Tuesday, August 12, 2014

YOU are NOT an Aussie!

Well, Levi's accent is as fake as his hair!! 

Maxie and Lulu, very fun scene. but I really want Maxie to get her dress on. Not get Married in it, but put it on. Because I want a gown. LOL I hear she had it on Thursday.  Maxie says she has no feelings for...Levi. LMAO 
Nathan gets knocked out by Levi (yes, you read that right), tied up and Levi strolls out like nothing happened. 
Maxie has flashbacks of she and NATHAN. LOL..because we really never did see she and Levi together much, did we?  

What else...um..JASON'S ARM rose up... then, he flatlined AGAIN. Then Robin paddled him and HE'S BACK! his arm moves!!! ST. JAYSUS LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Ugh, He lives. he really DOES live. *sigh* 
Victor calls Jason his "prize Pig" and he's going to use his talents 'elsewhere" in his "new life".
then he tells the thugs to take Robin...'away'.
We never do see Jason's face. So...there's still time to scrape it. 

And I'm sorry but Patrick not figuring out who is "targeting" his family when his WIFE LEFT because of an evil dude is ...DUMB. DUMB duh duhhhh 
Sam and Patrick hug..snuggle. too bad this wasn't weeks ago. 

OMG... you know what? I hate the LEVI story and Jason coming back? SO OVERDONE. I mean, Phil Brent came back in the 70's on AMC and my last shocking one was Tina Lord walking down the aisle. 


  1. Do they have to turn this wedding day into a miniseries? How many more days of this is there? Please just get this done.

  2. Of course they will be married. It would not be a soap opera if they didn't. Will we care??? There's the rub; from all the comments, I would say NO WE DON'T.

  3. I was so mad by the end of this episode. It took 1/2 hour to get to the scene we ended with yesterday! Then they redid the scene and dragged it out some more.

    Judging by tomorrow's previews, we'll be back to little scenes with all the people we don't care about and we still won't know if Maxie gets married.

    I think I'm going back to reading summaries to see if it's worth watching. A week long wedding definitely isn't. Who am I kidding! It will probably be two.

    And I'm surprised that they keep showing Jason's picture since they're planning to bring him back with a new face. Victor is going to turn him into his own personal hitman, I guess. *yawn* It would have been so much more original to have him come back a much mellower individual with glimpses of the old Jason.

  4. The clinic: Victor wins the lines of the day!

    Victor: Jason is my prized pig. Oh when are you ever going to learn. Never trust a Cassadine.

    ROFL! Victor is so delicious!!! :)

    Robin: So you used me.

    Oh Robin Why are you so shocked?! When did you become so stupid??! Victor gave Jason who is in Lady Ga Ga's tanning system a shot. Hmmmm Jason doesn't have a tan. It's not working. I guess they forgot to turn it on.

    Haunted Star:

    Lulu and Maxie: Blah blah blah. Whatever! Just get back to Nathan and Levi!!!! The only thing good in that scene, is that Maxie said she doesn't love Levi ROFL!

    Nathan and Levi: OH LEVI IS NOT REALLY AUSTRALIAN AND IS FAKING HIS ACCENT!!! So delicious!!! :) That wins the scene of the day! Levi has a shaky trigger finger! The whole scene with them was great!!!! And I can't believe Levi got the best of Nathan hahahaha!

    The wedding: I'm not sure what to root for! I want them to get married, but yet I want it to be stopped!!!! :)

    Patrick's home: Patrick and Sam were all snuggley! I wanted them to kiss!! Too bad they didn't.

    "Karen says Levi's accent is as fake as his hair!!"

    Really? You think his hair is fake? :) Hmmmm.

  5. Sam and Patrick is long overdue, too bad Jason is coming back :(

    In Karen's spoilers she says Sabrina is coming back. WHY? WHY? WHY? I cannot fathom a purpose for her character.

    My favorite line of the day was from Robin,, "I've never been so confused!" It truly sums up the stupidity of Robin and this storyline.

    How did Levi get the best of Nathan, without making a sound and only getting a spot of blood on him while Nathan is dripping with it?

  6. I'm sorry but if this Cassadine/Robin storyline was really going down like this you can bet your sweet ass that Robert or Anna or even LUKE would be busting in and raising hell. I mean...I like Victor C and the actor is a daytime legend. No problem there. I like Kimberly M - she is GH family. No problem there.
    There storyline though is beyond stupid. This is getting damn ridiculous.


  7. There are SO MANY problems with the frozen Jason crap. I know that because they are showing his OLD face he'll be getting a NEW FaCE THANKS to Victor-- and then people will have to figure out who he is...all the while Sam and Patrick are getting closer and closer.

