Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yada, Yada, Yada

Robin and Patrick. Weird...because ALL of her explanations were STUPID.  At least they got the "Hour plane Ride" right! 

This Britt/Liz/Nik.....Spencer thing? Good lord.  I keep thinking Liz is Sabrina and Nik is Patrick. 

Guy in the clinic who looks like Jason busted Sam! LOL. 

Franco and Nina are doing the dance... Nina references "Orphan Black" with the scarf comment. Guess she's been watching Netflix in her spare time? 

Lucas, Brad and Felix. yawn.

That's the short version today. 


  1. There wasn't anything to sink the old teeth into today. Or to care about. Nina and Franco. Yawn fest.
    Poor old Britch. Just when she gets included, her patient goes into labor. It's a wonder that she didn't call her Momma and have her call Liz in instead.
    Oooh, tomorrow should be getting ready day. Have a great vacation, Karen. We will miss you, but by the looks of things you won't miss much on our show.

  2. The clinic: Well Sam sucks at undercover work. When did that happen? And Robin, wow she got a haircut. How did she even get time to get her haircut when she is busy saving the Cassadines, and Jason?!!?! Victor wouldn't let her leave! Unless the hairdresser came to the clinic. If that is a wig, it's horrible, and if not, yikes. Gee Robin. Not happy to see your husband? No hugging or kissing? Nothing? AH HA it IS an hour from Port chuckles! I KNEW IT! :)

    The park: Britch and Brad scene. Poor Britch! Yes the plan is going to blow up in your face! Crap! :(

    Wyndemere: When Liz showed Nik his son, the little actor that plays Spencer, looked like he was trying not to laugh. :) Oh how happy Britch was seeing Spencer hahaha. Too bad Britch had to go back to work! Damn! No dinner for her with Nik. :(

    Carly's home: Lucas in just a towel! YUM! No I don't want Felix and Lucas together! Brad wins the line of the day!

    Brad: HELLO! First Golden girls and now Knotts Landing? Felix was hoping to get you under the covers before Felene got her babies back. Isn't that right, Cookie?! Knotts Landing. The gays gateway from casual to carnal. Felix was trying to get under that towel of yours.

    ROFL! Okay that is the only thing that was funny in that scene today, Okay I'm wrong. Carly coming home and seeing the three together was funny. :) I wonder what snarky comment would come out of Joss's mouth if she saw them.

    BobTodd's art room: Oh! Nina protecting BobTodd love it! Carly talking about how she knew that Joss was hiding something. I want a storyline where Joss is getting her first period and she wants to talk to her mom about it. :) For the men here, sorry about that. Didn't mean to gross you out.

  3. I loved Spencer today. He is really quite an actor!!! He doesn't write his dialogue so can't be blamed for what he says, but to manage those big words, those complicated sentences, and to memorize so much at one time, I think he's amazing... And so adorable too... Love his friendship with Britt.

    Will miss this blog while you are away Karen, but hope you have a great time.

  4. This answering the door in a towel is getting so old...and ridiculous. None of the men in port Chuck can afford a robe?

    The actor who plays Spencer is amazing. I hope he and Emma get a chance to grow up to be teenagers on the show. They're both so accomplished already.

  5. Nik Spencer and Brit are a great family unit. Definitely a highlight. I love Brit and Spencers relationship I hope they keep that.

    Also Tranco is growing on me. Which isn't easy but I love Todd too much.

  6. Di said...
    This answering the door in a towel is getting so old...and ridiculous. None of the men in port Chuck can afford a robe?

    None of the men can afford a shirt either, LOL.

    The kid who plays Spencer is really good but he deserves to be punished. I was glad the scheme backfired on Britt because it was a cruel scam. Looks like Scrubs are really over - so sad.

  7. I won't give up on my scrubs...how many times have Carly and Sonny DIVORCED and gotten back together. I love KM and wish she could be on more. But totally understand why she isn't, but it's ok with me.

  8. I wonder if Victor had Patrick run off the road because Robin wanted to come home to see her family....

  9. LSV422, I don't mind seeing guys shirtless but it's getting ridiculous. He was in Carly's house. That could have been a friend of Josslyn's at the door.

    That's definitely a possible scenario, Kat Tu.


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