Thursday, August 14, 2014

Milo's BACK

Just a little Joy for your Day! 

Sonny hired Milo back. Milo said the SPA never got 'off the ground"...Really. Geesh, fancy that. Milo says he can't have someone he wants. Kinda sounds like he's gay. Yep, he goes to find Felix. 

Stupid Levi and the fake ICE man. They are in co-hoots. And Levi had to point that out. @@. They are going to escape via speed boat.

Nina and Dr. O had a go around. Who's worse, Lesil or Magda? Dr. O actually got one on Nina. She was the snarkiest.
Nina an Franco get stuck in the elevator together. 

Liz and Nik and Britt. Britt mentions a threesome. Liz spills a milkshake on her lap. Britt gets up and gets all pissy. Liz is like "I didn't mean it". Nik knows she did!  Liz gets called back to GH. Britt is going to stay at Wyndemere while her apt with Brad is being used for "sexcapades". 

The Gay Guys... All at GH.  Talking about where to go to "hang out" together. *sigh*

Carly and Olivia. Olivia apologizes. Carly's still DREAMING about that damn KISS Sonny gave her.  UGHHHHHHHHHH Olivia basically tells Carly to "go for Sonny".  Olivia calls Carly on her Franco relationship. She says she'd never get with Franco if JAYSONNNNN was alive. 
Franco is STUCK in the elevator. And Sonny's on his way to deliver PIZZA to her. 

Did you see Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson's? So sad...but now it becomes clearer. 


  1. So Levi shots Mac. We know how this ends, Mac ends up being Levi's dad.
    Oh, and Milo needs to talk to Felix. I guess was are supposed to believe Felix is his crush and then it turns out Milo is only asking Felix's advice on Milo's real crush. His real crush, if he is seeking Felix's advice, probably Sabrina or Epiphany. As he said his dad would not understand my bet is on Epiphany

  2. I did see that about Robin. First thing that came to mind was Michael J. Fox. Such a sad situation.

    I think they made Milo a fall guy so they would be able to make two couples.

  3. I just kept switching from GH to something I had taped today. I wanted to know about the wedding, but it was so stupid that I couldn't stand it. And when Mac got shot, I jumped up an scared the fur off my little girl kitty. The scripts recently make me a believer of the old saw about so many chimpanzees in front of so many typewriters and coming up with stories. They just came up with too many plots for the show. LOL
    Did anyone see the photo of Robin Williams at an art show Saturday night with his wife? He looked thin and ill. It is all very sad. Perhaps one of the sadder things is that his daughter had to close her twitter account because of the cruel things being said to her on the site.

  4. Poor Robin Williams..Had not heard about the Parkinson Disease yet. He was such a wonderful actor and brought smiles to so many. It must have been hard for his wife to tell the public about the Parkinson Disease..but know we have the "Why did he do it question answered" It might be answered but he is still gone.. I wish he was still with us

  5. Levi might be stupid but Maxie takes the cake. I really like Nathan but sorry, this was 100% Maxie's fault. It is pathetic to let this grown woman continue to act like a teenager.

    Yes, Robin Williams' death is a tragedy. He was a gift.

  6. I was disgusted by the people who felt the need to spew hatred at Robin's daughter. So many sick, twisted people on the internet with nothing to do but try to hurt other people.

    I agree that Milo looking for Felix is a smokescreen. He's after advice not Felix.

  7. Olivia and Carly talking about Sonny...sigh I guess we'll have another week of everyone in Port Charles discussing this with Carly. The writers must think that if they have everyone on the show say they should be together, we'll accept it. NOT!!

    And they'd better be playing with us as far as Milo is concerned. He's been mooning over Lulu like a love sick puppy for years. He's definitely not gay. And guess what, Ron. You can't turn gay!

    I'm wondering if it's Sabrina he has a crush on now. I guess since she's coming back 'tomorrow" we have to have someone for her to hang out with. They might make a cute couple.

    And I'm so over our three gay characters having nothing to do day after day but discuss getting it on. Give them back their lives!!

    You're probably right about Levi and Mac, kdmask. I can't see how they let him get away with shooting Mac though, and not spending time in jail. Of course, he's a new character. It's the old GH cast that keep getting carted off to Pentonville. Levi will probably end up on the police force. *insert eye roll*

    As you can tell, I've just about had it after today's episode.

    Poor Robin Williams. And his poor family. How sick and twisted people have to be to attack his children at a time like this.

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  9. Carly's home: Carly can't stop thinking about the kiss with Sonny! :) Olivia wins the line of the day!

    Olivia: A conversation with you, is like taking a mutt to the vet.