    I CAN WRITE IT. I honestly can. LOL

  8. Robin's stupidity is the worst thing. As if she could trust Victor wd give her Jason.

  9. My favourite is a room filled with A former police commissioner, a detective, Flea who was an adventure woman and former P.I. Lucy who I thought was always loopy but, had instincts, Lulu a frickin' Spencer and not one of them could see through swarmy Levi?! The man has a bloodstain on his white collar and we have one missing detective! As a GH fan and long time viewer, I for one am insulted at the lack of intelligence displayed here and does Ron C. think we as a whole are all dumb as dirt to buy this, this….whatever this is? I feel like a cat chasing a laser!!!

  10. Karen, I so agree! Levi is so hate-able, and why WHY do we have to have a new Jason? I've felt all along that the Jason fans were fans of Steve, not necessarily of Jason and if Steve isn't there, who cares--the character was used up long ago.

    The impatience of the GH fans here is puzzling to me. One of the major requirements to being a soap watch/lover is having lots of patience. Y&R is a very slow mover, from what I hear, and it is apparently the most popular soap. Personally, I thought the wedding had suspense and surprises so it didn't bother me as to the time it took. Beats having to be dragged thru Lucas, Felix, and Brad's love life. (Tedious!) I hope we find out WHO Levi is now and why he chose to hit on Maxie to further his agenda.

    It occurs to me that Victor will change Jason so thoroughly that he won't be any good to Sam and Sam can go back to Silas (with whom she has super hot chem). Then perhaps Jason can be in town for a story while and leave. Sam and Silas are my favorite couple. I also like Nik and Britt.

    I also feel as another fan feels--why do we need Sabrina? Well, I guess some viewers liked her, but I don't think it was universal and I doubt we would miss her much if she did not return--only I know she is already taping. Once she got rid of her glasses, I thought she was just another pretty face and well, there was just something about her that wasn't at all interesting. Maybe her former boyfriend will come back once it is established he didn't commit the crime. Now he WAS interesting.

    I SO want Silas to figure out Nina, but that will obviously take time. I hate her almost as much as Ava, but I guess they'll hand on to the actress. I like Ava being around if it means bringing her mother on!
    And I hope Sam learns it was Victor who wrecked Patrick's family. And Robin can be sent to Cassadine island or somewhere and just disappear, since she can't just keep appearing and disappearing. The poor writers, having to deal with Kimberly's new career!

  11. Karen, you CAN write this thing, and it would be better, more believable, more interesting, funnier, more suspenseful, and just all around better. Honestly, what happened to RC? OLTL was so good once he came on board, but he is totally screwing up GH. And he has complete contempt for the viewers; it's obvious not only in how this show is written but in his response to viewers on Twitter. It's better than with Guza, but that is damning with faint praise indeed.

  12. I can't believe a detective is confronting a possible criminal and ends up tied up and beaten. Everyone seems to have a taken stupid pills. Robin's lab is just off the hallway so why is there no one else around this renowned clinic to see what's going on? And she has been a virtual prisoner once again. Maxie and Felicia looked very pretty. I, too, am questioning the return of Sabrina - whatever little storyline she had has played out. I think they want to bring Jason back just to get Billy Miller. Look at how well having Roger Howarth has turned out-being Franco has pretty much killed his popularity.

  13. It is painfully obvious executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati are fans of cheesy storylines with dumbed down characters. I expected this based on what I had heard of them prior to their taking over General Hospital.

    I had, however, based on interviews they had done, held out hope they would honour the history of General Hospital. In my opinion they have done anything but. They have re-written history, and ignored core families while creating new ones.

    What has become apparent to me is Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are NOT the fans of General Hospital they presented themselves as being. I do believe, however, that they are huge fans of soap operas and this is why they constantly repeat storylines seen previously on other soaps. It also explains why the cast has become so bloated. Frank and Ron can not see a soap actor unemployed without feeling the need to adopt them. Micheal Eason, Roger Howarth, Kristen Anderson, Michelle Strafford, Billy Miller, Allison Sweeney, Donna Mills, Robert Kelker Kelly, Thaao Penghlis. Any day now I expect to see David Tom or Michael Muhney pop up on my screen.

    The brief scene of Olivia wanting to open a hotel for dogs - seems Frank and Ron have opened a hotel for unemployed soap actors.

    They have in large part ignored the great cast they already had and have most certainly ran out of any originality in their story telling.

    In my opinion the show is the worst it has ever been and I attribute it all to Ron and Frank ignoring the show and obsessing over collecting actors/actresses like they are trading cards.

  14. Friscogh,
    I totally agree with you - GH is being turned into the old actors home. They have enough cast members for two show but they keep hiring more. And I can't stand how everybody is being written as stupid.



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