Wednesday, August 13, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with New GH "Star(s)"

He was only on a moment and the whole world shook! That's right---NuJaysus' arm popped up yesterday and shocked a nation. Who dares take on this golden role, who dares play this icon of a body part? 

Meet. Mr. Right Arm! That's right...and yes, Left Arm made an appearance but certainly not as dramatic nor as HUGE as Right. Both hail from Belfast Maine and have decided to sit down with me in an exclusive interview!

Big Moment on Daytime TV! 

Wubs: had a pretty big debut yesterday!

Right Arm: I sure did! It took at least 11 takes to get it just perfect, and I had to use BenGay the entire next day. Grabbing a villain just right isn't as easy as it looks! 

Wubs: So, where did you get your start?

Right Arm: I had a few gigs in High School....we did "The Adams Family" and I of course, played Thing. It was a giant revelation to me that I could, indeed, perform and be loved by millions. 

Wubs: Left Arm....were you jealous? I mean, at least yesterday we saw a glimpse of you rising but playing the Thing, you had to be hidden.

Left Arm: I did make the sacrifice for the glory of the other arm. That's ok, I got to be in a dish detergent commercial the next year so it was all good. 

Wubs: How do you two keep in shape?

Right Arm: One of the most important things is staying out of the sun... which is why our Maine heritage is so useful. No nasty burns while we were younger. 

Left Arm: We also make sure we moisturize. Nightly, that's a big part of it all. We both like Nivea cream. 

Wubs: Is that an endorsement?

Left Arm: If they'll pay us (laughs) 

Wubs: How was it working with an icon like Kim McCollough your first day on set?

Right Arm: She was so gracious! Shook my hand right away...not too soft, not too hard. Just the right shake.  Thaao on the other hand, well, he had to learn how to relax when I grasped him. It's a tricky business.  You tense up too much, it's not surprising; you go limp and well, it doesn't look good on camera.

The Early Years....

Wubs: What other kinds of "hands on experience" do you have (pardon the pun)??

Left: that's ok. We've heard a LOT of them.  I've held boxes for Progressive Insurance, a sandwich for Burger King and...I did a spot on QVC for men's watches not too long ago.

Right:  I'm personally hoping to move into something bigger soon--waving for example. Or slapping someone. I've always wanted to do that. 

Wubs: Well, thank you for a dis-ARMING interview.  You two take care. Any other GH appearences scheduled?

Right: We aren't sure if NuFace will appear soon or if we'll continue to be in a few scenes until he shows up.  You'll just have to keep watching!! 

Catch General Hospital weekdays on ABC 2pm/est


  1. hahahaha... Thing....hahahaha

  2. ROTFLMAO way too fun. I love your little interview so much. Welcome to GH Mr. Right and Left Arm. Hahahahahahahaha

  3. I want Jason. I'm desperate. They need to stop with the redundant car accident/amnesia stories with Jason!


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