patrick was fired. LMAO TOTALLY.  He tells her Rafe caused the accident.

Julian knows that Fluke isn't Luke. Which I didn't know. Seriously thought he thought he was Luke. So there ya go. Not that it matters. Luke wants to see Jordan. Julian could carry him around. Hell, we could build a Sheldon type robot for him and he can be the first full-Skype character on GH. 
WHY would Jordan tell Julian that so quick? Geesh, keep it to yourself for awhile!! 

Sam and Silas...Nina tells her to get outta her house. LOL  Silas tells Nina to go. Silas and Sam go through Rafe's box and finds a lotta money and his phone. 

Sonny and Silas dish about their sexcapades.

TOMORROW: Sonny and Carly again. Looks like a boring day actually. Just a repeat of today. 


  1. Thank you for Alberta and the Genie. I'll bet Robin would have liked it, too.

  2. So, how is the Maxie wedding kidnapping storyline going?

  3. delcodave,
    Apparently it will be shown once a week until the twelfth of never.

  4. yeah shit. LOL. GOD, this show!!! and Robin was taken then?? What?

  5. Carly's home: Oh look! Text bubbles in the air!!! Now that was the scene of the day! Too bad BobTodd didn't walk in and see them. Awww BobTodd quit apologizing to Carly! She don't deserve them! Everytime you apologize she feels more guilty. Hmmmm on second thought, keep apologizing! What a great scene between Carly and Bobbie! :)Bobbie wins the line of the day!

    Bobbie: Who cares what the weather was doing?

    ROFL! Well Bobbie, it was one dark and stormy night! Literally! :)

    Carly: I'm a deceitful horrible awful person.

    Bobbie: No you are not.

    Me: She's not? :)

    Okay Bobbie did make a good point about how lost Carly has been since she lost Jason! Awww poor Carly lost her wuv Jason! Don't worry Carly! He is still alive and he will come back to you! :)

    BobTodd and Nina: Oh yes BobTodd you are wrong and Carly did not sleep with Sonny. Oh wait.

    McSilas's home: Oh Sam is wearing a beautiful blue dress! She looks great in blue.

    Nina: You're in my home, and Silas is my husband. And anything you say to say to him you can say it to me, unless of course you have a problem with that.

    Hahahahahaha! YOU TELL HER NINA! :)

    Ned and Alexis: SQUEEEEE! Nexis!! Since Olivia and Ned are friends, can Nexis get back together? :)

    Jordan and Shaun: Woah more sex from them! DAMN! :)So did they not see anybody else for the past 14 days?! 15 days now. :)

    Shaun and Sonny: Oh how nice. Bonding over getting laid with the women in their lives.

    Patrick's home: Oh why is Sabrina back?! UGH! Hmmm I love her hair! :) And I am glad Patrick told her the truth!

    Ava's home: OH WOW! So Julian knows that Fluke is not really Luke!!!!! :)

    Hey some of the GH cast, has done the ice bucket challenge! Did anybody see this?

    There are some swear words.

  6. Thanks , sonya, the ice challenge clips were fun.

  7. "dar said...Thanks , sonya, the ice challenge clips were fun."

    You're welcome!!!! :) Yeah they were fun. Especially Maurice Bernard's Hahahaha!

  8. Julian knows that Fluke isn't Luke. Which I didn't know. Seriously thought he thought he was Luke. So there ya go. Not that it matters.


    This was the big point yester, after they made it seem JJ was in the dark.

    I think JJ's knowing who Fluke is ties him w Vic C and the WSB cuz we never found out what info JJ gave to get WSB witness protection, nor what he had to DO to get it- which I think ties JJ-Fluke, and Vic.

  9. Just wanted to say I loved your "Shelbot" reference. Perhaps my fave "Big Bang" episode ever!

  10. The thing that stuck out most about yesterday's show was the money Silas pulled out of Rafe's wallet. It looked like monopoly money. I have seen more real looking money in the dollar tree toy section. It looked NOTHING like real money. Funny how things like that stick out.



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