    ROFL! And Olivia has got Carly's number!!! And she is so right about how when Jason died, he left her in a freefall!! Come on Carly wake up! Even Sonny wants you to wake up! You are still in wuv with Sonny! And when Jason shows up in Port Chuckles, you will wuv him too! Oh look Sonny with a pizza hahahahaha!

    Liz, Britch, and Nik: Oh Liz grow up! An change your clothes! Your dress is so bright! Wow more Britch drinking She already drank that huge drink at the hospital! I'm surprised she didn't need to pee yet! Oh wow look! Kelly's has a bathroom! :)Oh YAY Nik let Britch stay at Wyndemere!!!! :)

    Milo and Sonny: No Milo! Don't go back to work for Sonny!!!! Go back to school for massage therapy!!!! Lucy what is going on with your spa business?!!?! Now that Laura is gone you are going to forget about it?! Milo likes someone. :) I heard it's Piffy. Hmmm not sure if they really have chemistry like that. You can date me Milo!!! :)

    Lucas, Felix, and Brad: Geez guys! Why don't you go to a hotel to "hang out" I am sure there is another hotel besides the Metrocourt!!!!

    Milo and Felix: ???????? Hmmmmm!?!?!?! Is Milo gay? NOOOOO! :( I want my Milo to be with a woman! Preferably me. :)

    Dr O, Nina, and BobTodd: Oh wow! BobTodd is such a suck up to Dr O!! And she is eating it up!!! :) I'm glad he helped Nina awwww! :) I'm glad Dr O and Nina met! I love how Nina mocked Dr O with her own accent hahahaha.

    Elevator: Oh BobTodd and Nina are stuck! Time to get up Nina and you two kiss. :) Not yet? I have patience. :)

    Brad's bedroom: He had three pillows on his bed. ROFL! That tickled my funny bone. I mean he was straitening the pillows out! :)

    The haunted Star: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT MY MAC!!! LEVI SHOT MY MAC! I AM SO MAD!!!!! I did not see that coming! When Levi shot Mac, I yelled out Mac's name. Don't die on me Mac! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :'(

    :Karen says The Gay Guys..."


    "Karen says Did you see Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson's? So sad...but now it becomes clearer."

    I had no idea! I didn't hear that! I googled it. WOW! :( I wonder if he talked to Michael J Fox, and if not, why not?! :(

  10. "Dar says I agree that Milo looking for Felix is a smokescreen. He's after advice not Felix."

    Oh I hope so!

  11. The 'gay guys' 3some thing is pretty tasteless, and talking about it so much is even more tasteless. I don't care if they're gay or not, kinkiness like that on my soap leaves me wanting to change channels. I want to see real romance, not weird sex junk.

    And the idea that we may have to watch another round of Sonny/Carly dysfunction--how dreary. I was just starting to like this Carly, too. I find it hard to like any female with Sonny because it just reveals their ignorance. No smart woman would be interested in that criminal creep. I can't respect any woman who would settle for such a slimey guy.

    One day the show is pretty good, the next pure trash.

  12. Shooting Mac was the highlight of a bad episode.

    Levi lays out his speedboat to canada plan and then doesn't lock up the non-hostages.

    Milo is hooked on Sabby or Piffy. Not queer.

  13. Cosmoetica said...Milo is hooked on Sabby or Piffy.

    I hope it's Sabby! They look cute together. :)

  14. Is the old Sabrina coming back, or is it NuSabrina? I couldn't believe they were making Milo gay, it made no sense after his years' long crushes on women, so I guess (hope) he is going to Felix for advice.

    I guess TPTB thought it was time for the shake-up of "musical couples."
    So we have BrFeLu triangle; Carly/Franco/Sonny/Olivia/ quadrangle; Robin/Patrick/Sam/Silas/Nina; Nik/Liz/Ric/Britt; Lucy/Kevin/Bobbie/Scottie; Maxie/Levi/Nathan, and probably more that I can't think of at the moment. Stable couples are Mac/Felicia and Dante/Lulu, can't think of any more offhand.

    Like most (or all) of you, I am BEGGING, NOT ANOTHER Carly/Sonny pairing, haven't we had enough? Sonny has been with almost all of the women on the show, most of them for multiple times, I can't stand it anymore, let Brenda come back and let them stay together forever.

  15. Now that I've watched the Milo scene again, you are all probably right about him and Epiphany. I can't think of why his Dad would object to he and Sabrina?

  16. Well I can think of one reason, considering she's at least 15 years older than him. His father is old school. Men didn't go out with women that much older than them.

