Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hump in Humid Day

HUMID is the word for the day!! UGH...and we have to move my kid into his college digs later. Figures. It's been cold...and today? OY

Shaun and Jordan all in bed. 14 days they've been at it. LMAO.... There ya go. Knew it was a long time. They have a bed-- holy heck! 

Ned and Michael. Tracy's looking all sheepish to go Skype Fluke. HE looks jaunty and all bundled up. Is he in...Sibera??  Maybe he's in Iceland...Bjork concert?
I guess Alice outed Tracy. And Michael fired her. Fluke is pissed at Tracy.  They talk, yada yada...and then NED JUMPS out! ahaahaa. Scares Tracy, scares Fluke.  Then Ned throws Tracy out of  the house. 

Sonny in his boxers. Franco finds the wine. Maybe Carly will be PG too, you know Sonny's super sperm. Franco thinks Sonny is there, Carly says the wine glass is her mother's..and Bobbie walks in. At least, that's who I think it is. It's been awhile. Bobbie lies and says it's HER wine glass. Franco goes to look in the bedroom.  BUT! Sonny went out the window!! AH, yeah, in his glossy shoes.  SO this sheeze will last awhile. *yawn* 

Kiki and Ava were all giggly on the couch over the baby kicking.  She tells Micheal later she thinks her mama has 'turned a corner'. 

Sabrina is back tomorrow.
Kathleen Gati tweeted this photo today of she and RW..The worked together on "Moscow on the Hudson" and Jacob the Liar.


  1. I thought Sonny didn't hide from any man.

    Again I ask WHY is Sabrina coming back? We don't have enough people on this show?

    Tracy this is what you get for being STUPID.

  2. Carly's home: Oh sure Mama lie for your daughter! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: I was looking for evidence that Sonny was here.

    ROFL! And he says this while under the bed!!! ROFL! And you can see his legs! Hahahahaha! That also wins scene of the day! Listen to your instincts BobTodd!!! Oh great Carly is outside with Sonny and they are kissing! Gee she forgets all about BobTodd when she is horny for Sonny! Oh no BobTodd don't apologize to her!

    Ava's home: Oh the baby kicks! I guess she really IS preggos. Unless she has something that makes the fake preggo tummy kick. Nah.. I wonder who the father is? I hope it's not Sonny! He has wayyyyy to many kids already! Ra ro Fluke wants Ava to kill Mikey!!!! What are you going to do Ava?!

    Starki: Morgan and I are only roommates. I only have eyes for Michael.

    Which means that something is going to happen with Starki and Morgan!

    Michael and Starki: What time is it? 1 am? Michael go home and go to sleep!

    Jordan and Shaun: Wow 14 days they had sex and we missed it?! That sucks! :( And now all we get is them arguing! BAH! The arguing went on way too long!

    Q home: Ned yells at Fluke and kicks Tracy out of the house! She gets kicked out AGAIN! Love it!!!! Love Ned yelling at Fluke and kicking Tracy out! Too bad Lila wasn't still alive.. She would kick Tracy out herself! I bet Tacy feels all alone, since her hubby won't come home to be by her side and to defend her!

  3. that background for Fluke looked like the ones they use for school pictures lol


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