  17. Hmmmmm. No Friday blog? I will put my thoughts here then.

    Nina and BobTodd: What is with BobTodd talking to Carly about pizza? He was all sexy on the phone with her. Was pizza really about sex? Or masturbation? Geez. Oh Nina talkin about wanting to be preggers with McSilas's baby! Oh forget McSilas Nina! You can have a baby with BobTodd! Oh oh Nina spilled the Carly and Sonny kiss beans! :)

    Carly's home: Carly wins the line of the day!

    Carly: But just because you put THAT relationship to bed, doesn't mean you get to come over here and put me to bed.

    ROFL! Oh Carly! Doth protest too much! You want Sonny. Come on admit it! You want him to kiss you! You want him to make love to you!!!! :)

    Wyndemere: Oh! Britch kisses Nik and he kisses her back!! YAY! Love my Brik. :)

    Brad's home: YAY! NO THREESOME! And YAY Lucas chooses Brad!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!

    Milo and Felix: Poor Felix thinks Milo was interested in him. :( Uhh Milo is interested in Piffy because she killed Mr Marbles and it turned him on?! HUH?!!?!?! Really Milo? Really?!!?!! *facepalm* Well the only good thing about the scene, was that we found out how old Milo is!!! 30!!!!!! :)

    Piffy and Liz: Whiny Liz. Oh Piffy has a crush on Milo! I don't blame her. :) The way Liz pushed Piffy toward Milo cracked me up.:)

    Piffy and Milo: He asked her out. Meh I wasn't really sure I would like them together before, but now I REALLY don't want them together, because it turned him on that Piffy murdered Mr. Marbles. That turns me OFF! UGH! I rather he pick Sabrina.

  18. Sabrina definitely makes more sense. I think these writers want to write comedy, not soaps.

  19. OK, I think that Piffy is A LOT older than Milo, and he is a fitness nut, and she is morbidly obese. There I said it--I think this would NEVER happen.

    However, that said, I LOVED Friday's eppie, and wanted to write last night but there was no blog :(

    A sense that everything is shifting--all the new couples starting, and the triangles, quadrangles, etc.--everything is very charged.

    Why I LOVED the eppie? Spencer, Spencer, Spencer--can't get enough of that kid. And his grown-up version slaying Carly w/his dimples--c'mon Carly, you can't resist him, no one can, he is the hottest man on the planet . . . Nina and Silas are interesting--soooo many connections. And everyone giving everyone else romantic advice was sweet. Milo helped Felix to realize what he really wanted, and Liz and Piffy were soooo sweet together. I laughed when Liz pushed her toward Milo, and cried when she and Milo interacted. You see, I was that kid, tall, skinny, brainy, with frizzy hair and braces, that the boys didn't want--they wanted the cute, curvy, flirty girls who already had chests. So when I saw the movie Hairspray, where everyone was swooning over the overweight girl, I cried a river (and saw the movie a million times). It is very healing for me to see that imperfect girls/women can be worshipped and loved. (Of course, being tall, skinny and brainy caused me to win out in the end, just like my Mother always told me it would!) Ha,ha,ha, I am now tall, slender and fit, while those cute, curvy girls are now short and fat! And I am a successful psychotherapist (being able to empathize soooo well with others' painful experiences), while those "mean girls" need to come to ME to get help for their messed up lives!

  20. AntJoan, you are living proof that living well is the best revenge.
    I do think it's funny that so many love Spencer. Just wonder what the reaction would be to a smart mouthed, precocious kid like him in real life.
    Will it be three weeks to a month until we see Maxi and Lulu (MooLoo???) again? By then, will we care???

  21. I can see Milo and Epiphany more than I can see most other current couples. Epiphany is a nurse; despite her stern exterior she is a caring, nurturing person. Milo is an insecure, indecisive person. He needs someone who can take charge and be the dominant partner. I totally see them clicking.

    Far less believable couples for me are
    - Carly and Franco given what he did to Michael, Jason and Lulu
    - Tracy and freeloader Luke
    - Anna and criminal Duke
    - action lover Sam and dull as dirty Silas
    - fashionista Maxie and tufo loving Levi
    - often betrayed Michael and skanky Kiki

  22. "Friscogh says Jason and Lulu"

    You mean Dante and Lulu? :)

  23. Sonya: No, he meant: "What he did to Michael, Jason and Lulu."

  24. "AntJoan said...Sonya: No, he meant: "What he did to Michael, Jason and Lulu."

    I went and read it again. Oops! I misread!

  25. Sonya, sorry, should have used the often hated oxford comma. I meant "Michael, Jason, and Lulu". I was not coupling Jason and Lulu.

  26. "friscogh said...Sonya, sorry, should have used the often hated oxford comma. I meant "Michael, Jason, and Lulu". I was not coupling Jason and Lulu."

    Hahaha. It's okay. :)


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